ClickMagick Review(2023): Is It Best Link Monitoring Tool?

In this ClickMagick review, we will explore ClickMagick’s features and pricing options. Clickmagick is one of the best link monitoring tools available to online marketers today. With ClickMagick, you can monitor any website for broken links or images – all without installing anything on your server. You can also track your competitors’ backlinks to identify their marketing strategies and stay ahead of the game.

This blog post has an in-depth review of ClickMagick that provides a thorough understanding right inside ClickMagick. Here’s how you can dive.

As an internet marketing professional, especially if you want traffic, you need helpful tools to keep track of your sales and conversions. Whenever you display, campaign, or serve ads, understand that it requires high-quality traffic.

If your ad doesn’t get any traffic after that, you won’t be able to use it anymore. At some point, you will be wasting your money on ads with no sales and no conversions. So I discovered the internet looking for a tool to track my campaign and ads.

Tracking will surely give you a lot of information about what has not and, at some point, will allow you to improve your campaign. I will most likely share my ClickMagick review and will certainly take you a lot deeper into the information to help you out.

The best click tracking tool I’ve discovered is ClickMagick. With its stable and variable features, ClickMagick is the best associate tracking software program in the industry.

This click tracking tool enables free analysis of your campaigns and checks the efficiency of your ads. Various elements consider—testing price factors, payment techniques, sales, page design, and many functions.

What is ClickMagick?

That is a 2-part series where I explain making money using ClickMagick, an affiliate marketing automation software tool. In this first part, I will introduce you to ClickMagick, and in the next part of this series, we will go through their features. It should hopefully give you enough information about what it can do for you as an affiliate marketer.

I looked for the tool used to create the tracking links for me, bringing me high-quality traffic. ClickMagick is one of the best associate tracking software programs as Click Magic, Click Magic, or ClickMagick.

ClickMagick Review
Home Page

Most of all, this tool will tell you about the conversion rates of the ad or campaign.

ClickMagick offers you a one-stop solution if you are an Associate Marketing Professional.

  • You can understand the conversion rates.
  • The click rates
  • The profit your campaign makes
  • Quality of your traffic
  • Intelligent traffic location
  • What ads are converted and so on?

Who Should Use ClickMagick?

These ClickMagick verification features of mine will no doubt help you make far better choices in the end.

Anyone with an online conversion goal can use the magic of the click. That is especially beneficial for associate marketers and anyone receiving or offering traffic.

Affiliate sellers can track the performance of the campaigns they are working on their sellers.

As mentioned earlier, Clickmagick offers affiliates several ways to stay away from the problems of determining productivity. Seasoned companions understand how much the video game is changing.

Only ad buyers and sellers rely on Clickmagick if they are unfamiliar with personal ads. So I wrote an article detailing exactly how they cheated on me when it was published.

Use Clickmagick when purchasing certain ads. You can better understand whether your traffic is genuine or otherwise and whether that traffic is not being transformed and harming your business. 

You can be clear about how I’m getting ripped off. I hope you discover the ClickMagick review valuable so far.

Additional Benefits Of ClickMagick

Clickmagick isn’t just rich in ClickMagick verification features. However, it is also a software program and an effectively run business.

ClickMagick understands that your software program can be enigmatic at first. Therefore, they need to support and train their customers.

Help buttons describe on every page, and your customer support is rapid. They guarantee that all technical support inquiries answer in less than an hour. So much does this apply to all the questions I have asked?

How To Get The Most Out Of ClickMagick

Are You Like Me Marketing On Clickmagick Review? Unfortunately, when this happens, you have to deal with your brand new marketing toy.


Clickmagick Features are committed to preparing their customers for success by providing a complete startup guide for links below.

Well worth the time it takes to share this with you.


Don’t hesitate to follow anything you can. 

Affiliate sellers and content developers want to track and optimize several points.

Would you please not lose the high quality of the program (be sure to configure it accordingly)? However, it certainly won’t hurt to have way too much data unless you are “paralyzed” by the analysis.

