A2 Hosting Review(2023): Affordable Web Server Solutions

A2 Hosting is a company that provides a web server and domain registration services. A2 Hosting has been in business for over ten years, providing reliable and fast Hosting to many customers. However, a lot of people wonder if A2 Hosting is shorter than others or not? In this blog post, we will explore the pros and cons of A2 Hosting to help you decide whether it’s right for your needs.

A2 Hosting is the best web hosting service provider. They offer lightning-fast speeds and unlimited bandwidth, while their servers are up 100% of the time, meaning you’ll never have to worry about your site being offline.

A2 Hosting has been rated as one of America’s fastest Web hosts by PCMag for two years in a row, with server uptime at 99%.

If you’d like a developer, then this is the web hosting company for you. The plans are designed with developers in mind, and their payment guarantee gives customers peace of mind when they sign up.

Another huge draw is the renewal fee, which increases aggressively after your temporary break. For example, let’s say you want a fast web hosting service at a comparatively low up-front price ($2.99/month) with the ability to scale as your website progresses. In that case, A2 Hosting could be an excellent alternative for you. Unfortunately, customer support is also sluggish.

Here is an A2 Hosting review of the pros and cons of A2 Hosting after signing up, paying for its web internet hosting service, and putting it on the study.

What is A2 Hosting?

A2 Hosting was founded in 2001 by Bryan Muthig with the original name of Iniquinet. Fast forward to 2017, and A2 has over 500,000 active clients worldwide on its web hosting platform powered by more than 1 million servers across five continents.

The story behind how this fantastic company came about might surprise you!

A2 Hosting review
A2 Hosting review

It was initially creat for a small number of clients. Even so, by 2003, the company had many more customers than expected.

A2 Hosting is probably one of the best web internet hosting companies that you won’t but should study. The pace is excellent, uptime is reliable, customer service is friendly, security features are abundant, and refund policies are liberal. In addition, they are even environmentally conscious.

Let’s take a closer look at the many benefits of A2 Hosting.

A2 Hosting Pricing and Plan

A2 Hosting is an excellent option if you’re looking for more than just the basics. There are several different plans available, so it’s easy to find one that suits your needs and budget without any hassle at all. Free domain names? Yes! A2 Hosting has them covered with prices starting as low as $5 per month, including unlimited disk space, bandwidth, email accounts, AND much more! So which plan would be best suited for me?

  • Pay monthly
  • Pay a year in advance
  • Invoice for two years in advance
  • Pay three years in advance
Pricing and Plan review
Pricing and Plan

When you commit to a plan for three years, not only do your costs go down but you’ll also be rewarded with our best value. For example, the Startup Shared Plan starts at $2.99/month if paid early ($5 a year), up from $10.99 when billed monthly (a lot more than five bucks!). Plus, there’s no credit check or contract involved – so what are we waiting for? Signup now and take advantage of this offer!

It’s also important to note that hosting providers tend to have confusing promotional prices, and A2 Hosting is no exception. Promotional prices are initial prices that extend at significantly higher rates. For example, those above $2.99/month becomes $8.99/month after your three years are up. Of course, that will frustrate you, but you will be better equipped to set the initial reasonable plan for your budget once you know it.

Regardless of which hosting offer from A2 Hosting you choose, you will receive a 99.9% availability guarantee and support for the guru crew around the clock.

To make it even better, they offer our users an exclusive discount when they use our A2 hosting coupon code.

When you start, choose the shared hosting plan. Then, as your needs change and grow more demanding to meet, it will be easy for you to upgrade without having a service interruption in between!

Overview A2 Hosting Features

A2 Hosting is a premier web hosting provider that offers competitive pricing and features, including the ability to back up your website regularly with its comprehensive system. In addition, with A2 Hosting, you can upload multiple files in one go by using FTP or SFTP access on any of our servers without having to log into them individually!

