Sniply Review(2023): Is This Tracking Tool Worth Your Money?

Sniply is a social media website advertising and marketing device that allows users to add custom messages to any website they publish. Individuals can install calls-to-action into any web content they share, which consists of links to short articles from Forbes, Mashable, TechCrunch, and so on.

Anyone who clicks a Sniply link will see the original content with the call-to-action included, enabling businesses to convert social media followers directly into consumers and individuals.

What is Sniply?

Sniply is a social media advertising (SMM) option that allows you to create custom messages and calls-to-action (CTAs), as well as any content that you share through a Sniply web link.

SnipLy Review
Home page

After that, the Sniply link will take people to the homepage, where your message will be displayed. That is a great way to motivate social media followers interested in an article to access your website.

It might sound effortless to set up. However, the test is instrumental. That is why over 100,000 online marketers use the device. Sniply has also appeared on some of the most popular digital advertising blogs and even in businesses including Barrier, Moz, Forbes, Business Owners, and countless others.

There are five main types of snips: button, shape, text, photo, and hidden. We’ll go into more detail about how we can use these in the future.

How To Begin With Sniply

Uses a free trial card / free strategy without a bank card. You enter your Twitter, Facebook, or email address. You can then go straight to the control panel and start producing snips.

With the free strategy, you get up to 1000 / click months, a brand name, and an employee. We encourage you to look at the Support Tav section, which has a full tutorial on all the little things to get started with.

You can also get a 14-day free trial of all other plans to get a sense of the cost, including what the free strategy doesn’t.

If you are a seasoned online marketer, you can probably rightfully override that. However, this area comes in handy for small businesses that have never used an item like Sniply before.

That said, everyone needs to read the Tips and Techniques section, which is where you can use advanced tools like branding, shared tests, and email types to get the most out of Splitly’s ROI opportunities.

Also, take the time to set up your account and branding photo and add an extraordinary custom touch to your CTAs. Overall, Sniply is exceptionally easy to use. You can create a snip of scratch in just a few seconds. That is the whole point of surfing the internet. It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to share material and add your own CTA.

Sniply Pricing and Plans

SnipLy Pricing Review
Pricing and Plan

Uses flexible pricing to appeal to the spectrum of different people. The free plan is an attractive choice for small businesses looking to increase the ROI of their social shares.

If you look at the pricing tiers, you see this tool for marketers who care about multiple brand names.

With that in mind, getting to their Pro plan is surprisingly cheap. It’s $67 for six branded accounts and 20,000 link clicks.

If you care about six brand names, that’s $10 per brand name. If Sniply helps you get just a handful of additional sales per month, it pays off.

Most importantly, Sniply offers you numerous opportunities to track analyzes via the integrated software application, integrations, and Conversion Pixie. Either way, if you give the free plan a chance for your brands to see how well Sniply can work for you, you’ll be left blank.

Unlike similar tools like Bitly and Replug, Sniply’s rate is roughly the same but offers a different approach to curation via a conversion-based method.

Overview of Sniply Features

Sniply’s LINK shortener has features to help you customize your shortened URLs and create the best calls to action. Plus, you can track, investigate, and connect with your fans when you share web content.

Connect Application

When you experience the remarkable power of web traffic and conversions by adding a CTA to every weblink you share, you want to know: How can I scale this?

The answer is to make Sniply part of your daily routines to be a specific part of your marketing activity rather than a specific action that requires intentional attention.

Clip as you read relevant content

If you come across content that your target market wants, you can remove it right from the page. Introduce the Sniply Creator in your book highlight or expansion bar, customize your CTA, and generate a Sniply link.

You can then use built-in options to share directly on social platforms or copy and paste the web link anywhere you want.

Trim from a social administration user interface

If you use tools like Barrier, Hootsuite, or Sprout Social to coordinate the promotion and marketing of your social media sites, you can create Sniply web links right in the system when you set up messages.

Log into the desired social platform using the Sniply extension provided in your web browser. Currently, there is a Sniply icon displayed in the UI for uploading.

Activating Sniply in your social media interface will open the Sniply Maker, which you can use to enter a destination LINK, customize a call to action and create a Sniply web link for your article.

It can also instantly create links using your most recently used CTA – a feature that you toggle in the Sniply Options in the Internet Browser Extension below.

Snip at scale by calling the Sniply API

When you have your system or application in place, you can develop your custom Sniply process using our extensive API.

Use the Sniply API to build projects to manage groups of links with a single CTA. You can also understand material approvals, automate link development, and create A / B screening situations.

Range, Improve and Incorporate Your Sniply task.

Sniply integrates with multiple workflows so marketers can quickly recharge their content curation initiatives. Generate Sniply links, pass them on to your social networks during operation or automate lengthy processes with the API.

