Review: Generate Ad Creatives For 14x More Conversion Rates

If you’re looking to create many high-quality, creative ads and social posts quickly, is the perfect AI tool for you! This AI-powered platform allows you to generate 100 ads and social media posts in just 60 seconds, and the best part is that they are all unique. offers different ways to make ads for your business. With their catchy headlines, bold images, eye-catching visuals, and persuasive copywriting, they will help you increase your revenue. In addition, makes it easy to create good-looking ads that will help you 14x your Conversion Rates!

I recommend to anyone who wants to create better ads. This tool has helped me a lot with my advertising campaigns. In this review, I’ll explain why you should try this AI tool.

What Is is an AI-supported tool designed to turn prospects into customers by simplifying the process of designing and conducting market research for ad creatives. offers a comprehensive suite of creative tools that enable users to develop and deploy high-converting ads with minimal effort quickly. combines machine learning, natural language processing, and sentiment analysis to generate campaigns that are optimized for success. offers a range of features that allow users to customize their ads and track the success of campaigns, including detailed analytics.

How Does Work?’s main task is to create banner and text ad creatives. It uses AI to analyze user input, such as images and text, to generate unique ads based on the user’s preferences. also offers a range of customization options that enable users to create campaigns tailored to their target audience.

Generate ad creatives is revolutionizing the way businesses create ad creatives! The Ai-powered platform can generate hundreds of unique and successful ads in seconds, each with a specially calculated score that indicates how likely it is to thrive among your campaigns. With, you can easily create stunning ad creatives with comprehensive data-driven insights into their performance and real-time optimization opportunities to maximize your ROI. Pricing And Plans offers a wide range of sensible and user-friendly pricing options, with two primary categories – “Startup” and  “Professionals.” For those who want to test the product before signing up for one of these plans, they also offer free 7-day trails.

Startups’s Startup pricing monthly plan starts at $29 for the STARTER Plan and is increased to $149 per month for the SCALE-UP Plan. With the STARTER plan, you’ll get 10 Credits, 1 Brand with Unlimited Generations, Unlimited Free Stock Images, and other features. Startups

Here is a quick overview of four types of Startups pricing plans:

  • Starter Plan ($29/Month)
  • Premium Plan ($59/Month)
  • Ultimate Plan ($99/Month)
  • Scale-Up Plan ($149/Month)

Professionals’s Professionals pricing monthly plan starts at $189 for the STARTER Plan and is increased to $399 per month for the ULTIMATE Plan. With the STARTER plan, you’ll get 100 Credits, 5 Brands with Unlimited Generations, Unlimited Free Stock Images, and five users. pricing

Here is a quick overview of four types of Professionals pricing plans:

  • Starter Plan ($189/Month)
  • Premium Plan ($249/Month)
  • Ultimate Plan ($399/Month)
  • Custom Plan (Need to talk with support) also offers custom packages for larger businesses. With this, you can get enterprise-level features without long-term commitments or contracts. Custom packages are tailored to meet your business’s specific requirements and budget.

Using “FIRSTYEAR25” will give you 25% off your first purchase.

Overview Of Features

Crafting the perfect ad creative for your campaigns can be challenging, but provides an easy-to-use solution that’s taking the advertising world by storm! This powerful tool offers comprehensive features to simplify creating and managing your ads – no confusion here! Learn how this must-have resource makes life easier with its key features today.

100 Creative Ads In 1 Minute – Wow! can generate 100 creative ads in just one minute. This means you’ll be able to quickly and efficiently create dozens of winning ad creatives for all your campaigns, saving you time and money. So now nothing is holding you back from dominating the marketing landscape – cut costs and get to running those winning ads faster than ever before.

Easy-to-Use Dashboard

It’s been designed for the modern digital marketer, so you’ll find’s dashboard intuitive and easy to navigate. Everything from creating campaigns to tracking results is accessible in an organized and streamlined layout – everything works in a few clicks! And their ad-creating process is speedy.

Generate creatives for any platform ensures you can create ads in all the popular platforms and sizes, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues. Whether it’s Facebook, Google Ads, Instagram, or even Twitter – they’ve got you covered! Their AI-powered ad creator quickly customizes your creatives according to your platform, ensuring the highest ad engagement possible.