Fastest Page Loading Speed (279 ms)

A2 Hosting is a company that cares. They are committed to providing the best possible service for their clients, and they do so by nowhere slowing down. The server has been tested multiple times within 12 months of use, with results averaging 279 ms as time goes on.

A2 Hosting provides efficient services at all costs- even if it means sacrificing speed to ensure reliability and stability for every customer who uses it!

And what is even more incredible?

A2HHosting’s popularity is skyrocketing. The Leaderboard ranks them #1 among 36 hosts at a rapidly increasing rate, which means that A2 has the best performance in this industry by far.

Reliable Uptime of 99.97%

It’s not easy to find a web hosting company that is both lightning-fast and reliable, but A2 Hosting has proven itself repeatedly.

A2Hostingiisdon’t just fast–it rivals any other website host in speed! But unlike its competitors, the reliability of this service ensures you won’t have downtime or data loss because there are no crashes with their servers whatsoever.

So far, they have had some issues when their uptime struggles to hit the industry standard of 99.94%. However, compared to last year’s median uptime of 97%, they’ve made improvements with a new record at 99.97%! In addition, the total downtime for this server was just over two hours which is pretty impressive considering how much time it took them before this point.

Last 12-month widespread Uptime of A2 web internet hosting:

  • January 2021: 99.85%
  • December 2020: 100%
  • November 2020: 100%
  • October 2020: 99.99%
  • September 2020: 100%
  • August 2020: 99.99%
  • July 2020: 100%
  • June 2020: 99.84%
  • May 2020: 100%
  • April 2020: 100%
  • March 2020: 99.99%
  • February 2020: 100%

 24/7 Server Monitoring and Malware Scanning

A2 Hosting is the best hosting company in town for your website since they offer you a diploma and deliver exceptional customer service. In addition, A2 includes security features such as firewalls, scanning, or encryption on its packages that are not found anywhere else. Still, with them, this means less time waiting around because when it comes to protecting your site from malware attacks and phishing scams, there’s no one better than their team of experts who will work hard at making sure everything stays safe behind our 24/7 monitoring system.

An excellent solution for those looking into keeping up-to-date with cyber threats while also getting tons more benefits that others can’t provide!

A2 Hosting offers 24/7 protection with HackScan, a malware and attack scanning service. Prevent hackers from accessing your files or damaging them by updating the latest virus threats!

A2 Hosting is the best choice for people who are looking to avoid sudden power surges that could happen during a DDoS attack. This company has its data center and scalable services, so if there were an unexpected surge in traffic, they would be able to handle it without taking your site offline.

Free Site Migrations(1-25)

A2 Hosting offers the ability to move a single existing net site with no added value, hosting all plans.

Migrating your site to a new host is easy and inexpensive with Hostgator. If you migrate multiple locations on the shared web hosting plan, it will cost an additional $10 per website; however, reseller or dedicated programs allow 25 free migrations of any size! In addition, we make sure that all minor details are transparent in our terms of use, so there are never any hidden costs associated with moving your business online.

When you run into an issue with your web hosting, it is essential to contact the customer service department. You can do this by supplying them with your cPanel account credentials and a brief description of what happened. After that, they will be happy to help fix any problems that may have arisen!

If there are issues on your website or things just aren’t working right, give us customer services a call to quickly solve these issues for you! I don’t hesitate because time could mean everything when it comes down to getting back online after some downtime – as soon as possible, if not sooner, please don’t delay in contacting our friendly team today.

If your website has a different administration field than cPanel, a small additional work fee may apply.

A2 Hosting Content Management Systems (CMS) and Developer-Friendly Tools

A2 Hosting provides a fast and secure environment for your website. As an A2 customer, you will not need to worry about compatibility with other applications before or after purchasing hosting from us.

A2 Hosting works seamlessly with all initial content management applications, so if you are switching platforms, there is no concern of the old system being incompatible in anyways as we offer each new client one month free trial on their first purchase!

