Flywheel Hosting Review(2023): A Reliable Managed Hosting Provider

In this Flywheel Hosting Review, we’ll take a look at flywheel’s managed hosting services and compare them to other leading providers in the industry. It is a reliable provider with excellent customer support and one of the best uptime ratings on the market. In addition, we’ll talk about flywheel’s pricing, network & data center location, security features, scalability options, and more.

Flywheel Hosting was founded in 2012 and was acquired by another industry giant, WP Engine, in 2019. It has several features for freelance web development companies and agencies.

This Flywheel Hosting review examines what sets this service apart and whether it can be considered one of the best website builders for local businesses today.

What is Flywheel Hosting?

Flywheel Hosting differs from many other managed WordPress hosting companies by providing various features that make life simpler for web developers and designers. What’s extra, these features cover-up in a fashionable, easy-to-use user interface.

Flywheel Review
Flywheel Review
We’ll enter into them in even more deepness later on. However, for a fast introduction, below are a few of the features:
  • The capability to create password-protected trial sites for customers (for free).
  • A regional development tool for conveniently creating WordPress websites in your area (learn more).
  • Quick and straightforward WordPress website hosting and free movements.
  • The capability to create and conserve WordPress website setups for reuse.
  • We have automated Word Press website backups and updates.
  • A properly designed and instinctive account and website management control panel.
  • The capability to rebrand the Flywheel experience using the white tag paid add-on (discover even more).

It provides a secure, high-performance organization for WordPress organizations. It also makes it easy to create private test websites where your clients can preview the growth and design work you have offered them – a desirable attribute.

Additionally, some fascinating features automate and improve web hosting invoicing for your customers and help streamline website submission to them – something that web developers and designers should appreciate.

We’ll go deeper into one of the key features. However, if you are looking for a web host that understands your needs as a developer or a programmer, it is worth checking out this flywheel review.

Flywheel Hosting Pricing and Plan

You can get started with it for free as it has a two-week free trial. Some features, like WordPress plugins and performance insights, are not available throughout the problem. However, you can use a minimum of these to test the speed of the service and try out the unique tools like Regional, the WordPress development setting of the flywheel in the neighborhood.

pricing and plan
Pricing and Plan

Managed WordPress hosting can be spent monthly or annually, with two months free each year if you choose to pay annually.

The cheapest preparation for a location costs $13 per month and is limited to 5,000 monthly checkouts, 5 GB of hard drive space, and 20 GB of bandwidth. So for $25 per month, get $25,000 per month for 10 GB of hard drive space and 50 GB of bandwidth.

These single-site plans include all of the functionality of the more critical projects except telephone support, a dedicated account supervisor, and a movement dashboard that monitors the progress of your site movements.

A Freelance plan offers up to 10 sites for $96/month, and an Agency plan costs $242/month for as many as 30 sites. Some tools, like income understandings, expense extra.

Generally, It is a costly host, even when compared to various other managed WordPress hosting providers.

Flywheel WordPress Managed Hosting Pricing

That offers three specified plans, plus the choice of creating a customized plan.

Starter: $23 a month for one WordPress install, 25,000 monthly goss to, 5 GB disk area, and 50 GB bandwidth. All estimate is for customers paying each year. So for those that choose to pay monthly, the charges will undoubtedly be a little greater:

  • Freelance: $105 a month for 10 WordPress sets up, 100,000 monthly goss to, 20 GB disk area, and 200 GB bandwidth.
  • Agency: $266 a month for 30 WordPress sets up, 500,000 monthly goss to. 50 GB disk area, and 500 GB bandwidth.

As discussed previously, as a component of the relocation to using the Google Cloud Platform. All plans currently consist of hosting and CDN accessibility.

If you discuss the limits of your plan, you’ll bill overage charges as complies with:

  • Visits: $1 per thousand added monthly visitors (sites hosted in the Australian data center are billed $1.50 per thousand added monthly visitors).
  • Storage: $1 for each GB over your limitation.

You can discover even more concerning the excess costs on the appropriate page on the Flywheel website.

