NinjaOutreach Review(2023): Is It Worth Buying Sevices?

Today, we will most likely consider NinjaOutreach Review as one of the most effective tools to connect you with the ideal influencers and blog writers from social media websites to promote your brand name.

Influencer marketing is currently one of the most effective methods of getting your brand name in front of your target audience with outreach prospecting.

Regardless of what type of business you are in, there is a perfect chance that your target audience can discover something on some social media website.

If you still get in touch, the old remedy I’ve provided for years means – you are wasting a lot of time. 

These tables, which I have developed by hand, are modified with an easy-to-use control panel to manage outreach initiatives.

What is NinjaOutreach?

In this NinjaOutreach review, we will most likely consider all of the features and services available for prospecting. In addition to the pros and cons of using the service, make sure that you can determine whether it is the right tool for finding influencers for your brand name.

NinjaOutReach Review
Home page

So why do you need to work with influencers? Why can’t you promote? Sure, you can run ads on social media sites, and your target customers may see them, but what’s far better than an ad.

Listen to someone you recognize, like and depend on and let them know about a product or brand name they like. And who would you certainly pay more interest to? Exactly! Instagram has seen a significant surge in attractiveness over the past few years and is currently the fastest-growing social medium. Although Facebook now has the most influential individual base, Instagram is quick to grasp.

Despite unjustified cases where influencer marketing is dead, it appears to be expanding faster than ever with no signs of termination. Influencer marketing has grown from around $3.0 billion in 2017 to over $6.5 billion in 2019 and continues to grow.

With over 3.2 billion energetic people per day, social media websites are a great way to get your brand name in front of your target customers. Use influencers to promote your items and services. They do action better than traditional advertising. Influencers have thousands and even numerous fans who trust them and value their points of view.

NinjaOutreach Pricing and Plans

NinjaOutReach Pricing Review
Pricing and Plan

NinjaOutreach has two core plans, and the price differs based on the number of emails you want to send monthly and the number of people you need.

The plans are called Flex and PRO. The FLEX plan consists of 1000 calls, a seat, an email, and unlimited search and export data. With this plan, you have complete access to the entire data source of 60,000,000 Instagram influencers, 19,500,000 business emails, and 6,000,000 blog authors. This plan brings you back just $49 per month (billed annually) and is suitable for business owners and web designers looking to influence their influencers.

The PRO plan is quite comparable; You can also make 4000 calls, three seats, and four emails. Hence, it is an excellent plan for large companies with a marketing team or small agencies marketing outreach to do influencer outreach to help their clients. This plan gives you $149 back per month (billed annually).

Overview of NinjaOutreach Features

NinjaOutreach is an influencer marketing outreach software application that connects electronic marketers and small businesses with the best blog writers and influencers from social media sites who can help them promote their brand names and increase their online visibility on a lot expand in a more organic way than traditional advertising.

Before that, reaching influencers was undoubtedly a pretty tedious task as it required multiple types of software applications to find, sort, and connect with influencers. NinjaOutreach has everything you need to connect with influencers in an area.

The main things you can use NinjaOutreach for are:

  • Link building
  • Uploading guests (visitor blog post)
  • Product promotion
  • Content Marketing Promo
  • Social media marketing
  • Expert summaries
  • Sponsored blog post reach
  • Link building for resource pages
  • Podcast or meeting outreach
  • Business Marketing Branding & & Public Relations

Not only can you reach out to influencers and blog writers, but you can also create brand new leads or visitor upload opportunities for your business.

NinjaOutreach is easy to use. First of all, all you have to do is enter your keyword directly into the search bar. You can then search for influencers by industry, geographic location, and additional characteristics.

Prospecting: Your search results will undoubtedly reveal the prospectus name, summaries, SEO metrics, contact information, and engagement data so you can arrange over and choose the influencers that are sure to be the most effective for you.

After that, you can save each of your leads as a list that can be sent to your team members for service, sent to customers, and even exported and saved.

Once you’ve created your list, you can quickly manage your partnership with your leads by adding notes, tags, and partnership stages. When you prepare to connect, you can load your list and start sending emails right away with bespoke email templates developed for your brand name.

You can track email opens, clicks, and replies to make sure you stay on top of things and make sure absolutely nothing miss.

Main features of the NinjaOutreach platform:

  • Generation of business contacts
  • Find Instagram influencers
  • Find the best Twitter influencers
  • Influencer Marketing Agency Software
  • Link building software
  • Contact Relationship Management
  • Scalable and effective influencer outreach tool

As you can see, NinjaOutreach has all of the tools you need to connect with influencers and leads regardless of your specific business niche. Let’s take a closer look at the trick functions.

