Linkody Review(2023): Best Backlink Checker Tool In Very Cheap Price

Linkody reviews are reviews on a new tool for checking backlinks. This tool is very cheap and gives you many features for your website SEO optimization. Many SEO experts have provided their reviews about this product, and they are satisfied with it.

Linkody uses proprietary link analysis technology to ensure its customers access the most accurate and up-to-date information on link popularity and link distribution. So it doesn’t matter if you are a small business trying to grow your business with a more substantial online presence.

Or a large company is trying to increase the visibility of your product or service. Using link analysis to determine the optimal strategy for optimizing your website can mean the difference between achieving your goals and falling behind in the dust.

So, if you want to buy a good backlink checker, then go for Linkody because there are no other products in this price range that can compare to Linkody. It’s worth it!

What is Linkody?

Linkody is an online tool that explicitly checks backlinks, how you know your links are essential and what you should do to improve your link profile. Linkody can also help you with the design and development of your website.

Linkody  Review
Home Page

Linkody Review and Pricing aim to provide helpful information about the link architecture. We make it simple for website proprietors to have the information they need to manage their website’s link profile effectively.

After a Linkody review or quote creation, you can immediately sign up and request a free Linkody trial. There are two options: First, you can request a free trial of Linkody and then use your needs and aims to determine if the service is exemplary. Second, if you don’t need full service, you can get a free trial, but you need to purchase within a particular time.

As you develop new links, we recommend using the AHREFs (Anahata Reef Reflection Search Engine Results Page) feature to monitor your link metrics. For example, the AHREFs show you which anchor text has the most impact on your search engine results, which anchor text has the most negligible effect, etc. 

We believe this is a unique feature of linked pricing as many SEO pros think it is next to complex to predict which anchor text is likely to create new links.

One of the simplest methods to get backlinks to your website is posting on other websites in your target niche. You can write for any specific place. However, it is much better to have a backlink from a relevant website.

If you are considering building backlinks for your website, there is a lot you need to learn about getting backlinks. Unfortunately, it seems to be the same every week; There is a new way to get backlinks.

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Backlinks: Learn What is backlinks and how to use them?

This article will address two of them. The other method is to create high-quality content with a high PR for its place on the internet and written by a person of authority. While there haven’t been any new link-building techniques recently, some seemed to be more successful than others in the future.

If you want to start building backlinks right away, the best way is probably by guest blogging. One of the ridiculous things about social media is that it enables sharing. So writing a blog or participating in various social media offerings will allow you to share your ideas and thoughts without breaking the social media rules.

As you write about your niche topics, you will find that other bloggers are using your guest posting to promote themselves and their websites, and you can use this as a link-building method.

Linkody Pricing and Plans

The software currently has five price levels. The basic tier, suitable for businesses with a website, costs $9.90 per month. You can use it to monitor two domains and 500 links.

Linkody Pricing Review
Pricing and Plan

With this plan, you’re usually watching your part, your biggest competitor’s domain (or any other site you want to spy on).

The middle plan is that the Pro plan is often suitable for multi-domain websites, SEO pros, or small agencies. This plan gives the ability to monitor up to twenty domains with 5000 links. The very best level is that the agency plans XL.

It gives you the ability to monitor 100 domains and 50,000 links. Five different users can also log in, so it’s great for teams. You test the software free of charge for 30 days and then decide whether you want to continue. 

And they’ve made registration easier – you don’t have to enter your credit card.

Overview of Linkody Features

One of the most valuable features of Linkody is the daily notifications that you can set up to monitor your backlinks. One of the central features of Linkody is that it allows you to monitor your competitor’s links.

One of the most helpful features of Linkody is the daily notifications that you can set up to monitor your backlinks. You can speak to the website owners right away if you get a sharp hint of a lost backlink within 24 hours.

If the changes are made manually on the linking website, the information will still be current to the owner afterward. You can then try to regain the link before much time has passed.

By default, Linkody shows all backlinks of a single domain together. Websites can point back to your webpage in the footer. If you have many links from that website, you also have links pointing to your page. Even so, Linkody will surely only provide one link. Otherwise, every page of the website containing the footer will register as a backlink.

Google is certainly not going to attach great importance to the footer or links throughout the website. Linkody, therefore, ignores all links except one to ensure clarity.

We believe Linkody should make this “hidden feature” a little less dark. The interface is excellent; However, in some cases, we forget that there are some useful tools available on the dashboard when you realize where to look.

Hover your mouse over a link on the Links page. In addition, binoculars will undoubtedly appear in front of the “URL from” column.

Yes, you may not have seen that; However, this little treasure will help you know the quality of the link. If you focus on high-quality links, your website will do a lot better than low-quality links despite the number of links.

Click on an overlay, and the Spyglass window is sure to show you valuable metrics and even data about the link domain and the URL.

The Moz Metrics, Alexa, and Spam scores provide an excellent indication of the link’s value.

