HostUpon Review(2023): Easy to Use, But Is This Enough?

HostUpon is an easy-to-use Hosting services that has made the process of creating a website straightforward. HostUpon provides Hosted WordPress, Hosted Joomla, Hosting solutions with cPanel, and more. I found this article helpful for those who are looking for web hosting services.

The introduction was short, which left me with questions about their experience with hosting companies like HostUpon.

HostUpon is an affordable, Canada-based web hosting company with excellent customer service that will go above and beyond to help you. From the testimonials of past users on their website to testimonies from people who have used them in person at conventions like SXSW, HostUpon provides an excellent experience for everyone.

In this review, we took note of some critical factors, including the affordability factor, which was one of our most significant considerations when deciding if they were worth it or not and how hard they work towards success by providing exceptional customer support services–anywhere. In North America!

It is encouraging to know that you are in good hands when navigating your way around the website. The services provided will speak volumes about their core customer approach, and as a novice web designer or brand new site owner, this can be invaluable information!

What is HostUpon?

HostUpon was founded by CEO Alex Dziedzin back at the turn of this century when he saw an opportunity for digital marketing consulting on websites with accompanying domain registration and website development needs. With his company, Roman started as just a side project that quickly grew into one of North America’s most recognized brands catering to clients both big and small from around the globe ranging in size. From startups looking for top-notch security features up through Fortune 500 corporations who need it too- Roman has got you covered!

HostUpon review
HostUpon Review

The company continues to find new and innovative ways of advancing its services. They constantly adapt emerging modern technologies, updating hardware and software while finding the right people to assist with this process.

HostUpon Pricing and Plan

This web host offers various items and services to suit customers’ needs, from shared and cloud hosting options to effective dedicated servers. In addition to hosting services, they also provide sustainable functions such as domain name registration, security services, and SSL certificates.

pricing and plan
Pricing and Plan

Shared Hosting

HostUpon has rated its shared hosting plans to continue to be reliable in a very affordable market. As a result, they expanded beyond regional web hosting companies. HostUpon is committed to offering pricing on its shared goals to take over a more significant US-based hosting business. That provides an efficient side as the price factor generates the roaming customers. And the excellent customer service keeps you on board.

  • Start at $3.95 / month, and the Starter Unlimited plan has many useful features like unlimited bandwidth, MySQL data sources, email accounts, and addon domain names.
  • The Business Unlimited plan does precisely the same thing, plus access to SEO features and increased efficiency.
  • The Premium Business Unlimited plan builds on the Business plan by including access to the Premium Backup service.

The premium backup service allows greater control over correction requests down to the level of the document.

The HostUpon Shared Hosting plan offers three plans. Starter, business, and premium business.

Reseller Hosting

Getting started running your own hosting business can be a costly start. Many web hosting companies have found that they are making their existing standard plan framework available to their customers. Selling or using by a web developer or electronic marketing expert provides an additional customer method. HostUpon is pushing for this business version using its reseller hosting plans.

Reseller plans are often more commonplace with multiple hosting providers, and many valuable functions back up behind a bureaucracy that minimizes the reseller’s control over the customer atmosphere.

HostUpon comes standard with some features that are not regular for various other Hosts’ reseller plans. For example, it offers a 100% white tag platform outside of the vacancy. And enabling access to sustainable firewall program systems such as CSF and LFD. Check out the HostUpon Reseller plans that are grabbing the attention of the package.

VPS Hosting

As the name suggests, a shared hosting plan allows numerous customers to share the same server in multiple locations. A VPS (Virtual Private Server) is an entire server that books for a single customer.

The VPS is solely personal to this customer and their websites. That indicates that they are not sharing any of these sources (CPU, RAM, DISK) with other customers. If complete control of the server atmosphere is required, a VPS is an excellent measure in these instructions. And HostUpon offers generous support to ensure that a change in their VPS handles efficiently.

HostUpon provides a cPanel / WHM design template is consisting of PHP, MySQL, Apache, and CSF firewall programs. And Mod_security on a CentOSOperating system. These plans are also scalable. That indicates that you can reset the zip code sources to connect to the HostUpon sales group. In addition, the upgrade process is smooth and practical, with no downtime and approximately 30 seconds to prepare the references.

Hostupon’s VPS packages offer a great range of features and prices to suit any need. Starting at $49.95, you can get the entry-level VPS-20 package that includes 20GB SSD storage space with 1TB bandwidth per month, or go all out for your business needs by going up to 150 GB in RAM capacity; on the top tier plan!

Host At VPS rates, the names are the same as the disk space dimension; H. A VPS-20 has an area of ​​20 GB.

Dedicated Server hosting

HostUpon’s dedicated server hosting gives the device itself complete control over the server. That is not an online server but an actual IBM server blade on a stack in one of their data locations.

HostUpon supplies a cPanel / WHM draft, similar to the pre-installed draft of the VPS, to ensure that the brand new server owner can hit the ground running. These web servers are also scalable. However, downtime for these web servers are dedicated device server blades and require a data facility specialist to complete the upgrades.

Starting with the DS-50 for $175/month, HostUpon offers five tariffs for dedicated servers. Each upgrade includes additional RAM, storage space (in RAID), and bandwidth.

Cloud Hosting

HostUpon designed cloud hosting plans with redundancy in mind by loading a single website from multiple web servers. Unfortunately, that means that these scheduling options mean more significant web applications and websites to schedule.

These plans are scalable and allow customers to upgrade and downgrade reactively.

