Tailwind Review(2023): A Perfect Pinterest and Instagram Automation Tool

Tailwind is a marketing application specially designed for Pinterest and Instagram. Great for bloggers, online businesses, and businesses with online stores, this tool conveniently simplifies the processes associated with marketing social media websites.

That gives you access to features such as content discovery, message scheduling, and discussion tracking. It helps you measure results in real-time to adjust your marketing strategies as needed as soon as possible.

What is Tailwind?

It is a new browser extension designed to provide additional benefits to users who are interested in blogging. However, unlike other similar extensions, Tailwind has an internal scheduling system that ensures your updates release at the optimal time for maximum presence and revenue from the increased traffic.

Tailwind Review
Home page

This planning system base on a new algorithm based on the mathematical algorithms of the Google search engine. It contains data provided by the tribes of the blogging community.

With this new application, Tailwind, you can choose between different advertising programs to increase visibility in search engine results and get more traffic.

These programs are based on the design of the application and the website’s design and, therefore, directly impact the income generated.

For example, a well-designed application can encourage a blogger to post more frequently about your services or products, resulting in increased traffic for you. The more traffic you attract, the greater the chance to make more sales and make more money.

Hence, Tailwind is a valuable tool that bloggers can use to create and schedule their articles, increasing their chances of making more and generating more revenue from their websites.

This application is similar in style to the popular FrontPage scheduler but based on the same principles and the need for a good traffic source and many links to get more traffic.

Tailwind Pricing and Plan

Tailwind Review Price, Pinterest Plus accounts start at $14.99/month, and Instagram Plus account prices start at $14.99/month. If you add some preparation for the Pinterest creative loop, it will cost $4.99 per month.

Tailwind Pricing Review
Pricing and Plan

And Pinterest tailwind price trunks will cost you $4.99. It will help you expand your Pinterest account. Tailwind pricing is inexpensive, and the pocket-friendly price depends on the social media account and features.

If you choose the Tailwind annual pricing plan, you’re sure to get a $60 savings on both your intended Pinterest Plus accounts, which will cost you $9.99 per month with an annual subscription.

Tailwind Price The Instagram Plus plan will undoubtedly cost you $9.99 per month for an annual subscription. It indicates that an Interest Plus account and an Instagram Plus account for a yearly subscription are, in fact, $120.

Now allow Lookout all Tailwind pricing plans and where there are two main strategies and add a project for Pinterest. And you are sure to get a free program with no time limit. Instagram Plus plans $14.99 per user per month.

Overview of Tailwind Features 

Pinterest has 250 million regular individuals monthly, 81% of whom are willing and women to buy too, suggesting that you need to be on Pinterest as a business owner! A whopping 87% of Pinterest people bought from something they saw on Pinterest.

Sounds good? As with any other social media platform, the big question is exactly how to get the most out of the system. How and when do I pin something, and what content should I arrange?

A Pinterest planner like Tailwind can save you hours of hands-on pinning, controlling, and finding quality content. Without them, you could lose 2 to 3 hours a day just pinning/sharing the relevant content to your boards.

Pinterest Marketing 

Before Tailwind helps you, you need to make sure your post includes pin-worthy images.

The most accessible average to do this is to create a Pinterest image for your post on Canva.com. I use a template that makes it very easy to develop for any blog post.

Where it can take a lot of time to put those pen-worthy pictures back in your old post, but well worth it because why not let brand new people check out your lovely things?

You require to make sure that all your old blog messages are pinned to your blog board on Pinterest when you find pin-worthy images in your blog articles.

If you haven’t already set up the board, ship it now.

That is the only forum devoted to your contribution, nothing else. Each of your other boards will indeed contain a combination of your content and that of other people. However, this board is for your messages only.

Go ahead and start pinning your blog posts to this forum when you do. I would certainly recommend that you do this with a scheduling tool like CoSchedule or Buffer for more automation.

Whatever you do, don’t close all of your blog posts at once. That will “warn” your account on Pinterest and create your Pins to leave the Pinterest map!

The brand new SmartLoop function from Tailwind will soon make your life a lot easier. For now, however, do this for the preliminary posts you have on your blog-specific forum.

It’s all part of their algorithm. So always come back to another committee from your blog board. That’s the golden rule.

Pinterest Scheduling 

For example, let’s say you’re looking for a tool that can make your pinning routine a lot more effective. Save your time and allow yourself to be active on Pinterest when you’re doing other things – or on vacation -. Tailwind is the only tool that many winners will no doubt recommend to you.