Overview of Flywheel Hosting Features

Before we reach the site speed and load handling test results, below are our ideas on the most valuable features from the flywheel.

Cloud Platform Flywheel

Flywheel currently uses the Google Cloud Platform as a component of its hosting atmosphere.

It has just recently updated its hosting framework and partnered with the Google Cloud Platform to end up being a real cloud hosting company. One of the significant benefits of Flywheel customers is that the sources currently available to their websites can scale practically instantaneously and without limitation, causing faster loading times and an extra secure hosting atmosphere.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting

With standard hosting, a website keeps on a physical server assigned taken care of sources, such as established quantities of memory, storage, and processing power. But with cloud hosting, multiple computer systems are attached to create a solitary cloud atmosphere.

Resources for Your Website

This cloud, which contains several physical computer systems, is then divided directly into virtual servers, and your website hosts one of these virtual servers. In contrast to a physical server with its established sources, the sources of the memory and processing power available to the virtual server attract every computer system in the cloud network. Furthermore, because it uses Google Cloud Platform, the sources available for your website are virtually unlimited among the significant providers.

Faster Loading Times

Your website can grow out of the physical server with standard hosting, creating efficiency issues such as B. slow loading times or absence times. Once this problem is detected, moving it to a more specified server can fix the problem. However, this procedure can cause downtime and other issues if your website and its files move.

Also, you may have to update and move again in the future if you want to add even more attractiveness and dimension to your website. However, with cloud hosting, the sources available for your website are scaled immediately at a push of a button, depending on how the platform is set up. Thanks to this, it can comfortably resolve traffic peaks or a steady development in visitors without reducing the page speed.

Flywheel Hosting Review: Less Downtime

Another benefit of cloud hosting is improved redundancy. Since your website hosting on a network of servers and one server is taken offline, the cloud network is sure to continue to function. While with standard hosting, if your website’s server is hosting less frequently, your website will undoubtedly be unavailable.

Moving to Google Cloud Platform isn’t the only upgrade to the Flywheel hosting framework. To make the WordPress websites they host far more efficient, it has also updated its caching innovation.

Thanks to this upgrade and collaboration with Google, the Flywheel Cloud System currently gives you the option to host your WordPress site in the same framework. That Google uses for its end users while still using the automated flywheel to manage your website and hosting account Control panel.

Later in our flywheel test, you can view the load times of our test pages hosted on the brand new cloud platform, as well as their ability to handle peak traffic.

Create Free Demo WordPress Websites for Clients

As mentioned, one of the most fascinating and possibly time-saving developers. The easy-to-use features of the flywheel are the ability to create private test websites for your customers instantly without the need to make a payment or set up a brand new domain. Once you’ve created a free account with flywheel, you can create a test WordPress site hosted on a Flywheel subdomain.

You will then have access to the site for two weeks. It consists of the ability to share it with your customers. Because the test sites are password protected. You don’t have to worry about unapproved visitors seeing them before they prepare once you or your customer are more than happy with the website—a hosting plan purchased from the flywheel to showcase the website and remove password protection.

You can spend for the trial site ahead of time or select to pay later on and move the invoicing to a customer.

To assist in improving the treatment of acquiring an organizing strategy, you can promptly produce a web link from within the Flywheel control board that seen making use of email to your customer, allowing them to select a plan and also join flywheel Thanks to the reference program, you can get paid for every one of your customers that register with flywheel Alternatively,

you can obtain a hosting preparation for the website as an element of the solution you supply your clients.

Flywheel provides you the choice of creating and sending an email to your customer so they can spend on a hosting plan.

Because of the capabilities of the test website, there is no need to move the website to a different server location during preparation. Instead, change the domain’s DNS settings and turn off password protection to make the site openly available. Password protection on a test website is turned off when a hosting plan is purchased.

If you’re unfamiliar with IP addresses, DNS, and name servers or want to be particularly effective, the Flywheel Test Site Element is attractive. However, thanks to this attribute of the flywheel, web developers and designers need to improve how they handle website disclosure to customers and shift ownership and hosting plans for those websites.

