Agile CRM Review(2023): Is Agile CRM Good For Your Team?

Agile CRM is one of the most efficient and preferred tools that many services use to automate sales, marketing, and service in one area. Because with the expansion of the business, there will undoubtedly be even more data on customers, articles, orders, and offers. Without a system that takes care of all of these details and enters the activities instantly, there is a high chance that gaps will undoubtedly emerge, and you will certainly lose customers. So, be sure to review the features, pros, and cons of Agile CRM to see if this is the right choice for you.

What is Agile CRM?

Agile CRM is a solution for customer partnerships characterized by a detailed design for small to medium-sized services. This platform emphasizes the linking of sales, marketing, customer service, marketing on social networks and various other online networks in one systematized and integrated user interface. That will undoubtedly help companies increase customer loyalty, optimize the customer lifecycle, and ultimately increase conversion and bottom line.

Agile CRM review
Agile CRM review

The brand name offers various pricing plans, ranging from the free program for newbies to the business plan, giving companies with tool dimensions unlimited entry options with over 50 integrations with third-party plugins and apps.

Agile CRM Pricing and Plan

pricing and plan
pricing and plan

With a budget plan of $0 to $79.99 per month, you can leverage this CRM solution in information. The pricing is divided directly into 4 degrees:

  • Free: $0 for ten customers
  • Starter: $14.99 monthly / $9.99 annually / $8.99 2 years (NOTE: cost per person per month)
  • Normal: $44.99 monthly / $39.99 annually / $29.99 2 years (NOTE: cost per person per month)
  • Enterprise: $79.99 monthly / $64.99 annually / $47.99 2 years (NOTE: cost per person per month)
  • If you intend to upgrade, downgrade, or terminate your plan, this comes in handy because you can do it at any time. In addition, you can change the plan yourself quickly and precisely using the Agile CRM online control panel.

What are Agile CRM packages?

Agile offers a variety of integrated sales, marketing, and service functions. To learn even more about what you get with each of their packages? What can it provide for different business goals? Let’s look at these defined services.

Agile CRM e-Commerce CRM

As the name suggests, Ecommerce CMR focus on improving buying journeys after ultimately increasing the conversion price:

  • Engagement increases (relevant articles, customer responses, or discount rates display on the screen).
  • Email marketing (desertion cart emails, auto-generated email newsletters, promo codes, etc.)

With this capacity, tiny to medium-sized stores certainly can take care of leads much better, increase customer loyalty and significantly. Save tons of time on guide email marketing tasks and invest time to dig deep into the skills.


According to Agile, SaaS CRM enables the expansion of SaaS services of all dimensions. Hence, the solution focuses on fixing these issues:

  • Received multiple registrations.
  • The conversion price reflects the portion of these registrations for paid customers.
  • Retention or spin of these customers over time
  • Customer care influences individual habits.
  • And, of course, excellent design and your product roadmap.

To get additional details, the Agile CRM development team created a detailed process that starts with evaluating individual actions, assisting customers, re-loyalty, conversion, and reporting. To be additional details:

  • Gather data for reports on personal habits by instantly authorizing contact with website logins and use contact level analysis to tell the time for apps. Check out the pages. Apps use adjustments over time.
  • Automatically offer promo codes that link to the features that customers used to communicate extensively with
  • Automatically send personalized emails with offers and motivations to get in touch with those who have been authorized but not made an acquisition.
  • Quickly integrate into various other SaaS apps such as Zendesk or Twilio with just one click.
  • Evaluate the churning task with their analyzes derived from the logged data collected from each action on a single trip
You will also get comprehensive reports on customer humidity to optimize efficiency:
  • Growth Reports: Track usage statistics and contrast networks over some time
  • Funnel Reports: Indicate the decreasing and entering factors
  • Cohort Analysis: The length of time it takes to turn customer loyalty into a paid one
  • Filters: market stats that have lost the light on one of the most efficient trips for a given sector

Agile Free CRM

Contact and companies permitted: 1,000

The non-profit variant of Agile CRM supports startups and small teams in managing customer data in one area. In information, you will surely get these capacities from this free CRM:

  • An optimum of 10 customers
  • 360-degree contact management
  • Web appear and studies.
  • Sales and marketing reports by email
  • Social Media CRM
  • Integration with some preferred third party plugins like Twitter, Facebook for social networks and Twilio, VoIP, RingCentral for calls.

Overall, the free version helps beginners to manage critical data consisting of offers, tasks, and files in one system. Based on that particular one. Companies can look for one of the possible leads, correctly and appropriately support customer partnerships.

Agile Small business CRM

Help small businesses with constrained teams leverage sales and marketing automation with essential functionality. It has three central small business locations:

Marketing: Create and run multiple marketing campaigns at the same time using an automated process. You can design various computerized processes that include customer activity and your responses to it. For example, email customization, email tracking and reports on email A / B tests, behavioral segmentation.

