Spyfu Review(2023): Is That Really Spy Good Results?

SpyFu core features will surely help you understand what drives your competitors’ performance. What fits right into your strategy, SpyFu still does well. However, do the newer features offer enough to recommend it as an all-in-one SEO solution?

What is SpyFu?

SpyFu was founded in 2005 by CEO Michael Roberts. SpyFu started as a web scraping project from Velocityscape. Today the company has thousands of customers and a team of 22 people in Scottsdale, Arizona.

SpyFu Review
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SpyFu is a keyword research and affordable intelligence tool that digital marketers use to improve their online search performance. More precisely, SpyFu can be used to identify the most lucrative search terms in your competitors’ paid and organic search campaigns. While other software solutions offer comparable functionality, SpyFu is among the only tools that focus on this form of competitive analysis or “spying.”

SpyFu is a software tool used by digital marketers to improve their performance on an online search. SpyFu stands out as an exceptional tool for keyword research and cost-effective analysis in the online search software category. Customers are using SpyFu to discover engaging keywords for SEO and SEM campaigns and better understand their competitors’ online marketing tactics.

Who is SpyFu for?

SpyFu is a comprehensive tool for domain and keyword analysis without the frustrating control fields filled with data. It’s an excellent alternative for smaller businesses focusing on the core metrics that will make them look upon the Google page.

SpyFu is also great for higher-profile brand names that want a photo of what competitors are doing. The historical data schedule is an actual reward for that. SpyFu will likely act as an extension of a much more comprehensive SEO tool suite for these more prominent organizations.

SpyFu Pricing and Plan

The lowest cost SpyFu package contrasts with the weakest options offered by comparable SEO software application services. The basic plan costs $39 per month. As explained in detail on the SpyFu website, this is unrestricted access to search data.

SpyFu pricing
Pricing and Plan

That is a significant marketing factor compared to the similarity of SEMrush, and SpyFu understands this.

With a professional deal of $79 per month, customers can access even more reporting options and the SpyFu API.

The most expensive package, the $299 per month Team plan, offers up to 5 customer signups and a significant increase in the variety of keywords customers can track.

Current discount rates are currently also available for customers who sign up for an annual plan.

There is also an adapted free version of SpyFu. The features are minimal. However, it’s great for a free, risk-free trial. You must have a desire to try it before purchasing it.

Overview of SpyFu features

SpyFu includes several essential tools for SEO and Pay Per Click. While it does have some reliable backlink tools, it doesn’t cover technical search engine optimization or content marketing.

SpyFu uses many features for low-cost analysis and keyword tracking. Source: SpyFu software application.

Domain Introduction

The Domain Launch Ad is the starting point for further analysis in SpyFu. You can use this user interface to determine the modes that you want to analyze in detail.

Once you’ve entered a domain name in the search bar at the top of the display, SpyFu will undoubtedly be reporting on a wide variety of metrics. These consist of:

  • The multitude of keywords for which this domain is currently rated on Google via SEO and Pay Per Click
  • Keywords that recently submitted a page to Google for this domain
  • Major competitors for this brand name in SEO and Pay Per Click
  • The multitude of inbound links for the part you selected

Click on any of these metrics, and you can get into the trivial stuff on the following display.

The domain introduction function on SpyFu shows both the persistence and weaknesses of this platform.

There is no data shortage on the screen here, and it can be very bright. However, customers should review and rate the numbers to get this insight. Other systems are less complicated to use, although they usually lack this data area.

SpyFu also focuses on external efficiency metrics. It doesn’t sneak in on websites to determine, for example, their technological SEO well-being. SpyFu starts with the signs (ranking placements) and welcomes the customer to put together the reasons. That could mean that you want to combine this tool with a skilled SEO technical crawler to see the full photo.

Keyword Analysis

The keyword research tool in SpyFu is effective enough to take over competing SEO tools. It has some proprietary features that are grabbing the region’s attention.

Adding historical data to all membership plans is a significant reward. There are also handy filters to show only the keywords that have recently rank up or down so you can act right away.

SpyFu keyword finder makes terrific use of competitor data to situate brand-new, beneficial keywords to target.

The metrics available to competitors estimate the traffic these websites will receive from their current keyword positions.

For example, if a competitor scores 100,000 keywords, SpyFu approaches the number of clicks those positions get each month. Additionally, a financial value is used for these SEO checkouts by comparing how much the website would have paid for the same clicks via paid search.