The flywheel also has a white tag service that allows you to tag the flywheel control card and host billing as your brand to deliver a consistent customer experience to your consumers.

Flywheel Hosting Local WordPress Installation Tool

Flywheel Local is a free tool that allows you to build neighborhood WordPress websites. After downloading and installing the software application and mounting it on your Mac or Windows computer system.

You have a neighborhood WordPress atmosphere to work with. If you’ve ever wasted time setting up or debugging your neighborhood WordPress vibe, Local is a tool you will most likely appreciate. The Flywheel neighborhood, however, offers more than just simplicity.

It just takes a couple of clicks to create a neighborhood WordPress installment with Flywheel Local.

Once you are ready to share the website with a customer or other person for this issue, you must click the appropriate switch in Flywheel Local to create a link. Then, regardless of who you share that connection with, you can access the site you developed with Flywheel Local.

You don’t have to upload the neighborhood WordPress website yourself, as the software application will do it for you. With Flywheel Local, multiple WordPress websites can be developed, managed, and accessed with your web browser.

Flywheel-hosted websites bring you right into your neighborhood vibe with just one click. After that, you can go offline with these websites before rolling back the changes in preparing for the live hosting atmosphere.

After linking Flywheel Local to your Flywheel hosting account, you can take down any one of your WordPress websites right into the neighborhood atmosphere.

WordPress Website Staging The only downside to Flywheel Local is that the download dimension of the software application has to do with 500 MEGABYTES. Therefore, it may not be suitable for people who operate in a restricted area. However, this is another notable developer-friendly feature of a flywheel. That will ensure that your workflow is particularly effective for everyone else.

As an extension of Flywheel Local, you can also securely carry out development work with the hosting variant of your WordPress website. If you, your team, or your clients are more than happy with the job, it will affect the live hosting atmosphere. If multiple people are working on a site, creating an online hosting site can be a far better choice than using a neighborhood development variant.

Once you have made it possible for hosting, you can conveniently move the components between the live and hosting settings.

Flywheel hosting allows you to press simply the data source modifications, simply the file modifications. Both indicate you obtain an excellent quantity of control over just how you can use this feature. For instance, you can conveniently prevent overwriting any brand. New content that releases on your site while the development job has been occurring by just pressing. The files are modified and leave the data source as it gets on the live site.

Flywheel’s core purpose is to lower the possibilities of something failing when using a hosting site.

If you want to improve the means, modify your WordPress websites or do plugin and style tests. After that, access to a hosting site is required.

With flywheel, your hosting site is password-protected to prevent unauthorized visitors from encountering it or search engines from indexing your content before waiting to be published. Previously, WordPress website hosting was available on all plans in addition to the entry-level program. However, as part of the shift to cloud hosting, it is currently available to all Flywheel customers.

WordPress Website Blueprints

Another developer-centric part of a flywheel is the Blueprints feature which allows you to build WordPress websites faster. In addition, blueprints will enable you to keep a style and plugin configuration that will publish on a brand new site with just a few clicks.

Flywheel Blueprints allows you to keep a WordPress website configuration as the starting factor for brand new websites.

For example, suppose you find that every brand new customer website you start with uses the same style and required set of plugins or has the same core pages afterward. If so, you can save time by creating a blueprint based on this setup. Thus, anytime you start a brand new WordPress website project, use your plans as a structure.

You can select which Blueprint to use each time you begin a brand-new WordPress website.

You can create up to 10 WordPress website Blueprints per account. A Blueprint consists of the site setups and the installed style and plugin setups. Necessary, however, repeated tasks such as editing the permalinks, setting a backup schedule, creating a contact page. And extra can be taken care of by this helpful feature of a flywheel.

Collaborators welcome to manage a WordPress website with the Flywheel account control panel.

Multiple websites and customers from various accounts moved right into an Organization for simpler management. As you might anticipate now, including a partnership with the flywheel is simple. Click the suitable switch for the site you wish to work together.

After going into an email address, the flywheel will instantly send the customer a link to the cooperation invite form. For example, suppose you have a team participant who executes tasks such as recovering backups or wishes to provide customer access to their Flywheel site. In that case, this feature makes safely sharing accessibility easy.