You can set up a WordPress, OpenCart, Drupal, Joomla, or Magento site in just a few clicks, and you don’t want a developer to do that.

In addition, A2 Hosting has plugins to increase efficiency to make this CMS faster, starting with the”Turbo Boos” plan. Finally, you get a free Cloudflare CDN with web internet hosting packages that add extra dashing points.

Suppose you are a webmaster or a company that wants to host dozens of websites under one roof. In this case, A2 Hosting comes with developer-friendly devices. For example, you can get an administrator entry on servers, free backups to rewind servers, and multiple variations of every minor factor from PHP to MySQL, Apache, Python, Ruby, and many others.

A2 Hosting also has a website builder aptly named A2 SiteBuilder. However, it is not included in the standard web internet hosting plans and charge individually.

Offer a Green Web Hosting

A2HHosting’s hometown of Ann Arbor, Michigan, is called Tree Town because it has more than 50,000 trees and 150 parks. They feel a moral obligation to protect the planet from global warming as their home has been affected by it themselves first-hand.

They have partnered with Carbonfund.org to support renewable energy and reforestation to lessen their carbon footprint. They also set up a site hosting initiative, FutureServe, which offsets the emissions from their servers by planting trees worldwide!

The web hosting industry is notorious for its lack of sustainability. But suppose you’re considering signing up with a company that cares about the environment. In that case, this could be an opportunity to take advantage of their sustainable practices while also knowing your data will remain safe and secure in these uncertain times.

2High Renewal Rates (And a 15-Day Deadline)

A2 Hosting offers lower costs on more extended interval plans. They even have an initial fee with their goals when they sign your first interval with them, which cuts the widespread price for more than half.

This sweet deal ends after the preliminary interval when the auto-renewal initiates”regular” pricing. Thus, the renewal price is roughly twice the popular monthly price you paid first.

It will get worse.

According to their idioms, it is good to submit a written cancellation request” 15 days before the start of the extension period” via the customer portal or by email to [email protected].

What if you miss that 15-day window? You will be ready to pay for the next renewal plan, which may routinely renew, and you will not be eligible for a refund.

Restrictions on the Cheapest Plan

The introductory price for the most affordable shared web internet hosting alternative from A2 Hosting “Startu””) is currently $2.99/month (66% off the widely used price). Unfortunately, that isn’t the pricing on the bottom that we saw. Still, it’s pretty good.

However, there are several limitations to this lowest-cost plan. You only get a single network website, 100 GB SSD storage, and missing functions such as automatic backups and server rewinding. The next tier plan already gives you unlimited internet sites and SSD storage, free automatic backups, and 2x different sources from $4.99/month.

It makes you shocked when virtually the cheapest plan is only there to promote a low price when the exact useful features of building a website start with a slightly more expensive plan.

A similar problem affects the Net Site Builder plan. The lowest cost alternative, priced at $2.99 per month, gives you a single page – not nearly enough to build an accurate website.

Do We Recommend A2 Hosting?

Yes, we do.

A2 Hosting has been delivering the best pricing in its class for years. Not only that, server availability is now exceptionally reliable, and joint plans include SSL certificates at no cost!

And if at any point you encounter factors while you are a customer, you can request a refund for the fractional stability of unused time.

The only major attraction is again the sluggish customer service. However, it shouldn’t be an infinite disadvantage if you are sufficiently concerned with a particular person.

Furthermore, we don’t like that the renewal cost is extreme, and the strict rates after the tentative interval are not generous. If you pay for the most expensive shared plan for hosting unlimited websites “Turbo Ma”), they still only offer you one free site migration.

A2 Hosting Customer Support

A2 Hosting offers round-the-clock support through chat, email, ticketing, and telephone. They even have an infinite database if you are looking for a solution yourself or exploring new factors. Sounds good?

customar support
Customer Support

The alternative to keep chat support is only available to registered buyers in the market. Mainly in case you’re still trying to be spherical and don’t have an A2 Hosting account. So you only have the email, phone, or ticket options in the market.

