Serpstat Review(2023): Is It A Good SEO Tool?

Serpstat SEO tools are the perfect way to stay on top of your day-to-day work. With reports, auditing, and backlink checks that can schedule at any time or location you like, this software is a must-have for all marketing teams!

In general, Serpstat is a solid SEO device. It includes all of the attributes that you would be sure to get from an SEO software suite. As well as its competitive pricing compared to its main competitors. But their rating function for SEO competitors is imprecise and also flawed.

Serpstat has 24 different SEO tools that can help you with your day-to-day work. The company’s Full Review is worth a read, as it goes deep into the features and their benefits for users of all levels in an easy-to-understand way.

What is Serpstat?

SerpStat is a great tool for SEO enthusiasts to get information about the number of search engine results on specific sites.

SerpStat Review
Home page

Serpstat is an advertising knowledge system that helps your SEO on every element. Get Valuable Critical Phrases for SEO / PPC Campaigns, Discover Competitors, Key Phrases and Backlinks, and Investigate Niche Presence.

Find global data at no additional cost with 20 (and also counting) data sources. Monitor the atmosphere of all your competitors and analyze the traffic shares internationally.

Serpstat Pricing and Plans

Serpstat is an amazing tool that allows you to test the software program for free and with no synthetic time limits. Of course, there’s a limit to the number of queries you can perform, but if you rate it after your testing period ends, there are absolutely NO limitations on how many times you can use their service.

SerpStat Pricing Review
Pricing and Plan

The Lite plan starts at $69 per month, or $662.40 per year if you decide Serpstat has what you need. You have up to 4,000 search queries a day, 15,000 search phrases a month for the position tracker, and 500 backlink queries a day. You can also develop up to 10 different tasks, but there are no team management functions, and you will not receive telephone support from Serpstat.

The requirements strategy costs $149 per month or $1,430.40 per year and increases your software limitations. You get 5,000 requests per day, 60,000 keywords per month, and 1,000 backlink requests per day. This plan also increases your API requests from 1 per second to 10 per second and allows you to have up to 3 employees.

The Advanced plan costs $299 per month or $2,870.40 per year and again increases your query and reporting limits. It also allows team management of up to five people and includes Serpstat telephone support.

One company registration gets you back $499 every month or $4,790.40 annually. In addition to even higher query limits, the most crucial additional function is to generate white-label reports.

Overview of Serpstat Features

Serpstat is an all-in-one search tool for digital marketers. The software’s primary functions include keyword research, backlink analysis, rank tracking, and site auditing. These are equivalent essential functions offered by competitors such as Ahrefs and SEMrush.

Keyword Research Tool

Complement the content of your website and also ads with keywords with the best performance and increase your internet presence

Collect keywords for SEO and Pay Per Click campaigns

Get a list of the tested and profitable keywords your competitors and specific niche directors use to get them to the search results page.

Identify the value of keywords.

Compare your key terms with various performance characteristics such as search volume, cost per click, level of competition, or other search results.

Discover keyword variations and search ideas to expand your semantic core: the consolidated effect of creating high-quality, relevant content and using the appropriate keywords is sure to get your domain and its particular pages to the top of the search. Enrich your internet material with studied keyword variations to improve your web pages successfully.

Get long-tail keywords

Don’t miss out on the website traffic you may get from low-volume searches related to your services or products. Many prospects are testing low-volume keywords. These keywords are known as long-tail key phrases and are also a significant source of online website traffic.

Discover global information at no additional cost

Adapt the key phrases to the target countries. Keyword research is available in all major languages ​​spoken in the countries included in our database.

Check out the importance of your pages.

Determine which web pages are most relevant to specific searches. Measure the importance of a page versus competing pages. Discover missing keywords that you might want to add to your page.

Evaluate keyword fads

Get a much better view of a keyword’s popularity. First, an easy-to-understand graph shows how users’ passion for a keyword rose and fell in 2014. Then, plan your marketing campaign according to seasonality and trends.

Find out which web pages are showing up in search results for a keyword

Serpstat shows a complete checklist of search results for a keyword and additional data such as natural keywords, the variety of Facebook shares, and the potential website traffic rating for each particular page.

Search Analytics

Find out which keyword phrases are placing your competitors in leading search engine results. Then, performs affordable landscape analysis to identify competitors, strengths, and weaknesses and understand how your business can outperform the competition.

Meet your pure organic competitors

Identify your direct competitors. Serpstat’s proprietary formulas process data about your competitors and present them in the competitor table.

