ZeroBounce Review(2023): Accurate, Affordable, and Easy to Use Solutions

ZeroBounce is the ultimate companion for email campaigns. As the name suggests, the software helps you manage your drop price by letting you know in advance which emails are bouncing. That is simply a function of the easy-to-use and highly convenient email validation service.

With more than 4 billion validated emails. It serves more than 85,000 companies in more than 190 countries, adding up to 150 new customers every day. Companies using ZeroBounce validated email lists report over 98% accuracy and maintain a good reputation for sending.

What is ZeroBounce?

It is a cloud-based email marketing solution that enables small and large businesses to identify spam domains and email lists. In addition, customers can use it to eliminate invalid email addresses and use AI (Expert System) innovations to create validation reviews, increasing the positioning rate across the inbox.

ZeroBounce Review
ZeroBounce Review

Liviu Tanase, Chief Executive Officer of ZeroBounce, walked me around the company and was enough to answer my meeting requests.

With ZeroBounce, companies can access the geolocation data of the senders and view important details such as full name, gender, or IP address. Users can upload files to the platform and receive multiple summary reports with top domains, data attachments, and validation results. In addition, managers can use the email verifier to identify bot-generated, spam, or abusive emails to increase campaign efficiency.

ZeroBounce Pricing and Plan  

This tool test has several different plans to choose from, each with its own set of benefits and features. There are also free prizes and programs, including 100% monthly email validation and credit report generation and access to the deliverability toolkit.

pricing and plan
Pricing and Plan

For the paid email validation service, you can choose to pay monthly or on the go. The pay-as-you-go alternative is straightforward for those who intend to spend on usage and do not intend to secure the right to an agreement.

The monthly payment alternative offers slightly less pricing and starts at just $15.00 per month for 2,000 credit reports.

It’s an email review, rating, and deliverability platform that businesses can use to improve their inbox placement. The service detects email typos, missing and abusive email accounts, spam traps, and other risky email addresses.

ZeroBounce also provided an email rating system, mail server tester, and inbox placement tester to improve email deliverability further.

The company operates a military-grade security infrastructure that ensures the protection of customer data at the highest level.

Overview of ZeroBounce Features

ZeroBounce is an email review, rating, and deliverability platform that businesses can use to improve their inbox placement. The service detects email typos, missing and abusive email accounts, spam traps, and other risky email addresses.

ZeroBounce also offers an email rating service and a collection of deliverability tools to help improve email inbox placement. In addition, the company operates a military security framework that ensures the protection of customer data at the highest level.

Liviu Tanase, together with his companions, was determined to build ZeroBounce when he saw a gap in the market. As a technology company owner, a comprehensive email validation platform like ZeroBounce would undoubtedly have been vital. But no one delivered everything he needed. Finally, two years later, ZeroBounce came true.

Continuous Innovation From ZeroBounce

In 2018, ZeroBounce was added to the list of services and features as Liviu, and his companions grew their business. Liviu spoke in-depth about ZeroBounce’s services and how they provide to customers:

“In 2018, we added an A. I said the email rating system to our service suite. Once they have their email lists validated, our clients can rate them to identify the most active contacts and likely to get in touch. It’s also a great way to validate catch-all emails that good email verifiers can see but cannot determine their validity.

This year we introduced three more tools to serve our customers better and help them get their emails in the inbox.

Email Server Tester Tool
  • You can use the mail server tester to determine whether your mail server configure correctly. We run more than 100 tests to identify potential problems and allow you to fix them before sending your campaigns out.
  • The inbox placement tester gives you a clear overview of your deliverability: is your email sent to the inbox or spam or not even being delivered? ZeroBounce gives you 20 test email addresses linked to some of the most popular providers in the world. Before submitting it to your list, please email your email to these addresses to see where it lands. If it’s not in your inbox, you can adjust your content and settings until you achieve that goal.
  • The blacklist monitoring service will notify you of the addition to blacklists. Monitoring the IP address and the domain you are sending from is critical to your deliverability—zero bounce checks more than 200 blacklists. If you are tagged, you can act on it before the situation gets worse.
  • Nobody has the time – or even the ability – to review and rate each email address individually, test its deliverability, or determine if it’s blacklisted. ZeroBounce does this in minutes, so you have less to worry. In addition, our system can be used by everyone, regardless of their technological competence. “

ZeroBounce’s Greatest Strengths

The ZeroBounce rating is a low price and top feature rating. I appreciated the rapid development in the three years as it begins. Liviu described to me the tenacity of the company that he ponders for the company’s success:

“Our 98% guaranteed accuracy was a clear differentiator and one of the reasons our company overgrew. People tried the service, saw it gave results, and the news spread.