Business Lead Generation 

If you are looking to grow your business, this tool will help you get even more leads, market your business, and get even more sales. NinjaOutreach has an extensive business contacts data source of over a million accounts that you can search through by entering your business-specific niche and destination.

You can quickly identify leads with the most important target markets and more significant social reach by defining the astonishing number of fans on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or YouTube. You can also discover companies with the most incredible engagement rates by defining different types, comments, or approvals for each social media site platform.

If you’re trying to find even more specific information, you can search critical phrases for details or search for specials to show links to your keyword or robust phrase.

When you’re trying to find your leads’ email addresses, you can import a list of the links you want to review, and NinjaOutreach will be sure to search the links for email and contact information for people in the company. You can also search for detailed opportunities such as gifts, visitor blog posts, meetings, product reviews, funded blog posts, and resource pages.

Once you’ve gathered all the information you need, you can wait for a list to use for future outreach campaigns with just one click. Likewise, you can save leads on the go by using the free Chrome extension that syncs with your NinjaOutreach account.

Best Thing About Using Business Lead Generation

The ideal aspect of using NinjaOutreach for lead generation is how much time it can save you. It rates the entire process and provides you with a shortlist of legitimate names, email addresses, and links to use for your campaigns. You can also find out what you want to find most effective by filtering a system of clever tags. So, you can view accounts that tag as influencers, companies, blog writers, executives, agencies, or reporters.

Once you’ve got all of the leads you want and you’re ready for an outreach campaign, it’s time to schedule emails to be sent to your business leads. You can set the time and day that your emails should be sent, and you can also define the variety of emails that should be sent each day. You can also specify that follow-up emails should be sent after a certain period.

If you indeed want different leads to receiving multiple emails, you can filter your leads by their tags, in addition to previous campaigns they may have associated with. All of the bulk emails you send can be customized with your lead’s name and various other information using personalized areas that are instantly populated with customer information when needed.

You can keep your email templates in your template collection for quick reuse of old campaigns that worked well, and you can keep contributing to the group when needed.

How to Find Instagram Influencers with NinjaOutreach 

With just a few clicks, you can discover Instagram influencers for your campaign! You first choose the industry or specific niche that you want to deal with. There are 82 classifications to choose from, so you can be sure that you are sure to find the best fit.

After selecting the group, you can also set the nation, area, and city. The ability to choose the town makes this an excellent tool for neighborhood businesses looking to step in front of a neighborhood audience.

The influencer’s audience can see from their engagement ranking, which provides as part and color-coded for good/bad. You can also see the average overall variety of sorts and responses per blog post. Another valuable point is that you can see how much the influencer is costing per blog position to target people within your budget plan.

Once you’ve discovered the Instagram influencers you want to engage with, it’s time to add them to your list of leads. You will surely replace all of their information immediately, saving hours of travel guide research.

The entries you keep can be used right away or saved for future contacts, and you can export each of your leads to a CSV file, so you have a constant backup if you need it.

Influencer Marketing Agency Software 

NinjaOutreach uses a wide range of all-in-one marketing business solutions for a wide range of influencer marketing. The enterprise solution offers your unlimited search to serve more extensive campaigns and full email planning, unqualified people, even more, data storage and more significant export allocation.

Using NinjaOutreach will save you a lot of time and money as you can discover and contact the best reporters, blog writers, and influencers with just a few clicks. You can filter any requirements you need, such as B. Domain Authority, Fans, Approvals, and various other metrics you need so that you entrust with a list of correctly matched leads for your campaign. With NinjaOutreach’s 25 million calls, you will certainly never run out of information for your customers.

You also don’t have to worry about accidentally collecting dead email addresses.

NinjaOutreach can use its site crawler to determine an email address in seconds and also confirm the email with the integrated email validator.

NinjaOutreach automates most of the tedious tasks when it comes to outreach. No more sending emails and no need to fill out contact forms as you can auto-fill every little thing with just one click or more.

There is also no need to create outreach emails from the first field, as you can choose from a collection of templates and tweak them a bit to suit the campaign you are dealing with. While you are undoubtedly sending bulk emails, email customers receive a separate email. You can create personalized areas for your name, website, or other information to give the email a personal feel.

Sending Your Campaigns

After submitting your campaigns, you will undoubtedly have a chance to review them and see data like open, click, and reply to make sure you can see how effective your campaigns have been and to contact anyone who has not responded. You can also use this data to get templates that performed exceptionally well.

Another great feature of the business solution is the ability to do multiple tasks simultaneously without losing track of every little thing. You can organize your leads by either client or project, and you can also place tips by various other metrics such as SEO and social media. Any lead communication can be tracked using partner standing tags, and you’re sure to get information about how well your campaigns are doing 24/7.

There is no limit to the number of team members you can include, which is excellent for expanding agencies. You can have as many team cinders as you need for each project. To keep points running efficiently, you can leave notes for your team, so they can see when, why, and why.

