HostPapa Review(2023): Cheap Web Hosting for Small Businesses

HostPapa is an independent hosting provider with attractive features in its hosting plans and is particularly appealing to small businesses. HostPapa offers basic packages for $3.95 per month, but these are limited to 10 GB of storage space and 100 MB download size limits. In addition, hosting costs increase the longer you stay with HostPapa, so make sure you know how long you want your website up before signing up!

HostPapa is good if you want an independent company with solid pricing and good customer service. However, HostPapa is nowhere near good if you wish to maximum hosting features, a bigger, well-known brand, or international data centers.

What is HostPapa?

HostPapa is an excellent choice for online small businesses looking for unlimited features. With critically fast servers, a person-friendly interface, and great support, HostPapa’s plans offer superior value for their price!

Hostpapa review
Hostpapa Review

While we analyzed to list the fastest hosting providers, we came here through this humble but underrated hosting provider from Canada.

Having already followed the strategy of reviewing so many manufacturers, we decided to go the extra mile and try HostPapa. As we like to call it, the Honcho from Toronto.

But earlier than we get to the great things, I feel a wee little bit of an introduction is so as.

HostPapa had its humble beginnings as a dedicated and hosted feature provider, all again when most of us were still wearing diapers, the golden age of 2002.

The company soon discovered dizzying heights of success, one award after another, and even featured in Profit 500 Magazine as one of Canada’s fastest-growing companies!

Today they host more than 180,000 websites and offer their services not only in your home but in countries around the world too! They have also received plans to expand their protection by building data facilities in other strategic international areas.

We went ahead and bought an account with them and built a test site to see how well they work.

HostPapa Pricing and Plan

HostPapa had an excellent team of individuals after discussing their hosting plans. They have accounted for all types of customers!

pricing and plan
Pricing and Plan

Web Hosting

Your hosting plan can be the one we could advocate for as they have the right amount of features without being overly expensive.

Managed Web Hosting

Just like their hosting plan, however, managed. HostPapa only offers one managed web hosting plan and is relatively superior. However, that may allow you to sit back and relax while letting them do the heavy lifting.

They will type all the parts for you! The only factor to fear is the damage that will do to your checking account. At $39.95 per month, the cost isn’t exactly cheap.

WordPress Hosting

HostPapa’s WordPress hosting plans are somewhat similar to shared hosting plans, in addition to WordPress optimization. It’s a fantastic, hassle-free choice for small businesses looking to build small WordPress websites because WordPress and JetPack come upfront for free! Prices start at $3.95 to $12.95 per month.

VPS & Reseller Hosting

If you’re in the VPS internet hosting market or looking to resell internet hosting services, you’ll be happy to know that HostPapa has it! These business-based hosting options are not inexpensive. However, they offer features that cannot be accessed using standard shared Internet hosting services.

They offer a variety of prices for these plans to cater to customers who have entirely different needs. As good as these plans are, we think they are over the top for most people, and shared internet hosting plans are sufficient for many small business homeowners!

Overview of HostPapa Features

The Dedicated Server hosting platform consists of several pre-configured dedicated server options with a range of dedicated server OSes and hardware configurations. In addition, dedicated servers come with high-quality, 99.9% uptime network connectivity via 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps speeds and redundant power backups and RAID disk storage space for data protection.

However, HostPapa’s dedicated server hosting doesn’t come with a control panel or other management tools. In addition, you can’t purchase dedicated servers from HostPapa for the first six months of your account–to get around this restriction, you must sign up for a no-commitment free trial and upgrade to a paid version when you want to buy.

Speedy Servers

Hosting providers guarantee that their servers or data facilities are fast enough for their buyer’s audience, and we can easily find out that HostPapa’s servers are high-speed!

Overview of features
Overview of Features

We created a test site on their US data heart and served it from our server speed checker to see how it works on a worldwide stage. It turned out that we were more than happy with the results!

The Great White North provider ran significantly better than expected, and the fastest pings came from the USA at 11 ms!

