FastestVPN Review(2023): Is It Really Secure and Fastest?

In this FastestVPN review, we will be discussing FastestVPN’s security and speed. In addition, it added its expansion. It offers a variety of VPN services ranging from monthly to yearly subscriptions. It has been in the industry for 15 years and operates servers in more than 180 locations, one of today’s most extensive networks.

According to FastestVPN, the safest way of avoiding data retention is by using a VPN. The islands themselves don’t have mandatory data retention regulations, so you’re in luck if you use them because they’ll keep your identity and location private with their encrypted connections.

Every time someone connects to one of these servers, they will be safe. That is because this service provider offers privacy features that include constantly changing IP addresses and creating logins for family members who want some security.

Do you have to sacrifice speed to avoid government surveillance? With FastestVPN, your answer is NO. The user can secure their data and surf anonymously while maintaining a fast connection for streaming content from Netflix or other popular sites.

What is FastestVPN?

FastestVPN is VPN software that offers a wide variety of features at lower prices than competitors in the market. The tool includes servers in more than 30 locations in almost 30 countries. In addition, it has pre-installed malware-blocking and advertising-blocking features. Finally, it has customized apps that work well with Android, Mac, Windows, iOS, Roku, Firefox, and Kodi.

FastestVPN Review
Home page

Thanks to OpenVPN compatibility, users can paste the program anywhere. In addition, users can connect to ten devices simultaneously – twice as many as a typical VPN. The software intends for a startup from the Cayman Islands.

While the platform is relatively new to the market, it has features that make it competitive against the leading VPN brands in the industry today. In additional features include multiple sign-ins, NAT firewall, and optimized P2P servers.

FastestVPN Pricing and Plan

Now that you’ve discovered most of FastestVPN’s features, it’s time to talk about what you have most likely been questioning all along.

Tunnel Bear VPN pricing
Pricing and Plan

Choose between agreements for one month, one year, or three years. Of course, the longer the term, the less you will be billed per month. FastestVPN’s plans make sense, of course, precisely the three-year alternative. In addition, membership allows unlimited server changes, ten concurrent connections, and ten tools in general – one generous package.

It’s easy to get a solid VPN for under $10, but FastestVPN has you covered with its annual plan. A 1-month subscription averages at just $2.49! If that doesn’t seem like your style, don’t worry – there are other options available too: the 3-year program costs only $7 per month or around 11 cents each day, and if five years is more your speed, then it’ll cost about 8 cents each weekday ($1).

A person has a much easier time finding the right VPN provider when reading reviews from previous customers. This is because it can make this challenging to compare features on each site, and there’s no guarantee that you’ll find what you need or like in this review process.

Reading through customer opinions about different providers helps someone decide which one suits their needs best without wasting too much of their precious free trial period figuring out if something will work for them.

Overview of FastestVPN Features

FastestVPN doesn’t seem like a big deal. HOWEVER, most VPN companies ditch an online support center to help customers and provide them with barely any information on their website, but FastestVPN is different! They have a live chat and a durable online support center, which I find very helpful in providing me quick answers that other sites may not give you quickly.

Log Data

The only information FastestVPN maintains is your username, password, email address for payment terms, and your login efforts. Once you deactivate your account, FastestVPN will undoubtedly remove your email address from the data. The critical point is that they don’t log any of your background or session data that you want in a VPN.

Of course, you get a personal IP address when you use FastestVPN. But, unfortunately, you get the same IP address every time, making it a little easier to find you.

Kill Switch

A kill switch, or else referred to as the k lock feature, will certainly “kill” any web pages or apps you have open if your VPN stops working. Think of it like Harry Potter’s invisibility cape– a good backup plan that’ll conserve you require it. Fortunately, FastestVPN includes a kill switch to guarantee your privacy if the VPN disconnects.


FastestVPN offers a service called split tunneling, allowing you to be on two networks simultaneously. Split Tunneling allows for private browsing without having any of your traffic leave the network.

Netflix with FastestVPN

Let’s admit it: we are still in the golden era of television, and Netflix is crucial. Fortunately, Netflix United States currently partner with FastestVPN. But, of course, Netflix is no longer just a streaming platform, so it’s excellent that FastestVPN is also dealing with Disney + (if the US server location is in Denver).


FastestVPN protects your data in the Advantage Encryption Standard of 256 bits, the industry standard. So let’s see precisely how FastestVPN’s encryption works.

IP security works either way. It only saves the message of the data packet during the transport setting, while it saves the entire data packet during the tunnel as the whole setting.

FastestVPN Protocols

Internet methods find out exactly how data transmitted over a network. To dive back into the allegory train, I look at the dates as mail and the methods as courses that the postmen can take. Some are much safer; some are much faster; however, it is inevitably a combination of different ways to make FastestVPN safe and fast.


The Internet Key Exchange variation 2 is in charge of re-establishing your link to the VPN after being detached. So if you’re somebody that turns flop in between wifi and mobile hotspots, it’s the IKEv2 that’ll make your experience smooth.


The Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol is in charge of creating the passage where your data will certainly transfer. Combined with encryption techniques, L2TP produces a highly secure VPN customer.


Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol utilizes on a Windows operating system. It’s recognized for being highly confident and conveniently bypassing most firewall programs.


The Transmission Control Protocol is similar to an educator on an expedition. It transports data and ensures that the best place is reached. But, first, it provides that the connection between the source and its location is energetic.

Then the data is corrupted directly in a smaller package. It then checks to see if that stays in the best order after reaching the location. After all, there is absolutely nothing worse than staying in the Six Flags parking lot on a bus waiting for a child to be shed!


