TunnelBear Review(2023): Is It A Trustworthy VPN?

TunnelBear is one of the most inexpensive and first-class VPNs available on the market. It will protect your weblink with features like a killswitch, shield against malware, encryption for data in transit protection from hackers—all at no cost!

The TunnelBear VPN review goes in opposite directions with harsh tones, impressive design, and a team of beautiful but functional bears. It breaks the charm but also offers phenomenal security tools at a fantastic price. It’s a VPN you’ll love to use, and it’s an Editors’ Choice winner too.

What Is TunnelBear VPN?

When your VPN power is in place, your web traffic will be transmitted with an encrypted flow to a server managed by the VPN service. That will protect—your information from data robbers and numerous other ner-do-wells hidden on public networks.

TunnelBear Review
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In addition, it protects against ISPs who provide anonymized metadata that worries your web regime. When your traffic leaves the web using the VPN server, it will show an IP address at that server location. That ensures your accurate recognition when surfing the Internet.

Increasingly, there seem to be two options for security software program applications: black, green, and edgy, or blue and innovative. Tunnel Bear tries to be carefree, yellow, and lovable.

The company has continually set a price on the design and customer experience needed in any Tunnel Bear digital security review while still using a secure, no-fuss product with a sturdy structure.

What Tunnel Bear is doing right is making a security product that you will use. It’s not a perfect product, but it’s a product that fits your life perfectly. As a result, it remains an Editors’ Choice winner.

TunnelBear Pricing and plan

TunnelBear pricing supplies a reliable and secure free VPN service for customers that intend to tunnel 500MB or much less per month. However, to secure all your gadgets with a bear and obtain accessibility to unlimited data, we recommend updating our paid plans.

Tunnel Bear VPN pricing
Pricing and Plan

If you intend to sign up an entire team or obtain a VPN for your business, you can locate details regarding Tunnel Bear pricing for Teams here.

When it came to Tunnel Bear’s price registration options, we had 3 to choose from.

Two made for people. Among these, we were made for teams, more than likely as part of a company. Because we wanted to test the pricing of tunnel bears for individual use, we decided to go with the unlimited plan of not setting this cap on data usage. However, the free alternative didn’t hurt either.

Free Membership Has No Data Limitation

If you identify yourself to invest in Tunnel Bear pricing, you are sure not to get much money back. You can purchase the Unlimit plan for $9.99 per month. Instead, it lists an average of $10.21 per month for a VPN, and the highest quality of service makes it worth it much better. Hotspot Shield, the relative, brings you back $12.99 per month, while Mullvad costs $5.54 per month.

Tunnel Bear also has longer-term subscriptions starting at $59.88 per year or $120 every three years. But, again, that’s well below the industry average of $71.87 per year.

While the prices on Tunnelbears are excellent, we highly recommend starting with the company’s free or monthly plans so that you can try Tunnelbär for yourself and make sure you benefit from it. Tunnel Bear limits free customers to 500MB of data per month, which is a bit limiting. ProtonVPN, in particular, does not restrict the data of its free VPN subscriptions.

There’s a ton of expense for that minimized price: Tunnel Bear’s pricing doesn’t offer much fast VPN protection. Editorial winners IVPN, No VPN, and ProtonVPN are among the minority VPNs that offer multi-hop connections that use a second VPN server for trapped security Several offer split tunneling that lets you tag which apps transmitted inside or outside the VPN connection.

Overview of TunnelBear Features

TunnelBear is one of the Canadian VPN suppliers cybersecurity giant McAfee owns, so they have excellent customer service and strong security measures. Unfortunately, TunnelBear offers only a selected few servers for customers to choose from, but it’s enough as long as you’re not looking for anything too fancy or complicated.

TunnelBear Has None Of These.

You can invest in Tunnel Bear to check critical features with multiple credit cards. Bitcoin is an option but easy for the 1-year plan. Other VPN services like Editors’ Choice winner Mullvad approve numerous settlements, including cash.

You can use up to 5 tools on a single Tunnel Bear account with a free or paid version. That is average for VPNs, but excellent service offerings go far beyond that. With some services, such as TorGuard, you can use a moving array to make device connections.

Avira Phantom VPN, Encrypt VPN, Ghostery Midnight, IPVanish VPN, Surfshark VPN, and Windscribe VPN location have no limitation on selecting tools you can use simultaneously. (Note that IPVanish and Encrypt J2 Global has me, the mommies and father company of PCMag’s writer, Ziff Davis.)

