Surfshark VPN Review(2023): Is It Really Trusted VPN?

One of our primary concerns when evaluating a VPN is what kind of value it offers. Are you getting your money’s worth, or are the features lacking compare to competitors?

Surfshark has been in business for some time now, and through their years, they’ve learned how to offer one heckuva service at an affordable price with high-quality security that they can trust. We’re looking forward to seeing more from this company as well into the future because we know SurfShark will continue delivering top-notch services as they have so far!

Surfshark has many additional privacy features and is taking the unusual action of not limiting the variety of tools a single account can use. This makes it great value – even if the price is a bit high. The company also deserves recognition for the initiatives it is taking to increase openness.

What Is Surfshark VPN?

When you activate a VPN, an encrypted passage is created between your computer system and a server operated by the VPN company. If you route all of your web traffic through this passage, your traffic will look like it came from the VPN server instead of your computer system, and it hides your IP address. That makes it much more difficult for spies, marketers, and your ISP to keep track of your duties online. 

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The latter is required as ISPs can currently offer your anonymized data for revenue.

VPNs are handy tools, but they can’t solve all of your privacy and security problems. The Tor network offers much better privacy, and you have various other risks to worry about. So use antivirus, two-factor checking, and a password supervisor.

Surfshark VPN Pricing and Plans

Surfshark recently increased the price of its monthly subscription by a dollar to $12.95 per month. I contrast the total monthly fees in my reviews, which puts Surfshark in the high-end range well.

SURFSHARK Pricing Review
Pricing and Plan

With that pricing, Surfshark and a handful of other services are among the most expensive VPNs we’ve examined to date, well beyond the $5.54 per month Mullvad demanded.

Like numerous VPNs, Surfshark offers long-term exposure incentives with high discount rates. For example, an annual subscription to Surfshark costs just $59.76, which is well below the standard of $71.87. 

The company also offers a six-month prep for $38.94. These plans will save you money, but I still recommend starting with the fastest possible subscription to see if it helps you and then moving up to more extended subscription periods afterward if you like the service.

Overview of Surfshark Features

Surfshark VPN offers 45+ countries’ servers with high-speed connections. This makes the best VPN provider for torrenting and P2P working. In addition, the servers in the US, UK, Canada, and European nations are perfect for streaming geo-blocked shows from anywhere in the world!

Surfshark is an interesting VPN that comes crammed with features, runs almost everywhere, and has one of the best value introductory deals around. Surfshark provides a great deal for new to using virtual private networks by offering access for only $1 per month or year!

VPN Protocols

There are several methods of creating a VPN connection. My chosen choice is OpenVPN, which has an online reputation for rate and reliability. In particular, it is an open-source option that indicates that the code is being offered to investigate possible vulnerabilities. Surfshark offers OpenVPN in its Android, iPhone, Linux, and Windows applications. The excellent IKEv2 process is also provided on all systems and is the standard setting for macOS.

While OpenVPN is currently at the top of the heap for modern VPN technology, WireGuard appears to be the future for all VPNs. Like OpenVPN, WireGuard is open-source yet is easier to release and supposedly much faster than various other methods. WireGuard additionally makes use of more recent file encryption modern technology, which is constantly great to see. Surfshark deployed WireGuard for its Android, iPhone, macOS, and Windows customers in late October 2020. 

I anticipate most businesses to change to WireGuard as the selection procedure ultimately, and Surfshark signs up with the list of companies, consisting of Mullvad VPN and NordVPN, that have currently done so.

Server Locations

Geographic distribution issues: There are many places worldwide where you can choose how you are most likely to find one near your home or somewhere that you could go on a trip. It offers a variety of options for spoofing your location. 

Surfshark covers 64 nations with its web servers, which is above the standard. ExpressVPN leads the pack with a whopping 94 countries, and CyberGhost is close behind 90 nations.

Surfshark provides above-average protection for South America and Africa, with both areas typically not being considered by various other companies. Surfshark also offers repressive internet plans to web servers in China, Russia, Turkey, and Vietnam. Competitors would no doubt manage to follow Surfshark’s authority.

Some VPNs use supposedly online web servers. These are software-specific web servers that indicate that a single device server can host many online web servers.

Amount of Servers

Surfshark provides 1,724 web servers and places its server fleet in the upper mid-range in terms of the total amount of server material. CyberGhost and NordVPN lead the industry with 5,900 and 5,300 web servers, respectively.

ExpressVPN, Hotspot Shield VPN, Private Internet Access VPN, and Tor Guard VPN boast over 3,000 web servers. However, it’s important to remember that even more web servers don’t always translate into much better efficiency. This amount of server matter is in part a characteristic of the number of subscribers a company offers.

Your Privacy With Surfshark

Using a VPN requires a fantastic amount of escrow funds because when it comes to running your VPN, the company has as much understanding of your online duties as your ISP. If a VPN provider wants to monitor your traffic, monetize your job, or give your data to the police, it can be quick. For this reason, it is essential to consider the company’s privacy policy and the company’s legal structure.

