Shipwire Review(2023): Is This Good Logistics For eCommerce?

The Shipwire Platform is a cloud-based software program system that enables countless brand names and online retailers to handle their order fulfillment processes.

The Shipwire platform connects to satisfaction centers, delivery devices, web solutions, and cutting-edge design tools.

It integrates with world-class e-commerce platforms that put them at the forefront of cloud logistics. We quickly develop applications to easily control your logistics network from any tool and any location.

What is Shipwire?

It is an order satisfaction platform that supports my initiatives to meet my global logistics needs. That enables my company to meet the requirements from all over the world. Shipwire also shows the drawbacks of satisfaction in the fast-growing purchasing industry.

shipwire review
ship wire Review

The software application works towards providing versatility. And responsiveness for me as a customer. It encompasses the restrictions faced by brand names and stores selling items that use multiple distribution networks.

In that case, Shipwire can give me access to the many supply locations. It has APIs that span many distribution networks. It increases my business on brand new networks. I only need to benefit from its efficient software application.

Shipwire makes my order satisfaction a brand new experience, and my delivery is via the automated software application. It also manages updated documents and takes care of delivery. TIn addition, the system integrates with major global providers.

Fortunately, my business is versatile enough to push all boundaries. With Shipwire, I can create personalized reports to suit my business design. It allows me to set defined periods to receive comprehensive updates.

Shipwire Pricing and Plan

If I can be honest, I’m not thrilled with the price overview. No fees are listed on the website. It leads me to the price introduction as soon as I would like to receive an individual offer.

pricing and plan
Pricing and Plan

Even so, this review records significant prices.

All processing costs determine where the warehouse location. For example, reliable resources show that Shipwire charges $30 to store five different items on a pallet.

Your selection and packaging fees will consume up to 20 items per order. IFor example, if I want to consist of marketing inserts, I pay $0.20 for each marketing product.

How much do I spend preparing industrial billing? Shipwire charges a nominal price of $1.50 per order. All deliveries must be “DDP (Delivered Duty Paid).” That means that I must first clarify all tax obligations, obligations, and custom-made products.

Account Payment

Shipwire has the right to bill the difference between my monthly usage and $500. Therefore, it used this formula when my total monthly cost was less than five hundred dollars.

This minimum monthly payment will only use if 90 days have passed since my items were on hold for shipping. The platform approves PayPal or cable transfer from a US savings account.

My account should prepare. It indicates that any accumulated fees will deduct from my balance.

What are the permanent storage costs?

The software application costs me twice a year. Every first March and first September, I spend on supplies that remained in their storerooms. Shipwire charges my cost at $20.50 per cubic foot.

For example, suppose I am a salesperson who manages large quantities. Shipwire requests a deposit. What do I indicate with it? When I store things over 500, I have to spend on prices to send items to the warehouse.

Shipwire Overview of Features

Shipwire’s software application is based on a standard user interface and makes navigating pages relatively easy. For me, as a customer, it improves when the website pages load quickly.

Fortunately, the conversion price for Shipwire seems so remarkable. In improvement, it has several powerful APIs on board. You make all of my offers for a walk in the park.

In reality, the software application allows me to sign in by filling in some required information. For example, provide my company name, the number of orders I take each month, and an agency email address.

My account will execute as soon as I confirm a notification sent to my email. In addition, Shipwire gives me the ability to customize a few options to make order satisfaction painless.

I can manually include all orders or integrate the software application with my recommended third-party shopping carts. All of this does through its hassle-free APIs.

What else can we do?

Shipwire has a complex supply system. There is a product catalog that helps me include things. All of my items sort by item number, high quality, and quantity.

What is far more compelling is the wide variety of storage facilities that Shipwire has. Technically, all of my orders fulfill worldwide. I am free to choose a warehouse that is problem-free for me as a seller.

Let’s Study Order Management.

Shipwire has a dashboard that I can use to organize all of the items. What Makes the Shipwire satisfaction process unique? It allows me to set up filters to select a storage room.

I get condition updates for easy referral. As a customer, I get a day when the thing has to be delivered.

To better shed light on the product’s condition, I constantly approve an order that is refined, canceled, delivered, or postponed. IIn addition, it helps me keep a record of all fees that I study thoroughly.

Here’s a much more exciting feature.