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Off-Page SEO: Learn What is Off-Page SEO?

The Links tab is an excellent source of information about your website’s backlink profile. Twelve different columns contain information about each backlink to your domain. As a result, anyone can help you understand how the rest of the world sees your website and brand.

The most important column is probably “Status,” as this gives information about the status of the backlinks. For example, the Status column shows the following (note that some of these errors occur because of the distinction between detected modifiers such as anchor text and hand-drawn backlinks).

These are the Main Point of View:

  • OK- Everything is fine.
  • LNF link not found.
  • 404 – page cannot found.
  • 502 Bad Gateway. Invalid response from a web server. Not something a web admin would ever want to see.
  • LPE – Landing Page Error. For more information on LPEs, see the Landing Page tab.
  • SU- Site cannot reach.
  • WA – Wrong anchor. If the anchor text found differs from the one you defined, you will see this error.
  • WR- Wrong Rel– Indicates a no-follow link when a follow link anticipates. If a follow link expect, or – incorrect relationship – display a no-follow link.

Google may be reporting some backlinks that are not showing up in the Linkody dashboard. I need to make it clear that no backlink checker is excellent. Everyone uses different techniques for finding links to a site and will always miss some. Nobody has such a significant data source as Google and will continuously have some catching up to do.

You can add any links not currently in the Links section by clicking + ADD LINKS and submitting the form for a single link. Alternatively, you can insert multiple links or import the CSV you exported from the Google Search Console. 

Linkody will process the status, Moz DA, spam score, etc. when all the URLs are in the system. It will take a while, so waiting a time before returning is ideal. For example, the counting of the social shares takes 24 hours. Various other metrics take a maximum of 5-10 minutes.

Linkody Review: Competitors Page

You can use the Competitors page to create a collection of links to competitor domains. Include your part in this section if you want to monitor your competitors and see when and where they get their backlinks. The process is the same as adding your domains.

You can sort your competitor’s domains by date of addition, social shares, Moz rank, Moz, Moz DA, and spam score. Best of all, Linkody will let you know when a competitor receives a new backlink. It’s great to see links creat on another website near you. With the information, you can then try to create similar links.

Linkody Review: Tags Page

If you have found all of your backlinks, it is time to include tags. These are useful for sorting your backlinks. You can combine tags on the links page.

In each line, activate the packages for the domains you want to mark. A new pull-down menu will certainly appear at the top of the Linkody side. Click the pull-down menu to show four options.

Select Add Tags and join a descriptive tag in the text box. When you return to the Tags page, you can see the newly developed tags and the number of links next. 

By clicking the gear next to each tag, you can edit the title, delete links, and view links associated with the label. You can again see connections that are not associated with the tag.

Analytics Page

The fantastic thing about Linkody is that you can choose the depth of understanding you want to see – from really standard to extensive analysis consisting of:

Relationships: Linkody gives you access to advanced charts based on the relationship filters you choose. You can then download data as a CSV (Comma Separated Values) sheet and quickly perform a link analysis.

  • What people create as the title of a hyperlink to my website
  • Use Main words in titles concerning hyperlinks. If the majority of terms are ‘click’ as well as ‘below’ after that, you’ve got a quality problem.
  • The most typical Moz Domain Authority for all backlinks
  • The number of linking pages with specific Moz Page Authority scores
  • The most typical kind of high-level domain (.com, co, UK, etc.) that links to my website
  • The Follow / NoFollow percentage.

Landing Pages

That is where you can view the actual URLs on your website that list in your backlinks. These are the pages users will access when they click from a link page.

The home page will undoubtedly be one of the most related URLs in many cases. However, if you went viral or an inevitable part of your website is getting attention, the homepage may not get all of the watches.

Hovering the mouse pointer over a row opens the “Set focus keyword” field in the “Focus keyword” column. Use this option to organize your backlinks and determine which key topics get one of the most links. In this section, add the marker keywords for your landing page.

Below you can see the links that people are linking to your website. If you move the mouse pointer under “Focus Keyword,” you will get the option “Set Focus Keyword.”

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Linkody Review: Disavow Rule Generator

Following the Google Penguin update, it states that they will certainly reduce the value of spam links. However, some people think they don’t have to disable links manually. 

Google uses an algorithm to reduce the value of links so, if you want to be sure that you’ve removed some low links, opt-out of them yourself.

If you decline a link, you’ll need to let Google know that you don’t want anything to do with it. The disavow file design allows web designers to use specific links that they didn’t like. When spam websites target your website or your competitors create false links to your website, this occurs. Yes, it does, and it’s called negative SEO.

Spam links degrade the quality of your backlink profile and lead Google to consider your website to be less trustworthy and less reliable. Since the last Google update – Penguin – the disavow data think out of date.

Google spokesmen confirm that it is still a must-have tool. So the recommendation is to continue. Adding links to the submitted disavow guidelines is a practical task.