Previously, Tunnel Bear limited the use of its services for P2P file-sharing or BitTorrenting. Thankful, those days are gone. Instead, you can presently use it to spurt over VPN to your heart’s content.

VPN Protocols

The key features of Tunnel Bear Review protect your connection with Open VPN handling for Android, macOS, and Windows. That is our recommended treatment as it is much more current, faster, far more secure, and open source.

The TunnelBear test of the Apple iPhone app also uses the IKEv2 treatment. What is an excellent alternative for this platform, IKEv2 is also available to Windows and macOS customers. You can’t change which treatment Tunnel Bear Review uses in its app, but that’s fine for most customers.

Some VPNs, including No rdVPN and Mullvad, have started adopting Wi-Respect VPN treatment for the generation. This super-fast VPN treatment may be open source, but it’s still new. The fact that the Tunnel Bear Review does not provide this is not a problem. Still.

Servers Locations

The more server locations a service has, the more options you have to spoof your location. In addition, an extensive geographic range suggests that when you travel abroad, you are most likely to have a server nearby, which is likely to be faster and more durable than a remote server.

TunnelBear Review offers servers in 26 locations. This collection covers the basics and has recently expanded to include many more South America but is still minimized. TunnelBear’s valuation offer completely neglects Africa and the Middle East.

Unfortunately, this non-inclusion isn’t uncommon for VPN companies. For example, ExpressVPN covers 94 countries, and CyberGhost is close behind with servers in 90 countries.

The whole server problem is not an outstanding statistic for the highest quality. A large company with many customers will have many more servers, and companies of all sizes will be cranking the servers up and down as called. That said, having a lot more options is always an excellent concept.

At last issue, TunnelBear has around 1,800 servers worldwide. That’s a resilient offering, besting most VPN services. Yet, it’s not among the most significant collection of servers ExpressVPN, Hotspot Shield VPN, Private Internet Access VPN, and TorGuard VPN all offer more than 3,000 servers, and both CyberGhost and No.

VPN Boasts Over 5,000 Servers

Virtual servers are software-defined servers, which indicates that numerous virtual servers can handle a given physical server. It also shows that a virtual server can function as it depends on one country if it is really in another.

Sometimes this is an excellent concept. A server can be safe while providing insurance coverage for a dangerous location nearby. However, that becomes a problem when businesses aren’t sure where their data is going.

TunnelBear informed me that they have dedicated servers in all of their locations and use virtual servers to handle unforeseen requests. These virtual servers depend on the country in which they want to exist. If you are using Tunnel Bear, it was great that your data is specific.

Your Privacy With TunnelBear

Beyond its lovely and functional bears, TunnelBear’s most OK endurance is its position on privacy. It has the absolute best privacy policies we have seen, defining in great detail and primary language precisely what it collects and why.

It also includes discussion spots that tell the company exactly how it got to a private option. In certain circumstances, Pull-out Place carefully checked how the company collected customers’ names to customize communications but determined that this information did not need to be collected or enjoyed. Losing it can put customers at risk. Other VPN companies should no doubt keep this approach in mind.

In particular, TunnelBear declares that no market or specific technical information will pass on to third-party companies. TunnelBear uses third celebrations to process payments, but this is not uncommon.

Additionally, a corporate performer confirmed that TunnelBear’s only source of income is subscriptions – not data mining or ad retargeting. The company declares that it does not collect any information relating to customer tasks, nor does it store any IP addresses, timestamps,

DNS inquiries

For free customers, the total bandwidth is recorded to enforce the data cap. That will be set to no at the end of the month.

The company is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, and is directly based in Delaware. It was from the antivirus company McAfee. Canada and the United States do not have mandatory data retention regulations.

The company is requesting data that a Panama-based company like No rdVPN couldn’t have. The company says it has legal teams that respond to requests for information. “We have no information that customers can associate with the use. Therefore, we cannot provide law enforcement authorities with any information that is not included in our privacy policy.”

It protects a complete privacy report, verifying it has not used the information to authorities past validating that a person had an account with the company.

TunnelBear has a considerable distinction in completing not simply one yet three independent code audits and honestly introducing those audits’ results. That’s fantastic, and I’m happy to see that TunnelBear is committed to a year’s public review treatment. A company depictive discussed these audits to me as “security audits of our whole stack, which includes our backend servers, our VPN servers, and VPN clients.

In addition, TunnelBear claims to have taken steps to limit the damage that a practical attack can wreak on its server framework. For example, the servers themselves consist of no discernible customer details, and the drives are encrypted.

