pCloud Review(2023): Is pCloud Better Than Others?

pCloud is the perfect service for those wanting to be on their toes. The affordable pricing, full device compatibility, and fun media features tempt you into signing up with them right away! pCloud also offers a local encryption alternative in case others are not good enough

These two services are the best cloud storage and syncing programs for their price, but Google Drive has more functionality than OneDrive.

But it’s just not as integrated with your operating system or fully functional as our editors’ choice for cloud storage and syncing: Google Drive is better than Microsoft OneDrive when you consider its integration to an OS level.

What is pCloud?

pCloud is a user-friendly and affordable service, with reasonable prices that can be as low as $4.99/month when paid annually, comprehensive device support on many types of devices, including Windows PC’s and Mac laptops or desktop computers for easy access to your files from anywhere in the world at any time, fun ways you can customize media such adding stickers or graphics to photos. Hence, they look like kawaii (Japanese style) characters. The best part: pCloud offers its own encryption alternative, which provides end-to-end data protection without installing anything into an existing operating system!

pCloud Review
Home page

pCloud is one of the newest players in cloud storage, and while they may not be a complete shoo-in against juggernauts like Apple or Google Cloud Storage, their features are pretty great. For starters: pCloud offers an easy interface for uploading files to your account – as long as you’re using Chrome browser on either Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion or any version of Windows Vista up to 8 (it’s also compatible with Linux). Plus, it only takes about four seconds for photos uploaded from my iPhone 6s+ camera roll!

Most of them consist of the same insurance claims that allow you to access accessibility data from anywhere, free up space in the neighborhood, share files, and work on it together. However, what sets the cloud apart the most is its nonprofit pricing plans and ignorant choice of neighborhood security.

pCloud Pricing and Plan

You can find a very competitive free cloud storage service that offers 10GB of space. If you are looking for something more non-profit, Google Drive has 15GB at your disposal and original quality email/pictures (although not entirely). Apple’s iCloud is another option to consider if 5 GB doesn’t seem like enough room; Microsoft also gives 2 gigs with their OneDrive account. Finally, Degoo provides 100 gigabytes of features without restriction!

pCloud pricing
Pricing and Plan

PCloud’s 500GB Premium plan costs just $3.99 per month, and at $7.99 per month, you get 2TB. In contrast, Apple charges $9.99 for 2TB of cloud storage because Google and Dropbox Microsoft consists of 1TB of OneDrive storage with an Office 365 Personal subscription of $6.99 per month. And 6 TB (1 TB each for six people) with the Home subscription for $9.99 a month Degoo uses a whopping 10 TB for $9.99 a month.

pCloud uses two lifetime plans: 500GB for $175 and 2TB for $350. That’s forever (or as long as Business is in Business). pCloud Business includes group company and accessibility management, document assignments, and task tracking. The pricing for these business plans is by arrangement.

Overview of pCloud Features

pCloud is a cloud-based digital asset management platform and cloud storage that allows you to access all of your digital content, consisting of images, video, audio, documents, and much more, anytime, anywhere on any device.

Manage each of your important files securely and centrally in one place. In addition, you can view team members, customers, etc., worldwide and grant controlled access and permissions to your virtual library.

Do Facebook use

You can log in to pCloud with your Facebook or Google qualifications or enter an email address and a password. As with all file sync services, you will be prompted to download, install, and set up the iCloud Drive software during the setup process, even though it is not needed.

The service consists of Windows (XP with 10); macOS 10.9 or higher; Linux (Ubuntu 14.04, Fedora 21, Debian 8 or higher with purchased editions); iPhone 9 or higher; and Android 5.0 or higher. There is also a Lightroom Classic plug-in and a web browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. You can use these to download and install web content directly to the pCloud storage.

If you go through the setup, you will open up a lot more memory.

For example, if you validate your email address by 1GB, publishing documents will give you another one, and so on. For the small installation program for 9 MB desktop computers, you must agree to the certificate contract. It also provides DLLs in a command-line setting and requires you to set up the OKAY driver software, most likely to create a digital drive on your COMPUTER. Finally, you will see a startup window that says Setup Successful and consists of a startup button.

Once you share the desktop computer customer, you’ll see a cloud-shaped system tray icon similar to OneDrive’s, and an authorization dialog box will pop up right in your account. Next, an intro wizard will guide you through the features of the program and the service.


Like OneDrive, Google Drive, and iCloud, iCloud includes a File Explorer icon that you can use to access materials stored in the cloud. However, in contrast to these, a generic drive icon is used instead of a custom drive to indicate that it is not Neighborhood Storage. What’s even more confusing is that the pCloud movement is called Removable Disk in File Explorer.

I haven’t seen this habit in any other sync application, as with many cloud storage customers. Clicking the system tray icon will take you to the File Explorer start window for the digital drive. If you right-click, a food selection will appear corresponding to the following options: Open Drive, Notifications, Settings, Pause, and Exit. It also shows your memory usage and allocation in a pie chart.

