Pretty Links Review(2023): Best Tool For Manage Affiliate Link?

In WordPress, pretty Links is the perfect plugin for managing your affiliate links, redirects, and social relationships. Pretty Link allows you to conveniently reduce your workload by reducing all of those pesky tracking codes into a single link!

Other features include masking any URL from being copied or viewed (useful when posting sensitive information), tracking click-through data with each conversion code embedded within the final destination URL that will not be visible at first glance; last but not least, sharing these pretty URLs with friends via email or text message!

This article introduces the features of Pretty Links, pricing options, and more.

This review will introduce you to a small business that has been creating high-quality WordPress plugins for years!

Pretty Links is an all-in-one plugin for creating links on WordPress sites. This plugin includes a neat, straightforward way to direct visitors and share the content with them across multiple systems, including their existing website or external affiliate links.

Pretty Links Review
Home page

It lets you turn your long, unsightly affiliate links into pretty ones immediately. If you are a blog owner or an online affiliate marketer, this plugin has various features that allow you to include and arrange affiliate links in WordPress.

It’s also a link-shortening tool that can help you chop down your blog posts and pages. You can share links on social networking systems and in your email campaigns. Unlike other URL-shrinking services like TinyURL and, this plugin lets you create quick links from your domain.

PrettyLinks is more important than a link management tool. It also has a link-tracking function. An appeal to your pretty LINK follows simultaneously, providing a complete record of the traffic source, web browser, operating system, host, etc.

Pretty Links is a free WordPress plugin that you can use to make your website more accessible.

Pretty Links Lite, the lightweight version of Pretty Link’s popular software, has just been released by developers at JoomlaWorks. It promises to fix all issues for those who want an easy-to-use, reliable link-shortening service, any frills, or extra features to easily create long links. For example, the navigation bar on this site will take you directly where you need to if clicking anywhere else doesn’t work for some reason!

Pretty Links Pricing Review
Pricing and Plan

For more features and options, you must purchase the pricing plans. There are three different pricing plans: Beginner, Marketer, and Super Affiliate.

Many people are trying to find a way to cut down on their monthly bills, and the easiest way for many is with bundling. Unfortunately, the beginner plan typically gives you back $79 annually. Still, it allows you access from any website because its functions consist of sophisticated forwarding types that can help create neat links or vehicle link keywords, among others.

The Marketer Plan typically brings you back $99 annually. With this plan, you can use the plugin on up to 5 websites. It consists of all the features of the beginner plan and includes sophisticated add-ons. The Marketer plan is the best option for those looking to start a website business. The more advanced plugins included in this plan will allow you complete control over all aspects of your site while giving it a professional look and feel that potential customers expect from an established company.

The Super Affiliate Plan is really for beginners who have already made a few bucks online and want to take their marketing skills up another notch. It costs $149 per year, so if you’re starting with your first website, this may not be what you need yet. You get plugin permissions on 25 sites that allow customization of websites without relying too heavily on templates in high demand right now or risk being penalized by Google’s updates (although it does offer support).

Pretty Links is an indispensable and easy-to-use WordPress plugin with a tidy user interface.

You need to install the plugin on your WordPress site to get started. If you need a detailed overview, please see our tutorial on installing a WordPress plugin below.

After the plugin has been set up on your site, you need to trigger the plugin permission. Visit Pretty Link “Activate Pro from your WordPress control panel and enter your plugin permission.”

After you’ve triggered your plugin permission, you can check the plugin’s settings by going to Pretty Link’s options.

With the initial selection “General,” you can insert an alternative LINK for your site. For example, if you have an additional domain that specifies your WordPress installation, you can trigger this selection by checking the box.

After each product is selected, there is a quick notice label that you can click to learn more about what the selection will allow you.

The second option, Links, allows you to configure your default link options.

You can choose a default redirect type, allow tracking, allow non-tracking, define slug personality issues, allow Google Analytics, and much more from this selection. To enable Google Analytics, you need Beast In views, or Google Analyticator set up on your website.