Some companies currently run their server “RAM,” and Tunnel Bear must consider doing the same. Tunnel Bear claims it would certainly “speed up the interaction of violations or threats” for its customers should they occur.

Security is a problem of dependency. Even if a company does everything right, it doesn’t matter if you, the customer, don’t trust them. We encourage customers to consider these details and choose a service that they are comfortable with.

Hands-On With Tunnel Bear

When I signed up for a VPN, most likely to test, I announced my companion to each of the top services I examined. Then, describing what I thought made the best, I asked what my companion would use daily – the selected tunnel bear without missing a beat. We have used it since then.

TunnelBear currently supplies customers with Android, iPhone, macOS, and Windows. For this test, we rated the Windows customer on an Intel NUC Kit NUC8i7BEH desktop computer (Bean Canyon) running the latest version of Windows 10.

TunnelBear’s customer is something captivating, pale, intense yellow. The app has a playful mindset that conveys every element of its app. It’s charming and lively without ever murdering than wearing or deceiving before. For example, when you connect to a VPN server, you will see a warning giving birth to a bear with that nation’s hat representative.

As high as we like the Tunnel Bear apps, they have stayed relatively fixed for several years. It would certainly behave to see them obtain a song-up without shedding their flair at the same time.

TunnelBear does not have many locations to pick from, yet a location search box would certainly be a superb enhancement– as would certainly a list of servers, with some necessary details such as load and ping time. No rdVPN and others supply thorough details concerning particular servers, which can be valuable when you require a

The TunnelBear app consists of some sophisticated features, such as Trusted Networks, which is generally an allowlist of Wi-Fi networks that you depend on. Another essential element is the watchful mode.

That prevents data from being moved with your network connection during the seconds it takes Tunnel Bear to reconnect. In addition, the GhostBear function is intended to avoid VPN blocking by disguising the VPN traffic as regular HTTPS traffic.

A Tunnelbär employee informed me that the company recommends that customers only turn on GhostBear when necessary, as it can reduce efficiency. It’s a unique offering but not exceptional. Many different other companies offer similar bespoke tools designed to prevent censorship.

One point you do not desire your VPN doing is dripping your details. So when we test VPNs, we examine if our test IP address modifications and the name of our ISP conceal, and we use the DNS Leak Test to see if DNS details are, well, dripping.

TunnelBear passed all these examinations conveniently, yet it’s feasible various other servers can misconfigure.

TunnelBear with Netflix

While no one can tell you that you are a dog (or a bear for that problem) online, streaming companies like Netflix can let you know where you live.

They will undoubtedly get in your way if you fake your location. That is because businesses typically need to be aware of geographic restrictions on the content they serve.

Unfortunately, I am hindering when I try to stream a Netflix movie while connected to a TunnelBear VPN server. When I evaluated the service, this was the case, but your gas mileage may differ – as always happens when you’re trying to use a VPN with Netflix.

Beyond VPN

Most VPN companies that consist of advertisement blocking tend to do so on the network degree, claiming to obstruct the ads before reaching your computer system.

TunnelBear does not do this. Instead, the company has released a stand-alone web browser plug-in calledBlocker This preserves TunnelBear’s hallmark bears and appeal and is remarkably well brightened for a Chrome plug-in.

We like this method considering that it provides customers much more control over what is obstructed and when. That’s particularly essential since blockers can damage components in sites, making them practically pointless. Sometimes, withstanding a couple of ads is the price to

Pay to See a Working Site

Similarly, TunnelBear released a password supervisor called RememBear. Again, it is free to use on one device, but if you want the convenience of syncing with all of your tools. But, again, you have to pay $36 per year (or $60 every two years).

Registration with RememBear includes three-year membership with TunnelBear. We found it an excellent service that manages the essentials in a fun, wayward style with many computer-animated bears.

However, it lacks sophisticated password management features like two-factor verification, secure sharing, and

Password Inheritance

TunnelBear’s features also offer web browser plug-ins for Chrome. Firefox and Opera act as proxies to redirect your traffic with a tunnel bear server. Secures your web browser traffic – and only your web browser traffic – in a different way than the VPN app.

It’s valuable as it protects virtually any device that can run an internet browser. However, it is not a substitute for the full VPN protection of the service we are testing.

Other VPN companies have also started expanding their offerings. NordVPN also offers a password supervisor and an encrypted file system called No Rod Locker. Hotspot Shield is one of the most attractive packages. They bring three different items to the company’s Pango account for free.

