RoseHosting Review(2023): Host Your Website On Rose Day?

RoseHosting launched in 2001, and it was the first company to offer Linux virtual servers to the industry. The vision of Rose Hosting is to become a leading provider of business web hosting services.

RoseHosting has been around since before most people knew what “Linux” meant; they were one of the earliest proponents of this system which was brand new at that time. They also have an eye on expanding their reach with individual customers looking for reliable businesses and personal websites hosted by experts in different areas (social media management, e-commerce).

They focused on quality tools, security, and hand-held customer support. In addition, their strict no-overselling guidelines ensure that you get what you spend.

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What is RoseHosting?

Rose Hosting is a hosting service founded in 2001 in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. RoseHosting also operates its own data center in St. Louis, Missouri. Unlike many other web hosting providers, Rose Hosting does not outsource its technical support to other countries. Rose Hosting has its support department in the USA, also in St. Louis, Missouri.

RoseHosting Review
Home Page

RoseHosting offers a variety of hosting plans, from VPS to shared and dedicated. They also offer managed hosting services that specialize in providing the best possible web experience for their customers.

RoseHosting Pricing and Plan

With RoseHosting, you’ll be able to find the perfect hosting service for your needs. You can get an SSD web plan with a committed server if that’s what you’re looking for at $1199/month, or go with one of their many other plans starting as low as just $7.95/month!

RoseHosting Pricing Review
Pricing and Plan

Web hosting

RoseHosting offers you three different web hosting plans with SSD storage. The SSD Basic plan is relatively minimal, but it will set you back to just $7.95/month. Get even more sources for $14.95/month with the business plan. However, the ultimate destination offers the best freedom for $24.95/month.

You can start with SSD Basic with one domain, 4GB of SSD storage, 300GB of data transfer, 50 email accounts, two subdomains, and 50 FTP accounts. The top plan, the SSD Ultimate, offers you 20 domains, 20 GB SSD storage, 2,000 GB data transfer, unlimited email accounts, sub-domains, and FTP accounts.

All of RoseHosting’s shared hosting plans consist of an icon for easy use and a control panel that is easily accessible through a web browser. You can also benefit from Softaculous and RVSiteBuilder Pro.

VPS hosting

You can choose from 9 Linux VPS plans and get a 10% discount when signing up with annual billing. Prices range from $24.95/month to $619.95/month. Plus, you can customize your plan at a personalized price, which is a notable feature.

You can buy the SSD 1 VPS plan with a core, 1GB of RAM, 30GB of SSD storage, and 2TB of data transfer for a smaller business. However, if you need many more sources, you can access the SSD 64 VPS plan, which offers 12 cores, 64 GB RAM, 400 GB SSD storage, and unlimited data transfers.

All 9 VPS hosting plans offer managed support, dedicated IP address, full origin reachability, and free WHM / cPanel. (WHM/cPanel costs $12 a month with the four smaller plans.)

Dedicated servers

You can purchase a quarter, third, fifty percent, or entire dedicated server from RoseHosting for $299/month, $399/month, $599/month, and $1199/month.

The Linux Cloud Dedicated Server from RoseHosting offers you the Xeon CPU of the current generation with 56 CPU cores, 96 GB RAM, 2,000 GB SSD storage, unmeasured data transfer, and 1 IP address. If you don’t need every source, you can buy a quarter, third, or fifty percent server.

The dedicated server also offers free cPanel or DirectAdmin, which is fully managed around the clock. Full accessibility to the origin and improved efficiency and security.

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Overview of RoseHosting Features

RoseHosting offers you three different web hosting plans with SSD storage. The SSD Basic plan is relatively minimal, but it will set you back to just $7.95/month. Get even more sources for $14.95/month with the business plan. However, the ultimate destination offers the best freedom for $24.95/month.


RoseHosting has a single data center in St. Louis, Missouri. All servers have at least double Quad Xeon CPUs, 128 GB DDR4 system RAM, or more. Have enterprise-grade SSD storage and Gigabit Ethernet ports or far better. If you intend to host in the United States, they are a great choice.

The servers have repetitive, geographically dispersed connections to all significant bases globally for billing services, ultra-fast contact, and exceptionally reduced latency and ping time.

Fully Managed Hosting

RoseHosting is amazing! They never make you worry about anything. Instead, you get on the phone with their team of experts. They listen to your needs and requirements and then plan out a strategy to resolve any problem that might arise before it even happens.