Free WordPress Website MovementsFlywheel also has a helpful feature called Organizations that permits every team’s sites to manage from a solitary control panel. For example, suppose you’re functioning as a component of a firm. In that case, your team can use this feature to create brand-new sites, accessibility existing sites.

And accomplish various other tasks, such as sending expenses and checking out team participants’ functions– in one place. When setting up an Organization in Flywheel. It’s feasible to move existing plans right into the brand-new structure or begin afresh with a brand-new account.

If you currently have a WordPress website, or your customers do, after that, one more excellent factor to take into consideration Flywheel is their free site movement policy.

To start, create a free Flywheel account and fill in the movement demand from A duplicate of your existing WordPress website will undoubtedly be developed by the internal movement team after that duplicated over to a Flywheel trial server. The procedure usually takes 24 hr.

However, you can pay $49 for a much faster eight-working-hours service.

Flywheel offers free WordPress website movements on all pricing plans.

Also, if you’re stressed out, your website can make moving to a brand new host difficult, if you want to see what efficient renovations Flywheel can do, or if you want to lessen the headache of hosting company redesign afterward.

The free movement of the flywheel might fascinate you if you’ve checked out the flywheel-hosted variant of the website and are more than happy with it. You can choose an appropriate plan (additional later) before the site goes live. Due to the way this procedure works, no website downtime expect.

Flywheel Dashboard and User Experience

Flywheel hosting is focused on developers and designers as well as anyone looking for robust WordPress hosting. It should come as no surprise that the control panel has a fashionable and contemporary design in reality. It is reasonable to say that flywheel considers the following points regarding user interface design and customer experience.

Although the appearance is not what, when you confirm with a low-cost spending plan, this depends on applying for the cPanel software program or has done so. In addition, you are using a few different other expensive WordPress web hosts. Finally, you will find that having an unintuitive account monitoring experience is quick to inflame.

The Flywheel control panel and interface

Fortunately, tasks like building brand new WordPress websites and managing accounts are straightforward with flywheel. First, open a free flywheel account. Then click the Create New Site button. The one-screen setup page allows you to get a site name and ephemeral domain name and appoint an owner.

Flywheel has streamlined the process of launching a brand new WordPress website.

You can also use the blueprint function described above to use a predefined website configuration for your brand new website. However, this is optional, and you can just as quickly start at a new WordPress rate. As you can see, anything perfectly outlined with a fashionable design looks fantastic yet is easy to use.

Can you either begin with a fresh installment of WordPress or use it among your Blueprints.

You additionally have the choice of including the site among your existing flywheel hosting plans, supplied you have free ports on your account. Finally, you can select the location of the data center where your site will help host indeed. Once you have gone into every needed info, your brand-new WordPress website will undoubtedly develop.

When introducing a brand-new WordPress website with a flywheel, the last action is the payment area, where you can select a hosting plan and make a payment. Alternatively, you can continue in the trial site setting and hold back on entering your payment information and making your site live.

Managing Your WordPress Websites

After developing a site, you can set up the software application to the WordPress control panel. Unlike some other web hosts, the flywheel does not install plugins, contain any additional features, or make other changes to the WordPress software application. It is an excellent method, especially if you are building websites for customers, offering them WordPress training products like WP101 and preventing them from getting confused by providing a custom twist on WordPress.

Unless you moved a site or used it in your blueprints, the flywheel doesn’t add anything to WordPress rates.

You can review any of your WordPress websites from the control panel of your Flywheel account and change the privacy settings as you prepare to launch a website. You can also access the additional functions, e.g., B. the backup tool and the caching setups. Employees who access your Flywheel account and the site’s host manage through the easy-to-use account management interface.

Employees can be welcomed and conveniently managed via the flywheel account control panel.

Thanks to the interface, creating and recovering backups takes a couple of clicks.

As well as executing complete site remediation with the Flywheel control panel. You can additionally by hand bring back simply the data source or the site files on your own.

