Link Trackr Review(2023): Really Best For Affiliate Marketing?

Link Trackr Review: Link Trackr is a powerful web link cloaking tool that helps you remain anonymous when browsing the internet. Link Trackr also protects your privacy and makes it difficult for hackers to trace your identity.

I’ve seen several marketers stop growing their affiliate income in the following ways. One of the main factors is not exercising the strategies to promote their affiliate items/services.

On the one hand, we have people quitting their jobs; on the other hand, we have people who experience online marketers.

Your affiliate marketing method is pure gold. One of the things they choose is masking their affiliate links in addition to various strategies.

Link Trackr has been a popular weblink cloaking tool for over 5 years, thanks to its low price and top features. In addition, link Trackr is one of the most effective associate websites in 2019 due to its ability to provide high-quality links that are currently undetectable by search engine algorithms.

Home Page

It also helps with link tracking and split testing. However, don’t assume that this is all Link Trackr can do. Several additional features are vital for you to win your affiliate marketing video game. 

We’ll certainly talk a lot more about this in the later section of the Link Tracker report.

The word “cloak” or “cloak” may seem inconvenient to you. You are fair! Camouflaging in SEO is misleading and does not require training.

 However, masking in affiliate marketing is nothing less than an advantage. Almost all Top and professional affiliate marketers use camouflage software programs and services to track their affiliate marketing campaign (Sales & & Leads) and show & Cool & Ready Links / LINK to visitors.

 Some affiliate marketers make this mistake and provide bare links (long links with the name of the affiliate program in addition to your affiliate ID) to their visitors. As a result, there has been a continuous suggestion of masking affiliate links and showing visitors neat and straightforward connections. 

The masked links are much easier to use (they can also consist of terms or classifications associated with your product).

You can find one such instance below under my partner articles – Genesis Framework (PS: I’m a massive supporter of Genesis, and I don’t recommend it to anyone.

To recognize, you will learn how to camouflage links and various other points. That is where Link Trackr comes in, and I wish this post on Link Trackr review would no doubt help you understand it.

Link tracker is a great option for those who need to track multiple sites on one account. They offer some of the most affordable plans online, but you’re limited to a budget plan that will only allow 25 links per campaign and an unlimited number of campaigns at once.

LINK TRACKR Pricing Review
Pricing and Plan

If Link Link Pricing also gives you a list and 30 days Link-Back the money, you don’t need to stress at all. Guarantee, anytime you can upgrade or downgrade yours and to your liking. Plans are also 4 Link Tracker pricing for this software program varies from just $7- $47 per month. Link Trackr pricing plans

Basic 100 

  • 10,000 per month
  • Tracking links
  • $7 clicks per month
  • Advanced viral camouflage
  • Brand domains

Pro 500 

  • 50,000 per month
  • Tracking links
  • $17 clicks per month
  • Advanced viral camouflage
  • Brand domains
  • Conversion tracking

Hyper 1000 

  • 100,000 per month
  • A / B tracking links
  • Clicks per month
  • Advanced viral camouflage
  • Brand domains
  • Conversion tracking
  • $27 split tests

Extreme 5000 

  • 500,000 per month
  • A / B tracking links
  • $47 clicks per month
  • Advanced viral camouflage
  • Brand domains
  • Conversion tracking
  • Track approves bills using split tests

Currently Fri. If you don’t have a link, you can make a direct payment using the credit card payment in the case of a friend. Pay Link Tracker pricing system.

Link Trackr has many features, with benefits and capabilities that are unmatched by its competition. One of the most innovative services it offers is a feature called “LinkTrack.” This system automatically tracks any links shared in email inboxes or on social media sites like Twitter or Facebook to identify if they have been clicked too often for spamming purposes.

One of Link Trackrs’ best-known features deals with security issues when browsing online – their anti-phishing protection service alerts users whenever an unsafe site pops up while surfing the web so you can avoid being tricked into revealing personal information such as usernames and passwords through fake websites set up specifically to steal your identity.

Link Trackr Review: Simple but Effective Conversion Tracking

Marketers and local online business owners know the importance of tracking their leads and sales for conversion rates. 

It’s essentially impossible to change and tweak marketing strategies, campaigns, and affiliate programs without understanding how they work. You could also blind your business.

Link Trackr’s top features allow individuals to efficiently track and monitor their conversion so they can make intelligent and informed decisions to optimize their marketing initiatives and make them particularly compelling. 

The web-based service offers a user-friendly yet robust conversion tracking platform that easily tracks all traffic campaigns.

Link Trackr Review: Quick Access to Real-Time Click Tracking

Individuals with Link Trackr review capabilities for marketing and affiliate software application solutions can instantly leverage the platform’s real-time link tracking capability to view click statistics displayed on the system control panel. 

This Tool is beneficial for monitoring your marketing campaign, clicks, and overall efficiency.