Clickmagick is an effective tool that becomes especially effective when you use it. As Peter Drucker claims, “It measures what is measured.”

Once you start using the Clickmagick features, you will quickly find numerous links that you can and must follow. In my case, I profited that I had a lot of associated connections, sales arcades, and paid traffic campaigns that needed to set up.


Every prominent feature of the Clickmagick review consists of a detailed, informative video clip. These are excellent, accessible sources that you can undoubtedly sync with much faster.


I had hours of work when I started making Clickmagick features. I wanted to keep track of everything as soon as possible and study the software program.

However, I understood that I had to keep your horses and made sure I got the right points. I saw the video clips and took the hour-long customer service channel seriously.

While I was having difficulty getting various other points right, I didn’t emphasize that the subjects were not the best. If I had, I absolutely would not have done anything. I agree that over time I will have to return and correct or improve points. However, the technique of sticking to links never stops. It doesn’t feel like “never.”

ClickMagick Pricing and Plan

ClickMagick offers three different pricing plans: Basic, Premium, and Enterprise. In addition, each project comes with its own set of features.

A free basic account is all you need to start as an affiliate marketer. You don’t get access to conversion pixels or A/B testing feature with a free version but still have access to the pop-up creator, landing pages builder/optimizer, link tracking tool…etc. You’ll be able to track 100 links per month with their basic plan, which should be enough even if you are starting. Follow this link if you would like to sign up for a free trial of Clickmagick.

ClickMagick Pricing Review
Pricing and Plan

ClickMagick is an affordable solution to create beautiful, professional e-newsletters. With three pricing plans that come with a ton of features and options for customization, your business will be able to promote itself in the most effective way possible without breaking the bank! Plus, you can try each plan for 30 days before deciding which one best suits your needs – after all, though, there are many great benefits available like saving up to 25% on annual subscriptions and getting free shipping if it’s not too much trouble.

  • Starter prices and plan:$37
  • Standard pricing plan plans: $77
  • Per pricing and strategy:$197

What does ClickMagick do?

ClickMagick helps with tracking your affiliate links. It also has other valuable features: Pop-up creator, Landing pages builder/optimizer, A/B testing tool, Conversion pixels app…etc. They are currently supporting English/Chinese languages (will be adding more soon). You can learn about their features at ClickMagick Features.

Overview of ClickMagick Features

If you are a seasoned affiliate marketing professional, you already know the importance of connecting your affiliate conversions to the clicks. Knowing which traffic source converts much better is essential when it comes to your funnel and additional affiliate offers.

Let’s say you have a channel and drive traffic through the article, YouTube, social media, FB ads, Google ads, and many more. How exactly do you know which traffic source converts much better?

Realizing these things will surely help you focus on the ideal items within the 80-20 guidelines. Otherwise, it would certainly be like mindlessly controlling the traffic from various resources without setting priorities and wishing people change.

With click tracking tools like ClickMagick, you can determine which traffic resources are causing more conversions and reduce the number of modifications.

ClickMagick also has sophisticated tracking functions such as postback URL, question mark sequences, Javascript, and cookies to track customer behavior throughout the funnel and offer you an accurate photo of the visitor’s journey in your funnel.

It also includes various CRO functions such as joint turning and A/B testing to improve your employees’ results.

User-pleasant Interface

The control panel for the Clickmagick functions is also simple and accessible even to newbies. So, for example, if you are an associate marketing professional looking to find out that you are an A / B and test and follow the links, Clickmagick can verify that it is the best tool for this function.

First, it offers a 30-day free trial period, which is enough to discover and test the links. The tracking functions are also required to track the campaigns and processes, such as monitoring your opt-in, sales-up offers, and conversions.

Second, you can split the links and consider the control panel to look for the best-performing links in your campaign. You can also set the test criteria to look for the default settings.

