Wix Review(2023): Free, But Is Really Good?

Wix is a cloud-based setting that allows you to design and build your website or online store without knowing how to code. You don’t want to worry about buying web hosting or installing software programs. The idea is that almost every part you need to create and run is out of the box and done online.

All you have to complete is create and manage your site in a web browser through the Wix reviews website.

It is undoubtedly one of the various established website builder companies – is founded in 2006 and now has 4,000 employees. And it has a sizable user base: based on Builtwith.com. There are currently around 4.5 million live websites using Wix Review.

In addition to its headquarters in Israel, Wix also has jobs in Canada, Brazil, Germany, India, Ireland, Lithuania, the United States, and Ukraine. Squarespace has approximately 1,100 employees, and the company hosts 2.1 million websites. Jimdo has 200 employees and hosts 486,000 websites (sources: Wikipedia / Builtwith).

The massive dimension of Wix offers long-term security (i.e., reduces the risk of the business collapsing and taking your website away). That means that you may be able to wait for standard feature updates.

What is Wix? 

Wix is a cloud-based service that allows you to design and build your website or online store even if you don’t have programming skills.

Wix Review
Home Page

There is nowhere to go to the trouble of buying software applications for web installation or hosting – the idea is that pretty much everything you need to build and run your site is out-of-package and online takes place.

You create and manage your website in a web browser through the Wix website.

Wix is one of the more recognized website builder companies – it was founded in 2006 and currently employs 4,000 people. And it has a sizeable user base: there are now around 4.6 million live websites using Wix, according to Builtwith.com.

In addition to its headquarters in Israel, Wix has workplaces in Canada, Brazil, Germany, India, Ireland, Lithuania, the USA, and Ukraine.

From that perspective, Squarespace has approximately 1,100 employees, and the company has 2.6 million websites. Jimdo has 200 employees and hosts 494,000 websites (Resources: Wikipedia / Builtwith).

Wix’s size offers long-term security (i.e., reduces the chance of the company collapsing and taking your website away) and implies that with regular feature updates, you can be excited.

Wix Pricing and Plan

Wix Review Pricing offers a free plan to help you build an accessible website. That is an efficient way to try the platform out, but it is.

  • ad-supported (and the ads are pretty noticeable!)
  • does not facilitate e-commerce
  • It prevents you from associating a domain identify with your website.
Wix pricing Review
Pricing and Plan

For example, let’s say you want a website to accompany a fiftieth party, wedding ceremony, or small neighborhood warehouse sale. In this case, the free plan is positive, yet it is likely not a choice for professional customers due to the lack of features.

The Wix Free Pricing Plan lets you use all 800 Wix pricing templates and provide free hosting for the plus side. You can use images, clip art, and icons offered by the Wix Price and add apps from the Wix App Market (each paid and free app provides).

Get an additional 500MB of storage and 1GB of bandwidth. That must be a lot for a brand new website. And you can use the open-plan without having to provide any credit card details.

With paid plans, the options available depend on the nation on which they are primarily based. This review covers the Wix pricing plans in the United States.

(If you live in a different nation, you are prone to analog plans, but often with hardly entirely different names and prices.)

The first thing we have now is the “Combo” plan.

Wix pricing Combo plan ($14 per month)

The “combo” billing is “for personal use.” The bottom line is that Wix pricing model advertisements remove from your website.

(These ads are pretty intrusive because they put a notable Wix asking price at the top of your website.) The plan also allows you to add a domain identity to your website.

As part of this plan, you can also upload half an hour of video content at Wix prices (additional information about Wix and video in one second).

Wix pricing Unlimited plan ($18 per month)

The Unlimited plan is reasonably similar to the “Combo” plan in its primary performance. However, it does offer you $300 in “ad coupons.” These can use to pay for advertising with Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and Local Listing.

The plan also includes access to the Site Booster app – an AppSharp third-time app that will send your website to search engines, as well as an analytics app (that will allow you to measure website traffic).

Finally, the Wix “Unlimited” pricing plan includes 10 GB of storage, unlimited bandwidth, and 1 hour of video.

What are Wix’s ‘video hours’?

Wix’s Video Lessons pricing feature lets you upload video content to your website for promotion or rental. That is a pretty unusual feature in the website builder market as you can usually only embed movies from Youtube, Vimeo, etc., due to competing platforms. (more sensible than uploading them).

The feature is undoubtedly helpful for filmmakers, musicians, or online course sellers who have to pay a fee to access their video content.

Pro plan ($23 per month)

The Wix Pricing and Wix Plan give you additional storage and video hours than the Unlimited plan of 20 GB and 2 hours, respectively.

