Design Pickle Review(2023): A Unique Compact Design on Graphic Marketing

Design Pickle Review 2022: Design Pickle is a one-stop-shop for all of your visual design needs. From the logo to the website and more, every aspect will have you looking professional in no time flat with their innovative service.

As a Design Pickle customer, you get the access you may need to do all of your small graphic design tasks without using complicated tools like Adobe Photoshop. Most importantly, you can manage everything from one easy-to-use dashboard.

Design Pickle offers the ability to create a queue of graphic design requests. You can always submit brand new requests and, if necessary, re-prioritize them as you add new submissions.

From investing hours in creating pictures that looked unsatisfactory. To aid minutes, who quickly create a design and get a collection of standout images the next day (like above in this blog post).

What is Design Pickle?

Design Pickle is a flat-rate graphic design service. You create a quick one, send it to your designer, and we’ll email you with great pictures.

Design Pickle Review
Home Page

I use them for each of the images in the blogging assistant, aside from logo designs and infographics. So, all of my included photos, Pinterest images, and the personalized images in one post – that’s what makes them unique.

What else can you do besides the pictures on the blog site?

You can create images, brochures, banners, t-shirts, brochures, changes to existing ideas, etc. On social media websites. You can also create infographics if you provide all the data and statistics.

Well, there are some things they can’t do – like logo designs and branding. These are far more sophisticated and would not deal with such a service.

Design Pickle offers unlimited layouts. That means you can present as many design requests as you want, and they will resolve asap.

Your gas mileage may vary, but I usually get two design requirements that are made every day. Your design line can also be changed as needed, which is very pleasant!

7 points I seriously like around Design Pickle

  1. Dedicated Developer – If you’re working with a single developer (unless they’re on vacation), the best person to do is figure out what kind of images I like—ideal for uniformity. My dedicated developer John is exceptional.
  2. No agreements – I can cancel my plan at any time. But I get a lot of value from this service that I don’t suppose has ever closed before.
  3. The service is impeccable – Design Pickle has been up and running for a while now. I’ve done a client for over three years. The process and the on-site support team are exceptional. I have authorized services from various other vendors that have similar “unlimited” design offerings. One specifically lost my money because they didn’t work the twists in their favor. That is not the case with Design Pickle – they recognize what they are doing and delivering.
  4. Massive Variety of Design Properties – Work for many clients suggests that even more design properties are available. That saves time for everyone, and the benefit for the customer is a lot more premium images.
  5. Choosing the types of files you receive – You can select which types of files should be used by providers. If you want editable files like PSDs, AI files, etc., you can choose which one you want. You will also receive ready-to-use files such as PNG, JPG, etc. You can also designate which file types you would like to use when submitting your request.
  6. Unlimited Jobs – I run several different websites, and this list will most likely improve. But that is most likely not a problem.
  7. My branding properties keep the file to save everyone’s time. Every time I publish a brand new website, I send the branding properties (logo design files, etc.) to support them, so they are kept. I need to define the project in the subject line of my email, and the rest will do.

How I use Design Pickle now

Since I often ask about my pictures, I wanted to explain how I use Design Pickle now.

On a brand new post-finish, I’ll see if we need a content image to secure content. In this case, I’ll create a quick document and email it to Design Pickle.

I’ll talk a lot more about the panties for a moment. First, however, it usually consists of a detailed summary of my requirements, required image measurements, and links to image instances for motivation.

I have three templates for three different design letters:

Each collection of images included focuses on a single design idea and uses “flat” style images. They’re cartoony, but not 3D.

I request the provision of the image in many different dimensions:
  • 700 x 300 pixels – Here, you will find a flat / cartoon-like graphic overlaid on a gradient. I use the image measurements for my image contained in WordPress
  • 1200 x 628 pixels – This image is the same as the one above. The size is enormous when content share for networks like Facebook and ConnectedIn. We use a Social Snap plugin for our sharing switches to upload various other image dimensions for specific social media.
  • 1080 x 1080 pixels – This is the picture we will use to share on Instagram.
  • 735 x 1102 pixels – This picture is different from the others. I request that the text over on an image with the same cartoony graphics as the various other images listed below. It also has the blogging assistant logo design. This image only uses for sharing on Pinterest.