Track Pages that aren’t your own

ClickMagick has something special that not all link tracking tools have. When a person purchases your page, they will usually prompt the thank you page, where you can undoubtedly see the conversion.

However, ClickMagick also instructs you to track conversions on the outside. That means that when someone captures something from you, you want to send the traffic to an external site. You can do this with this feature.

Measure Your Traffic Quality Score

ClickMagick also describes the high quality of your traffic. It does this by determining your traffic rating. The Traffic Rack-Up informs you and offers you the concept of how large the traffic remains in contrast to the significant and expanding data.

You can examine all traffic and traffic independently in three installments. Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3. The data can also inform you of the specific and proxy IPs used by the supplier to disclose the traffic.

The high traffic quality still image rating must be greater than 75 to know the actual traffic. This feature is useful when you take advantage of the paid traffic and want to track it.


One of the most standout features of ClickMagick is increasing conversions by using the code for the target pixels.

This pixel tracking code us to realign and increase sales. In addition, you can increase direct exposure to all of your deals by using the re-targeting features, and your visitors can follow you from the internet.

That way, you can insert the re-targeting pixel and duplicate it on one of your tracking links. Make sure that the link you used is effectively verified.

Countdown Timer

The most acceptable way to get the sales and get the conversions is to offer the shortage.

The modern feature of increasing sales a little can be the beneficial countdown timer. The countdown timer is valuable when you want to market a product quickly and at the advertised price.

With Clickmagick, you can use this countdown timer for every link. Imagine masking a sales page of an affiliate offer and using that countdown to get quick conversions.

The countdown timer would undoubtedly take less than 5 minutes to create, and you can use this one with any link that makes it one of its most standout features.

Create Pop-ups

Pop-Ups Generate Sales Yes, you heard it right.

Some pop-ups can bring you sales and also help you improve your marketing experience. However, while many tools create pop-ups, they may not be pocket-friendly in many cases.

With ClickMagick, you don’t need such tools, and creating pop-ups is very easy with this tool. It offers five types of pop-ups for you; when loading or moving, vacation notice, and detours leave. You have comfortably contributed to your site.

With the pop-up tool, you don’t need your website or approval. It would be helpful if you had this pop-up tool with the tracking link that the visitor is sure to point out.

If you have access to this tool, you can collect the leads, promote the sale offer, share video clips, and include the shortage countdown timer. Pop-ups are the best way to encourage your traffic to subscribe to your list and promote these things.

Loading Popup: This pop-up is displayed when the visitor views a landing page. Therefore, the visitor can immediately interact with the pop-up.

End Pop-up: This pop-up will appear when visitors leave your landing page.

Delayed Pop-up: This pop-up will appear after a certain amount of time.


This rotator feature is fantastic and comes with a ton of links to spin and advertise. In addition, you can set the traffic criterion for your various traffic links and, in this way, leave a large number of links hanging with a typical rotator link.

Suppose you’ve received several links to share as an associated link, and you want to share them all. You can position them in a regular rotator and share the rotator connection.

In certain circumstances, the buyers offer the link to their website; if you have traffic to 2 buyers, claim A and B, you can set up those two links under the single rotator.

If it does reach your email clients, they will undoubtedly receive it in the form of either LINK A or LINK B.

Magick Bar

The magick bar feature is fantastic. You will indeed find these features in costly plugins. However, ClickMagick has this magic bar that puts the red stripe over every website.

You can position the strip or any countdown timer at the top or bottom of the page, and visitors can easily see your content. 

This method can help you get even more traffic and additional visitors once you’ve developed a tempting magick bar.

High Uptime Monitoring

ClickMagick also monitors your link and assures you that it is not taking off. Nobody most likely wants to go to a page that is holding back.

Thus, the ClickMagick monitors your link, with which the sales page was connected, and ensures that it pick up. If your website deletes, w will be sure to send a notification using email or phone numbers.

ClickMagick will redirect the traffic for ads or stop the ads until then.


