Mention Review(2023): What is Mention’s Best Feature?

Mention review: Listening to the media is not originality. It was about various uses before brand names need on social media websites. You are tracking what status your electrical media business was currently in big business.

The addition of social media websites to the mix has significantly expanded the market for surveillance options. In reality, research firm Zion expects the media surveillance round to grow to USD 7,236 million by 2027, an increase of 13.9 percent from 2018.

But what does this thriving market offer?

In this review, we’ll unload Mention’s review solution Founded in 2012. However, they’re certainly among the even more period options available. 

They accommodate both enterprise and firm clients, expanding their target customers past business. While Mentions provides genuine-time monitoring, they go a little bit additional to consist of various other excellent extra services.

These consist of:

Competitive analysis – choose competitors you wish to track and contrast essential metrics.

Social media management – attach your social accounts and use Mention to manage all of them.

Custom understandings – use filters and different display screens to attract insights into what’s taking place about your brand name.

Automated reports – obtain updates on just how your brand name is executing. All notifications are sent to you through email and come from Mention’s trim and easy-to-use control panel.

While it’s not a feature or an additional service, having access to a mention tool is excellent for mitigating damage. Effective monitoring performance makes it easy to keep track of the terms you choose. Today as social media sites and the capacity for boycotts and false information balloon. Undoubtedly worth mentioning is the purchase to help brand names manage their credibility.

You have also created what we believe to be strong results. They have more than 750,000 customers and have delivered more than 12 billion points to their customer base. Customers include Stripe, Opéra de Bordeaux, Microsoft, and the online PR platform My News Desk.

What is Mention?

Mention is a program that uses digital tools to monitor your audience and analyze marketing strategies. The company’s services are available across many social media platforms, which helps you be more aware of what people think about the product or service. Mention can also track keywords on blogs as well as discussions in forums, making it easier for companies looking to grow their customer base through word-of-mouth publicity.”

Mention Review
Home page

Specialists can sneak into review sites, forums, blog sites, and various other sources to determine brand/product conditions.

Using the reference, companies can determine the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and generate analytical reports using critical efficiency indicators (KPIs). Influencers can receive curated content according to customer behavior patterns and post arranged messages on all social network channels. In addition, individuals can determine the audience’s mood as favorable, neutral, or unfavorable and export reports/mentions in PDF, PPT, CSV, or XLS format.

Mention Pricing and Plan

There are several different pricing plans to choose from. You can select the one that best suits your needs and budget, depending on how many items you plan to store in our facility or what type of storage unit size will suit your lifestyle.

Mention pricing
Pricing and Plan

Mention has four pricing plans: 

Free – Mention pricing Basic account plan features consist of 1 standard sharp, 250 points out, one social history, and one individual. Advanced performance features consist of involving, publish, and Slack integration.

Solo, $25/mo – Basic account features consist of 2 standards, 3,000 points out, two social accounts, and one individual.

Advanced account features consist of publishing, Slack integration, press alerts, searching in your points out, and tags.

Starter, $83 – Mention pricing Basic account features consist of 5 standards, 5,000 points out, five social accounts, and three customers. 

Advanced account features involve publishing, Slack integration, press alerts, search in your points out, tags, belief analysis, influencer control panel, monitoring analytics, and social analytics.

Enterprise, $600+/ mo – Mention pricing Basic account features consist of customer progressed informs, boolean informs, personalized points out, 10+ social versions, and unlimited customers.

Mention pricing Advanced account features consist of involving, publish, Slack integration, press alerts. Search in your points out, tags, belief analysis, influencer control panel, monitoring analytics, social analytics, personalized reports, account management, data exports, API gain access, historical data, and Facebook creeping.

Overview of Mention Features

Mention’s collection of standard features suffice to obtain your feet damp with their platform and discover something brand-new concerning your brand name. Here’s a take a look at what to anticipate.

Getting Set Up

It’s pretty good to have an email from the CEO at Mention with tutorial videos detailing exactly how to perform the essential setup tasks. However, after following the instructions, we have to say that setting up the Mention account was relatively trivial. I have loaded my profile information.

I included my testbed Alpine Tools’ Facebook page and Twitter account information utilizing the Add New Social Accounts menu. We likewise added several employees to verify team tasking abilities. Mention also sustains monitoring for Buffer and Instagram.

Next, I sent messages from various other Facebook accounts about Alpine Tools and Alpine Tools. From the testbed account to different stores, I’ve created several logical data that Mention can find in preliminary crawling and spread right into my information.

The mentions are displayed by the keywords and phrases I chose for each alert. The comment offers you up to 5 “and / or” word mixes. I can choose between the four languages ​​supported by the dashboard to create the harsh language and use keywords in multiple languages ​​to monitor it.

Since I was testing Mention’s competitive analysis function and instructions on how to set up this function was not apparent, I contacted support via live chat. Nobody responded so I sent a message saying that feedback could take 24 hours after sending an email. I wanted faster help.