It also gives you access to an emblem creation tool, social media icon customization tool, and a calendar tool to showcase events on your website.

VIP plan ($39 per month)

The VIP plan is very similar to the Pro plan. However, it gives you additional storage space and video hours (35 GB and 5 hours, respectively). You will also receive a higher priority for personal support.

Business Basic ($23 per month)

The “Business Basic” plan is the cheapest Wix plan that can use to advertise goods online.

The functions are comparable to the “Unlimited” plan. However, it gives you additional storage space (20 GB versus 10 GB) and extra beneficial video hours (5 versus 1).

However, the e-commerce features are somewhat limited. Unlike Wix’s opposite e-commerce plans, you can’t see the product cost in multiple currencies. Facilitate subscriptions; Routinely apply tax rates, use product reviews, or dropship.

Business Unlimited ($27 per month)

The Business Unlimited plan builds on the Business Basic program and includes badge creation tools, social media icon tools, additional storage (35GB), and additional video hours (10).

Crucially, it offers significantly additional eCommerce functionality – although certainly one of them, automated sales tax, is reasonably limited in performance (you might only be able to do 100 transactions per month with it).

And drop shipping allows for a cap on warehouse size on this plan (via the Modalyst app) – you may only be able to dropship up to 250 items per month.

Business VIP ($35 per month)

Wix pricing describes the “Business VIP” package as “the full suite.” It offers additional storage space and video hours (50 GB or unlimited hours) than any other business plan.

You also get priority support and additional beneficial limits on VAT automation: 500 transactions per month (but this is likely not enough for other profitable retailers).

Wix Enterprise ($500 per month)

As is always the case with online store and website builders, there is now an “Enterprise” model from Wix – it corresponds to Shopify Plus or BigCommerce Enterprise.

Wix Enterprise costs $500 per month and gives you mainly the power of the $ 49 VIP plan, but with negotiable limits on issues like sales tax and product reviews.

You can expect a lot of manual labor during and after the build (e.g., you might be able to seek advice from consultants on design and code points, take advantage of corporate-level security, and get access to a dedicated line of VIP support).

I am trying Wix out for free.

Wix is a test with low prices and top features. As with many different website builders, you can try calculating Wix’s pricing for free before subscribing to a paid plan.

Nonetheless, Wix’s prices are completely different as they offer a completely free plan that can use indefinitely. As mentioned above, this is ad-supported and available to all customers. Still, it’s undoubtedly a great way to try out the platform and see if it suits your needs.

Overview of Wix Features

Wix is an Israeli software application company that provides cloud-based web development services. It enables individuals to build HTML5 websites and mobile websites using online drag-and-drop tools.

Go Into Editor X 

Wix Review recently added its new Editor X tool as a website builder option. The feature is out of beta, so you’ll start with a smaller selection of templates (only 27 during our trial period). The templates are cleaner and more design-oriented than their essential editor counterparts.

More importantly, they are responsive templates instead of the ones you maintain with Wix’s timeless editor interface. Editor X has its built-in demonstration to show you the ropes, as well as a link to the Academy X website. The latter alternative demonstrates the performance within your reach through lessons and video clip tutorials.

Editor X works more like Adobe Photoshop or InDesign than a typical site builder.

Layers let you stack components, and Masters allowed you quickly duplicate a design element on various other pages.

Click any text item, and you’ll get a collection of collapsible food choices for changing sizes, positions, anchors, and other things. The correct click performance of the standard editor is duplicated below and releases context-sensitive menus when triggered.

Editor X starts with three different page dimensions that you can switch between to see what your website will look like when you’re working on a responsive website. You can also include even more breakpoints, different resolutions, which are among your toggle options. In general, it’s much faster to move elements around your website using Editor X. This is also in contrast to Wix’s already smooth website builder.

Typography and swatches are available, and you can save your selections in design libraries. That gives you the ability to quickly transform the general color, or possibly the header text, without losing your previous design choices. Editor X designs to work with multiple users, with collections of designs so a team can test different suggestions without throwing anything away.

Website Builder Extras 

Wix’s main account management interface is more straightforward than Weebly’s’ with a full-page serving your websites. Click on one, and the site control panel will appear with a sidebar with site selection buttons. You’ll also see a feed of site tasks, and there are buttons for typical tasks.

One dissatisfaction is the lack of consistency in site traffic reporting. 

However, you container use the free Web-Stat app or set up a different Google Analytics account (which requires a paid account closing) for this service. Web-Stats is pretty helpful in telling you where the visits are from, and what screen, computer system, and web browser the visitors were using – even for free customers. Charge account holders can add Facebook Pixel reports.