You will most likely hit the “Add New Link” button to create your cute first link.

First, you can select a forwarding type. Then, numerous types of redirection are supported, consisting of 301 irreversible, 302 short-lived, 307 short-lived, pretty bars, and so on. For example, we’ve selected a short-lived redirect in the screenshot, as we’re most likely adding a close link for an affiliate link.

Next, you’ll need to enter your destination URL. You can include an internal link on your website or an external affiliate link there. For example, we had Avada WordPress’s partner LINK in the screenshot above.

Then you will see a PrettyLink slug instantly created by the plugin. The auto-generated slug is any mix of letters, so you can change and offer an excellent, easy-to-check name. In the above case, we used the style’s name, Avada, as a pretty pink snail.

Next, you can add a title for your pretty link. In this case, we had the style’s name, Avada, as the title.

You can also add notes to your link.

First of all, you can add your link to a team. Then, you can organize your links by putting them into sections. Finally, if you have pre-built units, choose one from the options or create a brand new one by hitting the Add New Group button.

In this case, we selected the pre-made team partner links to create and configure teams in front of links. Thus, you can most likely be in Pretty Link groups.

Next, you can check the “Don’t Follow” option. It is checked by default, as we would surely set it using the default link options.

You can then select options for routing and tracking criteria.

Under the advanced options, you will see options. This selection consists of connection automation functions.

You can specify the selection of the end link. However, it would help if you carefully choose a link to stop redirecting after the connection. You can include a list of keywords you would like to change using this link on your blog posts and pages.

In this case, we’ve included two style keywords. But, again, the variety of keyword substitutions can specify from the plugin options.

After setting up all the link options, click the Create button to keep your link.

Pretty Links lets you include your pretty links on your blog posts. You can either create a cute brand-new link in a message or use a cute existing link.

To include an excellent link in your blog post, open your blog post editor in the aesthetic environment. There you will see an Insert PrettyLink Icon in the toolbar.

Clicking the icon will bring up options for inserting a brand new link.

If you want to use a somewhat existing link, you can click the Use an Existing PrettyLink option.

Adding pretty links to your WordPress blog posts and pages is easy.

After you’ve added lots of excellent links, finished the content, and published your blog post, you may want to create a short link for the blog post that you can share on social networks and various other systems. PrettyLinks makes it easy.

On the blog post editor page, you’ll see a brand new switch next to your permalink edit switch: Get Shortlink.

Click the link, and you’ll get a short link for your blog post.

Now you can replicate the link and share it on your social systems or send it to your email customers.

Viewing and Sharing Your URLs

You can find excellent links in your control panel to see the neat links you’ve developed. There you will see your list of dashboards.

When you hover over a link, you’ll see various Twitter sharing icons, email icons, click stats, link editing, and more.

If you want to share a cute link, compose a message, click the Twitter icon listed below, and share it. You can also share the cute link in emails.

Three click installation

Installing Pretty Links will only take you three clicks because the plugin is hosted on a third-party site and not our own. The first link in your Pretty Links dashboard allows you to set up your affiliate account with Amazon, ShareASale, Commission Junction, and LinkShare (with more networks coming soon!).

We then automatically display your Amazon Affiliate and ShareASale links in a pretty format. Still, we keep a Word doc of your original URLs handy for you to switch back anytime.

If you are using the internet to shop for just about anything, then the chances are that Amazon has been your go-to site at some point or another. However, not many people know when they click on an ad link like this:

It sends them directly to their desired destination without any ads in between!

The Pretty Links links look much better and easier to track in Google Analytics:?,b0012345,123456

Google Analytics Integration

If you have a website with multiple pages using affiliate links, you would want to see how many clicks and conversions your links bring in Google Analytics. Pretty Links will automatically track conversion data for you (for Amazon, ShareASale, and Commission Junction) so that all you have to do is enable it using a simple checkbox!

If you don’t have Google Analytics yet, I recommend looking into it as a handy tool for all website owners. If your experience with Pretty Links has been good (or bad), please comment on the blog post about this plugin.

