Voluum Review(2023): Is It a Good Link Tracker Than Other?

Are you looking for the easy way out when it comes to marketing? You might not need one. However, associate marketing is a clear solution if you want big bucks, and many of today’s most popular electronic marketers still use this technique!

However, your success depends on many variables, including how smart you stay with your money, especially your capital. Any big win is pointless if you invest heavily in campaigns that don’t give you the most effective returns.

However, to make crucial decisions, you need to have the right metrics in place. Fortunately, there are many tools available to use right now—one of them. But, unfortunately, one of the most preferred today is a vacuum.

Read my Voluum Review 2022 blog post to give you many more concepts and determine the correct software application.

Would you please make sure you reach a conclusion where I give two similar reputable options?

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What is Voluum?

The Voluum Tracker is a Codewise product that has a strong track record in the industry on its website. It is applying as the leading provider of optimization programs for the advertising dimension and exchange.

Voluum Review
Home page

The self-financed company has employees in the UK, United States, and Poland and serves over 5,000 customers in more than 150 countries. The software application now has a total income of over 2.5 billion US dollars per year. Over 230,000 campaigns also carry out every month.

The platform carries big brand names like Unilever, while the company own by the World Economic Forum, the United Nations, and the European Internet Forum, to name a few.

Because of these qualifications alone, you understand that this program is not a questionable software application.

Now, what about the tracker? Later I will certainly go into some of its main features and, most importantly, the pros and cons of the entire program.

This factor allows me to share the optimal people for Voluum:
  • Voluum is for any online associate marketer, whether a novice or an expert. The data is a tremendous help in choosing economical audio data.
  • It’s also great for electronic marketing agencies that run ads on multiple resources like Facebook, Revcontent, and Zeropark.
  • Voluum is an excellent tool for users with limited marketing campaign assignments.
  • Likewise, it’s great for marketers looking to improve their processes, from bidding for ads to tracking their efficiency.

Except for those who assume that the volume tracking software application will produce favorable results at all times. That doesn’t decide for you – you do.

However, this can help you save time, optimize your available properties, and, most importantly, make you a more brilliant online marketer.

Voluum Pricing and Plans

Their pricing structure is based on the number of campaigns and impressions since it provides a very transparent pricing structure.

Voluum pricing
Pricing and Plan

Voluum has four different pricing plans:

  • Explore ($69 per month or $49 per month billed every year)
  • Profit ($149 per month or $119 per month billed annually)
  • Grow ($349 per month)
  • Agency ($999 per month, specific agreement)

If you want to sign in, you’ll need to select one of these options. There is no vacuum-free trial, although you can search the internet for possible price drops for vacuum. You can sign up for a free trial. As you can see, when you pay the annual plan, the monthly costs go down.

I understand that vacuum prices can be dramatically different for everyone, so below is my point of view:
  • Get the Discover plan when you’re just starting or trying to test the water.
  • Upgrade to Grow once you are sure this is the associate tracking software application you will want over the long term, i.e., H. Want to use for at least a year.
  • If you intend to access more advanced features but can’t devote yourself to a year or don’t have a large dedicated platform, choose the Profit Plan. It is also one of the most popular among the 4.

Overview of Voluum Features

One of the best ways to learn how Voluum works are by understanding its unique software application capabilities. For example, we can use our platform with any data type and create custom reports on it. This one invites a strike, to be honest!


To optimize your sources, you need to run multiple marketing campaigns for employees who can take on groundbreaking roles. You will surely take care of numerous target markets, create the appropriate offers for them, design landing pages, and then determine the mapping of your ads. These ensure that you keep an eye on your efficiency.

Therefore, one of the private functions of Voluum is the Automizer, which, as the name suggests, automates your various campaigns. You can run. In addition, from the platform, so you don’t have to switch between different ads and apps.

However, the most effective component is that it also automates how your campaigns respond to the inefficiency of changes. For example, if your efficiency is good, the system increases your supply immediately.

AI optimization and A/B testing

If you intend to move the appropriate persons to your business, you must then determine the rights. That’s what A/B testing is all about. Here you can create and determine various duplicates of the ads which provide the most effective conversion.

Other tracking programs can do this for you. Therefore, Voluum uses the expert system to optimize the efficiency of your advertising. For example, many variables are considered, the device with which your target group provides the corresponding advertising with the best performance.

Anti-fraud package

These robot clicks and traffic can misform the data you can collect and make your links vulnerable. Voluum tries to prevent this with an anti-fraud package.

  • Identify dubious clicks and traffic.
  • Let yourself be understood when you post to improperly crafted, malicious, and unsafe websites.
  • Track your domain with an SSL certificate to prevent search engines from identifying your pages or websites as dubious

Extensive campaign tracking

At the heart of Voluum is its extensive campaign tracking capability. It tracks the efficiency of numerous elements of the campaigns, from deals to countries, across many third-party resources consisting of Facebook and Google Ads.