Additionally, when deciding whether Tailwind is worth the money, you should think about the various other functions of Tailwind, which:

  • planning
  • Looping
  • Profile performance
  • Board insights
  • Pin inspector
  • Communities
  • Tailwind for Instagram

Some of the Tailwind features are free and accessible to the account. Some only want to be available if you choose a paid version.

If that’s enough for you, you’ll get the basic plan; Look here. And remember, you can get a free trial as well.

Pinterest Analytics & Reporting 

The key to making your new approach to social content analysis work is discovering your reports. Without a careful examination of what type of content works well, you will have unscientific evidence. You don’t want to use pinning away all the time to show absolutely nothing.

In this Pinterest overview, you can find out how to check the analyzes of the networks. You can use your data to make informed decisions and structure your content plan to your advantage. To get started, you need to make sure that your Pinterest account is a business account.

When someone else creates Pins from your claimed website, your profile picture will appear as subtle branding. Having an organizational account and declaring your website are the two basic steps to getting your analytics on.

If you’re sure to want to go further, there are a few more options for you.

  • Install a save switch on your website so that users can pin it easily. Analysis information is also generated, which Pins use to send you reference data from Pinterest.
  • Add a Pinterest tag to determine the actions a person will take after viewing your Sponsored Pin.
  • Add rich pins for your apps, items, and articles too. These provide a bit more information in the PIN when a customer Pins from your website.

I have to assume that by now, you realize what Pinterest is. If you don’t, the only thing I have to worry about is how long you have lived under this great rock? Because Pinterest is one of the fastest-growing sites and patterns on the internet, people are crazy about it.

Once the significant addiction was Twitter and Facebook, individuals continually pin pictures to their Pinterest board and exchange ideas with close friends.

Pinterest has launched as the # 1 website traffic recommendation for several image-friendly websites. While it is a reliable buzz marketing tool, it still tracks effectively. Avoid a device of your interest in advance.

Pinterest Analytics Tools:

Tailwind Communities 

Do you use Tailwind Communities for Pinterest? Tailwind Communities are niche-themed communities of work nuts who are motivated to share your content to promote their content! It’s a groundbreaking Pinterest marketing strategy for increased presence and also website traffic that gets Pins!

I think everyone has to use Tailwind Communities for their Pinterest marketing strategy. Just

Groups of trusted coworkers develop communities that focus on summarizing content on a particular topic or niche of passion. Tribemates add excellent content to their tribe, a feed.

In short, Tailwind Communities allows you to promote your content for niche content that you want to share on your Tailwind roster. You no longer have to spend hours browsing content on Pinterest to create the flawlessly curated Pinterest feed. People make it easy to find fresh, new content.

Finally, you will save time and improve the visibility of your pins with the help of tailwind stems. I use them every day to discover an assortment for my customers. Still, my favorite feature of Tailwind Tribes is the tremendous increase in the visibility and repins of my content.

There is no easier way to share your content for growth that generates growth! Check out this article to see 2.1 million impacts after just a month of using Tailwind Communities.

Tailwind SmartLoop

At Tailwind, we know that Pinterest online marketers want to save time and consistently re-share evergreen content (aka looping). Pins have allowed a lot of people to do just that.

Stay energized with minimal initiative and leave the complex spreadsheets behind! Add your Pins to SmartLoop when we give them away to you forever.

More intelligent planning and re-sharing on Pinterest can save you time while keeping your time.

Account energetically, risk-free and make sure that your content reaches the people who undoubtedly deal with it.

With SmartLoop, you can create a loop of handpicked pins from your boards, secret boards, or group boards. It’s easy to get started with SmartLoop! Check out more articles in the SmartLoop Knowledge Base!

Instagram Marketing 

Tailwind’s Instagram marketing functions are now one of the most popular social media networks – with over 1 billion active people per month. There are no more social media to scroll over images of

Cat memes food. Instagram is a severe social media network that influencers and business people use to keep winning.

You can uncover the best Instagram marketing tools to take your Instagram visibility to the next level.

Instagram Scheduling 

Tailwind Review Features Instagram Scheduler is a request that allows you to set up the articles and upload the content immediately. It will undoubtedly provide hashtag recommendations and analysis as well.

These tools use as an Instagram marketing tool. This Instagram automation certainly offers creative planning that suggests the optimal time to organize the posting.

This Instagram content scheduling option will surely help you maintain your content.

Stay fresh and consistent. When taking care of your social media and scheduling Instagram messages, you most likely need a tool to get the job done.