After all, the User Datagram Protocol is responsible for actually sending the data packets. Suppose we continue with this college allegory after UDP resembles the school principal who sends students on the school field trip.

While he could wean them off, the headmaster is not responsible for checking that they all arrive safely. UDP allows for reduced bandwidth and latency, while TCP ensures that all data stays in the best order.

Testing FastestVPN

Before choosing whether a VPN is beneficial, I placed them via three examinations- speed examinations, DNS leakage examinations, and WebRTC leakage examinations. First, let’s see if FastestVPN makes the quality.

Speed Test

I test each of my VPNs on two computer systems, a Macbook Air and a Windows Vivobook, from my Brooklyn home. To make this test as targeted as possible, I make sure that I’m the only one making sure that no one can compromise my connection to Optimum, my internet service provider.

First, I’ll test the difference in upload speed with and without VPN on both computer systems. As you can see, there was little difference in upload speed on the Mac computer system while the Windows computer system tolerably decreased by 22%.

In terms of download speed, both Windows and Mac computer systems are reduced by 45%. That’s pretty average but not as good as the upload rates.

Finally, I evaluated the ping or latency. Again, there was essentially no distinction in latency on the Mac, while the Windows just had a reputation of 33%. So, all in all, FastestVPN most definitely lives up to its name, specifically on the Mac.

DNS Leak Test

To ensure that no traffic was sent beyond the VPN passage, I did a DNS or domain name leakage test on FastestVPN. Fortunately, there were no DNS leakages spotted, making my course secure.

WebRTC Leak Test

Do you remember when I talked about IP addresses? Of course, FastestVPN will no doubt provide you with a personal IP address. However, I wanted to make sure this was true. With WebRTC, which means real-time communication, web browsers can be connected directly instead of using server advantages.

 Faster speed and much less lag, more precise chat with video clips, live streaming, and file transfers. For this reason, internet browsers like Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and Microsoft Edge use WebRTC by default.

The main disadvantage of using WebRTC is that people have to recognize each other’s private IP addresses. Still, if you’re trying to find safety, make sure there are no WebRTC leaks.

Users will undoubtedly be more than happy to recognize that FastestVPN did not have any WebRTC leakages, so my IP address will certainly stay confidential– most definitely a requirement when it concerns VPNs.

Manual Configurations

FastestVPN works with over 20 tools from brand names like Windows, Android, iPhone, MAC, Firestick, Xbox, Roku, PS4, Kodi, and Linux.

Browser Extensions

While FastestVPN does not have internet browser expansions, the app should service all internet browsers, from Chrome to Firefox.

The FastestVPN App

You can use the FastestVPN app for various tools: Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, router, Kodi, Fire TELEVISION Stick, Smart TELEVISION, and Android TELEVISION boxes. Today I look at the reviews from the Apple and Google Play stores. 

The FastestVPN app, which you can use to connect to a private server and contact customer support, got a 4.2 from the Apple Store and a 3.2 from the Google Play Store. That’s quite a sizeable difference in ratings, so I took a look at what Android folks could claim for themselves.

It seems like the app helped fifty percent of the Android users who gave ratings. Unfortunately, the partner still had to reinstall the app, and some also had to use various other VPN apps to run FastestVPN. FastestVPN is a far better choice for Apple iPhone than it is for Android users.

FastestVPN Customer Support

FastestVPN Customer Support is helpful in many ways, and I will share a few of them with you. To start, I want to say that the customer service is speedy. They get back to me within a day or two max. It’s awe-inspiring.

Customer Support
Customer Support

Secondly, they are very understanding, and as it turned out, their support team literally took the time and my problem.

Thirdly, they always ask for feedback, which I think is great because it gives them some additional insight into what could be improved on or what may have been overlooked (in my case).

FastestVPN Money-Back Guarantee

FastestVPN offers refunds within 15 days of purchase if you’re not satisfied with the service or it does not meet your needs. If you want to claim a refund, send an email, and your account will be suspended right away!

FastestVPN Alternatives

FastestVPN is a popular VPN service that has been gaining popularity over the past year. However, FastestVPN’s plans are expensive and may not be worth it for some internet users—especially those who only need to use their services every once in a while. Therefore, it might make sense to explore other options first before deciding on your final plan of action!

We’ve compiled a list of solutions that the reviewers found to be the most effective alternatives and competitors to FastestVPN, including NordVPN, OpenVPN, ProtonVPN, and Connect Secure.

FastestVPN Conclusion

FastestVPN is a fantastic selection of online service that provides internet security. However, allow me to offer you the last malfunction of this it would undoubtedly benefit.

As you can see, FastestVPN offers some top-notch features that make it a compelling option for anyone looking to purchase or upgrade their VPN.

Apps for Windows and macOS X10 IoT devices are an excellent way to enjoy content with friends without any problem. The apps have been made, so you connect through VPNs or virtual private networks.

If you’re looking for peace of mind or security on your phone when browsing free wifi hotspots at airports or coffee shops, then this provider will meet all your needs without breaking the bank account!

8.5 Total Score
FastestVPN Review

FastestVPN is a Cayman Island-based VPN that offers an extended list of appealing features for among the least expensive prices around. There are P2P-friendly servers in 39 locations across 31 countries, including ad and malware blocking. Custom apps for Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone Roku, and Kodi, in addition to Chrome and Firefox developments, OpenVPN compatibility to enable placing it anywhere else.

  • Budget-friendly pricing.
  • Kill-switch.
  • Do not log data.
  • We have a dedicated VPN server for US Netflix.
  • Torrenting enabled on all VPN servers.
  • Good rates.
  • Ten simultaneous connections.
  • Limited split-tunneling.
  • Small server network.
  • Smaller feature collection.
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