What is great about purchasing these different measurements is that I have a whole collection of constant images that I can use for the blog site and favorite social media.

While constant images are great for branding, Pinterest doesn’t run them all the time.

Therefore, I am sending a request for additional images that I will pass on directly to Pinterest. These still have our logo design and standard dimensions 735 x 1102, but they look different.

I will send three different titles for the blog post and instance images to motivate my demand.

That allows me to explore different layouts and plan pins for additional direct exposure all year round. And because a pin’s lifespan is longer than any other social media website content, the results can be significant.

Detailed Pinterest graphics

Pinterest is a traffic giant, so I’ve been working on improving my Pinterest video game. Infographics tend to be successful, but they can be expensive, which makes it challenging to scale.

Here’s what I do instead:

I’ll create a short and stylish headline based on the blog post’s original title. Then I rate the blog post to find some details that can use in a standalone graphic.

Depending on the dimension of the blog post, this could be a list of all pointers in a single blog post or possibly the sub-headings in the post area.

The standout feature of these images is that they have quick value for the viewer and are much more encouraging to share.

Now each of these briefs counts as a solitary requirement. As a result, I send more than three requests for each blog post depending on the number of content images we need.

And some won’t ask for one – I like pictures to be as deliberate as possible. Also, note that we occasionally use blog site content images on social media sites to promote the blog post.

A couple of various other means I use Design Pickle.

I mostly use Design Pickle for design work on brand new blog posts, but there are several other ways I can use their services. For example, I had a logo design for a project with a high-resolution enough resolution – they converted it to vector graphics and provided a much higher resolution image.

Then there is the editing of old pictures on the blog site – especially infographics.

I had an infographic created for my blog post to get even more Twitter fans. Since then, I’ve changed the blogging assistant logo design. However, I wanted to keep the branding consistent, so Design Pickle could change the logo design and make some other improvements for me.

Outside of manipulating existing images, they make some excellent graphics that I use when updating older content.

In my blog post on SEO techniques, I cover the importance of viewing and updating old blog posts.

That can help you get a significant amount of traffic – especially from search engines.

Usually, individuals update the content, but what can help push points better is fresh pictures. Especially images that individuals are sure to refer to in their articles (this suggests backlinks + even more traffic for you).

I recently revamped my blog post to find out exactly how to choose a specific niche for your blog site. But, unfortunately, we composed it years before, and it continued to be a radical need for an upgrade.

Design Pickle created a new collection of included images and some content images to cope with the revision.

That consisted of a personalized graphic to prove the factors in my blog post:
  • After the blog post, I added a list of specific niche concepts. Instead of showing this as text, we’ve established the details as an image instead.
  • It’s a massive picture, so I’m not going to put it here. However, if you want to take a look, it is the basis of this blog post.

The top?

These two personalized blog post graphics are linkable properties. That suggests that they can be effective for link-building goals. And use in social media campaigns.

How to obtain one of the most out of Design Pickle

The creations provided are every bit as good as the quick ones you submit. However, to save as much time as possible, you’ll need to create a template for each type of image request you want to offer.

Here are some perks you can quickly insist on:
  • A thorough summary of your requirements
  • Links to motivational instances
  • Your target audience
  • Color is to be used or otherwise used.
  • Picture dimensions (you can ask for multiple sizes if you want)
  • Any other notes you take will no doubt help your developer.

The more details you include in your quick, the less likely you will need changes. That is an advantage because your developer can work with brand new layouts instead of tweaking existing arrangements.

I also recommend submitting requirements in sets. All of this suggests that the point is to gather your needs and present them one at a time.

Batching is generally a great way to increase productivity.

Design Pickle Pricing and Plans

This service is a level price, so pricing is straightforward. For example, the monthly cost is $399 (or 20% off if billed annually) when writing this blog post.

Design Pickle Pricing Review
Pricing and Plan

Getty Images membership requires for the images I receive. They’re Design Pickle, so you’re paying them $25 a month. So $424 / month in total. Every month I overcome the 40 requirements. That is usually two requirements per working day.

So we’re talking for less than $11 per demand. And each request can have multiple images if they’re for the same project (e.g., exactly how I get captured footage for the post).

For much more time-consuming images, I continuously limit this to 1 image per request. And suppose I consist of way too many pictures in a solitary bid. In this case, my developer will undoubtedly allow me to detect them to break them on multiple requests.