Partial site repairs are feasible by downloading and installing the backup files and publishing the elements by hand.

Although the backup files maintain for one month, they can conveniently be downloaded and installed before that for safekeeping.

As well as the nighttime automatic website backups, you can additionally by hand create a backup at any time.

Unlike numerous various other WordPress web hosts, which offer website data source accessibility with the phpMyAdmin software application, the flywheel has developed its very own data source management user interface.

Flywheel has a customized tool for managing data sources that are directly integrated into the account control.

Overall, the flywheel and its functions are incredibly straightforward to use.

While the emphasis is on simplicity, it does not sacrifice performance, as you can see from the flywheel’s list of functions. Finally, however, some customers can get to know phpMyAdmin.

By integrating the accessibility of data sources directly into the Flywheel customer account, a consistent customer experience for the search is achieved. After all facets of a WordPress website, clients can switch between different user interfaces and devices to get tasks done. Whatever is conveniently accessible in one place.

Technical Details of Flywheel Managed WordPress Hosting

As well as the Flywheel highlights covered over. There is additionally some technical information you’ll most likely want before deciding whether this is the most effective host for you:

Website caching: 

Varnish caching enhanced for WordPress sites.

Content Delivery Network (CDN): 

All plans currently consist of using the Fastly CDN at no added expense.


PHP 7.2 is basic on brand-new flywheel WordPress websites. There’s no choice to buy hand-altered PHP variation.


Available for all sites hosted by a flywheel that is making use of an SSL certificate.


Free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt, or use your certificate (find out more).


Secure ‘reimagined’ FTP accessibility to your web area for publishing and editing files using your customer’s option (find out more).

Server file supervisor: 

No online file supervisor, simply FTP accessibility to the server area.

Database accessibility: 

Web-based access to the MySQL data source using a customized data source supervisor (no phpMyAdmin).

Email service: 

No email service on any Flywheel plans, G Suite, and various other services suggested.

WordPress website management:

WordPress core software application updates instantly mounted after checking with opting out of significant variation updates and the capability to curtail an upgrade if essential. In addition, automatic plugin updates are available as a paid add-on (learn more).

Plugin constraints: 

Sure plugins are not enabled, consisting of backup, caching, security, and associated blog posts plugins that can influence website efficiency.

Security procedures: 

By using a preventive scanning service, you can stop the spread of malware and hacking attempts from getting worse.

Proactive security measures are much more effective than reactive ones because they block any potential threats before hackers have time to do anything about it!

Post-hack tidy-up services: 

If your site hacks while hosted by flywheel, they’ll repair it for free.

Datacenter locations:

Sites host among the 5 data facilities in the United States, Australia, Canada, the European Union, and the United Kingdom (find out more).

Staging sites: 

All plans currently consist of accessibility to a hosting site with essential release to the live site.

WordPress website movement: 

It is available for free on all Flywheel plans, consisting of multiple free activities per account. Expedited actions are available for $49 and finish in 8 functioning hrs.

Visitor analytics: 

View data on your website traffic with your Flywheel account control panel.

Uptime checks: 

The condition of your site does not inspect by a flywheel. However, it’s feasible to prepare this as a paid upgrade to your plan.

Support networks: 

Support using the live chat channel is available 24/7/365. And the email ticket help work desk is staffed all the time by the worldwide team. Telephone support is just available to customers paying $250 or even more a month.

You can discover even more concerning the managed WordPress hosting service on the Flywheel website.

Flywheel Web Hosting Performance

Flywheel has a lot to offer web developers and designers, in addition to those searching for a feature- abundant and easy-to-use WordPress host; however, how do they make out when it pertains to loading times and site efficiency?

Flywheel Loading Time Test Results

Since speed is critical when reviewing a web host, this component of our flywheel review stems from our efficient monitoring of 2 test WordPress websites.

The speed of both locations was recorded on tape every half hour for seven days to determine the average loading time for each area using the Pingdom service. One test site used a light WordPress style to get an excellent general photo. At the same time, the various others had triggered an extra feature-rich guy.