They can effectively identify the performance ads and affiliate links, providing the opportunity to tweak your strategy or make some changes to improve and optimize the best possible results from your marketing approach.

Current and previous click statistics can also retrieve from the last number of days, last week, the last month, and more, which will undoubtedly provide a complete layout of the efficiency of your campaign.

Each time an associated link develops using Link Trackr review functions, an alternative contains link meta information. 

That includes the title, abstract, keywords, and any image URLs that you will undoubtedly use for your Link. With a single click of the switch, the system will automatically collect all the data from your associated links and display them in their respective fields.

The World Wide Web is a double-edged sword that can either offer a decent piece of cake or cut you anytime if you’re not careful. 

That could affect affiliate marketing. But, unfortunately, there are plenty of unscrupulous parties out there that will do whatever it takes to make quick money. 

Commission theft is also typical in this industry. To address this problem, marketers and software developers have developed a solution called cloaking affiliate links.

 LinkTrackr provides individuals with the adequate protection they need to keep their links safe and secure. In addition, creating links using the LinkTrackr platform is straightforward. 

All you want to do is enter your connection name, URL, and location URL that you use as the hidden Link.

Link Trackr Review: Best Track Provides Different Important Features

Link functions are the most frequently shortlisted. OK Below: parts of the most effective.

One Track delivers – has Link LINK. Custom domain means that you have the option to use your LINK to mask your affiliate domain links. You’re checking that right! Yes, can you have your username to hide your affiliate website? For example, my covert affiliate links are undoubtedly somewhat link-link (i.e., link names discussed earlier; the masked LINK looks even more.

The goal is the sample image: Below are various other agreements that you will discuss. When you receive the LINK once masked, LINK will undoubtedly develop.

The campaign will undoubtedly redirect to a brand new you where you are sure to have all the information. See an example on this page below. Perform setups you can set up (e.g., Others to hide links): Privacy:

Note that it is essential to include your domain before keeping a custom creation link (project, it will undoubtedly take the default; otherwise). The part listed below is exactly the one I put the environment in, which you surely need to include as well: and PS:

can consist of several personalized names in your area. A project that contains it, most likely in your “Once – >> Project” setting for your recently changed “Change Tracking” domain (in my part, it will undoubtedly be – At the default setting, it will indeed prepare for your default setting By LINK. Profile it creates after; You can improve the results of your Track in your campaign area, e.g., Reports, conversions, referrals, clicks, and links, etc.

As the name suggests, marketers help with contrast. These tests (A) on an additional (B) side determine the most effective results. Page can also be used as a split-testing function “Traffic Rotator” if you carry out advertising cooperations or joint advertising campaigns.

With a brand new generate or modify an existing link, there will undoubtedly be an area for you to see if you scroll down on a create and share test. Split test You see this picture, two links for A / B included

For example, suppose split tests can consist of even more links if desired.

Sent is the main element of affiliate conversion marketing. Your desire to be an effective web marketing professional certainly requires an excellent conversion percentage. 

If Trackr can help you link your conversions, e.g., when tracking leads and sales, etc., promote if or promotional items. For example, it will help if you run campaigns to see how your and conversions are doing.

You will undoubtedly see which By is getting great offers for the campaign (i.e., conversions). However, sales and leads can be much more focused on exploring them.

You need to provide a basic conversion code for your conversions. To track steps / create a conversion code: Objective a

Feature Tracker provided that one. With the Link, you can immediately convert your IT rights into affiliate keywords. Links are beneficial for this feature using WordPress. Bloggers will undoubtedly receive a FREE plugin that you can integrate with your WordPress tracking.

That will convert the installation you have defined directly into the keywords of your partner’s website. You can imagine how many links you can save by using these when you have a lot on your blog site now.

Cloaking all recognize the power of social networks, do not we? Viral Bar can visualize just how much we can scale Tool.

If we can integrate social networks into our business track, you can display a social campaign bar under the Link (or base) of your partner share so visitors can share your top content.

Also, Read outstanding Top supplied by Proven Tips To Increase Conversion Rates.

Another track is a simple software program. Link means that the statistics for tracking time clicks will undoubtedly show up in your control panel without any delay. 

You can conveniently click on your You Efficiency Monitor to run your campaign without finding any other analysis. 

Tracking Tools Isn’t It An Excellent Use? It’s incredibly convenient when you pay to get a web app.

That feature money will surely lead you to these stats too. A couple of examples of help will undoubtedly be: ad traffic analysis (which can break a right into subwords or ad teams), campaign (where we don’t have ad teams), campaign resources in one tier (consists of the one) recommendation will not be forwarded. Referral traffic (usually as indicated in dates) or direct traffic banners from discussion forums, etc. 

The Google Analytics Account Tracker pixel ad code can do this.

