Wrike Review(2023): Award-Winning, But Is It Worth?

Wrike is a company that has been devoted to providing the best enterprise-grade collective work management platform for small and medium-sized companies.

Wrike helps with collaboration, efficiency, and communication among employees in every industry. Wrike’s goal is to help your team do their most good job regardless of where they are located. Wrike has helped many businesses all over the world get much more done by working remotely.

This blog post will review Wrike’s features, benefits, pricing options, and more!

What is Wrike?

A growing number of people are looking for a more efficient way to organize and manage their time. Wrike is an American company that provides project management applications, which allow companies across the globe to maximize productivity through effective task assignment, collaboration with clients or co-workers on shared projects, and simple document sharing at any point in the process.

Wrike Review
Home Page

Wrike has been ranked as one of America’s Top 100 Companies by Forbes magazine since 2007 due to its dedication to providing innovative solutions tailored specifically towards customers’ needs while also helping businesses reach new levels of success from anywhere worldwide!

It is a digital work management tool that lets users track and coordinate projects, combining an easy user experience and interface with enough depth for power users.

Wrike is a superb and versatile hub where teams collaborate and track work, whether ongoing or complex.

Wrike Pricing and Plan

After that, if money is nothings, Wrike has great deals to offer bigger teams with multiple jobs in the jobs. Wrike incorporates the most significant team chat systems, uses various forms of task management, gives great degrees of network security, and great deals of project templates to speed along the procedure.

The following price for this product is calculated at $9.80/month per customer. So despite a small group of 5 customers, you’ll pay at least $588 per year. That doesn’t look like much, but if your team is smaller, you are most likely looking for ways to save money in each location.

Wrike Pricing Review
Pricing and Plan
  • Free:  Up to 5 customers, easy task checklists
  • Professional:  $9.80/ month per customer– Up to 15 customers, complete project preparation and partnership features
  • Business:  $24.80/ month per customer– Up to 200 customers, all the features consisted of the Professional plan, added customization capacities, described reporting.
  • Marketers:  Pricing worked out with the customer– Unlimited customers, a custom-made system for the customer.
  • Enterprise:  Pricing worked out with the customer– Unlimited customers, a custom system with sophisticated security and control features

Overview of Wrike features

Wrike offers many features that are just as good or better than the competition, and you don’t have to break your bank account for them.

While not every one of its features offers natively, Wrike provides great deals of various integrations and attachments to fill out the voids.

Ease of Use

Previously, I discussed how easy I found Wrike’s user interface to be. Everything I needed was right in front of me, and I didn’t have to worry about browsing through all the significant features. For example, creating a task became extremely easy by clicking “+ New Task” on the left fifty percent of the display in any project, bringing up the job, and specifying the task in the Task Panel on the right. Including added project information and updating task progress based on the control panel home window. It was very straightforward.

I could browse this tool with minimal direction, which is essential for any project management software application. Multiple project management options are typically when clients need to be trained and retrained repeatedly on a complex system. Is Wrike as simple as various other items like Basecamp? Not exceptional, but it has twice the capacity.

In reality, this system informed me of Asana with added power. Wrike offered specific reporting features limited to clients, task requirements, duration, budget plans, allocated hours, and whether I wanted the information in a table or column format.

Security Features

Wrike allows you to encrypt all of your data not to be read by anyone other than yourself. In addition, you have full control over which tricks are encrypted, allowing for a more customized experience.

Single sign-on (SSO) integrations: Wrike incorporates multiple prominent SSO providers, such as Okta, Shibboleth, Google Authenticate. This allows you to use a single account for access across all of your devices and platforms without the need for individual logins or passwords on each device.

You’re in charge of protecting your data, and that means more than just a password. Fortunately, with Wrike’s 2FA option, you have an added layer of security to help keep the bad guys out!

Advanced account authorizations:  Protect your possessions by utilizing granular permissions (task, team, and project) controls to limit accessibility to just the right customers.

Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) integrations:  Monitor and stop dubious customer tasks, such as significant data exfiltration and alterings.