Tools like Sked Social, Buffer, Hootsuite, Tailwind, Sprout Social, OnlyPult, and Iconosquare are the most popular.

I urge you to discover a more extensive blog post than this one. If I missed a tool, please.

Let me know in the comments!

You will find many of these planning tools that, in addition to Instagram, can also be used to schedule articles on various other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Tumblr, and Google.

Instagram Planner 

Create on the go with complementary tools and innovative insights from Tailwind Review, your brand new Instagram intelligent assistant! Tailwind’s NEW and improved Instagram mobile planner provides:

  • All the knowledge and tools you need to plan.
  • Routines.
  • Auto-post the ideal Instagram feed.

Expand your reach and engagement with time-saving Instagram tools like HASHTAG FINDER that you can’t get anywhere else.


Obtain smart hashtag suggestions unique to every post


Post individual pictures or video clips and post them directly to your Instagram feed.


We like to sit down and take Pins and Instagram posts in one day for a whole month. Now we can both establish it and forget about it (see you next month). Tailwind saves a lot of time in my schedule.

It’s so easy to use and handy with all of the hashtags, the timing of messages, etc. It takes all the uncertainties out of social media. It is ideal for active organizers.

Tailwind is a primary Instagram affiliate tool that suggests using it with your personal, creator, or business account 100% securely.

Overwhelmed with editing your Instagram via Hootsuite, Buffer, Later, Planoly, Preview, Plann, or among the other competing Instagram planner tools? Tailwind’s Instagram planner is more innovative and much more helpful!

Tailwind Customer Support 

Tilewind’s goal in helping reviews is to make world-class marketing easy for you. Whatever your experience or skill level, we’re here to help!

Customer Support
Customer Support

Please visit the Tailwind blog if you need help getting your content off the ground or starting a new marketing project.

We have a unique collection of articles that will help you market a lot, from your Pinterest video game to your Instagram game. There is a unique training course that can help you increase your website traffic with Pinterest!

If you need help starting and using Tilewind, please see the Tailwind Video Guide and Search Knowledge Base.

If you have any questions about defining your approach or using Tailwind, please call us directly. It has a dedicated customer success team to help you.

Tailwind Money-Back Guarantee 

Tailwind is a company who specializes in designing and operating digital media campaigns. They use their expertise to help clients take advantage of the power that social media has on advertising, but they don’t offer refunds after you purchase their services which means it’s up to you if we’ll put your money where our mouth is!

Tailwind Alternatives

Tailwind the cheap price competitors you are looking for alternatives to tailwind reviews? Many people want social media management software to help with social measurement, content interaction analysis, and confirmation.

It is challenging to learn whether or not the software you have chosen is right for you. We have compiled a list of social media management software that customers have voted best overall compared to Tailwind.

With customer data, you can see precisely how Tailwind is doing against the competition, check reviews from current and past customers, and find the most effective solution for your business. Hootsuite, Zoho Social, Sprout Social, and Later are the most popular alternatives and competitors to Tailwind.


The top tailwind feature and low price made it easy to post routine content on Pinterest. However, they have also created a complete toolkit that marketers and bloggers can use to drive relevant website traffic to their website.

The insights Pinterest gleaned straight into Tailwind give you a complete picture of how exactly your aesthetic content is performing. With the improvement of Tailwind Communities, there is no reason not to reach more people with your content.

8.5 Total Score
Tailwind Review

Tailwind is the full Pinterest & Instagram marketing toolkit for blog owners and companies of all dimensions. Set up blog posts, uncover content, screen discussions, magnify your reach, and also procedure results all with one tool.

6.8User's score
  • Tailwind is designed to help businesses build brand awareness on Instagram by executing smart and easy marketing tactics like creating branded hashtag campaigns and scheduling posts in advance.
  • Tailwind also offers a lot of customization options for your business's profile page, including changing the colors from black to white or blue based on what you are looking for.
  • Tailwind also has a filter for when you want to post certain types of posts, like an Instagram story or video.
  • Tailwind will use best-in-class technology to help you reach your goals.
  • Tailwind currently costs $199 per month. With this price point, Tailwind is not the most affordable option out there and can be a bit pricey for businesses looking for more budget-friendly options.
  • It does not offer any free trial version so companies looking to try out Tailwind before signing up are going to have to take on a pretty big risk
  • Tailwind does not offer any customer support outside of living chat which can be a problem for some business owners who are looking for more in-depth explanations and guidance.
  • They do not have integrations with other social media management tools like Hootsuite or Buffer so businesses that use those platforms will find it.
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