TorGuard Review(2023): Is It Really Worth Buying?

TorGuard is a virtual private network that we approved in our final tests. Our previous TorGuard review praised the customizability, fast speed, and convenient price point, as each of these verses takes into account its outdated and complicated user interface.

While the customizability and speed are still undamaged, the user interface mainly shows its age right now. With updates to VyprVPN (2 VPNs that we slapped for functionality, as you can see in our review of private internet access and review of VyprVPN), TorGuard is falling behind. TorGuard was challenging to use and was in contrast to services like CyberGhost, which did a great job of stabilizing functionality. It seems like a bad alternative at best.

In this updated TorGuard review, we’ll see if it still deserves a spot on our list of the most suitable VPNs. As in the past, we will rate TorGuard point by point for features, pricing, usability, speed, security, privacy, streaming efficiency, server locations, and customer support before giving our judgment. If you’d rather miss out on the junk, check out our ExpressVPN overview. While TorGuard does a fair amount of things right, it is unsuitable for ExpressVPN.

What is TorGuard?

TorGuard is a VPN service provider that strives to provide economical, fast, and secure Internet access through numerous user-friendly functions. No logs, complete privacy, and multiple kill switch options guarantee you stay hidden and protected from hacker attacks.

TorGuard Review
Home page

It is fantastic for torrenting with full support and, as expected, some detailed features to enhance the experience. The apps are complicated. There is a lot of information that experts are sure to appreciate, but even newbies may not be intuitive and difficult to find out. The mobile apps are similar.

It has incredible toughness. The VPN is privacy-friendly, and its robust security features give you plenty of freedom to customize your experience. TorGuard can bypass the brutal censorship in China as well and offers lovely torrent support too.

From tiny to medium-sized businesses to large corporations to freelancers and virtually anyone who wants to protect their online identifications, TorGuard VPN and Proxy services are the way to go. Individuals can benefit from TorGuard’s fast and reliable online security.

TorGuard Pricing and Plan

TorGuard is cheaper than most of the leading VPNs. However, the minimum duration suggests that No rdVPN’s multi-year offer cannot be accepted (see our No rdVPN review). It also claims that there is a “seven day free trial” that is not real. We’ll put that in later in this section.

TorGuard Pricing Review
Pricing and Plan

However, in most situations, the monthly price misbehaves. We continuously recommend sticking to the longest possible period as the price is only a few dollars per month. However, this is not possible with TorGuard. It’s up to a year, which brings the monthly cost to around $5.

While affordable, you can increase your monthly price to around $3 while getting even more connections by purchasing a triennial registration with CyberGhost or No VPN.

If you want additional connections, TorGuard offers these for USD 1 each. It also delivers streaming IP addresses in multiple locations for $7.99 per month each. Considering that services like No VPN, CyberGhost, ExpressVPN, Windscribe, and many others consist of streaming IP addresses in the basic plan, the slightly lower monthly price doesn’t seem attractive.

TorGuard approves the standard collection in terms of payment, which consists of PayPal, credit cards, Bitcoin, and several other cryptocurrencies.

TorGuard Free “Trial”

“Seven-Day Free Trial” badges can find throughout the TorGuard website. However, this is a little deceiving. Clicking on these badges will undoubtedly take you to a page with an unannounced “fresh start” plan that will allow you to sell your existing VPN registration for one with TorGuard. There is no trial for brand new customers, so we do not judge customers for feeling like they have been led into the yard by these badges. We feel alike.

A “fresh start” suggests that you get one week off to try TorGuard (the “Trial Version”). Then, if you cancel your old plan and send evidence by email, you will get another month of TorGuard for free. That is a unique method, although we’re not sure if receiving a free month of TorGuard is an incentive or a penalty.

If you don’t currently have a VPN registration, TorGuard offers a 7-day money-back guarantee. You still have to put your card on top of the document, and you will always bill when you look at it.

You can cancel in the first week for a refund. However, that’s not very interesting at best. Most services offer a month to get a refund. Check out our VPNArea review for just one case. That makes the TorGuard reimbursement period inconspicuous. That ignores the reality that TorGuard is rolling words with its liberal use of words “try” while resting coldly on its website.

Overview of TorGuard Features

One of TorGuard’s strengths is the adaptability that comes with the price of easy access, as you can see in the “Ease of Use” section below. Even so, the functions loaded directly into the application cannot refute, regardless of how timely their discussion might be.

The basics consist of a kill switch, releasing options instantly on startup, and linking them when released. While we don’t need to mention these features – we also consider them “essential” – some services avoid them (see our CactusVPN review, for example).