They did reasonably well in places outside of Singapore (167 ms) and Germany (144 ms). The slowest ping came back here at 241 ms from Bangalore, which is still very fast, thinking about the different stones throws!

We were so impressed with the efficiency of HostPapa that we decided to go one step further and get two more accounts for the data facilities in Canada and Amsterdam.

The results from their Canadian data heart are even higher than those from the USA, with a worldwide frequency of 121.7 ms! It also ran well in Germany, London, US East, and US West with less than 100 ms. Even places as distant as Bangalore came back here in just 200ms!

The results of the server speed test prove that the Amsterdam server is not wrong and rock it at 143 ms, which is typical internationally! It ran the fastest in London with only 8 ms and very well in Germany with 14 ms. Only inertia indicators in Sydney and Japan were confirmed at 275 ms and 238 ms, respectively.

We’re happy with the server speed test, which confirms that HostPapa is fast almost anywhere in the world!

99.9% Uptime

For those unfamiliar, “uptime” is hosting slang for the length of time your website will remain active.

It is inconceivable that 100% availability requires due to server maintenance. However, a great hosting provider will try to provide at least 99% uptime for their customers.

However, we guarantee you; your website must update as much as possible. A website with availability of only 95% means that no one can shop in your online shop for almost three full weeks in the 12 months!

That’s 18 days of lost income while still spending money on overheads and operating expenses. That is not acceptable in any way.

Good Factor HostPapa is advantageous enough to offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee on all websites they host! Note that we now have a slight problem with the availability clause. We’re going to cover that up in a while, however.

Here are the available dates for our current test page.

If it falls below availability, please remind us to transfer it with HostPapa.

Uptime as of November 15, 2020 – 99.89% (HostPapa US – Uptime in Los Angeles)

# Uptime since November 26, 2020 – 99.94% (HostPapa Canada – Toronto’s Uptime)

## Uptime since November 26, 2020 – 99.97% (HostPapa Europe – Amsterdam’s Uptime)

FAST Speed!

We love HostPapa for its speed! But before we dive into the fine print, you may want to learn this briefly to examine why dynamics are so necessary to us.

We have already run a server speed test, as seen in Stage # 1. However, since the above, we also took the initiative to run a website speed test at to see how brisk the masses of their hosted websites are.

Most significant Contentful Paint results redisplay after 1.98 seconds. That shows that HostPapa’s loading speeds are fast enough to meet Vital Web’s needs! Unfortunately, it’s too unhealthy that the website test doesn’t test for FID or TBT, but we’re busy working on a solution for that, so stay tuned.

We don’t know precise what speed-increasing properties there are.

HostPapa hid from us because their facet load speeds are fast. However, we suspect that this is most likely due to the excellent SSD storage.

To show that this is not a coincidence, we conducted identical checks on the test websites hosted on their data facilities in Amsterdam and Canada: From these results, we will determine that HostPapa servers offer critical firepower. Furthermore, their website load speeds are consistently high across all data facilities, making them similar to the hosting giants in the industry.

We also suspect that their speed could result from the built-in Cloudflare CDN. When this option is enabled, HostPapa ensures that websites hosted with them can reduce loading speed by seconds, and offers visitors pleasant, fast personal expertise!

Exceptional worth with HostPapa!

Small business homeowners and freelancers are constantly looking for ways to maximize their value. Business can be inconsistent on occasion, and no one likes giving extra things out for necessities that they don’t realize they want.

With HostPapa, you will discover much value with unlimited extras accessible through your Business and Business Pro accounts. We talk about things like:

  • Unlimited SSD
  • Boundless web sites
  • Extensive electronic mail accounts

With these, you don’t have to worry about coughing up extra to pay for extra closet space, create different websites, or add email accounts for brand new hires!

HostPapa is already creating significant value for commercial homeowners; However, HostPapa wanted to throw in a few free perks to sweeten the deal.

Customers can enjoy a free domain name for 12 months with all their plans and improve security with free SSL from Let’s Encrypt!