Research the presence of your and your opponent’s domain name

Investigate traffic losses and presence adjustments for the domain name you want. Then, if your project is going in the best direction, read on.

Discover the keyword positions of your competitors

In the “Search Queries” area, every keyword displays your competitor’s rate in the top 100 Google search engine results.

Track setting changes across domains

Add a domain name to the monitored projects in the Control Panel section and receive regular email updates on the location of the domain name. Assess the efficiency as well as the efficiency of certain optimization efforts.

Keep track of the universal search results page.

Use an advanced filtering system to get a much better view of your SEO progress by checking which web content is best for universal search: images, videos, information, etc.

Get data for the leading websites.

Discover the most famous and hippest pages of a domain. Tracks competitor blog posts and reveals which web content is generating the most web traffic.

Advertising Analysis

Research your competitors’ advertising campaigns and get the highest possible ROI from your pay-per-click tasks.

Identify your competitors in AdWords.

Familiarize yourself with your particular competitive niche in paid search: find suitable opponents, keywords that you share with your competitors, as well as crucial phrases taken from a competitor’s keyword pool that you may have lost.

Show your competitor’s advertising strategies and spending plan

Please find out about the advertising activities of your competitors: their keyword phrases, budgets, ads, ad settings in search engine results, cost-per-click in AdWords, and keyword competition.

Look for keyword phrases as well as ads from your competitors

Get access to a complete checklist of search phrases for each competitor. Enter the keywords after the domain name specified on the search results page. And discover the top-performing keyword phrases from the competitors that make them the top settings in paid search engine results.

Localize your marketing campaign

Customize your ads based on the target countries. For example, knowing which search terms international searchers enter directly into the search box can streamline the decision-making process and implement even more precise bid strategies for specific countries.

Content Marketing

Discover and develop unique material that will work well in your specific niche.

Search tips database for creating web content

Find out questions your target audience wants and create relevant web content that will undoubtedly attract more customers to your website.

Use the relevant keyword data source.

When people search for services and items, they don’t always use the exact search terms that you think they would be sure to use. So add relevant keywords to your content, and you won’t miss a chance of getting your website visible.

Track the various shares of your content on Facebook

Discover what web content you share on Facebook. This information will surely provide you with an understanding of how popular your material compare to your competitors and whether you are moving in the right direction with your web content promotion method.

Investigate the potential traffic on each webpage

Get the estimated traffic volume for specific web pages on your website. Then, make better decisions about which websites to promote at any given time for a higher ROI. Discover which websites require optimization in terms of SEO and material advertising and marketing.

Competitor Research

Gather affordable knowledge for making strategic decisions, develop a targeted electronic advertising program, and customize your products and solutions to position your company against the competition.

Immediately identify your leading rivals.

Enter your domain and get a complete list of your most suitable competitors. Then, determine your internet efficiency and always stay competitive.

Tool for comparing domains and domain names

Determine common and also unique keyword phrases in the domains of your and your competitors. Then, view side-by-side contrasts of a domain’s position in organic and paid search results for any popular keyword.

Batch analysis of up to 200 domain names

Research key phrases and compare the ranking of multiple domain names with Serpstat’s Set Analysis Device. Get an exceptionally detailed list of your competitors’ SEO and Pay Per Click initiatives for you to take note of.

Discover your competitor’s pages with the highest possible presence rating

View a list of the domain’s web pages with the highest possible visibility rating and their number of keyword phrases. The data is also present in a circular diagram for easier visual understanding.

Ranking Monitoring

Check your and your rival’s website positions daily.

SERP’s extensive research with advanced analytics

Get all the top results for the keywords you selected. Serpstat has developed the highest algorithm that examines SERPs and stores information on each keyword’s top 100 domain names.

Global city-based surveillance

Learn exactly how your keywords to place on Google and Yandex (Yahoo! and Bing will no doubt soon be) in a country, city, or language you specify.

Daily results

Track unlimited search phrases every day. Get the best data and watch your competitors’ internet performance too.

Independent data for teams of search queries

Track competitive characteristics for expression teams – instead of individual keyword phrases. Define the category of competitors, e.g., B. “Phones” or “Laptops.”

Unlimited users at no additional cost

Share your job with the employee and give your customers or supervisors their login for reporting. Make writing more accessible and more automatic.

Market Knowledge

Learn from leading domain names in your niche, nation, or worldwide and research their success.

Explore complete or local series

Select local or international information and follow the activity of leading providers of search or paid advertising. Then, enhance your SEO and Pay Per Click initiatives by leveraging this data and taking the lead.