First and foremost, Surfshark seems to be doing an excellent job of protecting customer privacy. This alleged security works with a trust fund. If you feel like you can’t rely on a company, look elsewhere.

I delight in seeing that Surfshark has revamped its Privacy Policy and Terms of Service to be a lot more understandable. With break-out areas that clarify simple English ideas, TunnelBear has a similar technique, and various other businesses would undoubtedly succeed in imitating it.

Surfshark emphasizes in its policy records that no IP addresses, no search background, no used transmission capacity, no network traffic, or possibly connection time stamps are logged. That’s what you want to talk to a VPN company about.

 I assume that the company can partially guarantee this level of data protection since it does not set limits to various tools or links and is therefore not obliged to monitor its customers very carefully.

Hands-On With Surfshark

In this test, I evaluated Surfshark on an Intel NUC Kit NUC8i7BEH (Bean Canyon) desktop computer with the current version of Windows 10. On Windows, Surfshark offers a small, trendy application with flat hues and a clever design that expands and essentially contains arrangements for displaying information.

 It is precisely similar to what you would surely expect a new application to look like.

I especially like that it has a clear and eye-catching means of getting online instantly and that you can select detailed web servers, not just entire nations. It’s not as friendly as TunnelBear, but it’s lightning-fast in the way the very best mobile apps are. In reality, it looks a bit like a mobile application drifting on a Windows desktop computer.

Choosing a Server

You can choose a server at the nation or city degree and see the load on that particular server. You can additionally prefer a location for future use. However, it does not seem feasible to select between specific web servers at the exact location- an advanced feature that can help you have a problem accessing particular sites and services.

Split Tunneling

Surfshark offers an incredible variety of advanced features, such as B. Split tunneling, called safelisting.

This tool allows you to specify which sites and applications should broadcast outside the VPN passage by adding links or applications to a list. Anything on the allowlist will not be reduced or impeded by the VPN if the site or service blocks VPN customers.

It is also not backed up. However, that is a valuable tool when you have low-security jobs that require transfer capacities, such as Streaming video clips or major websites hindering VPN use, such as B. some financial institutions.

Multihop Whitelist

The reverse of allowing listed is Multihop, which does exactly what it says on the tin. You can subject your VPN connection to multiple VPN web servers instead of just one. That also includes your online chores and Surfshark’s framework components, which look like a heavily optimized network.

The downside is that you will experience a lot more latency and minimized upload and download rates. However, you cannot choose two locations at random. Even so, it’s an unusual feature that I’m happy to have included in the application.

Also noteworthy is the stealth mode, which disguises your VPN traffic as regular HTTPS web traffic. Other VPNs have this feature under different names (TunnelBear calls it GhostBear, for example). It is beneficial if you are in an area that hinders the use of VPNs.

A worry about VPNs is that they might leakage your DNS info or IP address. In my screening, I discovered that Surfshark effectively concealed my real IP and ISP info. Using the DNS Leak Test tool, I verified that at the very least, on the server I was utilizing, Surfshark did not leakage my DNS demands to my ISP.

Surfshark and Netflix

Depending on where you live, video clip streaming services like Netflix can offer you different content. A VPN allows you to fake your location and jump to a remote VPN location to access content that isn’t hosted in your home. Because of this, Netflix hampers the use of VPNs significantly.

Fortunately, that shouldn’t be a problem with Surfshark. I had no trouble streaming from Netflix while connected to a United StatesVPN server. Note, however, that Netflix is a cat and computer mouse video game with a VPN business. A service that works today may not work tomorrow.

Beyond VPN

Several VPN companies have started adding functionality to their items beyond the scope of VPN protection. TunnelBear, for example, has a separate password supervisor called Remember and a plug-in for bear themes that block the internet browser.

 Hotspot Shield VPN is perhaps the best instance.

You get a Pango account that connects you to various privacy and security elements in the subscription fee. Both ProtonVPN and Tor Guard have secured email services: ProtonMail and Private Mail, in particular.

Surfshark has developed several privacy protection tools that surpass VPN protection:

A custom DNS service that provides additional privacy and is known as Smart DNS.

An ad blocker with the brand TidyWe b.

  • HackLock, which notifies you when your accounts are compromised, similar to HaveIBeenPwned.
  • A privacy-sensitive natural search tool called BlindSearch.

Note that both HackLock and BlindSearch require an additional $0.99 per month. It’s an excellent start, but not particularly engaging, that comes with the high price of the core service.

Speed and Performance

When you turn on a VPN, you include many more makers and physical ranges to your internet link, leading to abject efficiency. To obtain a feeling of that deterioration, I compute a percent modification in between sets of the trial run with a VPN and those without, utilizing the Ookla Speedtest tool. To check out the nitty-gritty regarding how we test VPNs, make sure to check out the appropriately entitled feature How We Test VPNs.