However, this does not apply to TorGuard in the feature division. As an extension of the basics, they offer several customization options, including the ability to change your cipher, include customized manuscripts, and collect a stealth proxy. With these features, tech geeks can make TorGuard their own. However, this only plans for techies.

We’d no doubt trade these rewards for much better DNS handling instead of the list of options TorGuard currently offers. It is excellent to have setups, but the number of formats is unnecessary, or for the discerning customer, TorGuard can save some fat while including appropriate features.

While similar to split tunneling, app kill isn’t the same point. Unfortunately, TorGuard doesn’t have the split tunneling feature, so you can send traffic through the VPN passage while various other traffic uses your specific connection. However, if you are using an online backup service like Backblaze, split tunneling is required.

User Friendliness

TorGuard’s checkout means to survive, even if the website is a little important in itself. Several services are available, consisting of business email and a proxy (for more information on these services, check out our most secure email providers and the VPN vs. Broker vs. Tor overviews). No problem where you are; However, you can continuously click the “Join Now” button to go straight to the VPN checkout.

The checkout page is straightforward and prompts you to choose a payment cycle, a specific IP address, and a streaming IP address. Despite the “free trial” insurance claim, TorGuard makes it clear on the checkout page what you pay for each month, in addition to the schedules when you sign up. However, the money-back guarantee does not clear up.

Finally, you need to enter your payment details.

If you are paying with a credit card, you will need to enter billing details. However, there is also the option to turn off repeating settlements. While billing details are required for invoicing, we’ve found that various other VPNs use a much more privacy-conscious checkout process (read our Mullvad review to learn even more about it).

After verifying the payment, you will take to a download page containing set up guidelines for each of the systems supported by TorGuard. Pictures are part of every action.

For example, while it’s not one of the most engaging pages – the font doesn’t match the rest of the site, and the images are fetched and not displayed – we see a setup page to check out.

TorGuard Windows Application

We deployed the TorGuard application on a Windows 10 manufacturer, and while the installment came off quickly, we got a grip on opening the application. After climbing, you can instantly unlock the TorGuard app, which will undoubtedly boot you straight into a user interface that includes your tunnel method, encryption, server, and additional information.

A server is selected by default. However, we recommend transforming it. For example, TorGuard set us up with the Dallas, Texas site in certain circumstances, although they also have a data center in Chicago, and we tested in Louis, Missouri.

All server options have complied with a large “Connect” button that we clicked immediately. However, we couldn’t link. Finally, TorGuard brought us to a login page, but not before we tried to merge and block our web link. Oddly, the complete setup page doesn’t cover just signing in to your account.

However, it’s a tiny problem that only requires a quick fix. When you launch a login page, the application launch will undoubtedly become much more accessible. In addition, the only method to visit is to hit the “Connect” button as there is no login button in the application.

What Happen After Logging?

However, after logging in, you connect immediately. While linking, TorGuard will undoubtedly show your connection time, method, encryption, speed, IP address, and additional information. You can confirm your IP address by clicking “Verified.” That will certainly open an Internet browser with the TorGuard IP address mosaic.

However, there is nothing else you can do while connected – anything that is secure during your session except the Disconnect button. We can understand why setting up many setups requires reconnecting, and it’s still a hassle. Detaching it to check out the server display becomes immediately aggravating.

Back on the separate page, there are a ton of points that you can set up without opening the setups. It is best to leave the method on for those who do not understand what they are doing.

However, if you feel like it, you can change your transport method between UDP and TCP, choose the encryption you want to use, and choose the port. You can also select a check box to connect when TorGuard starts automatically.

More Settings

The setups accessed through the “Additional Settings” switch are an extension of what shows on the primary display. TorGuard has no problem getting into the weeds. So you can set up sophisticated DNS setups, set up OpenVPN with your minimal TLS variation (you can find more information on this in our SSL and TLS overview), and enter manuscripts that should execute.

While it’s a playground for tech geeks who understand what they’re doing, TorGuard is extremely difficult for newbies to access. However, we have seen many times in the past that form and ability come true, namely, testing private Internet access. So there is no factor that TorGuard cannot follow.

The options are plentiful, and that’s a plus. However, the possibilities need to outline carefully. In certain circumstances, the Setup screen will immediately lead you to the Proxy tab, fourth in line.

Many of these setups may be quick to design a sophisticated display.

TorGuard Chrome Extension

Along with your registration, TorGuard offers a Chrome and Firefox extension. However, we tried mounting it in Opera, a chrome-based internet browser, and it just took a great time (read our Opera review). So while it’s comparable to various other VPN extensions – read our PureVPN review, for example – it’s not the same.

