Divi Theme Review(2023): Why Professionals Love This Theme?

This Divi Theme Review will discuss Divi Theme, the reason why it is so popular with professional designers, and how it can help your business grow. It is a powerful theme that allows you to create websites for any type of client. But what makes It different than other themes? Divis provides unlimited layouts, graphics, sliders all in one package! For this review, we are going to focus on three specific things: pricing plans, flexibility, and design options that make it stand out from the rest.

Over the years, It has routinely upgraded and improved. The theme currently consists of a practical drag and drop page building tool, thousands of website templates, loads of customization options and settings, and other helpful features. It is also valued competitively.

It looks excellent in theory, but is it a suitable theme for your WordPress website? Upon this request, we will help you answer this Divi review.

As you discover this theme’s features and customer experience, you can hit a notification about whether It is the best option for your project.

What is the Divi theme?

As mentioned earlier, Divi generates by the Elegant Themes team and is the top product. It was first introduced in 2013, but has been updated, improved, and expanded many times to remain an affordable choice classifying multipurpose WordPress themes.

Divi Theme Review
Home Page

There’s a Divi plugin officially called Divi Builder, and it’s also available from the elegant Themes team. With this plugin, you can embed the Divi theme’s page builder into any WordPress website, regardless of which theme you are using. For this Divi test, however, we are evaluating the WordPress theme instead of the plugin.

However, if you see in this review that you are currently using a theme that you like, you will have access to most of Its standout features that we will explore. The content templates, the page builder, and the split test toolset up the Divi Builder plugin.

Here you should note, however, that the Divi theme and the Divi plugin – in addition to some other helpful elements – come as a package, so you don’t have to choose between one or the various others. Instead, you get access to all Elegant Themes elements at a reasonably discounted price for use on an unlimited number of websites.

Hopefully, this will dispel some of the common concerns about the different variations of Divi. So right now, let’s find out how excellent (or awkward) this topic is!

Divi Theme Pricing and Plans

Divi is a budget-friendly WordPress theme, especially when you think about all of the added elements you can access. It’s not much more expensive than some other trendy options made up of those that don’t include additional items.

Divi Theme Pricing Review

How much does Divi cost?

Well, there are two ways to buy it One. First, they give you lifetime access to all articles on elegant topics consisting of future product launches, support, and updates, while the various others cover you for a year:

  • Annual access – $89
  • Lifetime Access – $249

While you can purchase annual access to selections and continue to use Divi and the various other items that need assistance after the year is up. You would undoubtedly leave yourself open to future security issues that might develop that will be addressed later in future updates.

Additionally, you would surely lose all of the brand new features and renovations to Divi – something that happens regularly.

So, if you think you will be using Divi for more than three years, having access to lifelong profits of $249 in profit from the start is a financial feeling.

Suppose this seems like a significant outlay on a product that you haven’t used before. In that case, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee that allows you to try Divi and the various other Elegant Themes items without any risk.

Overview of Divi Theme Features

Divi is a WordPress theme that’s easy to use for designers and developers. One of Divi’s key features is Custom Design Options. For example, you can change the color on an individual post or page up to more prominent design choices like background images and header formats with different layouts.

Our team is dedicate to designing websites that are beyond beautiful. We take your ideas and make them come alive with our carefully considered design process, ensuring you can make a lasting impression on potential customers!

Divi Theme Features

High-quality content templates

Perhaps the two main highlights of Divi are the template collection and the page builder tool. After that, if you intend to create a personalized WordPress website design from the first square, then the Divi Builder tool will undoubtedly be a great passion for you. In addition, the pre-designed content templates will certainly play an essential role in choosing this theme for your website for any other person.

After that, let’s say you want help building your brand new website. If so, you will be pleased to understand that it has possibly the most popular option for the highest quality page templates from every WordPress theme available today.

These templates cover various jobs, from business websites to yoga workshops and e-commerce stores to finding management systems.

There is a collection of templates for almost all types of projects. Whichever website you’re looking to build, be sure to check out the Divi layouts to see what’s available.

While some themes offer a collection of private templates, Its design includes loads designed for a specific type of website. These loads usually consist of home, environment, contacts, and landing page templates and are a quick way to get your brand new website started with all the content you need.

You don’t have to stick to one layout package, however.

Divi allows you to choose any template you want to use on your website from any layout loads available.

The layouts can all edit to use as a starting point for your personalized designs optimally. Alternatively, you can use them as-is and transform the text and images you need using the content editor.