We have logged into our shopper area and tried to stay in the chat. However, the first news we observed was that our estimated prep time is 26 minutes! That is a very long time considering it typically takes less than 5 minutes to connect to a Keep Chat customer representative. However, we decided to give them a chance and stayed in touch.

We waited about 10 minutes when the customer representative contacted us and another 10 minutes to finally hyperlink our simple technical question.

In total, it took us about 20 minutes to find a solution to a simple technical question.

A2 Hosting Money-Back Guarantee

Most of the hosts we have reviewed offer some money-back guarantee. A2 Hosting offers one at all times and will even refund you if they know the host will work for your needs!

That means you can get a full refund for the first 30 days. If, however, you find that our service is unacceptable and want to cancel it at any time during your contract–you will be able to do so without penalty!

The first is that PayPal will issue any refund request earlier than the preliminary 120 days. Another reason is that”additional” services such as space registrations, setup, or migration costs are nonrefundable. So you have to worry about one nonrefundable thing: a domain name for your website with many other features like email and blog hosting domains in addition to just registering accompany’s URL on an open marketplace of available namespaces (DNS).

A2 Hosting Alternatives

A2 Hosting is an excellent choice for many people. It’s not only simple to set up and use, but it also has fantastic customer service in case you ever need help with anything. But if you’re looking for more robust features or something professional-level like 24/7 support, there are other options out there as well! Like SiteGround – they have advanced security measures that protect your data from hackers; their servers go through daily backups, so even if an accident occurs, the website will still be operational (A2ddoesdon’t offer this), and they offer enterprise-level licensing agreements which can tailor packages specifically to meet your needs.”

A2 Hosting is an excellent choice for many businesses. For others, however, the limits this host may pose will be too much to handle, and they’ll need a more robust option that can provide them with all of their web needs – at least in terms of speed and reliability. So let me mention some other companies who are worth considering:

A2 Hosting offers serious support. Various other providers with fantastic customer service are SiteGround, InMotion Hosting, and DreamHost. SiteGround, Kinsta, WP Engine, and A2 Hosting have some of the most advanced WordPress features. However, you can safely test A2 Hosting for 30 days and decide whether it is an excellent alternative for your project. Thank you for reading this A2 review. I wish it helped you get a much better suggestion of what to bring with A2 Hosting. Still, please leave a message if you have any concerns, and I’ll try to help.


A2 Hosting offers a lot of variety in the types of plans and the various supplements available. Methods used for multiple functions can manage your site or let A2H experts do it for you. It’s already expanded for WordPress users when you open your account.

While you might pay a little more for the hosting and the added benefits and features, you get excellent quality premium hosting with 99.9% uptime and real 24/7/365 support from phone operators if you run into problems of any kind.

9 Total Score
A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is the leading provider of high-speed web hosting in all categories, from shared to dedicated servers. They are well known for their outstanding customer service and dependability while still maintaining competitive pricing on every plan they offer. A2 Hosting offers various services, including shared VPS (virtual private server), or even reseller plans that will fit your individual needs perfectly!

  • 24/7/365 high quality, English-speaking, expert support staff readily available via phone, email, and live chat
  • Choose a server area from Europe, the USA, or Asia
  • Free SSDs included
  • Ideal for users of WordPress
  • High-speed load performance
  • Reseller organizing options for holding startups and experienced website developers
  • Installation of programs can be done automatically, swiftly, and firmly
  • 10 GB Quadruple redundancy network provides good comfort
  • A2H is 100% carbon neutral
  • Reasonably expensive
  • Mod_perl, Plexum, HTMLDoc, PDFLib, MS SQL or ColdFusion not sustained
  • Restricted hosting plans for Windows hosting
  • No Windows server alternatives
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