The extension is an SSL / TLS proxy, not another controlling VPN through your internet browser. While this is, of course, not a negative point, TorGuard essentially calls the extension in the Chrome Web Store “TorGuard VPN Extension.” So it’s not a VPN, much like a money-back guarantee isn’t a free trial.

Despite the uncertain identification, it is worth installing the extension and additional functions as the proxy. As it evolves, you can block ads, fake your location geographically, and collect links dropped by the broker. You can also use it together with the VPN for a pseudo-double-hop connection.


TorGuard quickly wins the desired area at the top of our fastest VPN overview for each of its problems. However, as we explained earlier, because of the overview, it is faster if you consider standards. When looking at private servers, TorGuard is not that remarkable. Some places are great, while others are miserable.

Before we got to our private results, we rated them precisely like this:

We ran our unguarded link via Then we tried 5 locations with an encrypted one, starting with the one proposed and relocating it geographically. All of our screenings don using OpenVPN, and we left the encryption at AES-256-GCM by default.

As you can see above, unlike ExpressVPN, which is the fastest VPN we rated, there is a significant mismatch between locations. For example, the suggested site in Dallas fasted and kept most of our download and upload speeds, even though the Chicago location was much faster.

The London location was pointless; Reducing our download price to less than 5 percent of our original Sydney speed resulted in similar problems. Furthermore, despite having a faster download and installation speed than London, the latency was much higher, which made TorGuard unsuitable for our best VPN list for PC gaming when jumping abroad. However, if you are staying near the house, it is still a great option.

TorGuard can be a fast entertainer. However, it is pointless if you have chosen the wrong server. While we’ve seen various other services with a similar problem – no VPN, for example – we’ve never seen it in this area. So you have to look around to find the right place.


TorGuard offers many security options. Of course, this doesn’t make it exceptionally secure. However, that claims it falls in line with the rest of the market. OpenVPN uses the package, with TCP as the transport method and AES-256-GCM as the standard encryption. If you’re interested in learning more about AES, be sure to check out our encryption roundup.

That is the most effective set of specifications when it comes to VPN security. Although TorGuard gives you the alternative of changing the encryption and preceding one, this only applies to protection. Instead, you can change your cipher to increase your speed. To see why this makes a difference, check out our VPN Methods Breakdown.

TorGuard supports OpenVPN, L2TP, IPSec, PPTP, Stunnel, OpenConnect, and a conventional HTTP or HTTPS proxy for VPN processes. However, you will not discover each of these options in the application. Instead, you can choose between OpenVPN or OpenConnect and activate the stunnel.

L2TP, IPSec, and PPTP have to be set up by hand, which is not a big deal as these methods are, in fact, the only ideal for specific niche applications and occasionally for smartphones. Proxy connections are made through the Internet Browser Extension but not through the neighborhood application. In short, TorGuard has options. However, it is best to leave all that is.

Just like security in technology, we examined TorGuard for DNS leaks, IP leaks, and Web-RTC. Again, it returned neatly on all accounts, including multiple locations.


TorGuard doesn’t talk much about privacy, which is shocking. We saw the same “No Logs” track and dance by multiple vendors to get them tracked and pinpoint the exact point they claimed they weren’t (check our IPVanish test and BufferedVPN Test for a pair of instances).

TorGuard has not posted these insurance claims on its website.

Instead, a single, bold line in the privacy policy is dedicated to the VPN service: “TorGuard does not collect or log any data from its VPN or virtual private network (proxy) services or proxy services.” However, this does not mean that the individual details you provide will no longer display.

TorGuard prompts you to enter your billing information when you pay with a credit card, which you would indeed cross out as material malice. It doesn’t seem like the points are accumulating; however, it did not include the name or billing address we went to when viewing with a virtual credit card.

Below the “No Logs” claim in bold is an area with smaller text claiming that TorGuard is storing these individual details independently. However, you will undoubtedly share these details when “required by law.” For example, if you pay with PayPal, your billing information will still be stored through PayPal, and most cryptocurrency exchanges will require billing information as well.

All of this is made particularly worrying by the fact that TorGuard base is in the US. However, TorGuard claims that you can ask to delete these details. However, it doesn’t make it clear whether this will securely delete your account.

TorGuard doesn’t seem to have anything to do with it, which is also questionable. However, the lack of information in the privacy policy deserves attention.

Streaming Performance

TorGuard was able to break in Netflix during our tests, although it still missed our best VPN for the Netflix list. It’s also not shocking that it can be over-viewed, considering that Netflix is ​​a significant marketing factor for most VPNs.

We evaluated the various other streaming services – Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer. TorGuard was not enough regardless of the number of servers we tried. Perhaps the specialized streaming IPs would undoubtedly help get started with these systems. We have adequately raved about our problems with those, however.