HostUpon offers three tariffs for cloud hosting plans starting with the cloud for $24.95/month. One of the most limited of the three methods. It is most likely much better to upgrade to the following rate as the plan benefits of the Cloud-50 range up to several unlimited features.

Overview of HostUpon Features

HostUpon integrates seamlessly with your web hosting company to give you a range of powerful tools and functionality.

The Control Panel gives you complete access to all your digital assets, including files, sites, domains, email, databases, and more.

The Control Panel also includes detailed help tutorials that outline the in-depth features of Host Upon.

Multiple Datacenter areas

You can be confident that your website will perform well no matter where you are local.

With information centers in key regions worldwide, we ensure that your site is accessible to users as far away from each other as possible.

Free Domain Registration/Domain Transfer

It’s no wonder why so many people opt for free domains when they purchase web hosting.

Offering a domain with your purchase of hosting is the industry standard, and it makes sense that more and more people will be choosing this option as time goes on.

We’ve all been waiting for this day – the moment when we finally know what’s in store. Of course, we’re eagerly anticipating it!

Free Site Migrations

Web hosting companies expect to make customer support a top priority. For example, suppose customers need help moving their website. Some customers off by automated responses that do nothing more than telling them how high they rank on the list of priorities, but this doesn’t help with their problem. They need access to someone who can solve it, so they should be able to call in for assistance from company technical staff instead of receiving an unhelpful response like this one: “We apologize for any inconveniences.”

Suppose you’re thinking of switching to a host for an additional fee. You will surely be in good hands if this Host is not Canadian.

Unlimited MYSQL Databases and Email Accounts

Databases and email accounts are a dime-a-dozen these days, but we’re about to make your life so much easier with unlimited databases. You can store as many essential documents on our servers as you want without worrying about running out of space! So create an account now for access to all the benefits that come along with it – plus there’s no monthly fee.

You have come to the right place if you’re looking for a website host that can provide unrivaled customer service, cheap rates, and more than enough space.

If you need an affordable hosting company with quick load times and plenty of storage capacity to run your site or online store smoothly, then HostUpon is just what the doctor ordered! We offer everything from domain names as well as dedicated servers, so even when it comes down to finding something explicitly tailored towards your needs, we’ve got you covered.

Website Builder

WordPress is the most popular website builder on the market. It’s a free platform that offers many options for customization and personalization, making it easy to create an attractive site in less time than ever before!

HostUpon also has its WordPress-based hosting available as well if you’re looking for something more straightforward.

Web Hosting With Care

HostUpon is unique for a web hosting company and also promotes environmental friendliness. Environmentally friendly campaigns at their workplaces and in the data center by selecting energy-efficient devices and household appliances in the workplace.

They need to keep motivating their employees by offering teleworking alternatives, environmentally conscious office approaches, and, where possible, using recycling solutions for the neighborhood. However, this green focus comes with a shock as its pricing factors remain affordable, with several other web hosting companies in the US don’t share this focus.

HostUpon is an excellent option for an individual or small business hosting your website while staying in Canada.

HostUpon Customer Support

HostUpon is a 100% internal support group that prevents missteps in the event of concerns. They offer fast, open-minded technical assistance with resolving problems to their customers quickly and effectively over other competitors who often give out vouchers or discount codes rather than addressing issues as they arise.

Customer support
Customer Support

HostUpon offers a robust database and access to several created tutorials and video clip tutorials for customers who want to fix it themselves rather than relying on the support group to make any essential adjustments. Always ready to help, the 24/7 live chat is always available with an email ticketing system and by phone between 9 am-5 pm EST from Monday through Friday.

HostUpon Money-back Guarantee

The HostUpon is so confident that they will provide you with the best web hosting services available, and if, for some reason, your account isn’t working as well after 30 days of service, then it’s free!

HostUpon is a highly rated company in terms of customer satisfaction. The shared-hosting packages are affordable and reliable to ensure seamless loading times on any device or browser using their patented “Dynamic Page Loader” technology. There’s no risk involved to make things even better because all purchases come with an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee–which means absolutely zero hassle from start to finish when looking into purchasing these fantastic bundles!

HostUpon Alternatives

Alternatives for HostUpon – It can be challenging to find a provider that is right for you. Lots of people want web hosting providers, but it’s not easy knowing if the service provider you have chosen will meet your needs or not.

HostUpon is a website that provides hosting services to businesses and users that want their own space on the internet. Hostwinds, Kinsta, DigitalOcean Droplets are just some of its preferred options- they also offer other hosting providers different needs.


Unlimited disk space is not going to happen with shared hosting, and other web hosts will likely claim the same thing. The only difference here is how they include it in their services—in the footer of your site.

While I’m not a big believer in using “Unlimited” as an advertising term for some providers’ plans, I do see where this explanation from another provider might make sense; everybody else does it too!

HostUpon has a reputation for being efficient and affordable without sacrificing the quality of service that their customers have come to expect.

8 Total Score
Hostupon Review

HostUpon is based in Toronto, Ontario, and offers web hosting solutions for individuals and organizations of all sizes. It has 24/7 customer service to provide help whenever you need it so that your website stays up at all times. In addition, they offer a 30-day money-back assurance just in case the plan doesn't work out as expected!

  • Unlimited hosting
  • Free Domain Name
  • FFmpeg supported on the common server
  • Complimentary site transfer
  • Endless site organizing in the standard plan
  • Open Up Source Application Hosting
  • Great deal's of Addons offered like Dedicated IP.
  • Renewal at High Price
  • $10 Setup Fee for Monthly Account.
  • Discount on 3-year billing
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