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Gravity Forms Review(2023): Little Pricey, But Is It Worth?

Gravity forms are used by web designers and developers who want to create professional-looking form experiences on their websites with no coding knowledge required. It’s tough to tell if Gravity Forms is worth it or not.

If you have been looking for a way to make your website more interactive and responsive to your visitors’ needs, then Gravity Forms might be the right solution for you. This plugin has many features that can help enhance your site and increase its engagement with new leads.

However, it does come at a price! The monthly cost of this plugin will depend on the number of forms and fields you need and how often they are updated. In some cases, it may be worth investing in this tool because it can provide an excellent ROI when done properly.

What are Gravity Forms?

Gravity Forms can help you create and launch all your forms on WordPress websites in minutes. You’ll be able to make anything from sophisticated contact forms, e-newsletters, customer registration forms, studies quizzes, checkout forms, or more!

GravityForms Review
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It also includes your favorite 3rd event services like HubSpot, MailChimp, Zapier, PayPal, Stripe, and many more. It is one of the most trusted WordPress form builders with top-notch customer support when you need it. It’s intuitive enough for beginners and offers advanced features that leave a programmer’s creative imagination free. With Gravity Forms, the possibilities are endless.

With no uncertainty, Gravity Forms is one of the most common WordPress contact form plugins out there. Gravity Forms contains everything you need to effortlessly create an online form, from receipt states to spam filters and advanced calculations to payment portals.

If you’ve assigned a dedicated WordPress form plugin to acquire a cost, Gravity Form is the most effective bet. Of course, it’s a bit pricey for a training course, but if you’re tired of looking for a complete forms plugin, look no further than Gravity Forms.

Why You Need a WordPress Form Builder Plugin?

Whether you run a small blog site or a business website, every site needs a contact form. A contact form acts as a bridge between you and your audience.

Most modern websites need more meaning than just a contact form. It would help if you had several other states, such as requesting a quote form, surveys, reservations, entering content, etc.

Gravity Forms is one of the most popular Form Builder plugins for WordPress. With it, you can create any web form you can think of, from a simple contact form to a tedious, challenging form – it makes the process painlessly simple.

The Form Builder Plugin Requirements

Gravity Forms is an ideal fit for customers who need to effortlessly create Facility Forms on a WordPress site – the ever-growing list of Gravity Forms methods of capturing functionality that stands out from their competitors. Let’s take a look at some excellent features of Gravity Forms.

  • Over 30 form regions: It contains various form regions that you can use to create any WordPress form effortlessly.
  • Responsive Form: Your WordPress form is sure to look great on any tool made up of desktop, mobile, and tablet computers.
  • Conditional reasoning: show or hide the good of an individual’s choice.
  • Email notifications: Email notifications keep you informed when a form is displayed.
  • Spam filter: Combat spam form entries with the Google ReCaptcha, Really Simple Captcha, and Akismet options.
  • File Uploads: Allow your customers to upload files using your online form.
  • Save and Continue: Save a partially completed form and come back later to fill out the form.
  • Calculations: Gravity Forms also allows you to perform sophisticated calculations based on the value of the area sent.
  • Front End Forms: Would you like to enable customers to submit an article for your review without offering them access to the WordPress admin? You can do this using front-end forms on your site.
  • Restrict and schedule forms: Limit the variety of access a state can get and prepare your documents.
  • Integrations: At Gravity Forms, integration is a wind. Connect your web form to any online application you want to collaborate with.

Gravity Forms Pricing and Plan

The Gravity Forms plugin starts at $59 per year for a single site certificate with standard add-ons. The value of the Pro Certificate is $159 for three websites and Standard + Professional Addons. The Elite Certificate is available for $259 per year with all addresses and unlimited site support.

GravityForms Pricing Review
Pricing and Plan

Each certificate qualifies you for one year of ticket-based support. The Elite Certificate is there to help you with concerns. Questions are usually answered very quickly and offer an excellent processing time for the ticket solution.

The documentation is extensive and helps you with every facet when creating a form.

Overview of Gravity Forms Features

When it comes to features, the shape of gravity stays in front of the contour.

It doesn’t suggest that WPForms isn’t missing any essential features, but Gravity Forms, such as Calculations, don’t provide any sophisticated features.

However, there are also some places where WPForms pile up, such as polls and polls. In truth, the WPForms plugin gives you the best interactive study reports with real-time understanding. You can also find clever learning areas like Likert ranges, celebrity reviews, etc.

A drag and drop form builder in WordPress

Gravity Forms includes an easy-to-use drag and drop form builder. Please select an area you want, then drag and drop it onto your form.

Deleting a form region expands it to ensure that you can transform points if necessary. In addition, it contains specified prepared websites for the most commonly used forms consisting of name, email, website, comments, etc.

In addition to the conventional areas, Gravity Forms also includes advanced locations. Here, you can create custom form regions by selecting different input types and assigning them names, tags, values, validation checks, etc.

You can easily reposition regions of the form by dragging them up and down the form. Unfortunately, much more complicated shapes can also damage a structure directly on different websites and pages.

Robust controls in form settings

Each form in Gravity Forms can have its custom setups. In addition, it allows customers to create the form title and summary.

Gravity Forms includes adequate controls under Form Settings. It gives you control over various elements of your form. In addition to the standard formats, you can enable a variety of options for your state.

You can control the form design and include a CSS course to make sure you can design it yourself. In addition, you can activate anti-spam features such as a honeypot or move computer animations to make your form even more interactive.

The Validation tab of the form settings gives you control over what happens when a customer submits a form. For example, you can redirect customers to show them a personalized message, send them to a confirmation page, or turn them to various other links of your choice.

