ClickMeter Review(2023): Is It Best Link Tracking Service?

It’s the ClickMeter Review time! ClickMeter is a link tracking service that lets you know which links are getting clicked and by whom. Clickmeters’ interface is simple and easy to use, and it allows for an unlimited number of profiles. ClickMeter also has a low monthly price, making it an economical choice for most businesses. The only downside we found was that they do not offer any mobile app or extension like some other services do. Still, if you’re looking for excellent customer service and usability without paying too much money, ClickMeter might be the best Link Tracking Service for you.

Another great feature ClickMeter is ClickRadar Pro. ClickRadar sends out an email when it detects a certain number of clicks on any one of your links within a specified timeframe, say for instance if you notice traffic from a particular source or country and want to find out why it may be sending traffic, your way It will allow you to set up specific notifications based on these parameters.

With the right digital marketing tools, you can make a career for yourself. So what would happen if your sales dropped? Even worse, imagine that they plummeted by 50%. You might think there is no way to recover from such an unfortunate event- but ClickMeter allows entry-level entrepreneurs like you and me (and even seasoned veterans) to improve our online presence with one tool! The article will review some of the features offered in this software and how it could potentially help boost conversion rates.

The ClickMeter tool is an all-inclusive marketing suite that will help you increase your conversion rate. This review breaks down the many features of this powerful app and how it can maximize conversions for any business owner.

ClickMeter has more than 100 features and effective third-party integration. Is This Reliable Conversion Tracking Tool (Tracking Link) Right For Your Business? Check out our in-depth review to see if It marks each of your boxes for a detailed marketing solution.

What Is ClickMeter?

ClickMeter is a powerful and user-friendly analytics platform that will offer your customers real-time data. It’s also important for agencies, associate marketers, marketers, and writers to track their successes to determine the best ways to market themselves to achieve business growth.

ClickMeter Review
Home page

It is a 4-in-1 digital marketing software that helps manage everything from traffic control, link cloaking/referral cleansing for brand tracking links, and conversion monitoring.

The platform gives marketers and other professionals the ability to create custom customer profiles. Top companies such as Amazon Buy VIP, Fuji Xerox, iStockphoto, L’Oreal all rely on ClickMeter for link management.

ClickMeter Pricing and Plans

ClickMeter Pricing starts at $29 per month. It also offers a free version ClickMeter ClickFree that gives you five-link credits to get started at no cost. Click credits used for each URL ClickMeter tracks.

ClickMeter pricing
Pricing and Plan

One-click credit is equal to one transaction report sent to your Google Analytics account. Once you run out of Click credits, the Click Free plan allows you to keep track using the ads on your website through AdSense or Chitika until you have enough Click Credits again.

With ClickMeter’s Large plan, you get access to ClickRadar Pro. ClickRadar launches or sends out an email when it detects a certain number of clicks on any one of your links within a specified time range–say for instance, if you notice traffic from a particular source or country and want to find out why it may be sending traffic your way ClickMeter will allow you to set up specific notifications based on these parameters.

ClickRadar program for emails with alerts at 50, 100, 1000, or more than 1000 clicks as well as any number in between. ClickRadar also generates and sends out very detailed reports about each link that tracks, including gender, geo-location, age groups, frequency of visits, and much more.

Overview of ClickMeter Features

ClickMeter has several advanced features Clickmeter offers the following additional features ClickMeter Affiliate allows you to pay out commission for visitors that ClickMeter tracks and drives via your affiliate links. In addition, ad Click Tracking enables you to add a shortcode into ad units on your website, allowing Clickmeter to track traffic driven in from specific ads.


It allows you to target visitors who click on your links and divide them into up-converting pages (landing page) based on their location, language, device, and whether they’re human or crawler.


We redirect a visitor from one LINK to an additional LINK to split the test (to determine which marketing technique works much better for the same product or service) or increase the sale chance.

ClickMeter offers different redirection options:

  • Random forwarding
  • Sequential redirection
  • Weighted forwarding
  • First click Forward
  • Max clicks redirect
  • Countdown links
  • Password secured forwarding
  • Set up a diversion.
  • HTTP / HTTPS redirect
  • Dynamic redirection
  • Rotate IP


Every time a visitor clicks a link, ClickMeter can tape their details and remove them directly into practical analysis. All data work with Google Analytics UTM (Urchin Tracking Component).

Currently, ClickMeter is tracking:
  • timestamp
  • IP
  • country
  • region
  • city
  • organization
  • language
  • Browser Art
  • Platform art
  • Mobile discovery
  • Visitor Art
  • Unique / not-special
  • Source analysis
  • Custom criteria
  • keywords

ClickMeter also tracks conversions. The conversion criteria include product ID, cookies, value, compensation amount, cookies, and multiparameter. You can also track data on SSL pages.