Wix has numerous features that improve the hosting experience, including Wix Fitness, Wix Turbo and Ascend by Wix Review. If you update a site that you haven’t touched, you will need to go through a site update process, bearing in mind that Wix Turbo will increase page loading speed.

For our 17-page test page, the procedure took less than a minute, and the location always looked the same to the system. Wix Fitness is a site-building structure that houses fitness entrepreneurs.

It simplifies the advertising, planning, customer management, and even selling online training videos.

Wix Turbo is an efficient innovation that Wix says will improve website loading speeds. According to the company, “Wix websites are being maximized for faster JavaScript implementation time and using the latest CSS features.”

Ascend by Wix is “a collection of 20 articles that enable business owners to create, manage, and promote a company right from the Wix web development platform.” The tools consist of Chat, Site Membership, Billing, Operations, Tasks, Automation, and Estimation.

Working With Photos and Videos

Wix Review has a significant advantage over Weebly and Squarespace when it comes to photos: you can reuse pictures you’ve just uploaded by storing them in online folders for you. If you want to use them elsewhere on your website, you will have to upload photos again to the other services.

Wix Review also allows you to incorporate images from various other online resources such as Flickr and Facebook. It’s the same with videos. You can use videos in a place where you can only operate photos with the others, e.g., B. the background of the central motif. The service also has great deals on images and videos to use on your website.

Much of that content is free, but you can again purchase images at moderate prices from Bigstock.

With the integrated Aviary editor, you get complete image editing and improvement options. It’s easy to add a link to an image, either outside or on a page of your website. You can also add a border and a computer animation, such as B. a discoloration, and choose between adjustment habits such as automatic cropping, centering, stretching, and fitting.

You can set video clips to play when the page loads with repeated loopholes automatically, and you can add a video as your wallpaper, as discussed.

Blogging Tools

Adding a blog to your site is accessible by clicking Blog Access on the primary site item toolbar. You design your blog page design as you would any other website page or choose a style with an entry or one without a header. 

Comments and subscriptions are options that you can offer your viewers. You can flag posts and even view a tag cloud, RSS switch, Facebook comments, and Disqus comments.

Wix has a different, simple blog posting UI than Weebly, which uses the same page UI for blogging. In Wix, you can add photos, galleries, videos, and even text, all of which are formatted however you want. If you wish, you can schedule each article for a later magazine and mark it as a featured. All in all, it’s a great blogging tool with everything you need.

Mobile Sites

Websites created in the standard editor are strictly non-receptive (i.e., you can resize a web browser to see its materials squeezed down to a smaller size). Website designers shouldn’t be concerned, though: Wix creates mobile variations of your websites that pass Google’s mobile-friendly test. At the top of the site editor, tap the smart devices icon, and you can switch to the mobile editing visor.

By default, the option “Make your website mobile pleasant” was checked on our website. So we didn’t have to do anything to make it work well on phones.

However, Wix gives you the option to edit the mobile website if you are not immediately satisfied with the result. In particular, you can hide items that shouldn’t display on mobile screens.

You can also join a mobile action bar to make sure visitors can reach you with a tap of their email or phone call.

Even so, Editor X gives you the ability to design responsive websites.

Not only are there fluid size options for specific elements, but the breakpoint feature also lets you see everything your website looks like in any resolution. CSS Grid and Flexbox are also available in Editor X to ensure your site turns into the ad it is on.

On the other side of the phone, Wix offers apps that you can use to interact with website visitors and change shop elements such as prices and items. You can also upload photos of your mobile phone, but you can’t create and edit websites from the app as the Weebly and Jimdo apps can.

Wix Code

Wix Key Features Review Code allows website contractors, even those with no programming experience, to add features to their websites that would have required prior knowledge of database development. The feature is still identified as beta but is available in all Wix accounts. Wix Code includes five tools: databases, dynamic pages, external APIs, forms, and managed JavaScript.

Databases, dynamic pages, and forms do not require any official knowledge of coding. Using these pre-built data sources is similar to filling out a spreadsheet. Custom forms and individual input controls help to collect information from website visitors. For example, on a grocery website, customers can submit dishes.

Data-driven dynamic pages seem to be for programmers, and no doubt, using this capacity increases the difficulty of site design quite a bit. It just indicates that your site pages will create on the fly based on the inputs in a table.

A university program page created in Wix can display different pages for each program, all using the same template. Duda’s InSite feature allows you to send other content to visitors based on requirements such as time of day, day, location, and the number of previous checkouts, using a similar dynamic adjustment.

The Duda function is easier to use. However, it isn’t as powerful as Wix Code.

Wix also consists of new API and JavaScript features that allow real web designers to use Wix to design websites and go under the hood to expand functionality. You can do this using a fully managed JavaScript development environment and call external APIs to take advantage of web services and improve website habits.