Services: Automated customer support such as help desk ticketing, answer studies, follow-up, and resolution of common questions

Overview of Agile CRM Features

Agile CRM is a customer partnership management solution known for its detailed design for small to medium-sized services. This platform highlights the linking of sales, marketing, customer service, marketing on social networks, and various other online networks in a streamlined and integrated user interface. That will undoubtedly help companies increase customer loyalty, optimize the customer lifecycle, and ultimately increase conversion and bottom line.

The brand name uses various pricing plans ranging from the beginner’s free plan to the business plan, supporting tool-dimensioned businesses with unlimited entry options with over 50 integrations with third-party plugins and apps.

Get Started with Agile CRM

A customer partnership management system is a crucial part of any business. It focuses on converting each lead into an acquired customer and nurturing customers by involving them in a bespoke interaction.

Agile CRM naturally sees that its customers can rely on its automated system to form a complete sales, marketing, and service circle. These three functions work together and ultimately help the services increase sales and benefits.

When you use Agile, you undoubtedly have access to a wider variety of features to help classify. We will certainly have three roles: sales, marketing, and customer service. Let’s see what Agile CRM can offer you to minimize the manual effort and optimize the business process.

Agile Sale Enablement review

Sales are one of the three necessary services that Agile seeks to provide. This feature is an essential technique that salespeople can use to gather valuable lead details and develop informative conversions at every customer acquisition stage.

So what does agile do with sales? It automates the process with actually helpful features. First, let’s look at the list:

  • Get in touch with Sales Enablement
  • Add custom areas
  • Add tags for sale enablement
  • Filters in communication with and companies
  • Mass actions
  • Scheduling
  • Contact pages and widgets
  • Email synchronization
  • Calendar synchronization
  • Deals

Get in touches

When it comes to contact management, Agile uses several approaches, such as B. manually importing from CSV files, drawing data from the web, and syncing from apps (Google, Stripe, Shopify, FreshBooks, and QuickBooks). Further details and standards for integration are found here. There you will find a detailed list of available connections to leading third-party providers.

Quickly, including brand new, contacting Agile is a straightforward task and can be done in minutes!

Custom areas

The following function of Sales Enablement is to customize contact and company areas. Companies must constantly adapt the common areas in a CRM to improve the customer data source and optimize sales efficiency. You can include numerous custom regions that allow you to quickly contact companies, offers, and instances for this feature.


Tags are an essential part of sales enablement as they help you run your campaigns. In Agile CRM, tags us for arranging, filtering the system, segmenting, and targeting. Based on the tag system, you can divide leads directly into different sections and campaigns.

You can mark one or more individual contacts as required. The flagging activity undoubtedly shows the timeline of each contact so you can quickly see what’s going on.

Agile also published a post recommending some approaches to using custom tags. In information, they recommend using these types of labels for your customer segmentation:

  • Demographics
  • Purchase cycle phase
  • Behavior patterns
  • Competitor contact
  • Products that lead have an interest in

With inAgile One, you can quickly create contacts and define them for single or multiple entry-level touches. A connection represents different titles. These tags can also be immediately includedd in the campaigns under Marketing Automation.

Filter Contact and Companies

The following function of Agile is a filtering system that is central to all customer-related activities. Filters help with the search, the type, the team, and, as a result, any team member, form team, market, sales representative, sales representative, or account manager can access the necessary customer data. Each participant in the group can create filters to keep track of the data they need.

Online Appointment Scheduling

Agile Sales Enablement offers another useful function: online consulting planning. Given that the conference schedule is challenging to adhere to, Agile has developed a reasonably intuitive user interface for setting up a planning system. In the detailed information, here is the procedure that you will undoubtedly go through:

Calendar: Get the schedule link to send to your leads. You can also add the “schedule url” to the pages as you like

  • Business Hours: Select your business hours by days and times
  • Meeting types: Enter the name (e.g., keep it short) and select the port (with extensive minutes).
  • Advanced: Have some slack to stay away from unexpectedly scheduled consultations.

Agile enables the integration of Google Calendar, Outlook, and Office 365. This way, you can easily control your schedule.

The link to select a visit can be sent instantly to customers using the trigger task. For example, if you create a marketing campaign that will undoubtedly rate in the following component, you can include the “Sending an Invite to Schedule an Email” job. When customers do a particularly preferred activity, they’ll be sure to send an automated email to pick the day and time for the conference.

Deals Management

Agile CRM offers an easy-to-use quote tracking system made up of deal tracks and deal milestones. The trace is the procedure or pipe in which you move offers. A company can have multiple sales paths, eligibility claims, B2B offers, B2C referrals, VIP offers, and so on. You can build an ideal way for each sector that is highly adaptable. Within a track, we have a collection of landmarks representing the problem or action the offers plac. For example, Agile currently gives some standard milestones: New, Prospect, Proposal, Won, Lost.

