Designrr Review(2023): Is It Better Than Canva?

Designrr is a graphic design platform competing with the giant, Canva. Is Designrr better than Canva? In this Designrr Review, we will determine if Designrr has what it takes to surpass its competitor and be a leader in the industry.

Not that long back, it was expensive too. All is well with your publishing content in Word or Google Docs. However, how do you make it something that individuals can download, install, and share?

The designer review provides an easy way for anyone to create an ebook. Here is a full review of the Designrr evaluation from an online marketer’s perspective. Learn how to use Designrr to import content from posts and create compelling lead magnets instantly.

If I invest in articles through certain associated links in this blog post, we may receive compensation. That in no way increases the price for you. In addition to running my company, I also am an online marketer and blog writer doing thorough research on brand new software applications. By only covering the software application we are using, we can suggest elements based on experience. Sharing my search also helps others.

What is Designrr?

Designers often make review processes less tedious for clients by providing feedback concisely and constructively.

Feedback from designers helps their customers feel satisfied with the service they receive. In addition, it provides them valuable insights into improving specific aspects of their work rather than just telling them what needs work without any suggestions or examples.

Designrr review
Designrr Review

Create ebooks, reports, whitepapers, and lead magnets to reach more people, grow your audience, and increase sales. With Designer, you can change your content, including articles, Word, Google Docs, podcasts, audio files, videos, and PDFs, right into eBooks and flipbooks.

Designrr Pricing and Plans

Designrr pricing is an effective tool utilized by over 10,000 marketers, training course designers, and blog writers. Created by Paul Clifford, a software program builder who has been building applications for more than twenty years, this tool is the perfect enhancement to any online business’s content marketing kit.

Designrr Pricing allows companies of all sizes to decide on the right price point for their products based on industry standards and determine how much customers are willing to pay at different prices!

pricing and plan
Pricing and Plan

Lifetime Deal

Designrr Pricing is an effective tool used by 10,000+ marketers, training designers, and blog writers. Developed by Paul Clifford, a software programmer and marketer who has created software applications for over two decades, this tool is an excellent addition to any online company’s content marketing toolkit.

Designrr price Standard Plan

Designrr pricing starts at $29 per month for 100 templates and unlimited tasks.

Pro Plan

Designrr’s pricing and plan will get you back $39 a month, but call 200 cover layouts and 200 additional templates. You can import from Google Docs and export to Kindle, iBooks, ePub arrangements, and PDF files. Exporting to flipbook format is a feature included in the plan. This plan also consists of the creation of 3D cover sheets. This plan is excellent for anyone considering content reuse.

Premium Plan

Get $49 back per month with Premium (comparable to Beacon). However, it gives you a lot of features.

The features of this plan consist of:

  1. HTML export for embedding in any website (Granted, you can do this yourself with a bit of coding)
  2.  And four hours of transcription for video clips or sound per month. Ideal for video clip marketers and podcasters who need a transcription service to receive audio directly in program notes or post format

Business Plan

Designrr is $99 a month and consists of 8 hours of transcription plus various other features.

If you’re a Facebook Live broadcaster, YouTube designer, or podcaster, the sound-to-text capabilities of the Premium and Business plans can save you money. Unfortunately, transcription is an expensive process. Tools like Rev and Temi will undoubtedly get the job done for a fee. However, you will have to wait as it is a convenient procedure.

Once the video clip or sound has been imported and recorded, you can note and change the text, insert images and, if you wish, transfer it to an eBook project for the final export.

Overview of Designrr Features

With Designrr, you don’t have to search for content designers to repurpose your content. Instead, you can create beautifully designed electronic books in minutes to publish instantly, regardless of your technical ability.

  • Fast designrr features from the eBook maker
  • Free template designrr features optimized for conversion
  • Flexible designrr functions
  • Cloud-based (no software application installation required)
  • Save your very own components for reuse.
  • Video Transcription Service (Premium & Business Plans) Designrr Features
  • Import from existing content, post, Facebook, Word Doc, Dropbox, Vimeo, and YouTube

Designrr review is a low price and top features review. It is a software application that allows us to create ebooks on the fly. Designrr’s designers do not aim to control the globe or provide a solution that addresses all publication creation issues.

The software application is a great way to create your products and services on the fly. Of course, there are limitations, but if you’re looking for an easy-to-use app that can help brands with their branding needs or give online training courses motion pictures created from video clips of podcasts, then Designrr has what it takes! One-time payment makes this small investment worth every penny in my eyes – so don’t hesitate any longer when considering how many benefits there may be available through its power.

Ebook Creation Features

Designrr review

To create an eBook from an article:

  • Copy any LINKS you want to work with
  • Click Create New Project
  • When prompted to choose a source for the ebook, select Import from URL.
  • Enter the LINK and click Import
  • Choose a project template.
  • Give the project a title and add a footer LINK (your default domain name or slogan).
  • Edit the project according to your design.
  • Export to PDF Despite being a design app, the user interface looks a bit dated. But that is subjective. You can enjoy it. I’ve got used to modern-looking user interfaces and management panels. The user interface is standard once you receive it, is very easy to browse, and has many features.