When we first touched the Wix Code food selection, a panel appeared with an explanatory video clip and links to sources to get started with the feature.

It increases the complexity of the site-building interface by adding backend and database access to your site structure sidebar. Of these, you can specifically include collections and modules.

The latter is similar to spreadsheets in which you have detailed types of data like pictures or text.

A wizard will help you fill in the details necessary to create a functional collection to allow items such as dynamic pages, forms, or member-created content. You can either add an active region, dynamically created pages, or index pages that draw from the database to a page.

While each element is undoubtedly powerful, far from the simple site builder group, Wix pushes it to be a developer tool. Those who prefer to keep points simple never need to activate these programming tools. We managed to create dynamic pages with an index on some of our reviews, and while there are two hoops to jump with, it got the result we wanted.

Exceptional Uptime

Website availability is a crucial element of web hosting. Customers or customers cannot discover you or access your items or services if your website goes down. It is to your advantage to find a reputable web host that will keep your website up and running. Otherwise, customers might go elsewhere – and they might never come back.

To assess the integrity, we use a website monitoring tool to track the availability of our test website over two weeks. Every 15 minutes, the device pings the website and sends an email if it cannot contact the area for at least a minute. The data shows that Wix, a website builder that also doubles as a web hosting provider, was incredibly stable throughout the test period. It didn’t fall when. You can rest assured that Wix is a solid foundation for your website.

Domain identify registration

You can register a brand new domain identity using Wix features or join a domain identity you already have personally. When you write a brand new domain identity, you will receive a free one-year domain registration voucher on most Wix paid plans.

Renewal fees for Wix features are the same as providers comparable to www.identify.com, and you may be able to remove the domain from them later if you choose to do so.

If you haven’t already registered a domain identity and decide to use Wix to build your website, writing about Wix’s pricing is a handy choice as you can manage every part in a single place.

The downside to that is that you can put all of your eggs in a single basket.

So if for any reason, you have moved your Wix pricing account, you will not only lose your website, but your domain identify as well.


You don’t have a choice about which hosting to use – unlike similar website building tools like Squarespace or Shopify. The best point to do is to use Wix’s bundled hosting. The company claims 99.8% availability for this, which is reasonable.

Mailboxes / including an email address

You can purchase both email inboxes at Wix prices (these offer through Google Workspace). Alternatively, you can configure your Wix pricing domain’s DNS settings to use your chosen email address solution.

External mailboxes can only use with paid plans.

Wix templates

The critical feature of Wix is that Templates give you a choice of over 800 templates. That’s significantly more than its main competitor, Squarespace, which offers around 115. The Wix feature templates are free, which is not the case when competing for online store makers like Shopify and BigCommerce.

The templates look professional and visually appealing – as long as you fill them out rigorously, sites with Wix features won’t appear like a custom creation.

The templates also use spacing and fonts to create influence and are significantly more efficient when used with high-quality images.

Wix also has an extensive library of professionally taken pictures to use and speak of images for free. Plus, you can enter Shutterstock instantly from the Wix Editor (and for a fair price: only $2.99 per image).

The templates divide into intuitive classes, which means that it is best to find a template that suits your needs.

And the wide variety of templates means that you may get precise information:

For example, there are many sub-categories available in the online store class – fashion, meals, jewelry, electronics, etc. The “Music” templates have completely different sub-categories for solo artists, bands and DJs, and more.

Once you’ve chosen your template, you’ll find that the Wix features offer good quality sample text, photos, and layouts. These will help you get started, give you a mental test of what to incorporate, and help you stay out of the author’s block.

One major caveat is that if you are using the primary model of Wix (Wix Editor – in addition to the entirely different variations below), finding the appropriate template and keeping it up to date is essential. Being a result, you may not be ready to change templates.

That’s right – should you change halfway down the template method of building your website, you’ll have to start over. Not pleasant.

Many of the Wix competitors are exceptionally versatile – Jimdo, for example, lets you switch half the way for templates without losing any content, and the same goes for Shopify and BigCommerce.


The main features of Wix are animation. It does it easy to add features like parallax scrolling, energy, and video backgrounds to your website. (These features are routinely turned off in Cell View to improve efficiency.)

For this reason, this does not mean that animations are a typical cause of usability and efficiency problems.

Content management and interface

Wix offers three main options for creating websites:

(There’s also a brand new model in BETA that recently hit the market – “Editor X.” I’ll focus on that in more detail in a second).

By default, when you start using Wix features, you have the option to choose an “ADI” site or an “Editor” site. Let’s look at the three primary flavors of Wix, starting with ADI.

Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI)

Wix takes the concept of ADI to make it easy to build a website even if you hate computer systems and have no IT skills in any way.

The Wix ADI builds your website by asking you a few key questions and gathering information from your company’s online searches.

Editing complete via a drag-and-drop person interface that routinely arranges the pages for you (see the video below for a hint). For absolute web design newbies who want one thing, it is most likely the best Wix model.

Wix Editor

Wix Top Features Editor is Wix’s standard model and gives you much more control over your website’s design and functions than ADI. It’s about as complex as using Microsoft Word to publish an e-newsletter.

Velo by Wix

You can use Velo by Wix (formerly known as Corvid by Wix) to create databases. If this sounds scary and by no means like a thing you would ever have to do, consider data collections a substitute for spreadsheets.

Velo allows you to create a table and then routinely create many web pages using a template populated with data from the table. You can also add Javascript, application programming interfaces (APIs), and custom page behaviors.

Velo is undoubtedly on the different technical surfaces of the spectrum. Even when you use it, it opens up possibilities to hire a web developer later.

Is Wix actually as mobile-friendly because it claims?

More and Internet users are accessing the web via smartphones, possibly even entirely. That means that mobile-friendliness is essential for your website.

Wix claims that your website “sees great on any screen with a mobile-friendly version of your website” and uses much of your potential to customize the cell-friendly view of your website.

However, Wix uses absolute positioning, which means that web parts reasonably position on a pixel-by-pixel basis rather than relative to the person’s display. Absolute positioning gives you additional flexibility in positioning parts (text, images, forms, etc.). However, this means that your website will not adapt as correctly to utterly different display sizes.

Competitors comparable to Squarespace and Shopify use a responsive design, which is the position of the side panels relative to the display of the display device. The method of your website is routinely changed so that it will display correctly on any device it views.

Google also recommends responsive design to achieve good search results in a targeted manner.

Using absolute positioning means that while Wix claims to have some responsive parts, Wix websites are unresponsive.

“Pixel perfect” layouts tend to look good on the display of the person who designed the website, but not essentially on cell gadgets and even on different monitors, which is another decision.

Note that Wix websites can be prone to usability issues related to format, with components of the website not showing up if you are not very careful with the cell model of your website.

A pivotal alternative to Wix: Squarespace

Well worth focusing on another essential alternative to Wix for a second – Squarespace. Like Wix, it’s a hosted solution that’s easy to set up and comes with many built-in features like email marketing and e-commerce (and full support). Unlike Wix, Squarespace lets you create responsive websites, and I think the interface is remarkably sleek and easier to use.

You can try Squarespace for free by clicking right here. Wix makes it easy to cover, resize, and transfer pieces of cell phone gadgets and offers a “mobile view” for you to do so. It also makes it pretty good first to do a cell draft of your website routinely.

It is usually best to create a website that will always display correctly on a mobile device with Wix. (And some customers will see the fine-grained control over how their website display on a cellular device).

However, absolute positioning websites are inevitably a little less mobile-friendly than a responsive design website – and depending on the way you organize your content, it can be time-consuming to set up.

Do I have an entry to the code for my website? Can I alter providers or export my website?

For example, suppose you are using the Wix ADI or Editor variants of the platform. Wix does not allow you to enter the code into your website, modify or enter the CSS files, or export your website to a different provider. Velo will do it anyway (as long as you understand how to code).

A workaround to get your website exported as much as possible by copying and pasting its contents to another platform – positive for small to medium areas but not as good for huge ones.

You can still export goods (up to 5000 of them) as long as they are physical goods. Speaking of goods, let’s take a closer look at the e-commerce power available in Wix.

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E-commerce in Wix

You will be on a Wix Business Basic plan ($ 23 per month) or greater to promote your Wix site’s merchandise. If you’re, you’ll discover that the platform does a pretty good job of creating eCommerce accessible. And ‘non-scary for entrepreneurs making an attempt online promoting for the primary time.

Core e-commerce performance in Wix

Wix has a pretty good range of e-commerce features for small and medium-sized businesses. The platform helps you:

  • Advertise an unlimited variety of goods (digital or physical), with 6 product options, in up to 300 variants
  • Allow customers to filter and type your merchandise
  • Manage your shop with a mobile app from your phone
  • Enter tracking information for physical goods (via FedEx, UPS, USPS, or any other provider you choose)
  • Use an abandoned cart save tool (this allows you to contact people who are leaving your site while making a purchase – usually with a discount code or other incentive to complete their transaction).
  • Facilitate dropshipping (using apps like Modalyst, Spocket, Printful, and Printify)
  • Present customers with up-to-date shipping calculations (Brazil and US only)

Even so, not all of these features are available in the cheapest Wix e-commerce plan (“Business Basic”) – and you will most likely move up to a “Business Unlimited” or “Business VIP” plan to take advantage of it.