Many VPN companies understand that their items help pass censorship and job to support those initiatives. For example, tunnel Bear features have supplied free bandwidth to customers in particular countries, and in 2020 it began an increased focus on anti-censorship efforts.

Speed Test

No matter the VPN you pick, you’ll see an influence on your web surfing experience. That’s since you include some added hoops for your traffic to leap. Speeds are a seasonal issue for customers, yet we attempt and dissuade any person from it. You were utilizing speed results alone as a standard for picking a VPN service.

We use the Ookla speed test tool to evaluate the effect a VPN carries efficiently. We have an exclusive feature on How We Test VPNs, so review it for even more on our approach and our examinations’ limits.

TunnelBear had a blended proving in our examinations. It decreased upload speed test results by 62.9 percent, far better than the mean for that classification. It can not assert the same for download speed test results, lowered by

74.7 percent, or latency, which is increased by 96.5 percent.

The high latency is unexpected, given this. TunnelBear only has a few servers in the US. If you propose your dates, an additional trip will likely require you to stay within the united states. When testing New York, my traffic occasionally went straight to a Canadian server, possibly because it was better.

You can see how. TunnelBear contrasts with the top entertainers among the more than 40 services we have rated in the table below. These results are to determine the order based on download results.

Hotspot Shield VPN currently holds the title of Fastest VPN. Still, Surfshark didn’t lag much with an excellent upload speed test rating. As already mentioned.

We do not advise individuals to focus too much on speed. It’s hard to pinpoint and practically not as important as the features or overall value of a VPN. Also, keep in mind that the efficiency you are experiencing is likely to differ from mine.

TunnelBear Customer Support

Do you feel your internet is slow and that Tunnel Bear was not the right choice for a VPN provider? That’s why customer support exists at all. They can help with any issues or technical difficulties you may be having, but they might need some information from you first about what type of device you are using to access their service and where in the world it is located.

Customer Support
Customer Support

You can get in touch with the customer support team by filling out a contact form, emailing them at help@tunnelbear.com, or tweeting to @TunnelBear if you are having trouble connecting your Tunnel Bear account and want some assistance from their professional technical staff.

Tunnel Bear Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re unsatisfied with your TunnelBear purchase, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. We’ll refund it as long as the request is processed within 30 days of purchasing and fulfilled by our friendly Support Bears!

TunnelBear is so confident that their VPN servers will not slow down your internet speed, they offer a money-back guarantee! If you ever notice any differences in the speeds on various sites during the use of Tunnelbear, contact them and ask for a refund. In addition, the friendly Support Bears are always happy to answer questions or help out with issues via live chat or email.

TunnelBear Alternatives

TunnelBear isn’t the only option for Virtual Private Network (VPN) software. Explore other competing options and alternatives. Another essential factor to consider when looking for alternatives for Tunnel Bear is safety.

TunnelBear is a VPN service that lets you browse the web securely and anonymously in any country. But what if TunnelBear didn’t work well? We’ve compiled a list of alternatives to this popular VPN for you! ProtonVPN, Psiphon, OpenVPN, NordVPN – these are just some of the best competitors out there today.


TunnelBear doesn’t have the most virtual network or most apps. However, what they do offer is excellent privacy and non-logging policies in place to keep your information as private as possible with no exceptions.

TunnelBear is the kind of VPN that will never ask you for your password. Tunnelbear has a great privacy policy to help protect its users and doesn’t log any information on what sites they visit, their IP address, or other personal details about them like credit card numbers.

Tunnel Bear is a VPN provider that industry experts have checked to ensure safety and security. They provide many different options for those looking for something more casual or less demanding than the traditional providers. Still, they also have some features specifically geared towards expert users as well!

TunnelBear provides an easy-to-use service with one of the best free offerings on this list: 500MB per month. For someone like me—who can’t stand ads while browsing online and prefers having total control over my data usage when I’m not connected to Wi-Fi—they’re worth at least a test drive (or two)!

8 Total Score
TunnelBear VPN Review

Tunnel Bear is a VPN provider that industry experts have checked to ensure safety and security. They provide many different options for looking for something more casual or less demanding than the traditional providers out there. Still, they also have some features specifically geared towards expert users as well!

  • Free plan
  • Owns its DNS servers
  • Colorful animated UI
  • Supports all major platforms
  • Kill Switch
  • Unstable speeds
  • 500 Mb per month for free
  • Leaks unprotected traffic
  • Doesn't support certain modern platforms
  • No settings for alternative VPN clients and routers
  • Limited functionality on iOS
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