Range Of Customization Options offers a range of customization options that enable users to create campaigns tailored to their target audience. So whether you’re searching for images or writing copy – has something for everyone! From basic templates to complete personalization – you’ll have everything you need to create the perfect ad creatives.

Generate Social Posts

With, you can create engagement-focused social media posts in minutes. You can generate perfectly sized creatives for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and more! And all of this is done with the power of AI, so you can be assured that your posts will get maximum engagement.

Generate Texts & Headlines

Streamline your business with powerful, conversion-driving headlines and texts. Get top-quality copywriting so you can focus on what makes a difference – growing your brand! You can customize for any style, language, and tone so that your ad creatives engage the right audience every time.

Creative Insights

Keep your advertising campaigns up-to-date and competitive by utilizing Quickly connect your ad accounts to to review the ten best-performing ads while also understanding what elements made those ads successful so that you can apply them to future campaigns.

Plus, stay on top of all the latest trends in digital advertising with’s Creative Insights. Get detailed analytics and insights about your campaigns to ensure you’re always one step ahead of your competition!

Render other sizes in seconds allows you to render creatives in different formats and sizes in seconds! All your ad creatives will be perfectly optimized for any platform and size, so no more worrying about compatibility issues. In addition, their AI-powered creative creator can quickly customize your creatives according to your platform. This ensures maximum engagement for all your ads so you can get the most out of every campaign.

Unlimited Free Stock Images offers an unlimited selection of stock images for your ad creatives. In addition, you can select high-quality photos from their library and customize them in various ways to match your needs better. Plus, all their images are royalty-free, so you don’t have to worry about copyright issues.

Free Color Picker Extension

The Google extension Color Picker by is a free and helpful tool for anyone who needs to find color hex codes on websites. This easy-to-use extension can quickly scan any website and retrieve all the color codes, making it easy to choose the perfect colors for your ad creatives or other designs.

Free $500 Google Ads Credit has partnered with Google to offer you $500 free credits – an opportunity you won’t miss! If you spend the first $500, Google will match it dollar-for-dollar, so you can either double your money immediately or spread it out and slowly grow your funds. So what are you waiting for? This is a win-to-win offer; anyone loves it, right?

Facebook Ads and Google Ads Integrations has integrated its AI-powered ad creator with both Google Ads and Facebook Ads so that you can create the perfect ads for each platform in minutes! First, you must connect your accounts, select your target audience, define your budget and let do the rest. After that, your campaigns will be optimized for maximum engagement, and you’ll be able to monitor performance closely with the help of detailed analytics.

Analyze Performance offers powerful analytics to help you understand your ad performance in detail. Their insights dashboard provides valuable data such as impressions, clicks, cost per click, and more to help you optimize your campaigns for better performance over time.

With’s analytics feature, you can easily track the progress of your campaigns and make adjustments as needed. This feature is essential for any successful ad campaign.

How To Get Started?

Sign up for and use their easy-to-use dashboard to start creating engaging ad creatives quickly! In addition, they offer a wide range of customization options to truly personalize your campaigns – making them as effective as possible.

Brand Setup

To generate ad creatives, you will need a brand. So let’s get started on setting it up. Brand

After signing up and heading to the dashboard, they first ask you to set up your brand by inputting your brand name, logo, and colors. When adding your brand colors, provides color palettes for future use in creatives.

With this simple setup process – and the wide range of features available in the dashboard – you’ll have everything you need to create the perfect ad creatives. So start creating now!

Create an Ad Creatives is designed to make creating ad creatives quick and easy. All you need to do is select from their library of high-quality photos, add text, pick your creative format, and customize it with the tools available in their dashboard.

Step 1: Select the ad format you want to use.

Select Ad Format

Step 2: Add text: headline, punchline, about the offer, call to action.

Put Your Content

Step 3: Upload a photo from their library or upload your custom image.

Select a Image

Step 3: Download your ad creatives.

Download Your Ads

Create a Social Post also offers a feature to design social posts in minutes!

Step 1: Select the social post format. social post

Step 2: Add text: headline, punchline, about the offer, call to action.

Put Your Social Content

Step 3: Upload a photo from their library or upload your own.

Select a Images

Step 3: Download your social post creatives.

Download your all posts

You can even resize your post for different platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. Then, when you’re done, share it with the world.

