PureVPN Review(2023): Is It Better Than Other VPN?

PureVPN has eluded our ideal VPN list despite being among the most extensive virtual private network services. While its fast speed and discounted price are enough to top the most formidable competitors, PureVPN falls short in another area.

In this PureVPN review, we will most likely run the service with the question and test its speed, features, and more. For the price, PureVPN is an excellent service. The rate is perfect as long as you are looking for the correct server, and the price is less than many of its competitors.

However, this considers the incoherent user interface, poor support, and erratic streaming efficiency compared to the confusing user interface. Even so, with a 31-day money-back guarantee, there’s no risk of firing a shot. If you’d prefer to avoid the top, be sure to check out our ExpressVPN review.

What is PureVPN?

Pure VPN Review
Home page

Kind of a steadfast business person, PureVPN has been a lot of fun considering 2007. It is recognized and trusted by many. It has an extensive feature list that consists of important information such as a vast network of over 6,500 servers in 140 countries and a great series of apps and beneficial bonuses such as P2P support, IPv6 and DNS leakage protection, and much more.

PureVPN has all the features you need for a premium VPN. However, performance and customer service do not match. The app requires my computer’s sources which caused my system to take off and completely freeze a few times, which fixed the problem after closing the app.

PureVPN has a vast network of servers, apps packed with rich features, and advanced plans are great value for money. Nonetheless, problems with encryption and the kill switch can affect privacy awareness.

PureVPN Pricing and Plan

PureVPN is just one of those services that are consistently picking up bargains. Depending on where you are looking, you may see different periods and discounted prices. For this review, we have used the periods and fees available on the PureVPN website. Based on our previous experience with the service, these are some of the most precise.

Pure VPN Pricing Review
Pricing and Plan

As a monthly or annual service, PureVPN will fail. While not overpriced, as am I (review outside of my review to find out more), PureVPN stays in line with the rest of the market. If you’re trying to find a short registration period, we recommend PIA, which offers a year of service for less than $40 (see our internet access review).

However, for those looking to the future, there is no service like PureVPN. It’s one of the few vendors where you can buy five years in advance and at a significantly lower price.

We have consistently promoted CyberGhost as the best choice for a spending plan as its three-year plan is only $99 (see our CyberGhost review). Because of the pricing alone, PureVPN wins the battle. While it’s short in some places, we’ll achieve this throughout the study – prices are robust.

PureVPN Trial

If you try PureVPN and choose it other than you, you can take advantage of the 31-day money-back guarantee.

If you’re that likely, you can also purchase a 7-day trial which is $0.99. You can also access a 7-day free trial by setting up the Chrome or Firefox extension. After the test, you register for the annual plan immediately.

PureVPN Lifetime

In our research, we usually came across the term “PureVPN Lifetime Subscription.” A couple of years ago, PureVPN made lifetime registration available to its services for around $70.

However, if you currently get to the “Lifetime Subscription” page, PureVPN clarifies that this is the five-year plan. In short, at the time of composing, there is no life choice claiming PureVPN provided it in the past.

Overview of PureVPN Features

PureVPN offers several strategies for using a VPN. Instead of just providing you with a list of servers, you can choose between different settings depending on what you want to do online.

In most situations, these settings transform the places you view. However, some of them open additional functionality (for example, the streaming setting allows you to create attachments based on a website).

Otherwise, the functions are standard. PureVPN consists of a kill switch that will securely block your weblink if the VPN ever loosens before, as well as a speed test that undoubtedly approximates the latency of the PureVPN locations. While the speed test works, we like the look and feel of ExpressVPNs even more.

PureVPN has more features, but only if you pay extra.

You can buy port forwarding, DDoS protection, and a dedicated IP address, each costing $0.99 per month. Although we realize that it’s not a technical IP address, PureVPN must be DDoS protection for free.

The standout feature is the split tunneling that free consists of. It is a beta feature that indicates that you need to activate the beta feature switch in the application to access it. Provide per app, so you can send some apps with the VPN passage while other apps stay on your shared link.