ClickMagick also increases the speed by using their servers. Usually, individuals run the click tracking manuscripts in their hosting providers. Your rate might not be healthy and balanced as the hosting providers do not continuously maintain click-tracking manuscripts.

With ClickMagick’s click tracking manuscripts, the pages load much faster, which improves the customized experience. This method also makes it easier for you to determine the speed and high quality of the traffic.

Automatic Split Tester

In addition to providing a link tracking tool, ClickMagick is the champion for automatic split testing. When you’ve published a campaign and done the split tests, the split test winner will notify you to make sure you can focus on that person’s link.

That makes ClickMagick one of the best associate tracking programs for shopping assistants who want to test variable links and get quick returns for them too.

Filtered Automated Clicks

To improve the individual experience and have a far better experience, it is best to use decent IP addresses and filter out any kind of proxies or crawlers from your traffic.

ClickMagick Filter System to systemize the crawlers, crawlers, and bogus IP addresses from your traffic and display real traffic for a far better-customized experience. In addition, ClickMagick has a comprehensive data source for loud IPs conveniently removed between natural and fake traffic.

Notifications to your inbox

The current feature in the ClickMagick toolbox is that many link tracking tools don’t use this feature.

Click and allow the clues on the right. After that, you will indeed have to enter the email address and phone number.

There will no doubt be a gear icon with each of your links to transform the clues. If the criterion is under specific standards, it will certainly inform, and therefore you can change your focus on various other links with far better efficiency.

ClickMagick Email Tracking Service

Click Magic is a valuable link management system for online marketers. However, it is essential for those who are marketing or getting traffic. Not only does it track every view and conversion; however, it also controls traffic circulation by blocking false clicks like crawlers or customers using VPN. In addition, you can maintain the quality of the traffic by setting a geographic or daily limit.

Clickmagick also offers additional tools such as a pop-up start window or a banner bar to welcome customers on a different page.

ClickMagick recently improved its anti-spam policy by banning customers from using specific spam strategies. That is fantastic information that will surely guarantee that the traffic we are processing comes from natural resources.

Split test A/B

Each conversion of the tracking link is independently verified. Therefore, it is effortless to place it in place. If you enter two or more links (any number), they indicate the percentage of traffic each page needs to receive. Then duplicate the ClickMagick tracking pixel code and paste it right into your thank-you pages.

Once configured, the traffic randomly distribute across all pages, and you can view data for each page independently. ClickMagick can also instantly determine the champion if the “confidence interval” is 95% or more via email.


Offering multiple functions is a point. However, it is additional to discover every little thing quickly and very easily. What I find exceptional about ClickMagick is the ease of use and the issues in this tool.

Better still, there is a constant help switch to see what each alternative shows at every point where a selection needs to. Steve’s educational video clips are the best I’ve seen. I suppose this man is brilliant at clarifying issues (no, he didn’t pay me to say that!).

There are numerous instructions in the selection of the auxiliary foods. Follow-up manual, regularly asked inquiries, video clip tutorials, information, system health, and support service to which you can send a support ticket.

ClickMagick reviews the key features links commonly used in traffic exchange companies that generally use certain advertisements from buyers and sellers.

A buyer creates a tracking link and delivers it to their supplier to ensure that both celebrations monitor traffic and commit to different clicks (see).

A vendor would no doubt set up the buyer tracking link on the rotator. They often have more than one buyer at a time, so the traffic they offer is sure to be “in rotation.” Significantly, e will undoubtedly share traffic just like all of its buyers. Or they want it anyway when setting up.

The IP address of each visitor videotape on the data page and the total variety of clicks are displayed accordingly.

The entire variety of clicks (TC) and single clicks (UC) are displayed independently. If a customer sees the buyer’s LINK multiple times, the total number will undoubtedly be on TC. However, the number in UC must remain at 1. With ClickMagick. You can control and monitor traffic in several ways. Each function is complete and straightforward.

I will guide you through the top food choices, and you will be sure to see what I mean by that.