In addition to collecting detailed data, you can also leave out specific data to adjust the UE privacy policy, omit IPs, and prevent spammers from shaking off your data.

ClickMeter Tracking Pixel

Tracking pixels are valid in advertising campaigns (organic or pay-per-click campaigns) to determine the success of a particular page or advertisement yourself. The tracking pixel undoubtedly offers you a precise variety of perceptions.

That is wonderful for a business owner or marketing agency who needs to value a business collaboration or an individual client.

To create a tracking pixel in ClickMeter, click on “Create New” and then on “Tracking Pixel.” You can assign the tracking pixel to a campaign or create a brand new marketing campaign to associate it with. In addition, tracking pixels can contain tags and conversions.

After creating your tracking pixel, duplicate the code and paste it into the webpage’s HTML to effectively track the perception. Most likely, “Reports” and “Pixels” are used to view statistics.


While It can track virtually any valuable behavioral data you might need, it is very unworthy not to analyze that data.

Detailed reports record your data daily, once a week, or monthly in clear words and maps. In contrast, various data show that your marketing strategies are improving immediately.

The detailed reporting consists of:
  • List of clicks
  • World map
  • Web browser
  • Top cities
  • Top countries
  • Best Organizations / ISP
  • Top criteria
  • Top resources
  • Best keywords
  • Top IPs

Export reports in CSV format to import them directly into various software application applications and set up essential data right away. And audio alerts are detected in real-time when you’ve reached a specific goal (i.e., a visitor exchanges a paying customer).

The platform offers business tools to help you review your visitor and sales data faster. For example, you can filter by day (links and campaigns) and duration.

Use the innovative report setups to customize the following means:
  • Six different languages
  • Use your logo design.
  • Use your time zone as well.
  • Use your money
  • Time and number format

ClickMeter Integration Partners

In addition, ClickMeter supports a wide variety of third-party integrations, from associate to web to e-commerce.

They support over 400 associated networks, so you can log in with multiple networks and view statistics on one page. Each associate link track uses a UTM with various data factors (associate tracking) to identify which functions and requirements must constantly meet.

ClickMeter also offers retargeting. That allows you to mark links with retargeting codes so that you can visit a break list when they click on your links.

The platform sustains the adhering to third-party integrations:
  • AdWords
  • Backpage
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Megaphone
  • Rebrandly
  • Safari
  • Shopify
  • WordPress Plugin


If you run several campaigns or select customers, uncomplicated collaboration with a software application is essential.

With ClickMeter, you can share reports publicly, or customers have to log in to manage your data. Record link sharing can complete on the platform. It sends links via email, so customers don’t need a username and password to access them.

Get access to unlimited sub-accounts. Choose from options from read-only to editable.

ClickMeter API

If you want custom development, you should see ClickMeter APIs for a study. You can access the same data as with the platform, but with simple REMAINDER phone calls. In addition, you can customize your analyzes to get even more value with ClickMeter.

The API also creates a method to provide third-party data access with DAC access control. That is useful by allowing third parties to access certain data factors rather than others, allowing clear interaction without compromising sensitive data.

By working with the ClickMeter API, you can automate set links, campaign creation, top-quality aggregated data, and customer data growth without resorting to the first place.



  • Monitor and track multiple campaigns at the same time in a very easy to see, arranged method
  • Quickly see which campaigns succeed with described sales and conversion tracking.
  • Ward off crawler clicks that can trigger data to manipulate
  • Share reports straight with customers in genuine-time

Affiliates (Affiliate Software Integration)

  • Affiliates will undoubtedly value special, functional features at a portion of many professional associate marketing tools.
  • Cloak associate links— Hide affiliate-based links and safeguard your compensation codes to raise your conversion rates.
  • Vanity links— Shorten Links (LINK shortener) with your domain name to increase the count with your visitors Plus, vanity links can boost your associate marketing SEO.
  •  A/B test— Build your brand name quicker with split testing to see what your audience enjoys.
  • Multiple click detector— Get robots and invest even more time dealing with your human visitors.


  • Advanced redirect options for effective split testing
  • Quickly see which campaigns succeed with described sales and conversion tracking.
  • Ward off crawler clicks that can trigger data to manipulate
  • Real-time data reporting


  • Share presence statistics (sight, clicks, conversions) straight with customers in genuine-time
  • Gain a lot more customers with professional reporting

ClickMeter Review Security

In August 2020, It had an availability of 99.99% in 2015. That sheds a lot of light on the reliability of the redirect and the ClickMeter design team.

They also take privacy very seriously. There is a strict internal and external privacy policy. There use advanced anti-spam regulations and continuously review and update server security to ensure that outsiders do not see the big data you have collected.