We’re more than happy with the kill switch, speed test, and split tunneling, although we have some concerns about the settings (a lot more on that in the “Ease of Use” section listed below). The only missing feature is App Kill (read our Astrill review for a service that provides it). The claimed app kill is a relatively uncommon feature, so we’re not hard-docking PureVPN to leave it out.

PureVPN Chrome Extension

PureVPN offers a web browser extension for Chrome and Firefox, a reality that almost immediately springs to mind as you use the application. Like most VPN extensions, it acts as a stripped-down way of controlling your connection. You can choose your location, create a bypass list and attach it.

Although the desktop computer application has even more setups, we recommend using the extension for everyday use (this is a rarity for VPNs). The structured linking procedure works better than the desktop computer application, so you can choose your location and connect without worrying about which setting to stay in.

User Friendliness

Signing up with PureVPN is similar to signing up with any other VPN. Several counters will bring you to the checkout page on the website, asking for your period, email address, and payment approach. Although you will validate the payment on this page, there is still a process you need to complete to prepare.

Then you offer a five-part setup process. First, PureVPN asks what you want to use the VPN for, which may seem pointless, but it doesn’t make sense. Based on your solution, PureVPN will surely tell you which app to download and install.

In certain circumstances, those who wanted to propose the Internet browser extension, while those who tried to download and install it, recommended the Windows application.

Once you have made your choice, you can download and install your option’s application. While the application is being downloaded and installed, PureVPN will undoubtedly give you your created username and password.

Both can be any sequence of letters and numbers. We, therefore, recommend using our ideal password supervisors to save. You can also get a setup overview for your platform on this page if you need one.

PureVPN Download

After the coatings have download, you will need to proceed with the setup. PureVPN asks you to agree to the terms on the important display and offers you the option to install the Chrome or Firefox Internet browser extension. You also have the option of running PureVPN when visiting Windows.

Once that’s done, you can visit and take advantage of the skills provided. Back on the website, PureVPN asks if you’re attached. If you have a problem, make up your mind you’re not connected, and PureVPN will undoubtedly direct you to live chat. While those who recognize VPNs may resolve this sign-in process, there is more to see in the end.

After confirming you’re attached, offer Members Area qualifications different from your account qualifications (aggravating but helpful for privacy). You will need to set your password, which will require you to go through a “forgot your password” procedure whenever a reset link is sent to you.

PureVPN Member’s Area

The participant’s location looks excellent but doesn’t have much to offer. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t valuable. You can upgrade your plan, browse other installers, and access the support location and acquisition attachments such as B. a unique IP and port forwarding.

You can sign up for a PureVPN registration and never touch the participant’s location. However, it is still valuable to have the main center find your account information and support and compile the data themselves.

PureVPN Login

Back on a desktop computer, PureVPN will no doubt prompt you to visit it as soon as you launch the application. After entering your qualifications, you’ll see a list of settings asking you to choose one.

The settings do not change anything related to your link. Rather, the first change the locations shown. If you select the file sharing set as an example, the peer-to-peer servers show at the top.

The settings don’t bother us, but searching the server list is difficult. They are much more complicated filter system options that make navigation more complex than necessary. We would certainly prefer an indexed list of locations, in addition to the opportunity to filter servers based on their ranking, primary site, and latency.

The entire application reflects this awkwardness.

Once you’ve chosen a location, the list will undoubtedly go away, which is complicated considering the application opens with the server list open. Likewise, the streaming setting consists of a feature that lets you tell PureVPN which website you want to connect to, and that will immediately find a server and launch that website. However, you cannot see this selection in any of the other settings.

On Windows, PureVPN theoretically appears to build many great concepts but doesn’t play well when assembled. We can see that the initiative PureVPN is taking includes brand new methods of controlling a VPN, but the ideas are not understood. A structured user interface would undoubtedly work better if it indicated that some of the features that set PureVPN apart are no longer available.


If PureVPN corresponded, it would quickly become one of the fastest VPNs out there. It’s not a very erratic review of our NordVPN rating, but there is a difference in jumping around the world. That said, as long as you’re using PureVPN at a reasonably decent, fast, unguarded rate, you have to be excellent.