NinjaOutreach saves your weekly hours by allowing you to automate your link-building initiatives. There are several outreach strategy options that you can use for link building with NinjaOutreach.

  • Link building by competitors
  • Defective link establishment
  • Link building for guest blog posts
  • Link building for resource pages
  • Expert summaries
  • Link summaries
  • Structure of infographic links
  • The podcast and building meeting links

To identify link-building leads, you can search the data source for industry / specific niches and locations. That way, you can safely access hundreds of highly privileged link-building leads to contact.

You can also rank your leads based on their SEO metrics and domain authority so you can contact those with the essential source first. To automate your link-building outreach process, you can send unlimited email outreach campaigns with up to 2 automated follow-up emails to your leads.

The people you contact by email do not realize that you are sending bulk emails. You can create personalized areas in which the customer information such as first name and website LINK immediately occupy.

You can keep and track any communication and discussion with your leads and attach tags and notes using the built-in CRM.

Contact Relationship Management 

NinjaOutreach’s built-in CRM allows you to keep track of all communications with each lead to make sure you can see how your partnerships are going. That is a unique tool when handling hundreds or even hundreds of calls as you can keep an eye on every person you deal with and know when to follow up.

The CRM itself is straightforward to use and works perfectly with all other functions. You can add tags to calls that will surely help you organize and filter them later. You can also involve one of the most recent partnerships with them: For example, if you’ve posted a blog post, you’ll see where you’re staying in your campaigns.

NinjaOutreach Customer Support

Customer Support
Customer Support

NinjaOutreach offers 24/7 live chat. Fast and helpful support. As soon as I have problems with the seven-day free trial, the support team will help me. It’s a live chat that is cute for a web service like this one. So I recommend using it as you will usually have the support to support you when faced with resistance.

NinjaOutreach Money-Back Guarantee

NinjaOutreach offers a 7-day risk-free trial. They don’t offer a money-back guarantee.

If you cannot cancel before your trial period ends, NinjaOutreach is under no obligation to issue any refunds. NinjaOutreach reserves the right to freeze or withdraw a free trial account and request payment if a user re-evaluates the free trial limits. We can also terminate any account without explanation.

NinjaOutreach Alternatives

If you consider ninja outreach, you should also look for similar alternatives or competitors for the easiest solution. Media and influencer targeting software can be a widely used technology. Many people are looking for innovative, first-class software solutions with a media database, contact/campaign management, and monitoring. Other essential factors to consider when looking for alternatives to ninja outreach are email campaigns and emails. We’ve compiled an inventory of the solutions that reviewers voted for based on Ninjaoutreach’s best overall options and competitors, including BuzzStream, Cision Communications Cloud, Meltwater, and Newswire.


If you still get in touch, the old remedy I’ve provided for years means – you are wasting a lot of time. These tables, which I have developed by hand, are modified with an easy-to-use control panel to manage outreach initiatives.

NinjaOutreach is, without a doubt, one of the best tools for influencer outreach. We’re happy to say we recommend it to anyone looking to start engaging with influencers. Not only can you find influencers for campaigning on social media websites, but you can also use NinjaOutreach to automate your link building and save hours weekly on what is usually a challenging and labor-intensive task.

NinjaOutreach has a source of over 78 million calls in a sizable range of sectors. So you will be sure to find the ideal influencers for your brand name. You can infiltrate the entire data source in seconds and choose filters such as industry, location, SEO metrics, domain permission, and more. That will give you a list of the leads that are ideal for you.

The reality that you can automate entire email campaigns is excellent. You can set an optimal number of emails to be sent each day to make sure you don’t check your monthly allocation. After that, you can install them and neglect them. You can also automate up to 2 follow-up emails for anyone who didn’t reply to your first email.

7.5 Total Score
NinjaOutReach Review

NinjaOutreach is a blogger outreach software for digital online marketers and little businesses curious about expanding their existence online. It is a complete CRM, enabling prospecting, relationship management, and analytics and reporting. With a straightforward keyword search, you can find online influencers in your specific niche, see valuable data about them, get in touch with them via email and social networks, and partner with them to advertise your brand to their audience.

  • Easy to use, boosted user-interface.
  • Easy to introduce and follow-up on campaigns
  • Excellent aid with practical video tutorials available in the knowledge database.
  • Ninja Outreach is going to conserve your money and time.
  • The tremendous time-saving tool eventually's the most significant selling factor here with Ninja Outreach.
  • Free 7-Day Trial
  • It allows you to search for individuals that will enable guest posts very merely.
  • Very Pricey
  • The interface might have been a lot more straightforward.
  • You require to integrate your email account.
  • Possible email spamming
  • Poor customer support
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