Research leader in a specific niche

Check Distance That Differentiates You From Industry Leaders. Keep an eye on their efficiency and success to beat them in the search.

On-page Audit

Stay up to date with the statistics of your website. With Serpstat On-Site Audit, you can immediately carry out an in-depth analysis of the website by participating in several ranking elements. The information you get shows you how efficient individual aspects of your website are, identifying optimization errors and fixing them.

Infographics and Reports

Show all critical information about your jobs and queries in the background in a single start window. Then, track the overall success of your projects and add new ones with just a few clicks.

Track the settings of your domains and key phrases. Receive automatic email notifications for changes in the rankings of your keywords and domain names. Instantly see which projects are fueling and which require your attention.

Using layouts and charts to present significant amounts of information efficiently conveys complicated principles in an easy-to-understand format – even for customers unfamiliar with electronic advertising, marketing, and even analysis.

Delight your manager and clients with fully customizable records that include your logo and the name of the company you work for. Export your documents as many times as you want in a variety of styles.


Our developer-friendly API feeds every day rankings, competitor analyses, and information on keyword research and position tracking directly into your coverage systems.

Get a detailed backlink analysis report with Serpstat. Get a list of anchors in addition to referring domain names and websites. Show the backlinks of your website and also the websites of your competitors.

Complete backlink data collected in the last 120 days: Serpstat stores data on all changes made to a domain name’s link profile: referencing pages and domain names, support, and more.

Keep an eye on your competitors’ backlinking techniques

With Serpstat, you can see exactly how your competitors are handling links, pinpoint when to change the number of backlinks, and link the competitor’s attitudes for far better analysis.

Get the Quality Scores for Referring Domains

Serpstat Depend On Ranking and Serpstat websites ranking shows you which domain names undoubtedly serve as a resource for high-quality backlinks. Get Backlinks From Reliable Sources To Avoid Fees!

Pages that describe one of the most common are generally the ones with the best web content.

Serpstat Customer Support

Serpstat’s customer service team is helpful and provides resources so that you can be an expert on using the tool in no time.

Customer Support
Customer Support

They even have the Serpstat Academy, a free online study where you can learn more about keyword research, competitor analysis, and SEO on a wide variety of levels, from simple to advanced.

The support from Serpstat is just excellent. The platform developed the Serpstat Academy, an online knowledge base and collection of video clips to help you get the most out of your SEO research. Paid individuals also receive a dedicated customer service representative via Skype and live chat to assist you with onboarding.

Serpstat Money-Back Guarantee

Serpstat offers a 14-day free trial. You can request a refund within 14 days from the date of registration payment. If you have a monthly or annual subscription to Serpstat and are not satisfied with their tools, features, or services, you can send a request to and request a refund.

Serpstat Alternatives

People want SEO software applications that can help with keyword suggestions, SERP ranking tracking, and competitor analysis. The challenge is figuring out whether or not the software program you have chosen is right for you.

We have put together a checklist of SEO software applications that clients voted best general versus Serpstat. Based on the information from the auditors, you can see precisely how Serpstat is stacking up against the competition, review testimonials from current and past clients, and find the most suitable for your business. Semrush, SE Ranking, SpyFu, and Moz Pro are some of the most popular alternatives and even rivals to Serpstat.


Overall, Serpstat is a crucial SEO tool. It has all of the attributes that you would undoubtedly expect from any SEO software suite. And it’s competitively priced, unlike its main competitors.

The features themselves are a combined bag. The SEO website audit attribute is excellent. Unfortunately, your SEO competition analysis is inaccurate and flawed.

In the meantime, I will continue to use Ahrefs and SEMrush as well. In my opinion, they are particularly robust and versatile tools.

But if you’re going to give Serpstat a chance, I don’t assume you will run away in disappointment.

8 Total Score
SerpStat Review

Serpstat is an all-in-one SEO platform that provides greater than 20 tools: Competitor Analysis, Keyword Research, Backlink Analysis, Site Audit and Rank Tracker, and much more. Serpstat is the fastest-growing SEO tool on the market that gives comprehensive search analytics data to even more than 300,000 users.

6.8User's score
  • Comprehensive, all-in-one solution
  • Regularly updates data
  • Great Core Features
  • Easy to use
  • Training is awesome
  • Good Customer Support
  • Finds new keywords
  • The interface could be confusing at times
  • Keyword difficulty rating and domain authority ranking isn’t the most accurate
  • Identifies major backlinks, but not all of them
  • Not a lot of data on low-traffic searches
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