To keep the reason, we evaluated PureVPN using OpenVPN / UDP with AES-256. UDP rates are slower than the suggested method by PureVPN – it doesn’t define the recommended way and reruns the checks for both. Our results were mostly the same. We also just evaluated bare metal servers.

PureVPN amazed us, kept most of our speed across North America, and only dropped a little while jumping over a significant body of water. However, as we saw when testing the fastest VPN, some locations do even worse. In our dataset, Brisbane is unique.

The difference isn’t going to be stressful, especially if you can find it on a good link, but it still exists. However, a related issue was latency. PureVPN stayed below 250ms across the board, making it our ideal VPN for keeping track of video games.


PureVPN uses AES-256 encryption by default, which is the most helpful, as you can see in our encryption recap. However, the process it is associated with is not that simple.

By default, PureVPN uses an “automatic” process claimed to have the most effective speed and security balance. According to PureVPN, from PPTP to OpenVPN, auto-hiring will undoubtedly try to determine which jobs are best for your link.

The problem is, PureVPN never reveals which method you’re using when you’re ready to do it “automatic.” That is a problem, as you can see in our VPN procedure.

That said, transforming your procedure isn’t difficult, even though PureVPN mislabeled some of the options. For example, IKEv2 is classified as “IKEV” in the application, even though the term represents “Internet key exchange.”

To put security into a method, we ran PureVPN with a collection of investigations that attempted to find DNS leaks, in addition to We bRTC and IP leaks. Whatever was excellent on the physical servers, which wasn’t a shock. However, on the virtual servers, it was easy to map the physical location of the server.


PureVPN makes it clear that no logs keep at the top of its privacy policy. While this insurance claim has remained intact throughout the company’s life, it is possible, otherwise likely, that PureVPN has kept connection logs in the past.

In October 2017, PureVPN helped the FBI quit the cyberstalker who was using its services. The event has indeed increased some inquiries regarding the privacy policy and the information PureVPN has collected.

To bring public opinion into the ideal direction, PureVPN sought Altius IT for an independent review. Although we are not enthusiastic about the dangers, we want, as always, to allow the past to be the past. The audit found that no significant logs were kept, so PureVPN receives a pass this round.

However, it’s not as sharp and burned as stating that PureVPN doesn’t keep logs.

When using the service, PureVPN will log the day you connected and the ISP you used. None of this can directly recognize you, although, as Internet browsers fingerprints can show, percentages of information can streamline the area.

The only exception is using a specific IP address (see our ideal VPN with a technical IP overview). Since the address link to your account, PureVPN includes it in the document. There is no other way around it, so there is no reason to confuse PureVPN.

Even with the collection, the chance that something will recognize you is slim. PureVPN requests an email address when you register and provides various confidential payment methods. The no-log insurance claim is correct, and your privacy is safe with PureVPN.

Streaming Performance

PureVPN struggled to break into streaming systems despite having a particular streaming setting. With this setting, we have attached websites that use the website search function. That should theoretically connect us to a server that will help the platform access and launch the website immediately.

Introduce the websites, but we couldn’t stream. Amazon Prime Video and Netflix quickly blocked our connection even though we could load Hulu and BBC iPlayer. Again, this test performs using the storage location suggested by PureVPN in the streaming design. Connecting on your own gave different results.

PureVPN Netflix

Funnily enough, Netflix just filled great when using the Internet Freedom setting and connecting to a UNITED STATE server. However, Amazon Prime Video still noticed that we were using a VPN. So be sure to check out our ideal VPN for Amazon Prime Video if you want to access this platform.

This problem returns to the settings. Had it not existed, we would certainly not have been better at streaming since using the Internet Freedom setting, one of the most basic of many, worked on time and again trying to load Netflix.

However, the effort involved in the benefit makes it challenging to attach. The streaming setting is different, but it doesn’t work, making the whole linking process considerably complicated.

Server Locations

PureVPN has many server locations, which, as we saw in our Hide Myers review, suggests that some virtual numbers are constantly changing. However, there were more than 2,000 VPN servers in 180 locations in more than 140 countries at the time of writing. However, most of them are not physical.