In my research, I found that Surfshark lowered upload review ratings by 4.5 percent from the standard. This is the best result I’ve seen for this test so far. The service, which works exceptionally well in both the latency and download checks, is listed under the top rating in both cases.

 The test results for the download rate reduce by 28.3%, and the latency increased by only 35.3%.

In the graph below, you can see how Surfshark compares to the top entertainers among the 40 or so services we rated.

Remember, my results came from using this VPN at a specific time of the day and in a particular area. Your results will no doubt vary, but this approach allows me to contrast services in managing variables. My screening showed that Hotspot Shield VPN is now the fastest VPN service, but Surfshark is close behind. That claimed rate alone must never be the central issue when buying a VPN.

Safe, Speedy Surfing

We obtain many brand-new VPN services annually, a lot of the small and average or scary and possibly hazardous. It is a satisfaction to see a brand-new VPN service that obtains a lot best. Surfshark has a charitable endless tools policy, allowing you to hook up as numerous tools as you are.

In enhancement to the VPN protection offered by its excellent desktop computer applications, it additionally supplies seldom-seen features such as split-tunneling and multihop VPN. Surfshark can also flaunt several of the very best rate test results we have seen this year, and that was before it released brand-new VPN modern technology. 

The business has boosted openness, revamped its privacy plans, and carried out RAM-only web servers. But, overall, it’s an excellent product.

Surfshark does have downsides. It’s costly, and we wish to see its audits end up being a lot more including, surpassing internet browser plug-ins.

 It’s currently a solid product and simply a hair behind Editors’ Choice champions Mulvad, NordVPN, ProtonVPN, and TunnelBear.

Surfshark on Other Platforms

Surfshark has customer applications for Android VPN, iPhone VPN, macOS VPN, and Windows VPN. The company also offers an application for FireTV, which is a rarity. In addition, there are Surfshark plug-ins for the Chrome and Firefox Internet browsers.

 Be aware that VPN internet browser plug-ins will spoof your location but usually secure your traffic using TLS instead of a VPN method like OpenVPN.

The company offers its custom DNS resolver for Xbox and Play Terminal but does not offer applications for these systems. It also includes instructions on using Surfshark on Linux and setting up routers to use Surfshark.

Surfshark Customer Support

Surfshark’s online help contains helpful information, including functional explanations, tutorials, installation and installation guides, and an honest FAQ section. 

Customer Support
Customer Support

I was very impressed with the number of guides available and have successfully used several tutorials during this review. They were all detailed enough without being overly complicated.

If you haven’t found the answers you want on the website (which, for the most part, I could), Surfshark has 24/7 live chat support, including a ticketing system and email support options. 

I tested the ticketing and live chat platforms and received quick, friendly, and informative help at all times. For example, I received replies via live chat for a few seconds, and it only took between 3 and 5 hours to get a response via the ticketing system in my email.

When I saw issues using Whitelister on my Windows computer, the representative I reached bent over live chat provided detailed steps to require and multiple solutions. They remained available within the conversation until we’d found an appropriate solution for the matter.

Surfshark Money-Back Guarantee

SurfShark offers a 30-day refund policy when you cancel your subscription.

We will process the return within 10 business days of receiving it. Then, we’ll automatically issue an electronic funds transfer or credit card chargeback, depending on how you paid for the original purchase.

Surfshark Alternatives

When you think of Surfshark, you can also research comparable alternatives or competitors to find the best solution. For example, VPN (Virtual Personal Network) software is a commonly used technology.

Many people look for simple, powerful software options with multiple devices, multiple simultaneous connections, and a choice of procedures. Other essential elements to consider when looking for alternatives to Surfshark are ease of use and reliability.

We have compiled a list of services that reviewers have selected as the best natural alternatives and competitors to Surfshark. These consist of NordVPN, OpenVPN, Windscribe, and Private Internet Accessibility.


Surfshark VPN is great for people who want to protect their privacy on the internet and have many devices that need protection. They offer many different features, such as high-speed connections in any country you travel to and unlimited data use.

Surfshark offers an excellent selection of security tools at low price points versus other providers with more limited options per account but much higher prices everywhere else ー, including long-term pricing plans.

SurfShark is a company that has been around for some time now, and in this time, they’ve learned how to offer one heckuva service at an affordable price with high-quality security that they can trust. We’re looking forward to seeing more from this company as well into the future because we know SurfShark will continue delivering top-notch services as they have so far!

8 Total Score
Surfshark Review

Surfshark VPN is perfect for small companies or significant family members as it offers unlimited simultaneous connections per account. One of the few reliable, independent audits has acquired a seal of authorization from the AV-TEST, making them one of just four providers to earn this title.

  • Quick WireGuard connections are available on all apps.
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections.
  • I have rarely seen multihop and split-tunneling tools.
  • Speedy and sensible live chat support.
  • Well-designed app.
  • Outstanding speed test ratings.
  • Kill switch worries.
  • High price.
  • Must end up with extra extensive audits of its service.
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