You get one of the most significant fuel economy values ​​from Design Pickle when you have a steady stream of demands. For example, I need a lot of layouts every month to get my design line in full.

If I didn’t do that, certain graphics would undoubtedly be a little more expensive. But the truth is there is still a far better price and far better top quality out there than if I could get it from anywhere else.

Design Pickle Customer Support

Do you have a problem that is not answer here? Do not be upset. There are various ways to coordinate with the planning pickle team.

Customer Support
Customer Support

If you are a customer and often a design-related issue, please send your designer’s feedback and thoughts first.

Not everything seems perfect the first time, so the fastest route to an excellent design is evident and direct feedback! If you think you’ve given your designer feedback multiple times and still haven’t received the issue, please get in touch with their account team to start a designer swap for you.

For All Other Issues

If you’ve already spoken to your designer about a problem and still need help, or your situation is unrelated to the design, contact our Customer Success Team at Please send us an email or click the green chat icon at the bottom right and get help there!

Design Pickle Money Back Guarantee

Design Pickle is not your average design service but an unusual yet excellent one. You’ll love it and find that the Design Pickle memberships are of great value to you or a business venture alike; here’s why!

They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee so we can be sure our customers are happy with their experience as well as have peace of mind knowing they will get what they pay for in full if dissatisfied.”

Who is Design for Pickle?

Design pickle is a great way to unload simple design tasks. Unfortunately, the meetings, HR, and dramatization are not featured as it uses brand new features for team participants.

That suggests that you can reclaim some of your time and invest in growing your business.

Ultimately, as with any acquisition, you need to be able to guarantee the price. However, you also want to be able to submit a good design for it to be beneficial.

And I get requests for less than $ 10 each because I replenish my design line – there’s always something my developer has to deal with. And if my design line were only half-finished, it would indeed have deserved it.

I booted the startup of my blog site and did all of the design jobs until I made enough money to cover such expenses. It’s about waiting until the time is ideal for such service.

Note that Design Pickle may not be for you if you can’t share what you need in an email.

For example, they do not offer logo design and branding and no permanent factor – these are specialized services that are much more expensive. You can create infographics, but you need to provide data/statistics and an extra tag as it is much more time-consuming to develop.

I balance design pickle services with various other services. For example, I’m working with a developer on Fiverr for my logo designs called Obus – he’s extraordinary.

And for infographics, I occasionally use PeoplePerHour because I can get content that converts to a few added layouts simultaneously.

Design Pickle Alternatives

Design Pickle is an emerging company in the field of design software. It has many features, but other companies offer more options for customers who need brand new software or try different solutions.

Some essential factors that should consider when looking at alternatives are turnaround time and communication between customer service representatives and clients.

We put together a list of solutions rated by reviewers as the best alternatives and competitors to Design Pickle, SmartSites, DesignFive, Salted Rock, and ARK.


Design Pickle is similar to a graphic designer in component-time, but it is less expensive and does not have any barriers that require teamwork.

Somebody else will take care of it.

After being a customer for over three years and submitting 1,800 design requests, I can say that choosing Design Pickle was just one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time.

It’s true. Design Pickle is not for everyone. However, you have achieved, can guarantee the award, and need a good design job to make it advantageous – if you can tick both boxes – you could become a champion here!

I spent an hour building each collection of the images included, and the result wasn’t great. So I preserved some of them in Canva (wince).

Now I spend a few minutes composing quickly, and the highest quality of work done is exceptional.

The suggests that I have even more time to invest in growing my business – exactly what I need to invest in my time!

8 Total Score
Design Pickle Review

Design Pickle is a graphic design company that has helped thousands of companies across the globe get top-quality designs quickly and for a fraction of what they would cost elsewhere. Design Pickle offers flat rates on all their services, so you don't have to worry about paying more as your project gets bigger or having an expensive bill at the end!

  • You have your design team.
  • Unlimited requests and revisions
  • Free Stock Images
  • Glossy User Interface
  • Easy To Use Platform
  • Unlimited graphic design
  • Comprehensive accessibility to Getty Images
  • Mostly 1 Day Turn Around Time
  • API with Zapier Integration
  • Limitations on the standard plan
  • Should include a free demo design
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