Easy to use

Link text is the most important part of any website. Make your links more appealing to visitors by making them easy on the eyes; incorporate a good design with an eye-catching color scheme and font size for increased visibility!

“Pretty Links are an easy way to make our link text more attractive, but did you know that having pretty content isn’t enough? To jazz up our website’s content without wasting time or money, visit this page:

They have several options that come in handy when formatting for different needs, such as conversion tracking, emphasizing the importance and relevance of certain points, or just making it look nicer in general.

Permanent (301) Redirects

Pretty Links allows you to save time by redirecting your affiliate links. You can edit any existing ones from your settings page and insert them into our form, automatically doing all the work for you so that they are redirected permanently!

Pretty Link is a handy redirect tool because it saves users tons of time with its automatic features. What’s great about this particular feature is how easy it makes saving old articles or websites as well-known destinations where one previously could not be found on search engines such as Google without having an account there too; thus, Pretty Link lets people who don’t have these accounts still use their domain name elsewhere to make sites appear more professional online than before!

If you want another way to track how many clicks and conversions a specific link gets, we have added the ability to easily track links using parameters. The Pretty Link Tracking feature is under the Redirects settings page, where you can enter any affiliate link with a unique tracking name like ‘commission.’

If you have a business or blog website and want to make money online, I highly recommend checking out Amazon’s Associate’s Program (affiliate program) – it’s straightforward to use, and there are no monthly fees or contracts. If you are a developer, pretty links are open source and downloaded from our WordPress Plugin Directory page.

Pretty Links Customer Support is great if you need immediate assistance. It’s a paid service that gives direct access to the developers, who will help out in any way they can with your link shortener.

Customer Support
Customer Support

Pretty Link is a service that allows you to contact the developers, who will assist and help out as needed. What I like most about Pretty Link’s customer support is their availability and their helpfulness when it comes to any issues or concerns that may arise at any time of day.

Pretty links provide an excellent way for those using our link shortener software (or anyone looking into doing so) to have direct access if assistance from one of us!

PrettyLink has an unconditional 14-day return policy on all products, which means the buyer can get their money back without asking any questions after two weeks.

One thing to keep in mind is if you’ve received a refund previously and then bought again – this new purchase would not count towards your original turnaround time of fourteen days from when our last date of sale (meaning it’s only been 2 or 3 business days).

Pretty links are a nifty tool for those starting in affiliate marketing. It allows you to track and manage your link cloaks and other useful features that can improve the way you market online.

If looking into alternatives, though, we recommend trying this handy tool: AAWP, Lasso, or ThirstyAffiliates Pro (among many others).


The plugin is effective for link management, automation, affiliate management, and short links. It has a full suite of functions that allow you to include affiliate links and arrange and manage various other associations. In addition, you can conveniently collapse your links and turn them into pretty links.

Using this tool is relatively easy. Anyone who knows the WordPress user interface can use this plugin. You don’t need coding skills to use this plugin to manage your links like a pro.

Pretty Link is a fantastic plugin for bloggers, social media marketers, and affiliate marketers. It’s the perfect solution to make WordPress links memorable without sacrificing aesthetics or convenience!

9 Total Score
Pretty Links Review

Pretty Links is a plugin for WordPress that makes your links look cleaner and can show you how many clicks any given link has. Pretty Links also allows users to categorize their links into groups, so they don't have to individually track them all over the place.

  • It's effortless to shorten/clock your awful associate links.
  • The plugin swiftly tracks particular clicks and interest your associate links.
  • Smooth and intuitive user interface.
  • Numerous types of redirection.
  • Create 3-4 character slug or create customized URL slugs.
  • Track clicks per link.
  • Track distinct clicks per link.
  • Personalized link setups and tracking features.
  • Budget-friendly link management solution.
  • 14-day trial with a money-back guarantee.
  • No Pretty Links button intended for WordPress Gutenberg block editor.
  • I can't schedule links.
  • No automated link health and wellness and wellness mosaic.
  • The Social Media features can have been much better.
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