ClickMagick Customer Support

You can contact their sales and customer service team either by email or live chat. I am not sure if they have phone support, but the live chat is pretty responsive (at least when I last tested), and you can expect to get a reply within 30-60 minutes.

Customer Support
Customer Support

I signed up for a ClickMagick account some years ago, and it’s been fine ever since. However, I have noticed an increase in the number of spammy messages sent out from my server (a test site) through the autoresponder functionality ClickMagick provides in recent months. This gave me the impression that something has changed with their service or servers, causing these “junk” emails to be sent out en masse. So I decided I needed to contact customer support about it.

I filled in the form on their website and got a response within about an hour. The individual who responded seemed friendly enough, although he did not provide any meaningful help. I assume this was because he cannot access the server logs, and hence component answers my question as to why these emails are being sent out from my server every few minutes.

ClickMagick Money-Back Guarantee

We know many of our customers are skeptical of software products that offer “Money-Back Guarantees.” We can understand and respect your skepticism. It’s just we’re confident you’ll be satisfied with ClickMagick!

To prove it, we’re offering all new customers a 30 day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee on any plan (even Enterprise)! That’s right, try out ClickMagick risk-free. If you aren’t happy with how it works, we’ll work with you to find the solution and issue a full refund of all your money!

Because we are so confident that this will never happen as a bonus for using our software with ClickMagick, we will give you a 50% discount on the future use of ClickMagick if you do keep it!

ClickMagick Alternatives

As claimed, ClickMeter is one of the best alternatives for ClickMagick. The advantage of the program over its competitor is that it tracks traffic to specific target pages on your website. In contrast, you can find out how many people have checked out a particular page with this software.

It is essential to ensure that your site isn’t being flagged or getting caught up in some online fraud as a business owner. You can do this by checking for broken links and clicking copy from time to time on various panels such as Google Webmaster Tools and Majestic SEOs website analytics tool (Majestic). Also, to find out if you have latency issues with the page load times, you should download Pingdom’s report generator, which will send any findings straight back to your client or team, so they know what needs fixing right away.

As I said, the ClickMeter has received hundreds of functions with almost a multitude of parts of the same kind. For example, you can target the following by country, language, device type, and numerous filters to help you better target audience selection.


I hope this has given you some ideas to get your creative juices flowing and helped you decide if ClickMagick is the right tool. If not, we have a ton of other tools that can customize to suit your needs. We are here for anything from ad tracking to content marketing strategies! So let us know what we can do to help make sure your business succeeds in today’s online marketplace.

It’s much more than a click tracking tool. It’s the best associate tracking software program, and it can also help you get the conversions much better. You canister tell what works plus what doesn’t.

It’s a cloud-based service that every little thing can manage from a single control panel. That makes it the best tool for those who need to operate multiple locations.

The best thing about this software is its 14-day free trial. It provides comprehensive tools for geolocation and sales channels, organic tracking (to improve ad delivery), links monitoring to watch your competitor’s ads and ensure they’re not stealing traffic from you.

In this ClickMagick review, you’ll find out the best and most innovative click tracking tool that will help to increase your conversion rates. Whether as a marketer or an affiliate, it’s essential to maximize success in marketing campaigns. The incentives are so significant with these plans that there isn’t another option to optimize conversions!

8.5 Total Score
ClickMagick Review

ClickMagick helps you track your ads and focus on where your most lucrative website traffic originates. If the advertisement doesn't bring web traffic, then it's none of their concern, and at some point, they will wind up losing cash without conversions or sales!

  • Working Worldwide.
  • Easy tracking of sales funnels.
  • Geo-Targeting and Mobile Optimization.
  • Fantastic speed and accuracy.
  • Live chat and support.
  • Increase Conversion Rate.
  • Lower the Advertisement price.
  • No Server Required.
  • Easy to create funnels.
  • Rotators & Cross-tracking feature.
  • 24/7 Live chat support.
  • Free 14-day trial.
  • It needs to discover in the beginning.
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