You can also allow the form region data to send to your confirmation page as question strings. That will enable you to use the question mark strings in various other functions to bring vivid details to the review page.

Each form setup has an Alerts tab. By default, customers with manager completion receive notifications for each form entry. In addition, you can insert custom notifications and send signals to various other email addresses.

Advanced fields and conditional logic

Gravity forms contain the request form areas like the standard input types. You can provide tags and values ​​for these areas once you have them on your site.

However, there is not much you can do with your form in these areas. The gravity form has another space for expanded fields. These prepare the use of websites that you can drop into the form editor.

For example, a check box in the email area allows you to send a confirmation email to verify their email address. In addition, gravity Forms immediately confirms that the data that became part of the scope conforms to the standard phrase structure for that scope.

Most areas allow you to include areas related to a WordPress blog post right on your form. Blog post areas will enable you to create forms to approve individual submitted content on your WordPress site.

Finally, you can specify locations like product name, pricing, quantity, etc.

The most helpful feature of Gravity Forms is the ability to include conditional checkout of your forms. The conditional logic lets you configure your form to show or hide sections, panels, pages, and even the submit switch based on individual selections or inputs.

Integrate and extend gravity forms with addons

WordPress has numerous plugins that serve as structures based on WordPress. Gravity Forms can conveniently integrate with most of the favorite WordPress plugins and several non-WordPress apps.

Some add-ons allow Gravity Forms to integrate with the most preferred email service providers such as MailChimp, Aweber, GetResponse, and numerous others.

You can further expand Gravity Forms to add numerous additional features with addon plugins. For example, there is an add-on for creating quizzes, studies, and surveys using gravity shapes.

Gravity Forms can also contain numerous preferred CRMs such as Agile, Zoho, and Capsule CRM options.

Gravity Forms works with WooCommerce out of the box. You can also Siddons’s to authorize your forms in payment portals such as PayPal, Stripe, Internet, etc.

Gravity Forms Review: Easy to Use

Both Gravity Forms and WPForms come with lots of fantastic time-saving features for creating a contact form.

However, there is little time to figure out the outline to use Gravity Forms No as any other feature plugin. The more features available from the package, the steeper the contour will undoubtedly be. Forms of gravity are not different.

The first thing you need to do is define the name of your form to create a shape. Then it leads you to the form builder, where you need to include the form regions every time.

The user interface is not as fluid as with WPForms. You’ll need to click the Preview button in the Builder.

WPForms, on the other hand, have made the entire form creation process a lot easier. The plugin comes with several pre-made templates so you can create a form without constantly having to go back to the first place.

Gravity Forms Customer Support

One of the most basic uses is your general contact form, which virtually every WordPress site has or needs. Whatever the factor that individuals need to touch with us, Gravity Forms makes it very easy.

Customer Support
Customer Support

The versatility of what you can do about contact and support forms makes this seemingly mundane use of forms unique. For example, you can create different statuses, collect any amount of data, allow files to be uploaded, and set up alerts to forward to other email addresses based on your set regulations. And place the form on a page or blog post by clicking a brand new switch that gets your posting interface.

Assume in this regard. Instead of a phone call for lead generation that requires clicking a link to get to a form (2 steps), position the structure yourself at the end of the article. Conversions increase as the number of steps decreases.

Gravity Forms Money-Back Guarantee

Gravity Forms is known as one of the best form-building platforms globally and for its excellent customer service that includes a comprehensive refund policy: 30 days from when they take possession or experience use of your purchased product (including upgrades).

Customers can then get 100% back on anything with no strings attached!

Gravity Forms Alternatives

ProntoForms and 123FormBuilder are their primary Gravity Forms competitors, because of their similarity, popularity, and user ratings. In contrast to Gravity Forms with its 100 alternatives, has the most important ranking, with UpKeep in second place and Gravity Forms in 52nd place. has the most reviews with a total of 2,262, while Gravity Forms has 19.

Customers claim covers the list for value for money on par with UpKeep, while Gravity Forms ranks 59th. Customers also say and UpKeep are the easiest to use while Gravity Forms ranks 60th.


Gravity Forms are ideal for discerning customers who need a complete WordPress form plugin. For example, if you have a referrer purchasing an expense plugin, you need to check out Gravity Forms after that.

In terms of features, the standard plugin offers an excellent range of options. You can also fan addon-on plugins for Gravity Forms not simply on the plugin website but in the database.

As one of the most preferred and widely used plugins, most WordPress styles had built-in support for Gravity Form designs. It works flawlessly with most of the other WordPress plugins.

8 Total Score
GravityForms Review

With GravityForms, you can create and introduce all types of forms on your WordPress website. You'll be able to build anything such as sophisticated contact forms, e-newsletters, customer registration forms, studies tests or checkout form in an issue of minutes!

  • Very easy to use
  • Gravity Forms is one somewhat respectable drag and drop WordPress contact form plugin
  • With the help of additional attachments
  • The plugin additionally features premium support options
  • Manage all benefits from a single location
  • Collection of 32 attachments for Gravity Forms, which bring various options
  • The capability to create sophisticated forms
  • Relieve of use
  • A plethora of attachments to obtain much more performance
  • Lots of settings to control every element of the forms
  • Gives you the capability to create extremely innovative forms
  • Still very easy and instinctive to use
  • Various add-ons to boost functionality and integration
  • Great deals of various settings and configurations to control every facet
  • Some people see the price as trouble because it is as well pricey for them.
  • Using Gravity Forms if you have the elite license.
  • Individuals had difficulty navigating and finding out how to make forms.
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