Let’s take a denser look at just a few key e-commerce features:

Selling digital merchandise

Wix makes it very easy to promote digital goods. A whole newbie can create a website and start promoting digital items in about an hour (assuming they’ve already made the product, after all!).

The platform offers your customers an integrated service to receive their goods and sends automated emails to confirm purchases. And as mentioned above, Wix is ​​a helpful tool for promoting or renting video content.

The file limit for (zipped) digital files is 1 GB, which stacks up somewhat correctly about the limits imposed by Squarespace and BigCommerce (which limits are 300MB and 512MB, respectively). Still, it’s undoubtedly not as beneficial as Shopify at this entrance, which allows you to promote files up to 5GB in size.

One factor to watch out for is that you may not export digital items from a Wix store.

Tax and shipping

Wix offers a wide range of tax and shipping options. You can set up taxes for one foundation per region. You do this to comply with completely different tax regulations in US states and Canadian provinces or help VAT MOSS (VAT Mini One Stop Shop) promote digital items to European customers.

Automated tax calculations are also currently available in Wix as long as you have a Business Unlimited plan or higher. There are some annoying limits (100 transactions on “Business Limited” and 500 transactions on “Business Limited.”, A custom limit use if you have an “Enterprise” plan).

You can set shipping rates per area and configure policies to calculate shipping based primarily on weight or price, in addition to a flat fee and in-store pickup.

Point of sale (POS)

Point of Sale helps you use Wix to advertise, not just online. However, you can also synchronize your inventory in physical locations if you achieve this (i.e., if you are promoting a product in a physical area, your list can update accordingly within the re-close of your online store).

To make the POS easier, you can use both the Square and SumUp platforms alongside your Wix site and live in a supported nation.

Wix supports Square for customers in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and Japan.

SumUp support for Wix customers in Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

Selling in multiple currencies

Actual multi-currency advertising is only potential in Wix. You have to choose foreign money and keep it going. Given that you are likely to generate additional sales by advertising in a website visitor’s overseas capital, this can be a bit of a shame.

A third-party app, the appropriately named “Currency Converter,” can represent the cost of your goods in another foreign currency. Still, it doesn’t make it easier to pay in other foreign currency.

So let’s say the promotion of multiple currencies is a key feature. In that case, you’re much better off with BigCommerce (which has good built-in multi-currency advertising options) or Shopify (which integrates with various multi-currency advertising apps).

Payment gateways and transaction charges

A payment gateway is a part of software programs that process transactions in your online shop.

Wix works with a relatively wide variety of third-party payment gateways. The options vary depending on your location. However, round 45 is available, and these embody huge players comparable to Paypal, Stripe, Square, and Worldpay.

Wix’s payment gateway offering is much less spectacular than its competitors BigCommerce or Shopify (which have over 45 and 100+ payment gateway options, respectively). However, it’s much more intense than Squarespace’s (Squarespace only offers 2-Stripe and Paypal).

You can also use Wix’s built-in payment gateway, which is currently available in the following countries and currencies:
  • Austria (EUR)
  • Belgium (EUR)
  • Brazil (BRL)
  • Finland (EUR)
  • Germany (EUR)
  • Ireland (EUR)
  • Italy (EUR)
  • Lithuania (EUR)
  • Netherlands (EUR)
  • Portugal (EUR)
  • Spain (EUR)
  • Switzerland (CHF)
  • United Kingdom (GBP)
  • United States (USD)

The transaction fees for Wix Payments are as follows:

Alternative online store builders to think about

While Wix Review’s top features do a pretty good job in eCommerce, with some dedicated eCommerce platforms, all you need to think about is whether your primary purpose is to create an online store – BigCommerce and Shopify in particular.

Both platforms work in an analogous solution to Wix by hosting store builders that run in a web browser. However, they offer far better eCommerce performance than Wix, especially in sales levels, multi-currency advertising, and real-time shipping from vendors.

Learn more about Shopify here or check out BigCommerce here.

Integration with different apps

Wix has an app store with over 250 apps, some from Wix and some from third parties.

The App Market is simple to use and has a ton of helpful power to add to your website, along with online chat, popups, social media integrations, and calendars.

Another way to add the power of third-party apps is to use an HTML block to insert a widget from an app type.

The variety of integrations in Wix’s review app market is much less spectacular than what you’ll discover from various website building tools (Shopify, for example, has over 4000 apps in its app store; BigCommerce has around 875). Even so, you will find a world-class number of integrations and add-ons here.

Data seize and email marketing.