You can quickly create brand new offer tracks from the Offers section of the Agile user interface. After that, you need to insert offer landmarks based on the customer journey you checked out and created. Once you’ve made the sales path, you can add offers to it.

Contact Pages and Widgets

Contact pages are an essential part of any CRM. Like all other CRMs, Agile has contact pages that give you a comprehensive overview of how people contact.

Information on the contact pages:

Contact information: Consists of standard details of the lead/customer, consisting of name, email, lead rating, and tags

Contact activities: includes all tasks of or about the contact, e.g., B. Timeline, Notes, Events, Tasks, Offers, Instances, Campaigns, Web Statistics, Emails, and Files.

Contact widgets: These are customizable items on the contact pages. You can add relevant details to the contact to see them instantly when you open the page, such as B. Telephone, support, billing, etc. For better technology degrees, Agile allows customers to use the files to create custom widgets.

Overall, the contact pages in Agile are highly customizable and easy to use. Even if you are new to CRM, you can still access these pages, get essential details and use them.

Email/ Calendar Sync

For email integration, Agile offers three integration entrances: Gmail, Imap, and Office 365. You will undoubtedly see all the email trade between you and get in touch on the contact pages.

With calendar synchronization, Agile can synchronize email between Google Calendar and Office 365. That allows you to manage your schedule relatively quickly with either of the preferred scheduling systems.

Agile Marketing Automation review

Marketing is another necessary trait of agile. This trait focuses on segmentation and individualized campaigns that ensure that you are sure not to treat everyone the same way. Agile value is also the automation of all campaigns, which saves a lot of time and increases performance.

What does agile do with marketing automation? It automates the process with actually helpful features. First, let’s look at the list:

  • Create campaigns
  • Social gathering
  • Web terms

Campaign Nodes – aspects of any Agile marketing campaign

Nodes are the aspects of a campaign, and a campaign is a structure made up of various nodes. Often, nodes are activities performed by customers or activities that customers perform immediately. Important nodes in Agile:

  • Send email
  • Wait/wait until
  • Click / Open
  • Keywords
  • Result
  • LINK checked out
  • Add task / offer / note / case (case are help desk / support problems)
  • Close case / task / offer
  • Send Message
  • Notify
  • Has offer/occasion
  • A / B test

These nodes will undoubtedly be used multiple times in your automation process as they are essential activities that determine whether the leads should treat in the following action.

You will find it much easier to create an effective marketing campaign covering different areas. With Agile, customers can also incorporate their expected nodes into their neighborhoods for improvement.

Building marketing campaigns in Agile CRM

Adding campaign nodes on Agile CRM

Say goodbye to unified marketing campaigns. For now, you will no doubt be creating different sections based on the capabilities of other customers. If you use pre-made marketing campaign templates, you can see what we have.

For Marketing Automation

  • Newsletter: Send an e-newsletter to get in touch, keep track of the opened email and click on the link
  • Autoresponder: Send an automatic email when customers perform certain activities. For example, send a PDF file when a customer submits the form. After that, you will send various emails later.
  • Lead Racking: Track leads’ actions and modify the ball game accordingly. Automatically edit the review and follow the leads’ journey as you connect with your brand name.
  • Social: Immediate involvement in target markets on Twitter You can collect leads that contain vital messages, discussed, retweeted, and checked your brand name. In marketing, you can send the customer a tweet as soon as they do preferred activities, such as B. Subscribe to a private network of your brand name.
  • A / B test: A split test of 2 different email processes

For SAAS campaigns

  • Registration Welcome: With the SAAS project, Agile can help you send a welcome email when there are contact details for SaaS items, email checklists, etc.
  • Test Conversion: Agile can track individual habits to indicate when contact is preparing to complete their registration. After that, messages are seen immediately to encourage at an ideal time.
  • User onboarding: You can create a personal onboarding system on your website. Agile helps shows the news at the right time and in the right area.

For Shopping campaigns

  • Cart Desertion: Send Cart Desertion emails at the expected times to bring customers back to your stores.
  • Target Discount: Send discount emails to customers at the ideal time based on their habits.
  • Overall, with these pre-built templates from Agile, services can create standard but efficient marketing campaigns that support marketing from the start during a customer journey.
  • The user interface for the workflow design is pretty intuitive and straightforward. Users certainly don’t need to invest even more time to understand exactly how the user interface works.

Web Rules – How to set up the automation?

Web Policies: Another great tool that allows you to instantly create automated activities that correspond to customer tasks on your website.