Management and Preparation Features

Wrike is a project management app that helps you organize your tasks and priorities. You can easily assign due dates, tag team members responsible for them, attach files from the cloud or local storage to each task as needed and track progress with updates on every detail. Wrike also reminds users of upcoming deadlines, so they do not miss anything!

Block time off for your team in advance to avoid the headache of trying to find a date that suits everyone. With shared calendars, you can see all other events and work schedules at-a-glance, so there’s never an issue with availability again!

Resource management is a means of tracking team sources, such as work and timesheets. In addition, resource adds an add-on resource supervisor to the mix for more intricate insight into your teams’ resources with timekeeping features that are customizable by user preference.

I can’t believe how easy it is to track my time with Wrike’s Resource Add-on! It lets you set up different work tasks, and you get an overview of where all your resources are being used. And the best part? You don’t have to enter anything manually – everything happens automatically.

Premade templates:  Wrike provides several premade templates, from marketing jobs to product development, that will certainly enable you to leap right into the activity with marginal prep work time.

Documentation features

It’s great to see that everything is in one place, no matter how many places you create documents.

You can be sure there are never any files floating around on the internet because Wrike has got it all under control and puts your work into a central location where they belong. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that anything thrown out or given up for lost is still safe as if nothing ever happened!

One of Wrike’s greatest features is its ability to store all sorts of files, including images and PDFs.

Create a work plan, store files and collaborate with team members in one central location to ensure that nothing gets lost or forgotten. All you need are some good habits!

Collaboration features

Wrike is a project management software with features to help you keep track of it all. From creating tasks, to file sharing and team control panels, Wrike has everything that an organization needs for managing projects from start to finish.

With the ability to create private project control panels in Wrike which tracks progress over time and offer energetic tasks, underway missions, or terminated jobs on top of finished ones, your group can stay up-to-date with each other while collaborating remotely – even when not at work!

You’ll get notifications about what everyone else’s current focus is, so you’re never left out of any loop again–even one outside the office hours because communication doesn’t need natural light cycles as long as there are screens involved!

Budgeting features

Wrike provides customers the capacity to create customized spending plan reports in their report Building tool. If you’re seeking a spending plan control panel, you can make one utilizing their “custom fields” feature under the significant project control panels.

Through this customization option, users can set up custom labels for projects and tasks. Hence, they have more power over how much time is spent on what matters most to them- all while having access to customizable data charts that compare hours or expenses against each other by month, quarter or year; even if it’s a, ross multiple teams!

Benefits of Using Wrike

Wrike has a lot going for project leaders, that it’s challenging to narrow down my list of perks. However, my favorites have to be the easy-to-use interface and various forms of task management. While using Wrike, I never felt like I was looking for a project task, feature, or result.

First Benefit

Everything I need to browse Wrike is managed by choosing the main foods at the top of the display or sidebar. All jobs stay on the ideal side of the show with a sub-folder system for each function, team, and requirement.

Wrike does not use well-known elegant terms to define the functionality of its software application. This saves customers a lot of time to find out how their product works. For example, everyone recognizes which inbox control panels. Reports are, and Wrike is benefiting from it.

Second Benefit

As for the 2nd advantage, I liked that Wrike provides its customers multiple task management tracking forms. If I desire a kanban system, I have obtained it. Suppose I want Gantt charts, no worry. If I like a short task list, it’s okay there for me. I pick just how my project is established up and tracked. This versatility is necessary, expressly if one technique confirms to be extra efficient than an additional while taking care of various jobs and teams.

Final Benefit

The final benefit of its security, which is usually forgotten in a project management software application. They offer the typical functions for identification management, e.g., B. two-factor verification (2FA) and single sign-on (SSO). In addition, the company has expanded its security device to include critical encryption management and the integration of Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB).

Those unfamiliar with CASBs are systems that allow detailed monitoring, management, and control of your possessions stored in the cloud.

Because many people work from home and many organizations are moving all of their facilities to the cloud. Unfortunately, many companies are not prepared for the change Assets are left unsafe by experts. Without your understanding, employees (and even cyberpunks) can pull data from dangerous cloud systems.

A CASB will help you identify where your possessions are, establish guidelines for their use, give the right customers access, and alert you to any dubious task. Wrike is currently open to working with major CASB vendors to help protect your data from saboteurs and intruders.