Wix provides a few primary built-in forms for your customers to send you a message or present contact information.

If you need custom forms that, along with your data, create particularly subtle problems, consider adding the FormBuilder app to your website.

Contact information collected by Wix on your website routinely adds to your website’s “Contact List.” You can import contacts or add them to this list manually.

One attention-grabbing Wix feature is its built-in email marketing, something that all major competitors only offer.

With Wix, you can send three e-newsletters per month to up to 5000 emails. That is pretty beneficial – not many email marketing apps give you this kind of free service.

If you need to do particularly subtle email marketing with Wix, it means the Ascend tool will update. That allows you to send additional emails per month and take advantage of a wide range of automation features – emails triggered in different ways by actions taken by visitors to a Wix site (purchases, form fills, live chat, etc.).

You can do pretty subtle things really with Ascend. It is very inexpensive as it is comparable to, for example, the leading email marketing tools. Sending up to 1 million emails through the month with Wix Ascend is only $45. With many of the best email marketing options out there, you’d consider paying more than $1000 a month to send out that type of volume of email.

The following video provides an introduction to the function.

You can connect Wix to an email marketing tool provider (e.g., GetResponse, AWeber, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, etc.) by adding an HTML block to your website.

Search Engine Optimization (web optimization) and analytics

Wix web optimization

Wix web optimization performance is usually good – you can use it to perform important web optimization tasks, along with:

  • including alternate text
  • including meta descriptions
  • Edit page URLs
  • 301 Creating redirects

One web optimization feature that can significantly attract newcomers to web optimization is Wix’s “SEOWiz” tool. That will walk you within the steps necessary to optimize your website for search engines and replace your page titles, meta descriptions, alt text, etc.

If you have no idea what all of these web optimization phrases are, fear not – Wix’s Web Optimization Wiz Review explains what you do and what is especially important, why.

Tip: If you are new to web optimization, you may find that we are working to make the website more visible to Google users.

The web optimization wiz can help you register your website with the Google Search Console if you have a premium plan.

There are a few areas where I think Wix could rank higher within the web optimization department.

My primary criticism is how cell variations show up in their place, as mentioned in this comparability. Wix creates separate desktop and cell views of your site.

Reasonable to use as a responsive design.

And responsive design – the place where you can get by with a template that adapts. The dimension, which routinely relates to the device it displays on, is the most popular on Google for Wix’s strategy of absolute positioning.

Another omission within the web optimization department is the lack of full support for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) at Wix. AMP pages are loaded extremely briefly on cell gadgets and can have some SEO advantages when used (in addition to improved conversion rates).

While you may be able to create AMP variations of your weblog posts in Wix, you may not currently be able to display AMP format merchandise (one thing that is unlike BigCommerce and Shopify).

These web tweak points are not show stoppers, and regardless of these omissions, Google’s John Mueller says in the document that Wix websites “work well” when searched.

In general, the main issues that can affect the Wix website’s efficiency with search results can be But as a web optimization purist thing, I would still choose it if Wix sites had responded.

Analytics and conversion tracking

Wix has good support for analytics tools and has built-in integrations for:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google advertising
  • The Google Tag Manager
  • Facebook pixel
  • Yandex metric

You can use Google Tag Supervisor to implement another code or pixel for the third opportunity or add custom code to your Wix review website to track conversions.

NOTE: I am not a lawyer. Please note that the following comments should not interpret as an authorized recommendation. However, I’ll do my best to cover the key GDPR issues related to Wix customers below.

In the sunshine of the EU’s relatively new GDPR laws. There are several steps website homeowners now need to take to make sure. They adequately protect the privacy of EU customers and visitors.

There are critical fines for failing to do this (as per the locality. It is advisable to consult an attorney on what to do). Even if your company is not primarily based in the EU. You will still need to adapt to the law if your website is to target EU customers.

Based on my understanding of GDPR guidelines, the top priorities for potential Wix Stores homeowners are:
  • Provide a satisfactory privacy policy and cookie notices
  • the history and secure storage of data
  • Obtain explicit permission from people who subscribe to mailing lists that it is okay to send them e-newsletters
  • Present a method of selecting or withdrawing permission to use nonessential cookies on a website (and logging that consent).
  • Allows you to decide which cookies to run BEFORE. These cookies execute (i.e., to give prior consent).
  • Logs your support to run cookies
  • That will enable you to withdraw your consent at a later date.

Usually speaking, hosted website builders like Wix Review features allow you to manage the three most necessities reasonably correctly. However, it is not the fourth.

In contrast to several of its competitors, however. Indeed, Wix Review handles cookie consent somewhat correctly. A built-in banner for consent to cookies helps. They block cookies for just a reasonably classy marketing article before they run.

