Stencil Review(2023): Are There Any Good Features?

Stencil is a cloud-based app. It allows you to create stunning visuals without any software download or installation. Stencil offers 1 million free graphics, royalty-free photos, and fonts from the Stencil marketplace available for Stencil Pro users at no cost. You can easily craft your images in Stencil within minutes and share them with friends via email, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+. 

Of the six user reviews we’ve gathered for this so far, everyone agrees that Stencil is an excellent service that can candlelight its competitors, with only one opinion so far (right here) stating that Canva is a remarkable service. Next, we’ll have a more elaborate conclusion on how good Stencil is and once again find comments.

What is Stencil?

It is a graphic design tool that focuses on creating digital images for sharing. Unlike direct competitors, they focus solely on sharing photos rather than creating advertisements, offline images, etc.

Stencil Review
Home Page

It is a cloud-based graphic creation tool that is the fastest way to create and share aesthetic content. The program enables small businesses, social media marketers, and blog owners to beautify images to create sensational social media posts, content marketing visuals, ad graphics, email images, and more.

The application designer to be easy to learn and use. It has several great features that both tech-savvy and newbies can use to create graphics for their websites, blog pages, and social media channels. 

The highlights consist of background photos, awesome templates, uploading and saving logos, quotes, Google web fonts, upload fonts, simple adjustments, icons and graphics, and a Chrome extension.

Stencil Pricing and Plans

The free strategy makes it possible to get a surprising amount of usage for free – especially since you can post a lot of your images.

Stencil Pricng Review
Pricing and Plan

Stencil Pro provides users with unlimited access to Stencil’s ever-growing library of over 1 million royalty-free stock photos and other great features such as font making, image downloading, resell rights on designs created in Stencil, premium templates, etc.

The Pro plan costs $9/month and is a bit limited compared to the unlimited strategy. However, it’s a good craft for users with a predictable image creation schedule (50 social media images per month is a suitable amount).

The unlimited plan is $12/month and is the best value. Assuming you are likely to use the device. When figuring out how much your time is worth or how much you would have to spend for this type of design work, Stencil is a no-nonsense performance tool.

And take social media or website pictures to make a living. Stencil can dramatically improve your productivity – even if you do some designs in Adobe – just with the tools for resizing and sharing directly.

Overview of Stencil Features

Before you can start editing photos on Stencil, the first thing you need to do is CREATE A FREE ACCOUNT. Then, see if it’s something that you would surely like. Although the free variant of Stencil has some limitations, it is enough to fuel your hunger.

You immediately set up an account with them. Your account would certainly be like above. Yes, without Getstencil, my articles would undoubtedly have fewer pictures. Except for reviews like these that require the screengrab.

So on the left, you have:
  • background
  • Symbols and graphics
  • templates
  • Quotes
  • Logos/watermarks
  • Saved images

Background, Icons, and Graphics

That is the component where you have to choose the picture that your message is sure to have. You can search for free photos from your data source or upload your own. Once you click on an image of your selection, it will indeed occupy itself on the right-hand side.

Symbols and graphics work like histories. You will undoubtedly find a broad type of letter to use at any time. Let’s say you’ve chosen a unique story and would like to add a few shapes and symbols to make it stand out. That is where you will surely go.

In all fairness, there is a lot you can do with the forms and icons below. Your limitation is your creativity.

Templates and Quotes

The Getstencil team made things easier for you by presenting the templates currently provided and several offers. Below is a quote that will help you get the feeling across to your audience.

As with histories and symbols, any template or guess you refer to as a badger on the left is sure to deal with itself on the right. That is why I stated that you could create high-quality social networking graphics in less than 2 minutes.

Logos and Watermarks

Once you’ve uploaded your logo designs and watermarks, you certainly never have to think about them again. But, in reality, when you turn it on, it is sure to keep showing the logo design or watermark for every image you load on the right.

You may need to fine-tune the dimensioning or screen area (openness where it rests explicitly on the image). But that has to do with it.

All the enduring magic takes place there on the right.

Create New Image

Clicking the very first icon will allow you to create an image from scratch—a new slate. You will surely get a blank white canvas first. You can currently choose a template on the left or create your image.

Add Text

I decided to choose from the templates provided. To show their diversity. As soon as you click the Include text icon (see screenshot below). The evening blue mini control panel is sure to stand out. You can define your font (remember, I stated they currently have a wide variety of fonts, and you can upload your personalized fonts too), Drop Drop Darkness (don’t get too crazy).

You can also transform the position and color. Then, if you like it, you can duplicate it by duplicating it or removing it if you don’t like it.

Resize Canvas

Next, you can resize the graphic to where you want to post it – be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

There are currently predefined setups for suggested dimensions for various social network systems. If you don’t like either, you can set your dimensions.

Facebook Ad Grid

I have never used this feature in the past as I don’t like my Facebook ads with overlay messages in any way. And the unusual opportunities that I have. For example, a professional graphic designer creates my Facebook ad template for me.

But I will certainly test it in the future. It just helps you understand and shows whether you’re following Facebook’s 20% rule. What you do is count the number of grids your text programmer is in and check that it certainly meets Facebook’s standards.

If it doesn’t, you can transform it before your advertising penalize.

Delete, Save, and Download Option

If this isn’t apparent, clicking the trash can icon is sure to remove everything you’ve done. In addition, you can save your artwork for the web or as a future reference, so you never have to start from scratch again.

You can also download your picture. Enter a name that you will surely remember, set the format and dimensions, and finally click Start Download.

Preview and Share

If you’d instead share it right away, click Preview and Share. You can link as many accounts as possible—Twitter and Facebook (where you are the administrator). On Instagram, you need to share your number to receive a message you will receive for posting on Instagram.