I love Wrike and its focus on software application protection. These traits show a particular maturation that various other project management systems have not yet welcomed – this element enables Wrike to compete for project management in the company’s close seriously.

Wrike Customer Support

One of the foremost informative tests of any company is how it interacts with its customers. Wrike provides multiple sorts of support for its users. Take a glance at the list below:

Customer Support
Customer Support
  • Phone: If you’re on any paid plan, you’ll contact Wrike directly by phone. Phone support is out there 24/5 for paying Wrike users and 24/7 for users who purchase the premium support plan (contact Wrike for pricing).
  • Email: Email support is out there for all users, even those on the free program.
  • Live Chat: Contact a support representative in seconds via Wrike’s live chat. Find live chat within your dashboard and on Wrike’s website.
  • In-Software Help: you’ll access the live chat from your Wrike dashboard. You’ll also access the assistance center by clicking “Help” in your drop-down account menu.
  • Help Center: Wrike’s help center is pretty thorough, with information on workspaces, integrations, and everyone other aspects of the program.
  • Community Forum: Wrike has a lively community forum, which is searchable within the assistance center.
  • Videos: Like most web-based software companies, Wrike provides several tutorial videos. Most videos are between three and five minutes. Additionally to the shorter help videos, Wrike also provides past editions of its live webinars, which are worth await an in-depth view of how Wrike works.
  • Training: If you’d instead participate in the webinar face to face, you’ll check in together with your name and email. Webinars are available a few times a month. Wrike also provides its educational program, Wrike Discover, which you’ll use to learn more about using the software.
  • Blog: Wrike’s blog contains both project management tips and merchandise news.
  • Social Media: Wrike has active accounts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Wrike Money-Back Guarantee

We’ve been using Wrike for a few weeks now, and while it’s not the best software we’ve ever seen, some compelling features make us want to stick with them. In particular, they offer a 14-day free trial, so you can check out their service without any risk or commitment – which is great if you’re feeling unsure about committing your time and company resources in exchange for an unknown quantity of product.

It also doesn’t have a money-back guarantee like most other products on this list; instead, they provide obvious information detailing what type of refund policies apply when customers sign up through different channels (on-premise vs. cloud).

Wrike Competitors

Wrike isn’t the only option for project collaboration software. Explore other competing options and alternatives. Project collaboration software may be a widely used technology, and many people are looking for time-saving, easy-to-use software solutions with notifications, file sharing, and document collaboration.

Other essential factors to consider when looking for alternatives to Wrike are customer service and user interface. We’ve compiled an inventory of the solutions that reviewers voted for based on Wrike’s best overall options and competitors, including monday.com, Nifty, Asana, and ClickUp.

Wrike Conclusion

Wrike project management software can meet almost any project management need, whether you have a small team that needs basic functionality or an oversized team that needs advanced security support.

For a professional service company or marketer, Wrike has plans specifically designed for their needs to provide the customization they need, rather than having to commit to customizing a more general tool to suit their needs.

The downsides we found were that while Wrike has an easy-to-use interface, it also has a specific learning curve. As a result, it may take a short time to figure it out, and your team is adequately trained on the Wrike project management tool.

Another downside that reviewers mentioned was the Wrike pricing plans that didn’t include significant add-ons. However, some Wrike reviews were an add-on for them once they got into customer support.

If you’re a smaller business trying to develop an answer to use right away, Wrike isn’t a great solution overall.

For companies that need advanced security measures to support multiple methodologies and workflows, the Wrike project management tool has all of the benefits larger companies need to keep their teams and projects on target.

8 Total Score
Wrike Review

Wrike is a leading collective work management platform that helps companies do their best, regardless of the team member. With many businesses transferring to remote working settings for employees, Wrike is the ideal solution and ensures collaboration across your organization with efficiency in mind.

  • Free plan available
  • Numerous features
  • Good mobile apps
  • Easy to use
  • Unique account types for marketing/creative teams and professional services
  • Can manage both tasks and ongoing work
  • New smart features flag work at risk of moving
  • Challenging to pick an excellent plan without customer support
  • Steep learning curve
  • Limited integrations
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