One of the primary uses of this feature is to show popups when customers stay in your store. With Agile, you can set web policies based on a team of problems, such as:

  • Page URL: Popup on which page to display
  • Referring URL: Show a popup when customers come from a selected referring LINK.
  • Device: Show a popup when the customer is using specific gadgets.

Agile CRM supports specific pre-built templates that you can use for popup design if you don’t have sufficient time, technology, and design skills. However, the templates are pretty standard and preferred. So if you want to design a beautiful and unique popup, you need to employ developers and designers.

Overall, the “Web Rules” feature in Agile allows you to create one of the standard and ground rules to collect email addresses for additional sales promotions on your website.

Group and email Forwarding – Helpdesk

This feature allows you to create multiple help desk teams with Agile, and the system will undoubtedly send tickets for all customers in the group. All tickets will certainly be available in the Agile UI in the ticket area. The creation is effortless and quick.

Each help desk team has a forwarding email that retrieves emails from customers and forwards them to team members. You can immediately set up this forwarding email as soon as you have checked the Agile standard to deliver emails.

Ticket Tags and Canned Reactions

In Agile, you can manage all tickets based on a tag system. If you work much like tags in contacts, you can arrange access, such as B. define the concern, determine the responsible person, and set up the tickets team.

Agile allows you to create multiple reactions in terms of pre-defined responses so you can quickly respond to customer needs before reaching them with a detailed response.

How is Agile CRM Functionality?

It’s hard to deny that Agile is one of the most user-friendly CRMs out there. The administrative user interface is undoubtedly quick and intuitive, despite being a non-technical person. Every significant feature can be performed with numerous clicks as the development team has experienced many models and models.

Agile CRM Customer Support

Agile CRM offers its customers multiple sources of customer support.

Customers can email Agile CRM 24 hours a day so customers can use the free package five days a week. Paid customers can contact the support team by email or phone between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST Monday through Friday.

Customer support
Customer Support

You can also conveniently schedule a phone call or chat online with an employee. If you are on the top tier package, Enterprise, you are sure to have a specialist account agent to assist you with any problem.

Agile CRM offers free webinars on its website to educate customers in addition to its articles. The company has social media site visibility on Twitter, Facebook, ConnectedIn, GitHub, and SlideShare, where customers may find practical details. Of course, it doesn’t make sense to anticipate a detailed Agile discussion forum database like the Titan Salesforce.

Agile CRM Money-Back Guarantee

The Agile CRM Monthly Subscription can be a monthly pay-as-you-go service. Annual and semi-annual subscriptions: As we offer generous discounts on our annual and semi-annual plans, these plans are non-refundable. You can cancel the service at any time, and you will not charge again.

Agile CRM Alternatives

The following CRM software program remedies are one of the most typical options that individuals and customers compare to Nimble CRM. The CRM software application is a widely used modern technology. Many people are looking for time-saving, easy-to-use software application services with advertising ROI analysis, campaign management, and partner relationship management. (prm). Other important variables to consider when examining options for Agile CRM are customer service and assimilation. We have compiled a checklist of remedial actions selected by the reviewers as the best available options and competitors for Agile CRM, including ActiveCampaign, EngageBay All-in-One Suite, SharpSpring, and Freshworks CRM.


That is the consummation! I hope you have a much deeper understanding of Agile CRM – a budget-friendly choice for small to medium-sized services. It covers a wide variety of elements related to managing customer partnerships pretty well. Conversion maximization is done correctly by integrating multi-channel data directly into a system and creating innovative reports to create the highest workflow for marketing and sales automation. However, if you need a highly centralized CRM covering all your business elements, you can check out various other top-level CRMs like Zoho CRM or Salesforce CRM.

If you are still wondering whether to rent this CRM, choose the free option in advance and indicate whether it is suitable for your company.

9 Total Score
Agile CRM Review

Agile CRM is a customer collaboration management platform usually designed for tiny to midsize companies. This cloud-based software application concentrates on incorporating sales, solutions, advertising, social media, and various other involvement opportunities to produce one centralized center for your customer reports, analytics, and marketing. Agile CRM provides a choice of rate levels, from a complimentary software program for tiny firms with ten people to an enterprise-level that sustains over 50 plug-ins and combinations with third-party websites as well as apps.

  • Gamification choice to enhance employee effectiveness
  • Handy automated attributes
  • Importing connect with fasts and basic
  • Smooth integration with applications like Skype and Facebook
  • Comprehensive includes on complimentary plan offer startups the opportunity to indulge in CRM services.
  • The intuitive interface, simple to make use of, even for newbies
  • An automated sales pipe system makes it less complex to shut deals
  • Starter bundle people can access simply one combination attribute.
  • Modification requires enhancement
  • Absence of tutorials for innovative features
  • Automation functions are testing to understand
  • Client service is somewhat lacking.
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