There’s no way around it. However, choosing URLs and submitting an appropriately formatted file to Google is easier with Linkody’s Disavow tool.

Linkody Review: SEO Metrics

SEO metrics give you everything you need to know more about your backlink profile. Unsurprisingly, Linkody has several metrics that provide you with a great idea of your link efficiency.

By incorporating industry-standard rank metrics from the two key players in the market – Moz and Majestic – Linkody has created a comprehensive technological view of your links in one conveniently perceptible method.

By the way, this tool’s user interface is another essential aspect. Linkody’s straightforward design enables efficient data management. You will undoubtedly get access to:

  • Mozrank, Domain Authority and Spam Score
  • Backlinks currently pointing to your website
  • Social shares on other platforms
  • Reliability and social distribution of your domain
  • Alexa ranking

Content Management

If you want to get a more excellent idea of what content will help your competitors rank above in the SERPs and their metrics. Then you can use these top topics to enrich your content strategy.

If you experience link bait content, this section will help you find some gold nuggets. Examine the top pages to find important questions and “steal” content ideas from related websites.

Not only will you skip the analysis process for your future articles, but you will certainly know that these topics rank well because they do so for your competitors.

Once you find the topics that fascinate you, you have to write a much longer and more detailed post covering the subject much better.

When looking at your competitor’s website, you can get information about their website. In addition, it will help you understand how hard it will be to rank higher in search engines.

Linkody Customer Support

Linkody offers customer support during business hours via chat, phone, or email with frequently asked questions and how-tos.

Customer Support
Customer Support

At the end of my search for Linkody customer support, I found a link to a page that seemed very suspicious of its refund policy and terms of service. After leaving this site, I never shopped with them again. The customer support on this website seemed very poor.

The place was slow to respond, no one answered a lot of the questions I had, the website was down most of the time, and there was little or no answer when I emailed in most cases.

I am with Linkody as my credit card information is at risk due to their poor service. Now I will look for another product to deal with my negative emotions and the stress this scam caused me.

Linkody Money-Back Guarantee

Linkody has no clear refund policy, but they provide a money-back guarantee, so you can get your refund if you’re not satisfied with the service!

Linkody Alternatives

Countless people want SEO software to help them analyze their competitors. The challenge is to find out if the software you choose is right for you.

We have compiled a list of SEO software voted best overall by reviewers instead of Linkody.

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Best SEO Tools: Check these top 10 Best SEO Tools for increase your website traffic.

With customer intelligence, you can see how Linkody performs against the competition, views testimonials from current and past users, and determines the most effective solution for your service. Act-On, Semrush, SE Ranking, and SpyFu are the most popular alternatives and competitors to Linkody.

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SERanking Review: Check out these SERanking review to see how SERanking help you to get backlinks.


If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, inexpensive backlink checking and monitoring tool, Linkody is a worthwhile competitor. It’s not one of the most effective tools, but it is necessary to provide one of the most helpful details in an understandable type. Note that reports generate so that you do not receive instant notification.

You will receive an email once the system has completed its 24-hour coverage cycle. The white-label PDF backlinks reports are a nice feature if you are a business. You can choose the areas to add to the information not to confuse non-technicians or give the full details on many more technology customers.

Linkody is an excellent tool for users who want to put a handful of websites over their backlinks. With an incredible price package, Linkody is an accurate, affordable, and easy-to-use tool for those who are not “technical,” The white-label PDF reports are a great feature.

I’ve found this SEO backlink checker beneficial in my internet marketing endeavors. It provides invaluable information that helps me choose the best link-building strategies for my business, saving time and money. So, if you are looking for a reliable tool that will help grow your website traffic, try out Linkody Review! What do you think of it? Leave us a comment below, and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

8 Total Score
Linkody Review

Linkody is an innovative link building tool that enables you to track your backlinking and analyze the strength of your link relationships with high authority sites. The tool primarily focuses on your inbound links, which is an easier way to assess your link profile than your old unoptimized backlinks or the swampy, low-quality backlinks. Linkody will help you detect spam and less efficient linkages in the future while highlighting your link profiles for the search engines to notice. You can also find out how popular your site is online, your competitors, the keywords being used to optimize your site, and the number of money advertisers are willing to pay for links.

6.8User's score
  • Keeps your backlink efforts organized
  • Saves time compared to manual link building
  • Optimizes your posts and landing pages
  • Helps you get new link-building opportunities
  • Overall, Linkody is affordable and helpful - it produces lots of good data points and largely meets our link analysis needs.
  • Great ease of use and user interface. Information is clear, accurate and filters make it easy and fast to access.
  • It's simplicity, the fact that it is often updated with new features, good value for money, and responsive customer support.
  • Exclusively focused on backlinks
  • Just some very light suggestions here. We sometimes miss an overview of all competitors.
  • Watch all backlinks for good and bad new ones or losses.
  • We tried another one but it was too confusing compared to Linkody.
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