You can see exactly how the image appears on mobile and desktop computers. I also find the mobile site to save time. Add a few summaries and post them straight to Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. With Pinterest, remember to indicate where you want the graphic link to be. No need.

Image Crafting Tool For Professionals

Stencil is an image crafting tool that helps marketers make their own images quickly and easily by using the library of over 1 million royalty-free stock photos.

Image Crafting Tool For Small Companies: Stencil is a powerful image crafting tool for small companies, bloggers, and social media marketers. Stencil enables them to make stunning images quickly and easily by using Stencil’s library of over 1 million royalty-free stock photos. Stencil is a cloud-based app which means you do not have to download or install any software on your device. Stencil provides free user accounts as well as subscription accounts for Pro users.

Great set of Stencil tools

Stencil features an innovative set of tools that help the creators to drag & drop elements into their work, modify text with various fonts, shadows, and colors, resize pictures, add clip art effects, etc., all in a small tab at the top corner called “Toolbox.”

The Stencil toolbox also contains Stencil’s royalty-free images and fonts that allow the Stencil creators to add photos, graphics, etc. In addition, Stencil also offers Stencil Pro Accounts for unlimited access to Stencil’s ever-growing library of over 1 million royalty-free stock photos as well as its other great features.

How to Install and Use Stencil Extension to Share Content

Step 1: Download and Install Stencil Extension

First of all, you want to download, install and install the Getstencil extension on your COMPUTER.

Step 2: Highlight Text

I want to highlight what I like so much about the article and would like to emphasize it.

Step 3: Right Click on the Text

After you mark the messages you want to share, click accordingly and select “Create Image With Template.” For example, “And it appears with my quotation already filled in. At this point, it will use the default settings, which I can change and tweak in less than 10 seconds.

Using the same techniques that I explained above, I created the following image.

Step 4:

Once I’m done and happy with the fruits of my labor, I’ll close the application and haven’t missed a little of my article.

Here’s why you need to register for Stencil Today?

  • Save time: I don’t want to wait hours or days to complete a simple point. If I can do it myself in minutes without hiring a developer, I will surely choose the rates. If you think time about money, you need to use the Stencil app Today afterward.
  • Extend Instagram Compliance: If you are an Instagram online marketer or have an Instagram account that you want to post pictures to all the time. You can use the Instagram SMS feature to send ready-made images to your Instagram mobile for free. Send page brokers for you. Think about the fees you may have to spend on each text message if you live outside of the United States.
  • Share Directly on Social Media: Once you’ve linked your Facebook account, Facebook Pages, and various other social accounts to your Stencil account, you are just a few clicks away to share with your fans.
  • Share your layouts with others: there is no additional requirement to have hosting accounts or reduce to send images to your friends independently. The Stencil will indeed create a link that you want to show whoever wants to see your design.
  • Save money: no surprise fees. No fees for any item, just a monthly fee.
Stencil allows you to complement your graphic design needs for blogs, social networking, and web marketing campaigns.

In addition, I would suggest that you check out the Stencil app right now and sign up for their paid plans. Remember, they offer a seven-day money-back guarantee. The Stencil is just one of the most effective options for Canva, the tool of choice for online graphic makers.

I’ve used numerous tools to create aesthetic graphics for my articles and social network promos. However, the Stencil is my favorite result of the platform’s ease of use and the versatility in creating graphics.

Stencil Customer Support

For a small business, Stencil offers customer support that is available at all hours of the day. This makes it easy for smaller companies to keep track of their operations and respond quickly to any issues they have with visual identity theft or digital advertising campaigns.

Customer Support
Customer Support

We’ve been lucky enough to have a personal interaction with Stencil’s customer service team and can say that they’re always willing to go above and beyond the call of duty. They are happy, cooperative, kind people who will work as hard for you as possible!

Stencil Money-Back Guarantee

Stencil offers an unprecedented 100% money-back guarantee. If you don’t fall in love with Stencil within the first seven days of receiving your order, they will give back every cent and never ask a single question.

Stencil Alternatives

Do you feel like your Stencil installation is outdated or slow? If so, then it might be time to explore some alternatives. There are many tools out there that can provide similar benefits without the drawbacks of an old system. Consider looking into other popular design software such as Adobe’s Creative Cloud and Sketch before deciding what will work best for your needs!

Canva, Snappa is the best alternative for Stencil. Many people turn to Canva as an option in place of more expensive design tools like Photoshop and Illustrator because they offer a wide variety of templates at no cost!

Canvas offers a great way to make your content look professional without any additional costs or headaches. They have over 1 million free stock images you can use from their website with many different types so that you get exactly what you need – it’s not just good enough anymore to find something on Google Images when there are other options out there now available for everyone who wants them!


Stencil is a revolutionary image crafting tool that allows its users to create stunning images just within minutes. So whether you’re looking for an easy way to craft your personalized masterpiece or would like something that will make the perfect customized gift, Stencil has what you need and more! You’ll be amazed by how much time and effort it saves while still giving amazing results.

Stencil is an easy-to-use and versatile image crafting tool. It’s perfect for creating stunning images quickly with its royalty-free 1 million stock photos library, photo editing tools, multi-layer support options as well as many other great features that are just waiting for you!

7 Total Score
Stencil Review

The Stencil offers a cloud-hosted graphics creation application that lets you quickly craft and shares your visuals with 1 million royalty-free images. It's made to be easy, so small businesses, bloggers, and social media marketers can create better promotional materials for their emails or advertisements.

  • Alleviate of Use & Onboarding
  • 650+ Amazing templates
  • Create unlimited images/month
  • Premium support
  • Over 1 million icons and graphics
  • Logo design with watermarks
  • Limits on the free edition
  • Team Sharing is not available.
  • Don't have any extensive feature.
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