Personalized Code

Previously, your website visitors were undoubtedly invisible once they followed your web links outside of the website. No more.

Not only does Sniply Analytics track connection clicks, but it also tracks time spent on web pages and interaction with your CTA. Right now, you can learn what people do after clicking your web links!

Plan Campaigns that Drive Traffic as well as Conversions

Sniply offers unmatched insight into user actions and enables marketers to make better decisions about curating content based on their audience’s preoccupying!

By determining the number of people who will click your call-to-action, you can get a bird’s-eye view of how well your content curation technique works. You don’t have to stop there, however. Also, better expand Sniply’s analytical capabilities by including retargeting or conversion pixels from your chosen media platforms, creating A / B screening experiments, and even building your custom code.

Establish a Retargeting Pixel

Add a pixel from Facebook, Twitter, or Google Ads to create personalized target market sectors and reach them again with ads on various other systems. 

Replicate the pixel code to the retargeting website in the Sniply control panel, and your Snips are sure to send personalized audience data to your advertising systems.

Set up a Conversion Pixel

Determine the number of people who will do something about it once they land on your website by setting up a conversion pixel. For example, create a pixel from the Sniply dashboard and paste it right into a post-purchase thank you page to measure the effectiveness of each link and CTA on actual revenue.

Establish A/B Tests for Various CTAs

Improve and iterate for success by breaking up the screening and finding the results of different calls-to-action or more minor variations of the same message. On any call-to-action website, click on “New A / B Variation” in the Sniply control panel and check its effectiveness on the same page.

Establish Connections to Third-Party Analytics

Google’s UTM values immediately contributed to your Sniply web links. You can view the effects of each snip in Google Analytics. You can also connect Sniply to systems like Kissmetrics. Replicate your analytics provider’s tracking code right into the Custom Scripts tab of the Sniply dashboard.

Habits Analytics that Goes Further

Sniply offers exceptional insight into customer habits and enables online marketers to plan much more powerful projects than ever before. Use a Sniply CTA to turn any weblink you share into a guiding magnet and keep track of activity on the website and even beyond.


Personalize your own CTA at any URL you share with Sniply. Sniply is a URL shortener that allows you to add a CTA to any blog webpage, post, or blog post that you transmit to redirect traffic back to your website.

Personalizing made easy

You can customize any of your Sniply CTAs to match your brand’s style. Customize the color tone, layout, placement, custom short link, and a domain for each of your shortened URL CTAs. Use this custom LINK shortener to include group CTAs for the campaign, A / B testing, creating contrasts on your default websites, or just designing your CTAs to match the flair of your brand name.

Personalized Themes

Customize the look of your snips with your own branded tones. Choose any color for each of your CTA messages.

Custom color styles

Customize the feel and look of your snips with your own branded colors. For each CTA message, choose the shades you want.

Custom positioning

Customize the position where your snip appears on a webpage. Choose which part of a webpage that you want your CTA to appear on would far better stream with the webpage summary and layout.

Personalized domain

Customize the appearance of your links by connecting your personalized domain. By inserting a custom environment, the custom LINK adapts to your domain design.

Personalized short link

Customize the appearance of your Sniply web links by writing your short link. Use the short link text to add an extra message or contextual search phrase and better organize your custom URL projects.

Get one of the best out of your relationship with Sniply.

Sniply’s LINK shortener allows you to track, test, and connect with your followers when you share material. Sniply’s link management dashboard monitors how your visitors are involved in web links you have shared. Track all of your web link analytics, such as B. Link, clicks, conversion prices, and more.


Personalize your own CTA for every LINK you share with Sniply. Sniply is a LINK shortener that allows you to add a CTA to any blog post, webpage, or post you share, including the ability to redirect website traffic back to your website.

I am personalizing made easy.

You can customize any of your Sniply CTAs to match your brand’s design. Customize the color, layout, positioning, personalized short link, and domain for your reduced URL CTAs. Use these custom LINK shortener features to group CTAs by project, do A / B reviews, develop contrasts on your shared websites, or design your CTAs to match the flair of your brand.

Custom-made Themes

Customize the feel and look of your snips with your branded tones. For each of your CTA messages, choose the hues you want.

Custom-made Color styles

Personalize the feel and look of your snips with your own branded colors. For each CTA message, choose the colors you want.

Customized Positioning

Adjust the position where your snip appears on a page. Choose which part of a webpage to display so your CTA will work far better with the layout and style.

Custom domain

Customize the appearance of your links by linking your custom domain. Adding a personalized domain name changes the custom URL to suit your domain style.