Layout Tab

Designrr’s best features are the Layout tab. You give options for selecting projects, drafts, help, and profiles (and an upgrade selection for groceries if you have a basic plan).

Every text, every heading, or every block of images has its editing settings. That is effective and offers versatility to preserve the look and feel of your publication perfectly.

Click a paragraph block, and the edit container will appear environmentally friendly.

There is a symbol for each editing option.

That makes the user interface cool; However, this can lead to the strange error of getting rid of all formats.

The editing options for paragraphs are as adheres to
  • Repaginate: Removing components and changing the font size often leaves gaps on the page. The Repaginate option is a handy way to remove white areas without affecting your format. Just click the switch to reformat the document automatically.
  • Edit – gives you detailed editing options for fonts, inserting links (for the entire block) including symbols, and combining blocks. Note that editing content here certainly does not affect the various other components of the manual. If you want global changes, use the inspector panel on the left.
  • Lock – to move containers up / down. The recommended remedy is to use the up / down tricks. However, once it is open, you can drag and drop the container to add it.
  • Clear Format: Removes the format (bold, underline, italic) from a paragraph.
  • Format – to change between paragraph and HTML heading sizes.
  • Delete – will be deleted without timely deletion. The undo button will undoubtedly be available (that’s the arrowhead circled counterclockwise at the end of the sidebar).
  • Save Item: This option allows you to save a part for reuse. That is a fantastic feature for people who make a lot of popular products.
  • Move-Item Up: Moves an item toward the top of the page in blocks.
  • Move element down – the reverse of the previous selection is surprisingly sufficient.

There is an additional option available for images: linking the image and the selection to ensure it.

Inspector Tab

If you are importing a document, this is the tab where you will invest a lot of time.

There are far too many ways to explain this. However, here are a few examples.

  • Apply gradient shading and pictures to blocks (paragraphs or pages).
  • Add extra blocks within blocks to hide text or images.
  • Add margins above and below text areas.
  • Create dark effects on blocks of text to make them stand out
  • Choose from the built-in fonts or practically 1000 Google fonts.
  • Add trendy borders to areas of your content.
  • Edit pictures in Designrr.

Elements Tab

The Components tab has some advantages if you’re building an eBook from scratch or want to edit a project in-depth.

  • Add purchased checklists, interpretation checklists (thesaurus design), tables, tags, and quotes by dragging them. With a bit of testing, it is possible to create highly professional-looking layouts.
  • Embed YouTube video clips and image grids.
  • Drag a table of contents element to have Designrr immediately populate the list with the headings of your papers.

Other importing Options

  • Import from Word
  • Import manually
  • You can also create a free project and start with a blank board.
  • Are you importing from Facebook? You can import from your account or any brand name account that you have acquired civil liberties in management (with the Pro variant and above, you can import from any Facebook page). Please select the time series of the articles to be imported and filtered and click on Import. It’s a straightforward process, but it has limited uses. Want to review an eBook with titles and pictures from Facebook blog posts? This feature is much better used to import selected Facebook articles into another ebook. This function belongs to the software application.

To Keep in Mind

Some characteristics require a little prior understanding.

If you want to change the appearance of a section, make sure that the “Selected items only” option is selected when you select “Apply for.” Otherwise, ALL comparable components in your project will transform.

Also, the All Similar Items selector was set when the font design chang for an entire ebook. That is a practical feature but a dangerous one when mistreated.

Manipulating the fonts can be a little tricky. The software application moves the arrow emphasis away from the element you usually edit. An instance is when you delete a font’s dimension variable to get a brand new one.

After you click Delete, the paragraph changes the font size. However, the emphasis shifts to the section and not the element editor. That reduces the workflow. There are several other insects with the font size that cannot discuss here. But allow the house the development team to iron them out quickly.

The documentation needs to be updated. So don’t count on the help files 100%.

Designrr’s ebooks have spacing and formats fixed (you can work around this). However, adding empty spaces can damage the design. The recommended remedy is to include additional padding and borders.

When dragging an item from the Items tab, it’s a bit distracting to have changes show up in different places. Also, it would be helpful to choose when inspector or tools tabs are visible instead of constantly switching back and forth depending on where something drag.


Once you’ve finished reviewing your content, choose from multiple templates from Designrr to suit your style, brand name, or taste. You can upload your images or take them from Designrr’s copyrighted photos. Once you’ve chosen your template, you can change the cover, headings, font styles, and footers. Finally, don’t forget to include this “call to action” at the end of your content.