Flywheel Seven-Day Speed Test Results with a Lightweight Theme

Twenty Nineteen is the default WordPress style that’s triggered on a brand-new WordPress installment.

After setting up WordPress, the free Twenty Nineteen theme trigger by default on brand-new websites. It’s a lightweight choice that appropriates blog sites and fundamental websites, so you choose to use this prominent freestyle or a comparable alternative. These are the type of loading times you can get out of the flywheel:

A post on a site using the default Twenty Nineteen style had an average load time of 524 nanoseconds.

For context, the test site from our WordPress com Business hosting review using the same style had an average load time of 603 nanoseconds. However, the test sites from our WP Engine and Kinsta reviews use the older Twenty Seventeen style.

Had much quicker average load times of 259 nanoseconds and 307 nanoseconds precisely. With an average loading time of 524 nanoseconds over the seven-day testing duration. Flywheel is faster than some, however not all. Of the managed WordPress hosts, we have checked when it pertains to hosting sites using lightweight styles.

Flywheel Seven-Day Speed Test Results with a Multipurpose Theme

Suppose you intend to create an advanced website, then simply an entire blog site, after that. Next, you might wish to select a feature-abundant multipurpose style, such as the very popular Avada. This sort of style typically includes multiple website trials and long feature listings, which can boost your website’s loading times.

The loading times of a test site using the Avada style Agency trial keep track.

After setting up the Avada style and triggering its Agency demo on our test site, we kept track of the default homepage configuration loading times to see how well flywheel did with this feature abundant WordPress style.

The average loading time of the homepage of the test site hosted by Flywheel and using the Avada style was 1.83 secs.

While the average load time of the flywheel hosted website was fast, it was a bit slower than the minutes after we reviewed various other WordPress hosts covered, including Kinsta (1.25 seconds). The WordPress com service strategy (1.06 seconds). And WP Engine (1.43 seconds). The Avada test home page file dimension was much larger than that of the Twenty Nineteen style. The average load time was 1.83 seconds.

You could go for a multipurpose style like Avada. However, we didn’t use it among the homepage trials and checked the post’s speed from the same site.

We tested the Avada Style Agency test homepage and checked a post format from the style.

Again, the speed of the item, developed using the Avada style, was recorded on tape every half hour over seven days to determine the average load time.

After seven days of testing, the article’s average load time on the site using the Avada style Agency trial was 1.64 secs.

Summary of Speed Tests for Flywheel Tests As you can see. Pingdom recorded an average load time of 1.64 seconds for the article on the website. Use of the heavy Avada style.

Compared to the rise of some of our various other managed WordPress hosting reviews. The flywheel hosted site’s average load time was slower than some of the alternatives. It consists of Kinsta (1.56 seconds) and WP Engine (898 nanoseconds).

Here’s a recap of the arise from our examinations of 2 WordPress websites hosted by Flywheel and the three pages that keep track of:

The average load times of the Flywheel sites after seven days of monitoring by Pingdom.

Flywheel Load Impact Performance Test overall, a flywheel isn’t the fastest host we have checked. However, our outcomes are simply an example, and, as no 2 WordPress websites are equal. You might wish to accomplish your very own testing if you have found the flywheel’s remarkable features attractive. Flywheel also has some fascinating info concerning site speed and testing, which deserves a read.

As the above loading time outcomes were tape-recorded on a test site that does not obtain any traffic. We also conducted examinations to understand how flywheel’s site did when multiple visitors were accessing it simultaneously. We used the Load Impact service to imitate up to 250 virtual customers concurrently accessing the test site over a five-minute duration for these examinations.

Starting with one virtual customer, extra customers started accessing the site until an overall of 250 were online simultaneously. As well as creating virtual customers. The Load Impact service also tape-recorded the test site’s loading times as the variety of virtual customers enhanced. As with the Pingdom speed testing, the multipurpose Avada WordPress style. And its Agency trial used for the Load Impact testing.

The blue line on the chart below from Load Impact reveals the variety of virtual customers accessing the site. At the same time, the environment-friendly bar stands for the loading time of the test site.