Tailored short link

Customize the appearance of your Sniply links by creating your short link. Use the quick link text to include an additional message or contextual keywords to organize your custom URL projects better.

Get one of the best relationships with Sniply.

Sniply’s URL shortener is a great way to track, test, and connect with your followers when you share content. Sniply’s link monitoring control panel keeps track of how your viewers are involved in the web links you have shared. Keep track of all of your link analytics, such as B. Link clicks, conversion rates, and much more.

With Sniply’s web link management tools within your reach, you have the opportunity to maximize your weblink advertising projects far better. Track analysis of all the links you’ve shared, review conversions driven by your web links and run A / B reviews to identify the best web linking techniques for your target market.

Information from Analytics

Track and investigate all of your clicks and even conversions with your snips. Tasks for all Snips are tracked and measured by Sniply Analytics. The data we collect includes clicks, conversions, standard web pages per visit, average time on a target website, typical time on the website, bounce rates, and much more.

You can break down analytics in several ways to get the data you’re looking for. You can canister segment analyses by brands, calls to action, and private snips over adjustable periods.

Data from A/B Screening

Experiment with different variations to get better conversion prices. Sniply is a conversion tool, and optimization is also an essential part of improving conversions. A / B tests (also called split tests) help you test and determine various call-to-action results.

You can add multiple variants to each Advocate A / B to check different messages. All snips under this campaign are automatically rotated with their variants and provide information to reveal which variant is the most successful.

Information from Conversion Pixels

Track certain activities on your website by inserting a conversion pixel. In Sniply Analytics, you will find that the terms “clicks” and “reaching your target website” does not mean that you accept or perform an acquisition activity. To keep track of this, we have validated conversions.

Verified conversions track by a conversion pixel. You can add a post-purchase thank you web page to a change pixel that allows you to track how many people who clicked your call-to-action completed the purchase.


Clicks are when users click your web link to view the webpage you have shared. When they click through your call to action to reach your location page, the conversions count as.

What if you could also improve conversions on your website by sharing social content and posts? The Sniply LINK Shortener creates unique reduced web links that you can share.

Sniply is a LINK shortener that allows you to personalize different types of calls-to-action that you can effortlessly install on the websites and articles you have shared.

With Sniply, you can add a form CTA to any article, article, or webpage that you can use to engage your followers through every reduced link you share. There are several different types of CTAs that you can use with the Sniply LINK Shortener.

CTA with a Switch

Add some email capture so website visitors who click your default description can quickly register for your newsletter while reading the blog post.

CTA with a kind

Add an email capture form so visitors who click on your standard short article can conveniently register for your newsletter while you read the post.

CTA with text

Connect your personalized hyperlink text that visitors can click to view your website.

CTA with a picture

Add your custom banner image that website visitors can click to visit your website or any web page.

More important than just a LINK shortener

Sniply’s LINK shortener allows you to track, investigate, and engage your fans when you share material. Sniply’s link management control panel monitors how your viewers interact with links you’ve shared.

Track, all of your web links, analyzes like weblink clicks, conversion prices, and much more.

Sniply Customer Support

Customer Support
Customer Support

You can also get a 14-day free trial of all other plans to get a sense of the cost, including what the free strategy doesn’t.

If you are a seasoned online marketer, you can probably rightfully override that. However, this area comes in handy for small businesses that have never used an item like Sniply before.

Sniply Money-Back Guarantee

Sniply does not offer a money-back guarantee. We wanted to use a free trial to analyze whether this software is ideal for our company. Then we decided that it wasn’t, and we canceled the subscription beforehand. We still bill for the use of the product.

I tried contacting the Sniply team for a refund, but it looks like they don’t have a support team at all, to no avail. We have reached our bank to stop other business with Sniply. Hopefully, they won’t take any more payments.

Sniply Alternatives

The challenge is figuring out whether or not the software application you have chosen is correct for you. Bitly, Rebrandly, ContentStudio, and Content are some of Sniply’s most preferred options and competitors.


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8 Total Score
Sniply Review

Sniply is a social network marketing tool that permits people to add customized messages to any website they publish. Users can install call-to-action right into every item of content they share, consisting of links to articles from Forbes, Mashable, TechCrunch, etc. Any person who clicks on a Sniply link will see the original content with the call-to-action presented within, permitting businesses to transform social media sites' followers right into customers and customers.

8Expert Score
6.8User's score
  • Offers customizable CTA's to drive extra traffic.
  • Free plan.
  • Easy to use.
  • Integrations.
  • Onboarding materials.
  • Analytics.
  • Click tracking.
  • Customization.
  • Not compatible with all web pages.
  • Only premium plan to gain access to all Sniply features.
  • Can be hard to differentiate types of click data.
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