Link you in tracking conversions in your help and even in affiliate networks and tracking pixel landing page codes that include in This.

Integrate modern technology comparable to counting banner impacts.

“It’s’ ancient” on An image hosting the HTML for the server is included in a and message. Image the pageless that

The pixel industry’s impact on “fires” undoubtedly record as a conversion for a Sale or an Every, whichever you envisioned. “Lead affiliate networks allow users to position in the seller.

This pixel will be deleted with many tracking pixels as soon as a sale creates from your affiliate page. That will send the details back to your Link Trackr account. And isn’t it great? Link / Isn is also called S2S.

Link Trackr Review: Post back Tracking and Server Side

This service allows you to get precise third-party tracking of pending using post-backtracking service data without relying on cookies. Sites that you recognize may get shed, overwritten, or not work with multiple gadgets, considering the cookie is just one cookie that makes this time excellent.

The click creates a device of this method. A unique feature that IDWith or ID buys on the tentative platform. This particular ID is passed on from one click to the other until conversion.

The same ID returned to the seller or the site taps various other conversion information on the referral site.

For both of the actions listed below, postback tracking must follow the instructions below.

  • You CONNECT in creating Trackr using the specifications provided by the affiliate network or seller. Postback needs to replicate the LINK link that you have.
  • You have positioned it in Postback Trackr directly in the seller’s grid or link areas. and Trackr Postback Tracking.
  • Your data modern technology. You can take care of the cloud hosting, so you are sure to be none in the event of a loss. and are your data, none of them.
  • Your business will certainly not show itself to anyone else. The company is secured. Your data offers the most effective data protection.
  • Seriously provides fast, reliable availability. Server Tracker delivers a month and back.
  • Link Money, you are not happy about any factors; That full guarantee will undoubtedly refund. It’s excellent too. Money 100% support-based.
  • We don’t have to edit or update anything. Your account will no doubt come from all over the world. The installation can access it in your area. You all-round payment (membership basis). several times just because of you.

Undoubtedly Link You Enjoy Affiliate Link Trackr Low Priced Rate Tools For The Best Features Available Or If A Marketing Expert, It Is Critical For You To Market And Analyze Your Track Online. 

Track features give you a marketing strategy in addition to various other standout features. However, the Link platform suggests that you take advantage of at least basic features that are inexpensive ($9 / month).

We can update any factor in the plan (you are strict on time, so you can go better if). Online marketing also provides methods.

 I am confident that you will never remember it anytime you use this free trial software program.

Contact Link Trackr Customer Support with any questions you might have. With such a large variety of inventory, they’ll be able to find the perfect product for your needs at an affordable price! They’re available Monday through Friday from 10 am – 6 pm EST and Saturday from 9:30-5:00 PST.

Cutomer Support
Customer Support

LinkTrackr is a customer service software company that offers in-app messaging and live chat. LinkTrackr works with customers to develop the best way to communicate their needs before they ever have an issue, which saves time and reduces frustration on both sides of the line when it comes down to actually solving issues.

Link Trackr Money-Back Guarantee

Link Trackr’s 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee is a breeze. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, they’ll refund your money in full–no questions asked!

Ad tracking tools are one of the best internet marketing tools available right now, and you would no doubt need them at some point.

If you are advertising and not serving high-quality ads, it doesn’t make sense to help them. ClickMagick is one of the best tracking tools I’ve seen so far for this company, and it hands down our needs.

I left a review on ClickMagick a few days ago about why it’s the best in the business. Let me give you a quick look at the ClickMagick Advertisement Tracker. You can check that out on my other blog post if you have a full testimony about it.


As an online marketing expert, you need to listen to marketing methods. Then, you need to make sure which approach works or which doesn’t.

The best plus cheapest way to do that is to track the performance of your links. Link Trackr pricing can be relied on for this task. That is a highly effective affiliate marketing product that is easy to use and promotes promotional campaigns. 

The free trial version is also available. However, we recommend it for the basic plan of $7/month.

That can update as you create additional links. We’re sure that Link Trackr pricing will no doubt give you the results you want.

7.5 Total Score
Link Trackr Review

Link Trackr is a cutting-edge affiliate marketing software tool that provides you with the power to track and evaluate your strategies. Link Trackr includes all of this and many other excellent features, making it perfect for every affiliate marketer or online marketer out there!

  • Tracks Rankings Pretty Accurately
  • Information can be Filtered and Sorted.
  • Can track Rankings from Virtually all Search locations and also engines
  • Can reveal which page Ranks for the Certain Keyword
  • You need to continuously run it (it does not automatically track rankings for you).
  • You'll need your very own proxies.
  • A little more challenging to see the boost and decrease of your keyword phrases' rankings.
  • It takes a while to draw information-- relying on your net link and various keywords.
  • You can pull data for one customer each time.
  • Stall a computer system when left running for a while.
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