They will also rearrange your area for a value of precisely nothing. If you received an updated website hosted by another provider, HostPapa would be happy to migrate it for you free of charge.

Very User Friendly

Many people are intimidated by the prospect of building a website, and actually, I don’t blame them. However, if I didn’t know about the basics of site building and I am here face to face with the wall of symbols that cPanel is, I sit there feeling like a deflated balloon.

It is an excellent factor that the loved ones at HostPapa realize the importance of making website creation accessible to newbies and making their User interface as personable as possible. You can manage the multifunctional interface for billing, domains, support, and add-on services.

If adding services is essential, you can click My Services and then click Add Services.

It would help if you were directed to a page to decide and choose which services to add to your website.

The simple dashboard won’t win any prizes.

However, it is highly efficient and incredibly intuitive what new customers are looking for.

To make things easier for those with much less expertise, HostPapa offers a simple click of the way to set up WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal through Softaculous.

If you want to build an online store, you can access “Setup” for Prestashop, Open Cart, and OS Commerce Cart with one click!

There’s also the straightforward to use website builder, which compliments the shared internet hosting accounts.

It’s not a zero. Even so, it’s free, makes for very polished websites, and may be very newbie-friendly (with lots of fair templates!) So no complaints. We won’t bore you with a tutorial on how easy it is to use. However, should you be looking for one, you have a page right here.

If you continue to find it challenging to get started with all of these instruments, feel free to contact their award-winning customer service called PapaSquad. They offer you a free 30-minute one-on-one hosting-related session.

Data Centers

Data facilities are tremendously necessary to ensure that your website accumulates quickly with your viewers. All of your website data is stored on the servers that reside in the data facilities. The closer the data heart is to your viewers, the less time it will take your website to point it out on their screens!

While most sub-par hosting providers only have data facilities in the US, The King of Canada will take a step up with its three world-class data facilities positioned in the following positions:

  • Canada, Toronto
  • USA, Los Angeles
  • Europe, Amsterdam

HostPapa ensures that their data facilities cover the entire United States, Europe, and the People’s Republic of Canada, thereby achieving certain fast loading speeds for audiences in those areas.

We would have liked it if you had a data heart in Asia aimed at companies that address target groups in this area. Many companies have started building data facilities in Singapore for this purpose.

However, if you want to move on with HostPapa and head for Asia, the pings from Singapore will be back here in just 160ms. Given space, that’s quick and enough to meet essential internet needs!

5 explanation why HostPapa will get the thumbs down!

So far, HostPapa appears as part of the crème-de-la-creme of hosting. However, every rose has its thorn in its side, and the Canadian supplier seems to be somewhat thorny. Here are just a few of the topics that politely don’t suit us.

No Speed Enhancing Software

Premium hosting providers offer all possibilities to increase the speed. The good guys develop software to increase the speed of caching know-how to improve the site load speed. SiteFloor’s SuperCacher contains thoughts.

Unfortunately, HostPapa seems to be absent from this department as there is no caching technology available.

After determining that it is necessary to note that HostPapa is relatively fast even without speed improvement software, as confirmed on the website, speed test up there in level 3.

Limited Data Center Coverage

We like HostPapa’s data facilities. They are fast and reliable!

We believe that with additional data facilities in other strategic areas, you may get better results. After all, nothing is healthier for the site’s loading speed than having the servers close to the viewer.

No Free Automatic Backup

HostPapa was almost a deal-breaker for me. Automatic backups are essential for these online businesses. If something is wrong with the site, a backup file can be reverted to at any time from a day or two in the past.

Unfortunately, HostPapa only offers this feature on their top-tier plans. As a result, users of the business plan and below provide their information manually, which we find unreasonable as many different providers offer free services.

If you want, you can pay for this service as an add-on. However, it could hurt us.

Shady checkout practices

Remember what we said about charging HostPapa for automatic backups? Well, when you check out, you automatically choose services that you may appreciate a lot more than expected.