Drag and drop content editor (Divi Builder)

When making adjustments to the templates or creating brand new content layouts from the first field, this job is done in the Divi Builder. This tool has sometimes been updated for many years and is currently one of WordPress’s most influential and standout page home builders.

Some of the Divi Builder’s trick features consist of:

  • WYSIWYG aesthetic editor for creating personalized page designs.
  • Ability to develop customized theme templates.
  • A helpful option of content components.
  • Ability to create recyclable areas to use on your website.
  • Wireframe setting for a clear introduction to the page structure.
  • History panel for ruin and renovation work.
  • A series of viewports for previewing content on smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.
  • Plus whole lots extra.

The Divi Builder uses rows and columns to create your page designs. After that, you can add various helpful components right into your plans, including call-to-action switches, sliders, and video clip players, to quickly bring up a few. These components can customize to work with your website design and have an appropriate appearance for your project.

Reusable custom content

Thanks to the worldwide component function, everything you create in Divi Builder can save for use on your website. That consists of all the modules that you change or adapt. Creating recyclable properties gives you control over how they are updated and creates dynamic properties that let you edit any circumstance with the push of a button.


Divi is also very mobile, making it easy to move your layouts and other properties between WordPress websites. If you want to build multiple websites with Divi, it has fantastic time-saving features that you can use to design your different workflows reliably.

Divi Theme Review: User-friendliness

All of these brand new skills, strengths, and imaginative flexibility come at a price, however, and that’s the reasonably high-knowing outline to capture the brand new user interface. While not strictly executed, the Divi Builder user experience differs from the standard WordPress user experience. Because of this, if you intend to get one of the best from the page builder, you must indeed discover a brand new way of working.

However, you can expect to have numerous brand-new features within your reach right now. It should mention, however, as in Divi Builder, you might not be able to do everything you intend to do without first spending sometime familiarizing yourself with the brand new user interface.

Full creative control

All facets of your content can be customized through the Divi Builder user interface, giving you complete control over the design of your blog posts and pages. However, with a recent upgrade, the newly included Theme Builder tool also gives you full control over the various other parts of your website.

Divi Theme Builder

Most WordPress themes made up of page home builders allow you to create personalized messages and page designs. However, usually, you cannot customize the various other components of your site, such as the templates for headers, footers, and topics.

In the past held by Divi, you were no longer limited to just the content locations, thanks to a recent update. Now you can customize all facets of your WordPress website using the Theme Builder feature.

Create custom headers and footers

The Theme Builder is a natural standout feature of Divi. Not only can you use it to design unique headers and footers for your website. But you can also use it to create personalized templates for your article, profile products, e-commerce articles, 404 error pages, and much more.

Create a unique blog post and archive templates

Thanks to the template support, the page on your website that shows your latest article can be customized using the Divi Theme Builder.

Not only can you create a personalized design, but you can also choose what content is present from each article, e.g., Title, Included Image, Author, Tag, and Extra. Additionally, you can create multiple templates to view your blog posts and then control when everyone uses them.

The template setups allow you to specify precisely when each of your layouts will use. For example, you can create a template that will be used for one item from a specific classification or format for detail pages only.

Divi performs optimization tool.

Divi includes a split-testing tool that ensures that your personalized content looks excellent and maximizes meeting your business goals. While this feature is unusual among WordPress themes, it is beneficial and straightforward to use.

If you want to find out which variant of your page is getting the best response from your audience, it only takes a few clicks to split test with Divi Leads.

The function is integrated directly into the Divi Builder.

All you have to do is choose which page element you want to test – a switch as an example – and then allow Divi Leads for that element. Then, you can create the 2nd variant of this element. The split test tool will undoubtedly show one variation for part of your audience and the various other variations for another sector of your visitors.

Each split test experiment has a goal; B. Clicking on a link or going to a specific page. As soon as the test begins with the celebration dates, you will determine which variant of your page element has the best conversion price.

With Divi Leads, you don’t limit yourself to simply juxtaposing two variations of a page element.

This way, you can test several variants to optimize your content. You can also run different A/B checks simultaneously to optimize your entire website for the highest possible objective conversion rates.

While you can add this type of feature to your WordPress website through dedicated service, it’s uncommon for it to be built right into such a theme.

Suppose your website is built with a specific goal in mind. In this case, the Divi Leads a feature is an essential tool that is highly reliable and easy to use, whether email opt-ins, product sales, contact form entries, or just different pages.

Other elegant themed products included

When you purchase Divi, you don’t just get access to this topic.