It also regards such a technique as “grainy,” which suggests that all stones must remain intact. You will surely understand where your money is going and whether it is getting the income you want.

You can use different traffic, organic or pay, and monitor events from click-throughs to offer the recording.

Mobile App

Many marketers are electronic walkers as well, which suggests they are constantly on the move. But even those who are few discover themselves outside the residence from time to time.

That can be difficult, primarily if you pursue efficiency, as any adverse change can cost a significant amount of revenue.

The app is available in the Play Store and the Apple Store.

Extensive reporting

The only way you can understand the information available is by generating reports, and Voluum lets you do that. The words are available in real-time and, because they remain in the cloud, arrive anytime, anywhere.

You can corrupt the data in various classifications, exactly how you run it in numerous cost versions. You can also share the files with your team (if you have one).

Data retention

Data retention describes how long the platform maintains or stores the information it has collected. Again, that depends; that is the plan you are using.

For example, the Discover alternative allows you to wait for them for up to 3 months. On the other hand, agencies can keep their information for up to 24 months or two years.

The company claims it won’t delete your data after this time. However, you first update your plan and rely on how much your preferred data is returning.

Campaign Movement

Voluum’s campaign moving service ensures that you can move campaigns from any advertising platform to your Voluum account, making it easier for advertisers to manage their digital marketing efforts. With this feature available in the new version of our software, there’ll be no need to spend hours copying and pasting data into other platforms- log in to lum.com!

Voluum is a powerful toolkit for managing one’s online ads: not only does it make running ad campaigns simpler (for both marketers and publishers), but it also makes transferring them between different channels easy as pie thanks to its Campaign Moving Service when using Version 3 of the program.

In addition, the data you may have collected on your previous platform can still work at any time.

Voluum Customer Support

The contact number for Voluum was not listed on their website. However, they do have an online chat option, and they also have a sales department that you can email. There are two options for the live chat on their website: Monday-Friday between 8 AM to 9 PM Chat or Monday-Friday 7 AM to 6 PM Sales chat.

Customer Support
Customer Support

You can visit the Knowledge Base section for a full list of frequently asked questions about Voluum. The article covers many topics, and it is reasonably thorough. However, the knowledge base is pretty basic in the articles, and things like credit card information use are not covered.

Voluum Money-Back Guarantee

Voluum’s 30-day money-back guarantee means that you don’t have to worry about whether you’re going to be dissatisfied with their service.

If for any reason, Voluum will refund your payment in full, so there is no risk of losing anything! Just send them a message, and they’ll take care of the rest within minutes.

Voluum Alternatives

The ad tracking industry is a cutthroat business, with many competitors vying for market share. However, However, However, However, However, Voluum has been around since 2011 and continues to grow in popularity by the day because of the innovative features that make it more user-friendly than other products on the market today. With this growing customer base, you can trust your advertising campaign data will be safe as well!

Voluum is not the only option for marketing analytics software. Explore other competing options and alternatives to find what best suits your needs, whether ease of use or reliability! Below are some solutions that reviewers voted as the best overall alternatives and competitors to Voluum: PartnerStack, Impact, Everflow, TUNE.


The main concern of this volume review is whether it is an excellent marketing tracking tool. The answer is YES.

The amount of data you can collect with this app is worth the price. Plus, it’s user-friendly for beginners and has a detailed outline to help newbies learn about apps like these.

The automation procedure and expert system installed in its design will indeed allow you to run multiple campaigns, keep track of links and rewards, and generate reports in real-time as effectively as possible.

Scalability is another factor. As the business expands, electronic marketers need a program that meets their growing needs.

However, if a budget plan is a problem and you’re looking for something less complex, the Voluum options deserve a chance. ClickMagick is the cheapest of the three phone sales tracking offers.

If you want something in between (not that expensive, but not that simple either), there is ClickMeter.

The tools on this page can help you make the right decisions. However, it’s important first to use them to output data from your business before they are useful for you!

8.5 Total Score
Voluum Review

Voluum is an efficient marketing analytics software for marketers, internal media buyers, and agencies. It allows you to track, manage, and optimize all paid and organic traffic resources right from one platform. Amongst its features, Voluum provides AI-powered tools for traffic auto-optimization and enables teams to work together on different accessibility levels. A banking-standard framework makes certain your data is protected, and campaigns are running regularly.

  • It is uncomplicated to use.
  • Voluum might accompany its describing suite.
  • Direct Tracking Pixel.
  • It's correctly produced and freshened.
  • Tracking Domains with SSL.
  • A/B Testing for Flows.
  • With Voluum, advertisers and marketers can plan for live updates.
  • Customer support requires enhancement.
  • Pricing is a little high.
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