It’s just like having an expert around all day every day, ensuring everything goes smoothly – but without the expensive price tag or need to hire someone full-time. Plus, there are so many hosting options available now; whether you’re looking to start something new from scratch or want another developer platform added onto what you already have set up at home (or in our own office!), RoseHosting has got us covered either way!

Free Backup

Rose Hosting has a free backup service that is easy to use and offers peace of mind. You can schedule backups at short intervals in advance or as needed, saving you the hassle of regular data management. When your hard drive crashes (or someone deletes all your files), reload from an archived copy!

The RoseHosting Free Backup guarantees your data will not be lost with their backup and restore services available for Windows, Linux, or Mac.

For only $4 a month, you can get access to unlimited bandwidth on all of our servers as well. They also offer an easy-to-use web control panel that is perfect for those who aren’t very tech-savvy!

Free Website Migration

If you’re looking for a free way to preserve your website and all of its data, look no further than RoseHosting. With their Free Website Migration Service, they will transfer the content from one site into another with zero downtime or loss in quality so that nothing is standing between you and success!

I am tired of paying so much for hosting. I used to pay $20 a month, but now with the new company that I’m using, you can get everything prepaid, which is only around $5-$10 per year!

I have been looking for something better than my old web host because they are just too expensive these days. My last company was charging me about 20 bucks a month (which isn’t bad), but then came this one who’s like, “hey man we’ve got your back on payments” by basically giving away their services as long as you prepay them over 12 months or more which means it comes out to be less than 10 dollars annually – talk about savings!!!

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

RoseHosting is the best hosting company because they have an unbeatable 99.99% uptime guarantee, so if your website goes down for any reason, Rose Host guarantees to fix it quickly and without hassle.

RoseHosting Offers a fantastic 99.99% uptime guarantee, as well as 24/7 phone support meaning that you can contact them any time of day for assistance with anything from getting started all the way up until your site has been up for years!

RoseHosting Customer Support

Offering 24/7 support, RoseHosting is the provider you need. Always on call to help with any issues and solve them promptly, they are here for your convenience!

Customer Support
Customer Support

You can reach their support by sending an email and calling them on the phone. Or use the online chat system. Your reviews are full of great answers, aside from a few issues that are too quick to respond to.

Their support is excellent in the eyes of their customers and is quick to respond.

RoseHosting Money-Back Guarantee

You’re looking for a new hosting provider that can meet your needs. Finally, a company out there has you in mind and is prepared to offer the service of their lifetime! Meet RoseHosting, with a 100% 7-day money-back guarantee on all monthly fees if not satisfied. With this type of service, it’s only natural then why they are known as “The Professional Choice.”

They will have an added edge over other providers because they also provide FREE domain name registration or transfer from another registrar, free website builder software without ads and popups (a $20-$40 value), unlimited email accounts per account ($10/month charge elsewhere), 24×7 customer support via phone chat system or ticketed remote login option.*

RoseHosting Alternatives

There are a lot of hosting providers to choose from. Unfortunately, it is difficult for many people to decide which one fits best with their needs because it can be hard figuring out what you want in terms of features and price range right off the bat.

Have you tried figuring out options for RoseHosting? You might think it’s easy to find the right service provider, but there are so many of them, and they all charge different rates. If you’re not sure which one is best suited for what your website needs, then I’m here to help!

Hostwinds, Kinsta, and DigitalOcean Droplets are the most popular alternatives to RoseHosting.


In this RoseHosting review, we found that they provide various services to create a truly personalized experience for each customer. They also offer great features on these packages with competitive prices compared to other providers who may not be reliable or accommodating.

They offer many features in their managed plans and, although they don’t have the best pricing we’ve seen so far, it’s still quite reasonable.

When you need to find a flexible data center solution, go with the provider with 99.99% availability and excellent support for your business needs, such as cheap rates on top of other providers’ negative sides at their US-based facilities!

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7.5 Total Score
RoseHosting Review

RoseHosting has a well-earned reputation for providing rapid and reliable customer service. In addition, they offer the fastest email assistance of any hosting company, with responses usually happening within just two minutes!

  • 99.99% Uptime warranty
  • Enterprise-grade SSD storage space
  • Free white handwear cover website migration
  • 24/7 Technical support
  • SitePad web site contractor
  • Customized VPS prepares readily available
  • US-only data
  • Really restricted resources
  • Reasonably expensive
  • No free domain name
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