If you don’t choose, you’ll pay an additional $19.95 for Power Website Security and an additional $19.95 for automatic backups for 12 months. Selling goods to those who are indecent seems to be a basic approach. Not excellent in any way, HostPapa, not calm.

The uptime Guarantee clause is a bit suspect.

It’s nice that HostPapa offers 99.9% availability assurance. However, we did our due diligence and found that the availability guarantee clause does not specify how the provider will compensate us if the availability falls below the SLA.

We did a little more digging, consulting PapaSquad on the matter, and concluded that the compensation diminishes upon further review.

Well, which means they choose not to compensate the person in any way. So while HostPapa is honest with its customers, it is disappointing not to have a transparent compensation clause.

HostPapa Customer Support

HostPapa’s website offers 24/7 live chat support and a knowledge base with over 2539 articles. If you need assistance, HostPapa will help ensure that your needs are met promptly and efficiently by one of their agents who can provide the most appropriate solution for you to take care of any issues or questions.

Customer support
Customer Support

In addition, HostPapa offers video clip tutorials, details on network status, and options for writing an email, sending a support ticket, opening a live chat, or contacting the support team by phone. Both chat and phone support are available around the clock. In addition, there are free webinars once a week and 30-minute one-on-one training sessions, which should certainly be recognized.

HostPapa does not currently have the main discussion forum. However, it provided the support they give to their individuals. So it’s not a significant problem.

HostPapa Money-back Guarantee

HostPapa is a web hosting company that offers industry-standard 30-day money-back guarantees on most of its plans. Plus, they’ll be happy to help you move an existing website from another host with no downtime!

You also get a free domain name for the 1st year. However, it does if you have signed up with them for at least a year.

HostPapa Alternatives

HostNoc is another Canadian web hosting provider that is similar to HostPapa. While HostNoc offers free daily backups and constant security monitoring. HostPapa includes free domain registration for each of its plans. Both competitors appear affordable, reliable, and trustworthy, so that the option may be for individual choice. If professional customer support is an essential variable for you, both HostPapa and Hostgator meet the standards. Hostgator provides a free SSL certificate to every User when it comes to hosting plans.

While you have to pay an extra cost with HostPapa, Bluehost is another strong opponent of HostPapa and one of the most preferred global hosting options. Even so, Bluehost doesn’t offer reseller hosting as an option, while HostPapa does. So if this is what you are trying to find, the choice is clear.

Doteasy is another Canada-based provider dedicated to providing high-quality yet budget-friendly hosting solutions to customers worldwide. Compared to HostPapa, Doteasy offers monthly payments for standard hosting plans. However, they are pretty expensive and do not come with a money-back guarantee.


The bottom line is that HostPapa offers an excellent, functional hosting service at an affordable price. However, if you’re running a large website or looking for more storage space and bandwidth than what’s offered in the basic packages, it may be worth spending some time researching other providers.

We hope this HostPapa review has been helpful to those of you who are considering signing up with them! If you have any questions about our findings here today, please leave us a comment below, and we’ll do our best to answer your inquiry as soon as possible!

8 Total Score
Hostpapa Review

When it comes to web hosting, HostPapa is an uninspired choice. Although the company does not offer any unique features and has poor performance compared to its competitors, one thing that makes this option worth considering is their easy-to-use control panel - something you won't find in many other established providers of website services.

  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Free domain
  • Unlimited disk space & data transfer
  • Free "PapaSquad" site migration service
  • Fast servers (PHP7, SSD & CacheCade Pro 2.0 caching).
  • Free SSL & CloudFlare CDN.
  • PapaSquad support team available 24/7.
  • Two domains are included in a basic plan.
  • Plans are packed with features.
  • SSD storage.
  • Outstanding uptime and speed.
  • Expensive renewal costs.
  • Automated site backups are just consisted of with Business Pro plan.
  • Concealed fees.
  • You need to pay additionally to unlock most of the valuable website builder features.
  • Not the cheapest hosting provider.
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