All Other Elegant Themes At the time of this writing, Elegant Themes membership also includes:

  • Additional WordPress theme for online publications and blog sites.
  • Bloom email sign-up form plugin that allows you to grow your subscriber list.
  • Monarch social sharing plugin that gives you even more shares and followers.
  • Divi Builder plugin to insert the Divi Page Builder tool into WordPress websites using another theme.

Dive Theme Customer Support

A well-coded WordPress theme is useless if you don’t get the general theme and plugin updates or support. Unfortunately, many theme stores are no longer working to provide their customers with adequate updates and support, regardless of the high rates they regulate.

Customer Support
Customer Support

In the past, customer support was a place where Elegant Themes raised objections. The assistance provides through private online chat rooms where customers can upload concerns and wait for feedback from the elegant Themes support team. In some cases, customers reported that response times were not extremely fast and not consistently resolved.

However, Elegant Themes offers support on online forums and is currently using the carrier service.

Messenger support channel

Customers logged in directly to the Elegant Themes website can open a support ticket through the network operator and wait for feedback. It makes support more accessible as it eliminates the need to check the online forum to see if someone has replied.

When I tested customer service for this Divi review, response times sped up, and the information was helpful.

Detailed documentation

One of the strengths of Elegant Themes, and Divi in ​​particular, is the online documentation available on their website. Every feature and element of Divi is clearly described in the online documentation, while the Elegant Themes blog site has ideas and advice on how to use their articles.

Community forums and meetups

Although the support from the Elegant Themes team is currently through the Carrier system, the online conversation forums are still online and provide a space for customers to share concepts and interact with each other.

There are also numerous energetic Facebook teams dedicate explicitly to Elegant Themes and Divi. Customers can share suggestions and ideal methods to pick up from each other and get one of the best products.

If you intend to get back in touch with the Elegant Themes and Divi neighborhood, in-person meetup groups are routinely held worldwide.

Dive Theme Money-Back Guarantee.

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee so that you can make your choice with no risk of remorse.

Whatever the case, if you want your money back, email them at support@elegantthemes.com with a summary of your problem and request a refund.

Divi Theme Alternatives

Find out about alternative services on elegant topics with up-to-date customer ratings to fill out tools. Other essential elements to consider when choosing elegant themes are customer service and design.

As a loyal viewer, you know I try to always provide the best advice for your personal needs. That’s why today we’re going over some of my favorite design options available in our market!

It’s a tough decision to pick the best design program, but if I had my say, then I would go with Easy Design Studio Premium Edition. This is because so many people and professionals have made this choice before you; it includes all features that any designer could need in their work, such as:
There are a wide variety of page templates like brochures or flyers (which can be personalized), AI-enhanced resolution settings, so nothing goes pixelated at high resolutions even on large monitors sizes; CMYK color matching if working within print industry standards…and much more!

Divi Theme Review: Conclusion

Divi is a modern, flexible theme that can create any website for WordPress. It offers valuable features and tools, including multiple layouts, page templates, widgets, and shortcodes.

If you are looking for a theme with a collection of templates ready to go, there is a great chance you can find what you need in the Divi layout library.

However, if you intend to create a personalized WordPress website from the first square, Divi and its page builder have all the features you need to make it possible – all without the need to change any code.

If you’re somewhere between a huge collection of editable templates that you can customize to make your own, Divi has those needs to meet too.

As mentioned earlier, while Divi is relatively easy to use, you will undoubtedly have to invest some time in achieving holds with the builder’s UI if you want to get one of the best out of this topic. However, if you’re in a rush to get your brand new website online, the pre-built templates all look great and are exceptionally quick to publish.

9 Total Score
Divi Theme Review

Divi is a multipurpose theme that can create any website with WordPress. Divi combines functional looks and features to deliver an all-inclusive, customizable solution for web design without the hassle of coding or learning complicated code languages such as HTML & CSS. With excellent selections like prebuilt page templates and drag/drop capabilities in their customizer, you will have your site up within minutes!

  • True multipurpose theme ideal for any project.
  • High-quality editable templates.
  • Powerful page builder tool.
  • Bloom and Monarch deliver stable performance.
  • The lifetime plan offers unbelievable value for money.
  • Lots of practical documentation.
  • Regularly updated and improved.
  • Improved support group.
  • Good value acquisition options.
  • Only two plugins are available.
  • Takes time to grasp the page builder fully.
  • This much creative flexibility has the potential to be frustrating.
  • No email ticketing support channel.
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