That can be great from an SEO perspective as it helps senior executives understand the significant benefits of organic search marketing. When requesting an advanced SEO budget plan, numbers like these are always valuable.

Additionally, users need to consider that these estimates are inevitably harsh, however.

In its help, SpyFu states: “Realistically these days, you can assume that our roll-up estimates such as ad budget and SEO clicks are correct about 90% of the time.” Personal experience would undoubtedly reduce this number, so customers must take this caution in using this data.

SpyFu Keyword Tool contains various other essential aids that consist of combat functions. That allows you to compare three domains to identify locations where your brand name is going missing. You can use these keywords to monitor your renovation over time.

SpyFu has traditionally focused on keyword and competitor analysis. However, it also has very reliable tools for analyzing backlinks.

The process is straightforward and intuitive and leads from the first backlink import to the reach of the blog owner. You can put in a target keyword for your domain, compare backlinks with competitors, and find that your website’s factors fall behind.

From here, you can start creating the same links. SpyFu has a cool feature that removes contact information for specific websites, so it can save you time if you hand-draw that information. You can also leave notes and a rating for the relevance of each possibility link. Think of this as a timeless tale for the reach of blog owners in dire need of renovation.

More than 103 million domains in the SpyFu-Link index and over 7 billion results are enough for a general photo. It should note that these numbers are well below the numbers estimated by SEMrush and Ahrefs.

However, SpyFu offers the tools most marketers undoubtedly need for backlink analysis at a discounted price.

Ease of Use

The SpyFu user interface is easy to use and usually doesn’t require more than a domain name to get active right out of the box. The format is absorbable at a glance, and customers can click to access all statistics.

However, the design doesn’t have the glitz of larger competitors, and the setup process requires minimal assistance. SpyFu is a straightforward tactical tool that doesn’t offer the same thorough SEO management as various other software application collections.

SpyFu Customer support

Customer Support
Customer Support

The main features are fine here, from phone support (Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. to 5 p.m.) to live chat and email. The response times are also usually within 24 hours.

In contrast to SEMrush or Ahrens, the training restrict. You can find these in practical tutorials on the website. You can find comprehensive overviews of critical features on the blog website. However, you will undoubtedly discover far more diverse sources for various other SEO tools.

SpyFu Money Back Guarantee

It’s easy. We also have a 1-month cash-back guarantee. Let us know by email at support@spyfu.com, online conversation, Twitter (@SpyFu), or phone if you’d like to cancel. We can end your subscription right there and confirm the cancellation for you.

Benefits of SpyFu

The advantages of SpyFu are apparent. It’s an excellent tool for analyzing competitors and offers a unique perspective on the SEO marketing landscape. The insights you get from this tool can impact everything from investing in search marketing to your broader branding strategy.

SpyFu Alternatives

Are you looking for alternatives or competitors to SpyFu? SEO software is the widespread use of innovation. Also, many people are looking for easy-to-use, easy-to-use software solutions that include keyword ideas, SERP rank monitoring, and competitor analysis. Another vital variable to consider when looking for alternatives to SpyFu is searching. We’ve compiled a list of options that the reviewers found to be the most effective alternatives and competitors to SpyFu, including Semrush, SimilarWeb Pro, iSpionage, and SE Position.


SpyFu has grown from a platform for analyzing competitors to a much broader collection of SEO tools. However, core endurance still depends on domain analysis, and link analysis skills depend on Ahrefs or SEMrush. SpyFu also doesn’t have the content marketing and technical SEO tools to recommend it as an all-in-one solution.

Even so, SpyFu offers enough data and proprietary metrics to make it a worthwhile addition to any SEO tool suite.

9 Total Score
SpyFu Review

SpyFu provides valuable information on one of the most profitable keywords and ads for paid and organic search utilized by contending marketers, giving users the affordable intelligence that gas smarter strategies. SEO and PPC specialists benefit substantially from the cutting-edge technology being supplied by this platform and the reality that it guarantees them an even more successful online marketing strategy that would undoubtedly boost income and win even more customers at the same time.

  • Easy to use.
  • Excels at competitor analysis.
  • Great for both SEO and PPC research.
  • The entry-level plan is an outstanding worth.
  • Offers a substantial alternative of keyword search and management tools in an attractive price variety.
  • Interactive reporting, deep PPC/CPC, and paid advertising metrics.
  • Advertisement metrics can be complicated for newbie SEO people.
  • Does not have content marketing tools.
  • No technological SEO crawler.
  • The user interface does not have a gloss.
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