The test site hosted by Flywheel could deal with 250 simultaneous virtual customers with no efficiency problems.

These results contrast nicely to the arise from our reviews of various other managed WordPress hosts. Thus, showing that flywheel is an excellent choice if you desire your website to deal with visitors’ multitudes and unexpected spikes in traffic.

As you can see from the outcomes over, the test site is hosted by a flywheel. Do not experience any issues when up to 250 virtual customers were accessing it at the same time. You can check out the complete information on this test on the Load Impact website.

Flywheel Hosting Uptime Test Results

Flywheel does not have an uptime guarantee, although some provisions are in place if your website is not available for prolonged durations of time. However, throughout the seven days of monitoring with Pingdom, our 2 test websites hosted by flywheel did not experience any downtime.

During the seven-day monitoring duration, neither of the test sites experienced any downtime.

Flywheel has recently streamlined its hosting plans and pricing information, and there are currently three effective plans and a customized choice to pick.

Flywheel Hosting Customer Support

Flywheel is a web-based business management system that offers 24/7 chat and ticket support. Phone support can access by paying for the $250 monthly plan or more per month, Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm CST.

Flywheel Hosting Customer Support

There is a small knowledge base with around 300 articles on the services available.

In our testing, we found the support staff to be considerate, quick, and knowledgeable. Still, there have been a significant number of reviews online from customers who are disappointed with flywheel’s support—saying that it hardly helped with their concerns.

Flywheel Hosting Money-Back Guarantee

The Flywheel 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee was precisely what I needed! If you’re ever unsatisfied with their service, they’ll give back all your money, no questions asked up until day 31 (after which there are still some penalties).

Flywheel Hosting Alternatives

When it comes to selecting a hosting company, there are plenty of options. Flywheel is one such option that promises fast loading times and scalability for any size business.

WP Engine has been around since 2008, but Kinsta launched in 2015 with an entirely novel approach to server caching called the “split-path” cache technique, which does not require storing data on the disk before serving requests from RAM or SSD storage as most other methods do – they claim this is 2x faster than typical web servers!

Also, Bluehost is a website hosting provider that offers managed WordPress hosting for $14.95/month (down to $29.99/month after the initial term). It’s no cheaper than flywheel’s standard plans, but it has more than twice the storage space and traffic, more than 200 available servers worldwide, and a collection of marketing tools.

Consider SiteGround for a more affordable managed WordPress hosting solution. A single website starts at $6.99/month and includes the free email that flywheel doesn’t offer.


Based on our test results, the flywheel may not be as fast as WP Engine and Kinsta. However, your load times are still very decent. Also, the entry-level flywheel entry-level model ($23) is more economical than the entry-level methods of these hosts ($35 and $30, respectively), also as a load impact test results program. Websites hosted by flywheel must equally be able to handle a large number of visitors. And traffic peaks The 100% uptime that we recorded on tape shouldn’t be ignored either.

Flywheels are being relocated to the Google Cloud Platform, and the hosting framework upgrade has paid off. So if you’re looking for robust managed WordPress cloud hosting for less than $30 a month. Flywheel is absolutely an excellent choice.

However, when it pertains to reviewing flywheels. Their features and the convenience of use establish them in addition to the majority of the competitors. Specifically, if you’re a web developer or programmer creating sites for customers (their user interface is merely a delight to use), above all, the flywheel has done a superb task of creating a straightforward web hosting experience with a wide variety of beneficial features.

8 Total Score
Flywheel Hosting Review

Flywheel Hosting is a company that helps creatives overcome their problems with the help of its name product, an excellent WordPress organizing platform. It also has Regional by Flywheel, a fuss-free regional advancement application to make it easier for individuals and small businesses alike to scale on their WordPress website. With over 100 thousand customers in more than 40 countries around the world, this business enterprise's mission statement rings true: "to empower all people through creative expression."

  • Super 24/7 online conversation assistance
  • SSL is consisted of in every plan
  • One-click installs
  • Easy to use user interface
  • Minimal holding alternatives
  • No complimentary domain
  • Reasonably pricey
  • No email Services
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