Customer Support offers comprehensive customer support with a friendly team and experts ready to help you anytime. From setting up your brand to optimizing your campaigns, their team will be there for you every step of the way.

Money-Back Guarantee Refund requests must be made in writing to within seven days for monthly or 30 days for annual subscriptions from the original subscription date or anniversary of renewal, respectively.

If the refund conditions are satisfied, the Customer will receive a full refund of their subscription; otherwise, the request will be taken into account, but no refund will be given.

Who Needs is a powerful tool that can help businesses and individuals create effective ad campaigns quickly and easily. Whether you’re an e-commerce store, startup, or marketing agency with multiple accounts, can give you the edge to succeed, thanks to its unique A.I.-powered platform.

Who Can Use


Startups can make the most of their budgets by investing in creatives that will convert well with potential customers. Artificial intelligence has advanced to the point where ad creation on the market can be tailored to fit any budget and level of complexity. With AI-driven automation, businesses can create high-quality ads with less manual effort. This saves time and money so entrepreneurs can focus on other business areas.


E-commerce is becoming increasingly popular as more businesses shift their operations online. As a result, companies need high-quality, attention-grabbing visuals on their websites to keep up with the competition and ensure that customers have the best experience possible. This is where comes in.

Agencies provides a comprehensive suite of tools and services to help businesses of all sizes boost their advertising efforts with the power of AI. Our cutting-edge platform is designed to generate highly engaging and effective ad creatives and banners – up to 14x more effective than traditional methods – for campaigns across multiple channels, from social media to search engines. Alternatives

You may want to consider the following alternatives to


The AI-powered marketing platform helps brands create, distribute and measure the performance of digital campaigns. The Creative Studio uses AI to generate high-impact ads and banners. This one is very similar to

Adobe Creative Cloud

Offers a wide range of creative tools and services, including video editing, web design, photography, and more. It also provides a library of templates and fonts for an accessible format.


A popular online graphic design platform with thousands of templates, photos, illustrations, and fonts to help you create stunning visuals quickly and easily. Features include a drag-and-drop interface, readymade designs, photo editing tools, and free stock images.


Create web-based ads and banners with this intuitive platform, which features customizable templates and drag-and-drop tools. It also offers analytics and A/B testing capabilities to help you optimize your campaigns.


This powerful ad solution helps businesses create effective campaigns across multiple channels, including social media and display advertising. In addition, it provides real-time analytics to help you track performance and offers a range of creative tools.

There are not many alternatives to yet, but the ones mentioned above can be very useful in helping you create and optimize your marketing campaigns. Ultimately, choosing the right one for your business depends on what you need from an advertising platform. Pros and Cons

  • Very easy-to-use
  • 7-day free trial
  • Save a lot of times
  • Eye-catching design
  • $500 free Google ads credit
  • Lacks of Integrations
  • Expensive for small business
  • Some suggestions are not great

Final Thoughts

With, you can easily create thousands of visuals and invite your team to help design them with you. In addition, the platform’s AI-driven automation allows for faster production, higher quality outputs, and integrated Facebook and Google ads to track performance. delivered what it promised – an easy-to-use platform with an AI engine that helps create highly engaging visuals. It’s an excellent solution for businesses of any size who want to save time and money while creating ads with maximum efficiency.

For only $29 per month, you get access to all the features and capabilities you need to ensure your business runs smoothly and efficiently.

The 7-day free trial gives you enough time to test and decide whether it’s the right tool. So why not give it a try? You won’t regret it!

FAQs of

What is is an AI-powered platform that helps businesses create, manage and optimize digital campaigns with the help of its intelligent ad-creator tools.

How much does it cost?

The basic package starts at $29 monthly with a 7-day free trial.

Does offer any integrations?

Yes, integrates with Facebook, Google Ads, and other popular ad networks.

What type of creatives can I create with

You can create many visuals, including images, banners, and more.

Does provide analytics?

You can use the platform to track performance and analyze results in real time.

Who are the typical users of

Typical users of include small and medium businesses, agencies, and online marketers.

Is there a mobile app for

No, no mobile app is currently available for this platform.

Can I invite team members to collaborate?

Yes, if possible, you can invite other users to join and collaborate on your campaigns. But it would be best if you upgraded your plan for this.

What type of customer support is available? offers email customer support.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, offers a 7-day for monthly subscription and a 30-day for annual subscription money-back guarantee.

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