We upload the variety of all repurchased items. In simple terms, when a product order, even if it is no longer available. All of the features on the order initiation page are a marketing factor for Shipwire.

Shipwire Business Reports

Let me walk you through the whole process.

That is precisely how Shipwire tries to make my account tasks look spectacular, and Shipwire professional membership allows the membership to notice any activity that occurs automatically.

How can my companions get access to this information?

The software application offers an assignment of up to 10 email recipients. To maximize this system, a customer selects a reporting frequency. I can set it up daily, weekly, monthly, and even quarterly (3 months).

Shipwire provides me with an exemplary record and videotapes for each group of actors. It’s much more like a template that reveals a passage from each document.

Inventory Efficiency Record

It gives me a brief introduction to what is on offer at a specific time. This data set records aggregated details based on the SKU, storage facility, and condition. Thus, all information related to the request is well clarified, and the paper presents it in an accessible format.

This data record is suitable for delivery sales. From a monetary point of view, this is a significant plus for me. That helps me to control the liquidity of my offer. Remember, increasing sales is high on my list.

Inventory replenishment works well with this data set as well. I constantly see it as the most effective method and method to increase job satisfaction.

Inventory Purchase Information Record

This way, I can see how many items Shipwire is receiving in their respective storage rooms.

It has two essential characteristics. First, we saw a summary of all the offers associated with my delivery for each SKU and satisfaction location. The second little bit keeps track of any changes on everyday, regular, or monthly periods.

Where do I use this data set? Shipwire only allows inventory accounting and financial reporting purposes.

I intend to preserve quality in my shipment to avoid irritation. This recording helps me very hard. It is much more like a watchdog monitoring package activity and any delivery drawbacks.

This record usually includes a tracking number, customer information, and a tracking condition. The tracking record carries a large number of prominent providers. I can choose Canada Post, FedEx, DHL, Royal Mail, among others.

It gives me all the essential information about which warehouse the product return. The summary also shows whether it is a return for which I can prepare or in some other way. In addition, it shows me the problem of the product and the existing condition of accessibility.

I legitimately offer it for returns management and a customer service improvement component.

Long-term Storage Information Record

With Shipwire, I can understand all supplies that have been in their storage facilities for more than a year. That is a convenient overview that helps me set storage fees. Payment covers all deliveries that are due over six months.

Inventory Efficiency Six Months Record

That serves as my SKU speed calculator. It reveals to me exactly how the items I offer over the previous six months. The numbers are substantial because I can make changes to the supply based upon the sales record.

Shipwire Fulfillment

That serves as my SKU speed calculator. It shows me exactly how I have offered my items over the past six months. The numbers are sizeable, as I can make changes to the listing based on the sales record.

First of all, Shipwire has an extensive network. It has a scalable solution for my company, just like that. I have access to 154 mini-managed satisfaction spots in 45 countries. As a seller, my logistics run efficiently as a result.

Remember, I have to consider the versatility of the shipping. I also intend to cut prices right when I am filling a lot of orders. Shipwire assures me that it will thin my expenses and shipping times immediately.

Shipwire ensures order processing on the same day. What do you indicate? If I send my orders to the appropriate warehouse facilities before daybreak, my items will deliver on a similar day.

I understand you could ask this. How about the return? The platform has several options that I can choose. That is a definite plus for my business. I manage to save money.

Carrier Compatibility

I can also optimize returns with affordable shipping approaches. The software application includes several service providers. Service provider optimization, on the other hand, helps to reduce prices considerably.

I can get my predicted results with the help of the detailed neighborhood, local, worldwide providers, and postal services. All of these services tri and tested – no concern whatsoever with placing my orders.


I satisfy all distributions across Europe and North America in just two days. I understand you might be wondering if this is available. Can I speed up this process by using the facilities to the satisfaction of the road network?

The DDP technology (Commitment Paid) provided is paperless at Shipwire. It allows me to pass all of these fees over to my end customers. Cross-border business and satisfaction are part of the package.

The APIs help me integrate the global supply chain into a single factor. What is the final result? I can quickly get to a prospect’s doorstep from anywhere in the world.

So Precisely, how Does Commercial Invoicing job?

It is so critical. Throughout the process, I have to complete all the essential details. If not, my orders will postpone. I understand that pulls.