Settings interface

The settings interface doesn’t show your storage and account logins, but it also has tabs for syncing, sharing, crypto (non-monetary), and neighborhoods. There are also help and info options that use a switch to check for updates. The Account page displays the memory usage and allocation bar graph. You can change your password or update your account. You can set custom upload limits for uploading and downloading in kbps on the Speed tab in Settings. Also, you can set the unlimited rate or auto.

pCloud also includes right-click context menu options in File Explorer: Copy to iCloud Sync and Sync to pCloud. The initiative consists of the selected documents in a synchronized folder that you have previously set up. And the second creates a brand new synchronization. That is imperfection. The right-click options don’t let you save documents or folders to iCloud storage like OneDrive, and some other cloud storage services do.

For instance, for any documents in File Explorer, OneDrive uses a simple Move to OneDrive option in the context of food selection. Google Drive is closer to pCloud, just allowing you to sync a folder you have right-clicked; you do not see any right-click options for that service when right-clicking on private documents. pCloud a minimum of does allow you to include confidential documents to a currently synced folder, with the Copy to iCloud Sync option.

All of the Services

If you’re in your top-level folder or digital drive, you can share the item through a right-click grocery pick option. pCloud uses options to invite to a folder, copy the upload link, and copy the download link. These are the same as they appear: the first dialog box will open a dialog box asking for an email address for the contact you want to access. The second page opens a page that sends a recipient container upload to the correct click folder. And the third opens a page where she can download and install the folder’s materials.

The recipient will surely see a page comparable to your web pCloud interface, with thumbnails for images. There are no options to password protect these share web links or set expiration times when you share them through File Explorer. Suppose you are using the web interface (see the following section). In that case, you will give these options.

The cloud also uses an offline access option for pure cloud data to download and install on the neighborhood COMPUTER. That means that you usually save space by only storing pCloud data in the cloud and not taking up any space on your hard drive.

Web Interface

The web interface does the simple task of displaying your uploaded data and media, presenting pictures, and playing video clips and songs online. However, it doesn’t use right-click for points like getting a share link with Google Drive and OneDrive.

Instead, it would be helpful to touch the overflow food selection […] to get the options you would typically right-click to enter a context food selection. These folders share, rename, copy, move, download, archive, delete, and folder information for data. You also get options to check out or play media and download and view changes.

You can also sneak (but not change) Office files into the web interface, which is much better than Apple iCloud Drive, which has its online workspace collection.

It also does not allow you to take a quick look at a.doc documents. Google Drive and OneDrive are the only major online storage companies that will enable you to modify workplace documents in the web browser. However, DropBox can efficiently integrate into these for editing and enhancement.

You can naturally upload to pCloud using the web internet browser. In addition, the feature sustains drag-and-drop for multiple synchronized uploads.


The Sync tab in Desktop Computer Setup allows you to define a neighborhood and cloud folder that you want to sync. When I initially selected the neighborhood folder, a cloud folder of the same name was immediately recommended. In contrast to SugarSync, you link a neighborhood folder to a folder in the pCloud cloud storage pecking order.

That allows you to map a folder from one COMPUTER to another. Google Drive syncing is also a lot less radical. If you create different inputs for each COMPUTER, you are synchronizing folders instead of selecting an existing one.


pCloud saves changes for a month for paid accounts and 15 days for free funds. pCloud is fraudulent for free persons. I could sneak past variations, but when I came across Download on the page and revealed an older variation, I got the final shot. Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive offer free people download benefits for one month.

You can see several document variants in the web interface. That’s the way Google Drive works. However, OneDrive and IDrive give you a right-click selection in File Explorer that opens a dialog box that shows a document’s variation background. Without opening the web browser and visiting your account.

In pCloud, variations result from the lower option of the overflow food selection in the web browser interface.

You will be given options to preview, download, install, open the folder, change the selected variant, and restore the position. It’s an excellent collection of more important options than Google Drive’s three Download, keep forever, and delete options. In addition, OneDrive includes print, access, view, translation options, and Download and restores options.

The Crypto Folder

The crypto folder uses client-side security without knowledge. That means that pCloud staff will not be able to access your data if you lose your password. Most of the storage for pCloud documents uses TLS / SSL security but can be decrypted on pCloud’s web servers. Crypto options display in the web interface and the setup area of ​​the mounted program.

This is a feature only for paid accounts. A 14-day trial is available to people for free.

You start with Crypto by entering a password and an optional tip. The access location for this tells you exactly how reliable your password is, which is helpful. In the final verification dialog, you will be asked whether you assign the password to the memory. (If you write it down, you might not have a password either.) A folder called Crypto Folder Product. The buttons Lock and Open folder are currently displayed in the setup area.

The folder will still display if it is backed up. However, you cannot lock it in or open it. It would certainly be a lot safer if the folder weren’t discoverable when connecting. Additionally, the fact that you can access data in your Crypto through the web in a web browser increases the surface area of ​​malware. For example, you can reset your crypto password in the web interface but remove all of your data in the process.

Screenshot Saving

Like OneDrive, pCloud can save screenshots of your desktop computer to the cloud once you learn the secret of the print screen (PrtSc on some keyboards). Or a screenshot of the energetic start window when you press Alt-Print Screen. That handy feature lets you save your display’s photo data in an activity without opening and pasting a picture application. There is also an alternative to replicate a download link for the clipboard screenshot as part of the activity.

