11 Free Unlimited VPN for Windows That You Can Trust

It’s essential to be safe on the internet, and Free Unlimited VPN for Windows is one way you can do that. Free unlimited VPNs are a great way to get around geo-restrictions, surveillance, censorship, and other types of restrictions imposed by various countries. They also provide privacy protection against cybercriminals and others who may want your personal information.

One of the primary reasons people use a VPN is to protect their privacy. Free Unlimited VPNs are ideal because they do not require any payment information and can be used with Windows 10 or 7 without issue. However, some Free Unlimited VPN services are better than others. There are 11 Free Unlimited VPNs that you can trust in this article!

What is a VPN, and Why do I need one?

What Is VPN?

A VPN provides a way to avoid geo-restrictions, censorship, and surveillance from others. Free unlimited VPNs are also great for privacy protection against cybercriminals and other types of attacks that want your personal information.

There are two different kinds of Free Unlimited Vpn: free limited duration Free Unlimited VPNs or unlimited Free Unlimited VPN services with limitations on bandwidth usage.

An advertiser typically offers a Free Limited Duration Free Unlimited Vpn that makes money off the ads they show you when using their service. Unfortunately, they do not provide security because many trackers will follow you to serve up better advertisements, leading to malware installation that steals your data while tricking you into thinking it’s safe.

Some companies offer free VPNs with limitations on the amount of data that you can download. They charge $40-$50 per year to use it. Or they offer a Free Unlimited VPN where some of your bandwidth is used to show ads to other people.

Free unlimited VPNs protect against geo-restrictions, censorship, surveillance from others, as well as provide privacy protection.

What are the best VPNs for Windows?

best VPNs for Windows

The Free Unlimited Vpn for Windows that I recommend is offered by the service NordVPN. This Free Unlimited VPN has a Free Lifetime Subscription. One of its features is Double Encryption, making it impossible to break into your data and get any personal information you may have stored on your device. They also offer excellent customer support, in case you need help with anything!

Another Free Unlimited VPN for Windows that I would suggest using is TunnelBear. It’s an affordable Free Unlimited Vpn because they allow the use of 500MB per month before charging those who want more bandwidth than this each month or relying on ads like some other services do (Hotspot Shield). You can download unlimited content without worrying about getting charged as long as you stay under the Free Unlimited VPN bandwidth limit.

VPN Unlimited is another Free Unlimited Vpn for Windows that I would recommend using. Still, if you want to use this Free Unlimited VPN, installing their mobile app is recommended! This way, they can protect all your devices with a single account and provide an excellent customer service team if anything happens with one of your other devices or you have questions about the Free Unlimited VPN itself. They do not offer any Free Lifetime Subscription as NordVPn does, though, so be aware before signing up!

How to Setup Your VPN on Windows?

A VPN is a service that you can use to protect your computer. You can set up a VPN on your device by downloading their app or on a router by installing the VPN onto it. Then connect to Wi-Fi or share an internet connection from the Wi-Fi service, and their security will protect you.

  • Step One: Launch the Free Unlimited VPN and log in with your information.
  • Step Two: Once logged into the Free Unlimited Vpn, you need to go to “Settings” by clicking on it or pressing enter. This will take you to a new page with options for server selection, network settings, connection preferences, and more! You’ll want to make sure all of these are set up before proceeding – this Free Unlimited VPN also offers tutorials on how to do many different things if you’re not sure what option does what.
  • Step Three: Find and select a server in the location you want to appear, like Canada, UK, or anywhere else!
  • Step Four: Press “Connect” when prompted. You should have successfully connected your Windows device to Free unlimited VPN once you see an “Approved” message on the screen. Now go ahead and enjoy using Free Unlimited VPNs for Windows while browsing the internet.

Top Reasons You Need a VPN on your PC or Mac

Need a VPN

The Free Unlimited Vpn for Windows protects you from geo-restrictions, censorship, and surveillance and provides privacy protection. This Free Unlimited VPN encrypts your data so that no one can steal it. It also makes it impossible to break into a device, steal personal information, or track what you are doing on public networks or Wi-Fi hotspots. With Free unlimited VPNs for windows, even though what websites can see about you is limited because of encryption, ads will still show up, but this does not mean they cannot know anything else unless you tell them.

Another benefit of having Free Unlimited VPNs installed onto a PC or Mac computer is that if someone were trying to hack in, they would not be able to do so because they offer 256-bit encryption. This is one of the highest levels offered, and it makes Free Unlimited VPNs for Windows an excellent choice!

Free unlimited VPNs for windows are a great way to keep your information private, even if you’re on public wifi networks or mobile wifi hotspots, without being tracked by anyone who has access to that network. Free unlimited VPNs also help prevent censorship from governments, hackers, and other unwanted entities while providing privacy protection with their high-level 256-bit encrypted algorithms during your browsing session. You can use these Free Unlimited VPNs installed onto PCs or Mac computers while abroad to stay connected back home when traveling worldwide. In addition, free unlimited VPN for windows will provide you with a high level of security no matter where you’re at too!

The Best Free Unlimited Vpn for Windows

There are Free Unlimited VPNs for Windows that are free, and there are Free Unlimited VPNs for Windows that you need to pay monthly. Free unlimited VPNs will provide a high level of security as well as privacy protection. At the same time, Free Unlimited PSPs cost money every month but offer more features like faster speeds or the ability to use multiple devices at once on one Free Unlimited Free Psps account.