Designer Bonus

Yes, despite the fantastic software program you currently have in Designrr, they also offer you some exciting rewards:

Reward 1: Enjoy a FREE business permit to create ebooks and sell to your customers. This $497 free business permit gives you unlimited access to all layouts. You can reuse and resell them without paying aristocracies or fees. You can also sell your work on numerous markets such as Fiverr, Upwork, or

Bonus Offer 2: Receive a FREE electronic duplicate of the “Content Marketing for Dummies” book by Paul Clifford. This book will teach you how to market your business and digital books online. The book also describes the PICASSO 5-step structure, in which you learn exactly how you can carry out content marketing without fear. This book is worth more than $20 on Amazon.

Bonus Offer 3: Join Designrr’s Facebook family of 9,000+ participants, vital to FREE neighborhood support and training. Enjoy personalized training, weekly live streams in various application overviews, software program functions, and training topics.

What is a Lead Magnet anyhow?

A lead magnet is a product or service you offer a website visitor in exchange for their email address. Visitors who sign up for your email list consider leads because they have shown a passion for what you have to offer. These leads have the prospect of becoming customers.

Designrr Customer Support

Customer support is an essential aspect of the company. It ensures that customers will get their needs met and feel a sense of satisfaction after speaking with the representative on duty.

Designer customer service is not only about having excellent customer care, but it can affect your bottom line too! For example, a satisfied client may buy more from you or recommend you to others, leading to increased sales, higher revenue, and increased market share – all because they had a good experience when contacting your company for assistance!

Designrr Money-Back Guarantee

The design company, “Designrr,” offers an innovative and modern twist on any project you may have in mind with the assurance of its easy refund policy. With one of their products boasting over 15 million sold worldwide, there’s no doubt that this new product could be your next great idea!

We know that you’re investing in your future, and we want to make sure it’s the best investment. Therefore, Designrr offers a 30-day Money Back Guarantee on all of our products, so if you don’t like what you bought for any reason, return it within thirty days!

Designrr Alternatives

Designer alternatives to using a toilet seat for things other than what they were designed are scarce. I don’t know if it is because the act of trying to find something else as an alternative draws attention or that there isn’t anything out there! If you’re looking for ideas on how not to use your toilet lid, though, here’s some inspiration:

Beacon – Expensive at $49 a month if you export to PDF and remove the sign logo design. The publications are stunning and easy to use nonetheless.

Stencil – The Adobe Creative Cloud is a great way to design graphics, ads, and logo designs. It’s also perfect for making ebooks on social media websites like Facebook Ads Manager or Instagram Stories.
It offers tools that are useful in many aspects of graphic designing, including web development with HTML5 coding skills and motion graphics that can make your videos stand out from others on YouTube!

Wondershare PDFelement – With this professional-looking PDF developer collection, you can create beautiful ebooks that include switches and forms. It also has trademarks for companies looking to protect their branding online or personal documents like a resume!

Adobe Illustrator – I’m a fan of Adobe Elements. However, if you’re running a small business or website, the AI ​​is too high for 90% of your needs. For the various other 10% or if you’re generating a New York Times bestseller, working with a professional designer is great for ebooks and lead magnets.

Canva – Despite the insane reviews of Canva from marketers, small business owners, and developers worldwide, I never liked the platform. Even so, it’s trending and an excellent ebook choice for basic image editing, not by much.

iBooks Author – Apple Items Only (you can’t read guides on non-Apple gadgets) is professional and 100% free.


The designrr review is a top functional rating. It’s beneficial for people making books and making them look better than they do without any of those super fancy frills that most businesses can’t afford anyway. We know what matters more in these challenging times – efficiency.

You can check the Pro license if you are a writer looking for a tool to format your ebooks. However, cost or business licenses are only valuable to people who have a YouTube channel or podcast and use the excellent transcription service. So get creative with Designrr Digital Book Creator plans that suit your needs.

7.5 Total Score
Designrr Review

Designerr is an all-inclusive, one-stop shop for publishers worldwide to transform their digital documents into eBooks or Flipbooks with ease. Designerr allows journalists, bloggers, authors, and photographers alike to easily upload documents from Word docs through Google Docs (with more formats coming soon) as well as audio files such as Podcasts or Audio Documents; create customized templates; customize fonts and colors, then preview your work before publishing it on any format imaginable: blog posts through WordPress blogs right up to PDF flipbooks!

  • Create good looking ebooks/reports and other lead magnets
  • Plenty of onboarding video clips and notifications
  • Tons of import options including numerous file formats
  • Adaptable design editor + free activity of aspects
  • Over 200 layouts and templates
  • Multiple publishing options
  • 3D cover image creator
  • Software-powered transcription service
  • Reputable live-chat support (also on weekends).
  • Some eccentric insects.
  • No multi-select in the design editor.
  • Transcriptions might still require human editing.
  • Only available as a monthly membership.
  • No mention of refunds on their pricing page or T&C's.
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