VPN virtual servers allow you to get an IP address from a specific location while connecting to a server in different areas. If you need a Bangladeshi IP address, a server in the UNITED STATE or the UK, it may look like it is in Bangladesh. The problem is that virtual servers are relatively easy to spot.

There are security concerns with using virtual servers, so PureVPN knows which servers are physical and virtual. That means there are many virtual locations in South America, for example, with 81 servers. Still, only 18 of them are material, and each of those 18 is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

PureVPN Server List

The distribution of physical locations is good but not great. Europe has the best variety of physical locations that North America adheres to (although many servers focus on the US and Canada). Almost every single place has a virtual server consisting of the Isle of Man, Laos, and Sri Lanka.

While some can be different from virtual servers, PureVPN doesn’t force you to use them. It would undoubtedly be a point if key locations were virtualized, but not. If you are looking for a specific place, PureVPN can customize it for virtual servers. However, the majority of customers will likely access bare metal servers.

PureVPN Customer Support

On the PureVPN website, you will see a small bubble for a live chat in the lower right corner. Although the website’s primary page shows whether you are checked in or not, we can only load the live chat when we visit. The attendee’s location, where various live chat icons are displayed, did not concern us.

Customer Support
Customer Support

We have expressed a fundamental concern about the automatic process. Although the picture solved the problem, it was difficult to tear a clear solution out of the text block. What the feedback lacked in spelling, it made up for in broken English. One of the most common issues was that the live chat was overly treating, as you can see in the exchange below.

It is an excellent concept to stick to better sources of self-help. PureVPN has created setup overviews for nearly every platform and VPN usage situation, as well as repair overviews. In addition, these sources are listed in an available knowledge base so that you can quickly find the support you need.

As we’ve seen elsewhere on the service, PureVPN has disrupted support. The knowledge base is practical and straightforward to use, but direct contact raises many more inquiries than solutions. The support is excellent if you want to tackle problems yourself. Those who need help in this process won’t find it with PureVPN.

PureVPN Money-Back Guarantee

You have 31 days to say so if you want a refund on your PureVPN subscription. If that’s the case, go to purevpn.com and log into your account and start a live chat with customer service for assistance requesting cancellation of services while also asking about obtaining refunds during this time period without any hassle or additional charges incurred as well!

After confirming your request they’ll take 5-7 business days (or less) when it comes back in full after checking everything including the payment method used at the purchase date which may not be eligible for refunds such as Google Pay from what we found out here today!

PureVPN Alternatives

The following Virtual Private Network (VPN) software solutions are the only popular alternatives that users and reviewers compare to PureVPN for Teams. Virtual Private Network (VPN) software may be a widely used technology.

Many people are looking for innovative, easy-to-use software solutions with multiple devices, protocol selection, and live customer support. Other essential factors to consider when looking for alternatives to PureVPN for teams are security and price. We’ve compiled an inventory of the solutions that reviewers voted for based on the best options and competitors to PureVPN for Teams, including OpenVPN, KeepSolid VPN Unlimited, NordVPN, and Windscribe.


PureVPN is a complicated service to evaluate. We like some elements, but there are also gaps we found that need not be overlooked.

The support could be better and the app can be difficult to use for those who do not have experience with VPN technology in general. For these reasons, we cannot recommend this product as one of our top picks for 2018 despite its lower price point and fast speeds–but it may work well enough for your needs if you don’t mind dealing with some challenges along the way.

8 Total Score
PureVPN Review

PureVPN is a premium service that operates 2,000+ servers in 140+ countries. It offers unlimited bandwidth, P2P compatibility, and premium security features, including military-level encryption and port forwarding. Also better, it can unblock Netflix. PureVPN has the distinctive benefit of third-party auditing, making particular their no-logging policy is genuine.

  • Easy-to-use apps.
  • Geographically varied servers.
  • Solid encryption.
  • Add-on included Firewall and dedicated IP.
  • Allows P2P and BitTorrent.
  • Permits torrenting.
  • Blocks add.
  • Solid privacy policy.
  • Support could be far better.
  • Relatively number of servers.
  • Unclear where virtual servers find.
  • Unfamiliar authorized circumstance.
  • Some features need an included charge.
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