1. VPN Unlimited

VPN Unlimited is a top-tier VPN service. This product has good security features. It is safe because it uses encryption to keep your information private from being seen by other people or stolen by someone who might use it. In addition, free Unlimited Vpn does not log any of your browsing data or activity. Free Unlimited VPN also has an auto-connect feature, which means that once you connect to a Free unlimited VPNs for Windows, it will automatically reconnect if the connection is dropped for some reason!

2. Bitdefender VPN

Bitdefender VPN is the world’s most trusted security software. It prevents malware and cyber-attacks, which can compromise your home network or business’ data. Bitdefender Free Unlimited Free Free Vpn has a high level of security and privacy protections in place. Plus, it’s easy to set up, so you’ll be protected before you know it!

Free unlimited VPN for windows provides the perfect opportunity to surf without restrictions or censorship while staying safe online. With these Free Unlimited VPNs installed onto your PC or Mac computer, enjoy browsing with peace of mind that only increased internet freedom can offer!

3. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is a premium service and offers an express trial for 30 days. Free Unlimited Free Free Vpn also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee to ensure you get the best service. With Free unlimited VPNs for windows ExpressVPN, there are no bandwidth limits or time restrictions, and they offer high speeds!

Free unlimited VPNs for Windows have become an essential tool in today’s world, where everything is shared online with relative ease. Unfortunately, wifi hotspots make it hard to keep your information private because of how wide-open public networks can be. Still, now you don’t need to worry about being hacked into by outside sources when using Free Unlimited PSPs on any device such as a laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

4. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is the most reliable VPN that protects your data from hackers. It encrypts and anonymizes all of your internet connections so you can surf safely, anonymously without revealing yourself to others on the web.

I downloaded this app for free, and it’s so easy! It doesn’t even require me to sign up or create an email account.

5. Windscribe

Windscribe VPN is a great way to enjoy unlimited free data without the hassle of ads, throttling, or hidden fees. In addition, Windscribe VPN does not collect any information such as browsing history and logs that advertisers could use for targeted marketing campaigns like many other popular providers do. They also have 300 servers worldwide with one-click connect options which makes it easier than ever before to access your favorite sites from anywhere in just seconds!

One of the best things about my cell phone plan is not worrying about going over data! I was able to watch 11 hours of YouTube videos in HD and browse 166 hours before running out, which would have been an unimaginable feat last year.

I’m so thankful for never running into a situation where I’m worried that my monthly limit has expired while browsing or watching youtube clips- this helped me stay entertained during those long flights abroad.

6. ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN is a simple and efficient VPN service that you can securely connect with your Windows device. In addition, you can quickly turn on the Start With Proton feature, which will automatically encrypt data packets when your computer starts up.

ProtonVPN is one of the rare free VPNs that give you unlimited data and bandwidth. However, I discovered that Proton has servers in over 30 countries worldwide to help protect your information when browsing online from nosey governments or hackers trying to get their hands on it.

7. Hide.me

Hide. It is a free VPN service that you can use for Windows and Mac devices so long as they run on an Apple, Android, or Linux device with kernel versions 2.6+ (excluding those in the UK, US, Australia).

I set it up without hassle by connecting at startup and keeping my internet connections private from any prying eyes while accessing servers worldwide like Canada’s server, which has download speeds of 135 Mbps!

8. TunnelBear

TunnelBear is a free, user-friendly VPN that provides easy installation. With TunnelBear, you can get around all of those country restrictions and have your favorite network streaming site open in seconds with just the click of a button!

TunnelBear allows users to bypass geo-restrictions on websites like Netflix by connecting them directly through an encrypted tunnel into another region where they are not blocked or censored. Users don’t need any specialized networking skills – it’s so simple as one mouseclick!

TunnelBear offers 500MB of data per month for their paid accounts. In addition, the software can be downloaded to your device so that you’re more accessible while on the go and need internet access, such as on public transit or a coffee shop’s Wi-Fi connection.

9. VPNBook

Wilfork is a free VPN that doesn’t have any apps or clients. However, with its easy-to-use interface, you get the excellent features of an app-based service such as speed and anonymity without having to download software onto your device like with other benefits.

But VPNBook does provide you with the server information needed to set up manual OpenVPN connections on your Windows device. Here are the servers and links to their locations. You will find a map on the next page where they are located.

10. NordVPN

NordVPN is the leading gateway to a world of digital freedom. Its software ensures that you are 100% secure and private with unique features such as data encryption, military-grade security protocols, and an automatic kill switch, which blocks all internet traffic if your connection unexpectedly drops for any reason.

NordVPN is a service that lets you protect your device from prying eyes, hackers, and cybercriminals while online. Thanks to its incredible servers worldwide, you get a fast connection with little to no buffering thanks to its strict “no logging” policy for user data.

11. CyberGhost

CyberGhost is a superb VPN that encrypts your connection, protects it from hackers and snoopers alike, and boosts the speed of said encryption.

The CyberGhost software has been voted as one of the best free VPNs for PC in many reviews. Its features allow you to protect yourself against digital privacy breaches like hacking or being tracked by advertisers interested only in what they can sell off with their data-mining scheme. So whether looking at this article’s link or other sources online praising CyberGhost’s functions – there isn’t any reason not to give them a try!

CyberGhost automatically protects your device when connecting to a new network. This is great for travelers or people who like switching between public networks!


When it comes to choosing a Free Unlimited VPN service, you need to be careful. Many claims they provide unlimited bandwidth and no data caps but, in reality, only offer the basics for free of charge after a few days of use, which is not what most people want when looking for an unlimited VPN provider.

This article has 11 trusted providers that allow you to browse anywhere with total privacy without any restrictions on your usage at all! Have you tried one of these? Let us know how it goes by leaving a comment below!


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