While we like the accessibility to Netflix, it’s not one of the most robust platforms that Netflix makes available and quickly available in most regions. In contrast, Amazon has a highly diverse collection depending on its location, and Hulu and iPlayer are limited to specific areas: the US and the UK.

If you’re interested in getting in the blocks, check out our Best VPN for Amazon Prime Video, Best VPN for Hulu, and Best VPN for the BBC iPlayer Reviews.

Server Locations

TorGuard has more than 3000 servers in 68 locations in 55 countries. However, the network is essentially the same as NordVPN’s similarity. It only offers 68 data center options in the application. As explained in the “Pricing” section, you can add property IP addresses to the helpful list when accessing streaming systems.

The spread of locations is considerable, with most concentrated in the United States and Europe. However, a handful remains in various other places, including 9 locations in the Asia-Pacific region and 6 locations across Africa in the Middle East.

The Middle East is a typically underserved location with VPNs. So while there are only a handful of places, we’re pleased that TorGuard represents that location.

TorGuard doesn’t have as many locations as HideMyAs, although some VPNs do, as you can see in our HideMyAs review. Still, we enjoy the spread and the options. Even so, this area is not all cheap.

We understand the additional cost of a specific IP address. However, billing from streaming locations is out of order. One of the primary uses for a VPN is streaming. Check our best VPN on Streaming Overview for additional information on this topic. Most of the other services consist of TorGuard’s accessible streaming locations, not just bills for them. However, it costs almost the monthly price of an isolated area.

TorGuard Customer Support

While the application’s functional problems didn’t have much to offer other than customer service, TorGuard made it easy to find support. A tiny bubble at the bottom right of the display is no doubt asking you if you need help on the website. Clicking on it will surely open a live chat that runs 24/7. When we bonded, an actor returned to us in a matter of minutes.

Customer Support
Customer Support

However, most problems can resolve by yourself. The blue bar at the top of the website shows your IP address also has a “Support” button. Clicking on it will surely take you to the Support Center.

There you will find contact links, the neighborhood discussion forum, frequently asked questions, and the complete knowledge base.

It is easy to navigate, making a meaningful change in rate after the application has us for some time. In addition, the Support Center is equipped with content that offers tutorials, information, and additional information.

However, there are many contact options. Live chat is one of the most convenient ways to get TorGuard. However, the depth of the specialist knowledge is limited. If you need help with a much more complicated problem, you can always call or email TorGuard.

TorGuard Money-Back Guarantee

TorGuard’s refund policies are poor when compared to the leading VPN services. With most giving you 30 days, here it is only 7, and specific items can be returned for a full refund if they’re not delivered as promised or defective.

If TorGuard ceases operations, customers will notify within at least thirty (30) days in advance. No subscriber is entitled to a partial, partial, or full refund in the event of a pack-up.

TorGuard Alternatives

TorGuard is the most popular VPN service in terms of both numbers of servers and customer base. However, it’s not for everyone: It can be expensive, with monthly plans running upwards from $10 to around $60 depending on the length you sign up for.

There are plenty of cheaper alternatives out there if your finances aren’t what they should be or you want something a little more accessible without sacrificing quality…like CyberGhost’s 2-year plan, which has been reduced to just about half price at just under 15 bucks per month!

Essential factors to consider when looking for alternatives to TorGuard are reliability and ease of use. We’ve compiled an inventory of the solutions that reviewers voted for based on TorGuard’s best overall options and competitors, including NordVPN, ProtonVPN, OpenVPN, and Windscribe.


TorGuard is a service best summarized as “just OK.” The speed is excellent as long as you can choose a good server and the price isn’t missing. Even so, it’s difficult to ignore the outdated functionality. For roughly the same price, various other options make the same point, but much better.

It has some unique features, and if that audio is your interest, it deserves a post-it record.

Are you planning to take advantage of the “free trial”? Let us understand in the comments below and, as always, thank you for the analysis.

8 Total Score
TorGuard Review

TorGuard has terrific security, but so do most various other significant VPNs. It has a suitable speed, whereas you can get rapid blazing speeds if you get the ideal provider. Its prices are reasonable, but not terrific. It supports torrenting, which behaves, but will cost you extra if you desire a dedicated IP address for Netflix streaming.

  • Budget-friendly use.
  • Numerous servers spread out throughout the world.
  • Secure/ Good encryption.
  • Above-average rates.
  • Live chat support.
  • Minimum eight simultaneous connections.
  • Highly customizable subscriptions.
  • Clumsy app user interface.
  • A couple of additional privacy features.
  • Unclear privacy policy.
  • No public audits.
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