Easy of Use

Like Hootsuite Pro, Sprout Social, Brandwatch Analytics Pro (Visit Store at Brandwatch), and Klear Advanced, Mention gathers social media site tools that consist of analysis, attention, persuasion, etc., and parts to identify influencers.

Mention Pricing offers the SME individual all analysis data for each warning in easy-to-read diagram form on a single, scrollable page. The page covers geographic location, persuasion, listening, and influencer identification, not just the number of mentions.

I had the alternative of specifying exactly how often Mention was sure to send me notifications during the quick setup. In addition, the stats page is updated in real-time, so every time I checked out the stats page of this warning, I got the latest results.

The Alpine Tools’ testbed accounts do not include massive data points because I’m testing Mention’s review features’ performance, not those accounts’ appeal. Reference located all test Facebook articles and Twitter tasks.

Also, when I selected a specific alert on the left side of the interface, I clicked the stats icon. I found that I could access data for each character at the top of the stats page and choose notifications, curate duration, and select various other filters.

A competitive analysis was easy to determine when I got the answer to my question. I’ve developed a notification for every major competitor who cares about Twitter, Facebook Page, Brand Name, and Website. I gave the clocks time to measure themselves a little and then compared them to the statistics page.

Reports can be exported as PDF, CSV, TSV, and Microsoft Excel files when purchasing the business plan. I would certainly wish that data could export for the growth plan as several SMBs need something to distribute and review at corporate meetings.


Creating will inform various shift elements from your selection of terms to track which systems, languages, and countries you want to collect data in. We assume that Mention has done extensive work to cover all the basics.

We’re all about the tiny information. So when analyzing how Mention handles the creation of information, we attached great importance to take into account the real-time search and recognition of company names and terms.

While Boolean drivers are available, Mention’s also provided customers with the ability to list required and omitted keywords when creating information.

Booleans Alerts

Boolean lets you know that you are available to create a much more personalized search experience. You can use drivers such as “AND,” “NOT,” and “OR” to narrow the search. While this summary seems pretty complete, don’t ignore what you can do with Boolean values.

There is a lot more you can do, according to the Mention Test. For example, you can use 113x as many search terms per alert, limit your information to detailed countries, move reports to specific websites, and compensate for punctuation errors by placing results with different punctuation.

Mentions interface

Mentions review the essential features that are present in a neat user interface. The Feed tab is where you can check any items for terms that you are following. Remember how intuitive Mention’s review user interface is.

It has an email inbox look and feels. Users have Inbox, Unread, Priority, Favorites, and Social Messages folders. Mentions of your keywords are also highlighted in yellow, making them very easy to place.

Social Account

While the variety of social accounts you can link varies by pricing plan, the ability to attach and manage social discussions is a valuable improvement. In addition, you save time by not having to switch between Mention and various other social management solutions.

You can attach multiple social accounts for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin. The Mention also made it possible to switch between various global Facebook pages or manage various other social media site accounts with a few simple clicks – an excellent solution for hectic agencies and large multinational corporations.


Based on plan constraints, you can appoint customers with complete accessibility to Mention’s performance. 

Advanced Features

While several of the essential features are provided and available as standard features, Mention’s progressed feature collection is undoubtedly worth spending for if you can manage them.


Engage is the app’s interaction tool. It enables you to respond to messages and messages where your brand name or term include. As you would undoubtedly picture, this is an effective social marketing enabler or credibility management protection.


The ability to publish content in Mention ensures smooth management of websites in social media. Users are given a neat schedule showing the built-in social media site accounts and content posting.

Slack Integration

It isn’t easy to picture a globe without slack, And when it concerns Mention, the integration of these two apps is practical like it obtains. 

When linked, you can: 

  • Receive genuine-time alerts in any Slack channel
  • Customize alerts to obtain points out from significant websites and customers
  • Receive a day-to-day absorb email with a recap of what you’re monitoring

Pulse Notifications

Tracking brand names and keyword points are what matters in monitoring. However, what makes Pulse stand out is its ability to alert you of any sudden increases or decreases in the use of terms that are tracking you.

This feature is excellent for mitigating damage and allows teams to tell stories without an opportunity quickly arising.

Search in your points out

It’s lovely to track terms, yet what concerning excavating a little much deeper to see just how and where your words utilize in sharp outcomes?

The capability to search in your points out makes it feasible to obtain a little greater than simply what states to you. As a result, you gain context that can be valuable when selecting feedback.


Another creative and hassle-free feature Mention introduced tags. They help you categorize content and make it a lot easier to manage – useful if you get lots once a week.

Tagging can also be automated and is based on keywords that you are tracking. While you can set tags by hand, you’ll find auto-tagging as a critical shortcut. While automated tagging is a boon, you need to create tags first to get started.

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis is an excellent enhancement to mention Found under the Insight Center tab. You can create reports that show the quantities of favorable, unfavorable, and neutral beliefs around terms you’re tracking.