These embody cookies from Hubspot. Apps created by POWr; and tracking cookies from Facebook ads, Google Analytics, and Google ads.

Wix Customer Support

While using Wix Review, I’ve found solutions for virtually every part. I wanted to know by checking Wix Help. That includes an extensive article library and good search performance. 

Customer Support
Customer Support

Excellent contextual help can also provide throughout the website.

In sentences about the type of support available in the Wix review. The company offers customer service by phone and email. However, there is no live chat (the closest thing to live chat is a bot chat option).

Not all of Wix’s top website builder competitors offer phone support.

Squarespace and Jimdo are circumstances in the level, so thumbs up to Wix for that.

24/7 telephone support is available for English-speaking customers. or working hours, Monday-Friday in French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. You may want to request a callback, which no less means that you don’t want to attend the maintenance.

You can submit an email ticket. It does not set a schedule for responding. It just promises to get back to you “as soon as possible.” When I submitted a request, a Wix customer service team member initially repurchased it the following business day.

Let’s say you pay extra for VIP support. Then you will put the queue on hold as long as you are using the account’s email address.

Wix Money-Back Guarantee

Wix offers a 14-day money-back guarantee on all premium plans. You can cancel your plan at any time in the trial period with no explanation required, and when 14 days have passed you are eligible for a full refund if you do not want to continue using their service.

Wix Alternatives

Wix is ​​undoubtedly a person of the most famous website builders, but it is not the one! There are many options available.

For example, let’s assume you want to build a largely content-driven website. Squarespace is a charming alternative to Wix. For more information on this platform, check out our Squarespace review.

Squarespace is arguably an exquisite and professional solution for creating websites. Then Wix, targeting an analog small business market. The main advantage over Wix. That it delivers responsive websites and (in my opinion) has a lot of smoother interfaces. 

However, it’s hardly more expensive, and its e-commerce performance isn’t quite as complete as Wix’s.

When your primary curiosity is in online advertising, BigCommerce or Shopify are prone to fulfilling your desires significantly higher than Wix. Check out our Comparability Between Wix and Shopify for more information on how Wix compares with the latter. And be sure to read our Shopify review.

And finally, there is WordPress which could act as an excellent platform for showcasing content and facilitating e-commerce. There are two variants available – hosted and self-hosted. Hosted WordPress, available at WordPress.com. Works in an analogous solution to Wix. It runs in a browser, hosting include, and another performance is public via apps.

Self-hosted WordPress usually requires additional configuration. And ongoing cultivation of the personal aspect. Our WordPress vs. Wix lineup is valuable if you want to know how Wix and self-hosted WordPress are rated.


It’s not without its flaws. However, the overall Wix review is a low price point and a critical feature rating. It’s a well-featured product that makes a small business possible—building a high-performing website without significant financial resources at a comparatively low price. You may be able to create a website with an online store: a weblog, email marketing, galleries, appointment reservations, and much more.

The platform is uncomplicated to use.

There are many well-designed wizards and support tools. Training films and help files that are even likely to present very efficient hand-holding. The most nervous customer.

Using absolute positioning could probably be the most important. However, there are workarounds to ensure that your site’s cell model is displayed correctly. Websites created with Wix Review are not responsive.

Another downside of the Wix review is that it is challenging to change your mind. You need to proceed with the template you selected when you first built your website or created it from scratch.

Wix offers you a solution to quickly create an open online store. You may only be able to advertise your goods in individual foreign money.

Ultimately, Wix Review is an efficient choice for a small business. Or a specific person who wants to create a beautiful, feature-rich website. Without breaking the financial institution. 

Suppose you end up in this class. You will be happy with the variety of out-of-the-box services that Wix offers.

It is much less interesting for companies with one company. Trust in online advertising or prominent companies. 

That requires additional tailor-made services on your website. These customers would undoubtedly be better when you think about platforms like BigCommerce, WordPress, or Shopify.

9 Total Score
Wix Review

Wix s free domain name isn't the catchiest, and you can customize it to mirror your brand name. That offers Wix an advantage over numerous other house contractors such as SITE123, where you offer a domain name you can t customize. Wix s drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to create a specialist website without having to recognize a line of code!

  • Incredibly instinctive Editor X interface
  • Countless widgets
  • Thousands of templates for specific firms as well as other uses
  • Good mobile-site-building tools
  • Finest overall website building contractor
  • Free choice
  • Most more than likely to be suggested by users
  • Easy to use as well as newbie pleasurable
  • No built-in stats
  • Reliance on apps for scalability
  • It doesn't enable you to change templates.
  • The variety of features can be overwhelming.
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