Since I may need to process a selection of orders, Shipwire can change my statements. A documentation cost structure highlight on the site. That helps me understand what to do if I am relying on total retail value.

It’s pretty impressive that the Business to Business (B2B) sales are part of the Shipwire satisfaction service. It has automated retail compliance and supports drop-ship on behalf of my retail equivalents.

Multichannel Integration

Shipwire enables connection to third-party distribution networks. Big stores like Shopify, Magneto,, Amazon, and numerous others make good use of their pre-built ports.

That allows me to automate all shipping costs, manage all orders and deliver with one factor. Do you want to understand the most effective component? It allows me to create a bespoke integration to include my better shopping cart when it’s not a detailed coach component.

The site has a retail certified integration system. It’s scalable and indicates that I can adjust system pricing to suit my business needs. That means that I can expand the circulation of my article at any time.

Both B2B and B2C sales are easy below. I can access major retail networks such as BestBuy, Groupon, Walmart, and Staples. For once, it helps me to alleviate numerous problems. Dealing with conformity is not a problem in the following.

Shipwire instantly connects me to one of the most suitable providers. Also, it helps me validate addresses to avoid mistakes.

Shipwire consists of a thorough outline of how I will securely mount my cart to ensure a smooth shift.

How does It function?

Shipwire has an app in the Shopify App Store that I can use to connect to the shopping platform. TIn addition, the integration process offers powerful functions.

I can get access and fill out a supply condition to consist of different things and the problem. IIn addition, it has an automatic press notification feature that sends order tracking details.

What I’m most happy about is the real-time shipping upgrade when checking out. Shipwire gives me access to one of the most cost-effective storage facilities, service providers, and product packaging services, depending on my expansion options.

Shipwire Customer Support

Shipwire Customer Support includes a Frequently Asked Questions section that is pretty detailed – solving the common questions that may arise during your communication. There is also an official email for additional inquiries and support!

Customer support
Customer Support

I had a question about my account, so I clicked on the “Contact Us” button in the top-right corner of their website. When you click, it takes you to this FAQ page with some beneficial answers for common questions they get asked all day long! Of course, you can also email them with your own inquiry, and someone will respond within 48 hours too.

Under these circumstances, I can request an individual offer for each service. There are several articles with trustworthy details for improvement. There are import/export standards that help me meet any professional needs.

Shipwire Money-back Guarantee

Shipwire is a company that guarantees your money back if you are not satisfied with its service.

Shipwire provides its customers peace of mind by providing a 30-day Money Back Guarantee on all orders to ensure satisfaction and confidence in the services they provide.

Shipwire Alternatives

Find out about the best alternatives to Shipwire for customers who need brand new software application functionality or want to try different options.

Other essential elements to consider when considering options for Shipwire are reliability and ease of use. We have compiled a list of selected solutions selected by the reviewers as the best options and competitors available to Shipwire. These consist of Webgility, SAP Commerce Cloud, AccountingSuite, and SellerCloud.


Shipwire is not the top-of-the-line solution on the market. There are cheaper alternatives that offer much more service and value for your money, so it makes sense to do some research before signing up with Shipwire unless you can get a great deal or have high expectations from them.

In short, Shipwire is a bit above average if we are to check the success price. I want the team to solve the problems raised by customers quickly and make the entire process straightforward.

The main deal-breaker is customer service. Of course, there are great deals on bad reviews uploaded online. However, that can not psychologically deprive potential customers.

Lastly, I highly recommend doing a few jobs first to test Shipwire’s performance.

7.5 Total Score
Shipwire Review

The Shipwire Platform is a cloud-based system that enables thousands of brand names and online merchants to handle their order satisfaction procedures. The Shipwire System web links to satisfaction centers, delivery devices, internet services, sophisticated programmer devices. It incorporates leading eCommerce systems that place it at the top side of cloud logistics. We are swiftly relocating to produce applications that make it vital to control your logistics network from any gadget, anywhere.

  • Custom product packaging.
  • Crowdfunding support.
  • Multichannel sales compatibility.
  • The auto shipping calculation.
  • B2B as well as B2C delivery.
  • It has resourceful write-ups.
  • Features a pleasant interface.
  • Numerous issues with customer assistance.
  • The rates are not well clarified.
  • Shipwire was a challenge to collaborate.
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