Back-Up Other Services

Another unique option in pCloud is to back up various other existing cloud storage services consisting of social apps like Facebook and Instagram. But also Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive Somehow. I find it more likely that these significant companies will undoubtedly be able to maintain my data. If you want to move all of these out of these pCloud, indicate that the functionality could add the discounted prices.

You can connect your pCloud storage to various other cloud services on the Backups page in the web interface. After you start the backup, you will get a brand new folder in your pCloud files called “Backups.” With sub-folders for any support you include. For example, the folder was immediately populated with my Dropbox data when I attached this account. This function is helpful if you switch to pCloud and only back up the various other versions.

Mobile Apps

As stated above, pCloud uses mobile applications for Android and iPhone. I mounted the application on my apple iPhone X. Like all applications nowadays, it intends to send you alerts. After claiming yes or no to that, you sign in with your login. The following choice is to switch on vehicle upload for pictures and video clips.

After that, you can view your folders stored in the cloud in a familiar interface. You can see that the images are fully displayed. An info page shows the size, tag, and dimensions of the documents, but not the settings and things of the camera and the geotags you get with the OneDrive and Google Photos applications. Finally, you can play song data quickly accessed through a switch under the primary application interface.

You can also open your crypto folder with the password. Also, you can view Word files, but you cannot change them. Share web links are available in the application for folders and data. And you can see tasks for using the web links. One point you won’t get is accessibility to earlier variations. Still, it’s a well-formed, immaculately laudable mobile customer for cloud storage.

One of the most frustrating elements of pCloud was that on my test computer. All icons on the desktop computer blinked during many activities. Similar to what happens when you set up a brand new standard program. It is not a significant problem and does not affect its functionality, but it isn’t obvious.

pCloud Customer Support

We got high praise for the pCloud review, but one area where the company is failing its customers is customer support. Unlike many of its competitors, pCloud does not use live chat support nor respond quickly to feedback requests from their users- we can’t say if it’s a problem that will fix any time soon or even at all!

Customer Support
Customer Support

We made sure to include more detail about how they’re lacking when compared against other providers and what our experience was overall with them before summarizing why people might want to consider avoiding them altogether due to these shortcomings.

There is an extensive help page that covers most of the functionality of the service. However, when you can’t find the answer you are looking for, the points get harder.

For example, let’s say you want to contact the company directly to chat with a support agent. After that, your only option is to sound the company. A number is a Swiss number and is operated during Swiss business hours, making this a challenge for US customers. Switzerland is 9 hours ahead of California. So if you are stationed in San Francisco, you will most likely need to call before 8 a.m. Not optimal.

That is an area that can fix with a live chat alternative.

However, as mentioned earlier, pCloud does not offer this. Instead, as you’ll see in our Google Drive review, this is what several other top-tier providers like Dropbox and Google Drive offer.

Without conveniently available chat or telephone support. Your next best option is to contact us by email or use the contact form. When we first tried this, it took over 24 hours for the reaction to become apparent. The 2nd time we heard back within 2 hours.

The feedback was valuable and showed excellent product expertise, but the promotion times were a bit inconsistent.

pCloud Money-Back Guarantee

pCloud is so confident you will not regret your purchase that they offer a 10-day money-back guarantee.

Starting from the day after you have paid for any of their services, if within this time period (10 days) there are no issues with our service and it does not meet your expectations, then pCloud promises to refund every penny!

pCloud Alternatives

If you consider pCloud, you may also explore comparable options or competitors to find the best solution. For example, cloud Content Collaboration Software is a commonly used innovation. In addition, many individuals seek quick administered, time-saving software solutions with web user interface, file kind support, and file following.

Various other essential elements to consider when looking into options to pCloud consist of client service and files. We have assembled a list of services that reviewers voted as the best real choices and competitors to pCloud, including Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive for Business, Box, and Apple iCloud.

pCloud Conclusion

PCloud has been a widely used cloud service for years, and its popularity only continues to grow. It’s perfect if you’re looking for something that offers privacy features while still being accessible on most devices. The best part? PCloud is priced comparably with other services but comes with bells and whistles such as backup, syncing capabilities, encryption tools, etc. This can be extremely helpful in today’s digital world, where data breaches are common occurrences!

PCloud is a great alternative to the GDrive and Onedrive syncing services, with reasonable pricing for vast tool support. They also have their own security system that compared well to our Editors’ Choices.

8.5 Total Score
pCloud Review

pCloud is a cloud storage and backup service with a particular concentrate on safety and security, using the most significant possible degrees of encryption. It additionally supplies some useful attributes that you don't locate with every cloud storage bundle. Do these features place pCloud along with the ideal cloud storage carriers in the company? We answer that inquiry in this pCloud testimonial, covering everything you need to find out about the software application, including its rates, features, assistance, and ease of use.

  • 10GB free online storage.
  • Plays media data online.
  • Submit versioning.
  • Locally encrypted protected alternative.
  • Valuable functions are not offered in the free version.
  • Appears as a Removable Disk in File Explorer.
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