There are three primary price sets: Medium, Large, and X-Large. However, if you need many more events and data drivers, there are several degrees between the three primary tariffs. For example, you could increase the $19 median price to $29 per month, including 20,000 events and an additional 2,000 data factors.

To access sub-accounts, click fraud protection, and branding, you must invest at least $99 per month. If you’re looking for a dedicated Designer It supports, the minimum monthly investment is $349. Custom plans can be requested from customer service if you have detailed numbers or features in mind.

ClickMeter does not offer a free trial. However, all plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Use the platform for a month to see if it’s best for your business. If not, ClickMeter will undoubtedly offer you a full refund upon membership termination.

The money-back-guarantee is only available to brand new people. You will need to downgrade your account to unlock or remove it entirely within the first month. You can then send a reimbursement request to management using your email address registered by ClickMeter.

ClickMeter Customer Support

At ClickMeter, you are not just a user—but rather part of the ClickMeter family. We have Local Offices and Support Centers all across the globe where we provide personalized customer support. In addition, chat support is available for customers who prefer to receive assistance in real-time from our locally based agents.

Customer Support
Customer Support

Online Support Center

ClickMeter has an extensive database of 25 classifications with detailed information on using the platform and its API. In addition, video clip tutorials for completing standard skills in the software application provider.

Support Tickets

For individual assistance, you can submit a request through the website or in your account. With an ongoing monitoring team to reduce issues, a very well-trained designer will undoubtedly respond to your ticket in less than a day (with many being logged, resulting in faster action time).

Please note that tickets will be answered based on the tariff for which you are issuing a service. Higher rates receive a care service as part of their monthly expenses.


You can also send the support an email with your ClickMeter support request. Sending ClickMeter by email immediate creates a support ticket, so this technique is sure to be responded to in the same timeframe as using the support ticket form.

Twitter and Facebook

Let’s say you want to use social networks to answer your concerns. If so, you can discuss your request on ClickMeter’s Twitter or Facebook page and open a support ticket for you immediately. You will undoubtedly receive a notification when the support team has dealt with the question.

Live Chat

Live chat can access from the support center homepage or your account (see below). As with any assistance, much more expensive plans are sure to be a cause for concern. X-Large plans consist of a committed support account.

ClickMeter Money Back Guarantee

ClickMeter offers you a 30-day 100% refund guarantee so that if their platform doesn’t work for your needs, you can return it within the first month to get your money back.

ClickMeter guarantees design to make sure that you never have any regrets. However, if Click Meter does not work for your business, get in touch with us, and we will refund every penny of what has bill so far – no questions asked!

ClickMeter Competitors

ClickMeter isn’t the only option for LINK shorteners. Check out other competing alternatives as well as some alternative options! Some of these include ease of use and integrity, which are essential elements to consider when looking at competitors that use in addition to Clickmeter or on their own.

We have compiled a list of remedial measures that have been rat by the reviewers as the best natural alternatives and competitors to ClickMeter. They consist of Bitly, Rebrandly, TinyURL, and Links.


ClickMeter has helped businesses and agencies grow by providing them with data to make more informed decisions. With a powerful, user-friendly analytics platform like this one, your customers will be able to see their website traffic in real-time. And that’s not all – you’ll also have access to a variety of other features, including heat maps for mobile devices and social media tracking.

Why don’t we take it from here? If you’re looking for an easy way to track your customer engagement or individual success rates so that you can market yourself better, let us know! We are experts at helping companies reach business goals through marketing strategies and would love the opportunity to work with you.

Discover the power of ClickMeter by mastering it with our new features. From retargeting to vanity links, you can use these powerful functions for your benefit and compete more smartly. Once you’ve seen what’s possible, click on “Start Your Free Trial” below!

8.5 Total Score
ClickMeter Review

ClickMeter is a service that lets you manage your marketing links and social media accounts in one place. If you're looking for an easy way to shorten the URLs of your affiliate or other sites, ClickMeter's Rebrandly will do just fine. With this tool, marketers can now better understand which channels yield higher returns on investment - making it easier than ever to make data-driven decisions about where they should spend their time and money next!

  • Over 100 features
  • Instinctive UX
  • Can export raw data
  • Sales reporting
  • Professional link and conversion tracking relied on 1000s
  • Effective API
  • Integrations with Rebrandly, CloudFlare, Google Tag Manager
  • Traffic reporting
  • Conversion tracking
  • A/B test options
  • 30 days Money-back guarantee
  • Data expires
  • The monthly cost is more pricey than competitors.
  • Doesn't Track UTM Codes
  • Compatibility Issues
  • No direct phone support
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