Another strength is the protection of customer data.

ZeroBounce uses military-grade encryption algorithms to keep files and personal information safe. We are also GDPR and SOC2 compliant and work with reputable cybersecurity companies that rate our systems every month. Our customers validate their email lists knowing that their data is safe with us.

Finally, our excellent team: the ones who ran ZeroBounce, “the best email validation service,” as our customer Gene Massey claimed.

I am thrilled with our team. Thanks to hearing demanding jobs and absolute commitment, ZeroBounce has been a leader in email validation in just three years.

In 2019 we created the 5000 lists for the first time. 851. In 2020 we increased to No. 40 on Inc. List of Fastest Growing Companies in America “.

ZeroBounce’s track document is excellent, and its accomplishments speak for both the software program and the team behind it.

Further Expansion For ZeroBounce

Liviu has extensive plans for ZeroBounce that consist of more growth. He informed me:

“We launched three tools this year. It was fascinating to see our customers adopt them so quickly. You can assume that our platform will continue to grow – we are constantly working on developing new products.

With every tool we offer, our customers can communicate more efficiently via email and improve the results of their email campaigns. Seeing you successful is our most excellent satisfaction. “

ZeroBounce Customer Support

ZeroBounce is your go-to resource for customer service. The live chat box pops up right away on the site, so you can see that they’re available to help if need be! They offer phone and email support as well, with social media websites like Facebook and Twitter thrown into the mix if you’re looking for a more convenient contact solution.

Providing our customers with the attention and care they deserve is our priority from day one. That’s why we provided 24/7 customer service right from the start. It was also a differentiator in the market. When we started, I don’t remember any other similar platform that offers 24/7 customer support.

Currently, ZeroBounce has a team of 12 email experts who are available 24/7 to answer any questions and guide you through using the platform. So wherever you are in the world, someone will respond immediately – often within seconds.

In addition, customers rave about our support team. If you look at our reviews, you will find that many of them mention and thank our support specialists. You can’t get people to say such positive things unless they have a positive experience.

ZeroBounce Money-Back Guarantee

ZeroBounce wants you to feel confident in your future purchases by giving the option of a refund with no expiration date up until 30 days after purchase.

Zero Bounce offers all its customers an opportunity for refunds without any time constraint so that they have peace of mind when making their next online purchase!

ZeroBounce Alternatives

ZeroBounce Reviews could be a game-changer for your marketing strategy. The email review software supports industry study availability, information cleansing/enrichment, and data segmentation/filtering to provide the most detailed insight possible into customer feedback.

It isn’t easy to find out if the software application you have chosen is correct for you. We have compiled a list of email review software voted the best general by customers instead of ZeroBounce.

Based on the low price information from the reviewers, you can see precisely how the ZeroBounce prices add up for the competition, review testimonials from past and current customers, and find the most suitable for your business. NeverBounce, TheChecker, BriteVerify, and are the most popular alternatives and also competitors to ZeroBounce.


The ZeroBounce is a one-stop-shop for all your email marketing needs. They have the most dedicated customer service team you’ll find around, and they’re always happy to help with any questions or concerns that might come up!

The zero bounce gives me peace of mind because it’s easy to set up an account and get started right away, but I really love how knowledgeable their customer support staff are when it comes time for some troubleshooting advice.

The company is set to make a huge impact in the service industry with its new tools. The time will come when they can offer such quality of work that companies would be foolish not to take them up on it and pay for these services.

8 Total Score
ZeroBounce Review

ZeroBounce is a system that helps businesses increase their email deliverability. Barrier addresses are eliminated, bounces are taken care of, and high-volume email does not bounce anymore. You can also get Deliverability Tools to check your inbox placement in major providers and test the server to see if it will work with ZeroBounce's services or not without having to make any costly changes!

  • Improve email
  • Deliverability
  • Clean database
  • Not 100% accurate
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