Influencer Dashboard

It’s essential to keep track of how influencers are impacting your brand names. It can allow you to accompany you with the best conditions and position your brand name for even more success.

The mention makes it very easy to keep track of what your brand name is discussing. While the reach of social systems is limited to Twitter, they cannot collect any user data. ta

The control panel consists of a list of influencers, fan matter, location, interest rate, and an impact score of 100.

Monitoring Analytics

Want to recognize just how your brand name is executing online, leaving out social media sites? Monitoring analytics supplies data from all the areas consisted of when creating your informs. Analytics feature belief analysis, competitor monitoring, recognition of relevant subjects your audience is speaking about, and much more.

Social Analytics

Social analytics help you track discussions taking place concerning your brand name on social media sites. As with web analytics, you can additionally track beliefs and competitors. Also consisted is reach, audience demographics, and much more.

Custom Reports

Providing a tool as effective as Mention would undoubtedly make little sense without similar solid reporting performance.

The Mention provides visualizations that reveal the number of mentions over time and determines and reviews your audience’s topics. You can use these details and even more fads to influence your audience’s ratings and demographics.

Account Management

While account management is just available to Enterprise customers, Mention’s gone the range by creating all the how-to content various other plan customers will undoubtedly locate handy. To gain access to their chest of handy content, you’ll require to create an account. 

Data Exports

There’s a likelihood that you’ll intend to explore data. Mention also use additionally. To help, they have developed the choice to export different data collections, from a list of Twitter influencers to points out determined. Exports can be in PDF, CSV, or TSV.

API Access

Need extra performance or intend to build a personalized tool that leverages the Mentions feature established? Integrating their API can help you create your very own monitoring tool, include extra features and performance to your items, or gain access to much more data to make reporting much more informative.

Historical Data

The review above price and various other monitoring tools make excellent real-time monitoring. At the same time, it looks like you are tracking everything you need in real-time. They have developed a means of finding historical data and existent.

The concept is that historical data is full of treasure. As a result, businesses can see opportunities around their brand names, items, and services. This research aims to create more performing pitches for customers and produce much more detailed competitive analysis reports.

Facebook creeping

Facebook is understood to be among the starting points miserable customers look at Mention review. Facebook’s creeping performance provides brand names a total sight of all issues out for terms they are tracking on Facebook.

Mention Customer Support

Once, customer service was perceived as the task of a separate department. However, today’s companies are reversing that trend and bringing their customer-service departments into play during other stages in the process: from lead generation to closing deals with sales reps.

Mention Customer Support, Traditionally customer service was seen as an after-sale task. Marketers bring in leads, and sales reps close deals while customer support representatives help customers.

Customer Support
Customer Support

Today’s customers expect brand names to offer help methods before deciding and long after making the purchase. As a result, customer support becomes part of the entire acquisition cycle. It’s customer service, but also a form of marketing and a portion of sales.

The best brand names understand this and use every interaction with a customer to offer value, thrill, and sacrifice.

This post will reveal how the biggest brand names exceed and beyond for their customers on social. And what their successes can instruct us concerning the value of terrific social network support.

Mention Money-Back Guarantee

Mention hasn’t any refund option. If you’re not satisfied with their services, they offer a free trial, so before buying anything from them, be sure to try the trial out for yourself first!

Mention Alternatives

Were they seeking competitors or choices to Mention reviews? Social Media Monitoring Software is an extensively used technology. Many people seek easy-to-use, uncomplicated software program options with a social dimension, sentiment tracking, and influencer recognition.

When investigating choices to Mention review include monitoring, various other crucial variables to think about them. Therefore, we have compiled a list of options that reviewers voted as the most effective total choices and competitors to Mention—consisting of Cision Communications Cloud, Meltwater, Brandwatch, and Socialbakers.


Mention is made of a low price, top features rating, and an effective tool. It creates targeted information to develop, which defines them as the best company in this market.

It was easier to keep track of, especially for significant brand names that don’t have time to learn unnecessary content. The reporting functions and control panels are intuitive and easy to use. Thus, creating a near-smooth look and feel that customers are sure to appreciate.

We also assume that incorporating social media site management was a wise move. In addition to their API and Slack integrations, this benefit allows companies to increase their engagement.

Overall, we recommend thinking about the price of mentioning if you stay in the market or a brand new media monitoring tool. The list of features has everything you need to have a visible effect online.

7.5 Total Score
Mention Review

Mention is a social listening and media surveillance option allowing agencies and brands to recognize audience understanding throughout social media and the web. By using Mention, you can conveniently check what is being claimed online regarding a brand name or a product, obtain extensive analytics on their market, as well as gauge the effectiveness of your marketing and Public Relations activities—beginning listening to your audience!

  • The Mention is effortless to set up.
  • Mention has a simple interface and also is very simple to navigate.
  • Clean, intuitive interface.
  • No credit card need for the 30-day trial of most plans.
  • The mention rate factor is not always inexpensive.
  • A good feature that Mention must add is the capability to email websites directly from the system.
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