Vidiq Review(2023): Is This Tool Really Need to Grow Youtube Channel?

Vidiq video marketing platform that gives companies the tools to optimize marketing campaigns and engage audiences in YouTube videos.

VidIQ was founded by Rob Sandie and Todd Troxell, the people behind Viddler. Like several specialist startups, they moved to the Bay Area (San Francisco) to build their company and online business.

VidIQ has countless analysis and listening tools, such as the channel audit tool, with which important information can manage in one place. In addition, it can handle multiple channels (so you can quickly activate various other media that you may or may not own – customer channels).

You can tweak your tags in just 10 minutes. With the video boost feature, you can easily find one of the most suitable keywords.

What is Vidiq? 

VidIQ is a platform that has been helpful for many people looking to market their YouTube videos. It offers keyword research tools, competitor research, channel auditing, and management tasks to help users get the most out of marketing on Youtube.

VidiQ Review
Home Page

The website also includes a Google Chrome extension that allows users to check YouTube statistics. Both the Vidiq software and the extension will enable the user to explore a wide variety of data.

On YouTube, including views, time spent, most viewed videos, most viewed channels, and average time spent viewing videos.

Users will find that the Vidiq tool is both easy to use and powerful. One of the main reasons this tool is so successful is that it gives subscribers the ability to explore YouTube completely hands-free. 

Because Vidiq allows the user to search through specific keywords and select particular video clips, subscribers can quickly check how well their marketing strategies work.

Vidiq Pricing and Plans 

According to Vidiq pricing, channels using Vidiq generally (results may vary) get 2x much more views for newly updated videos in the first seven days.

VidiQ Pricing Review
Pricing and Plan

That is indeed very beneficial, even if you start on your YouTube channel.

The advantage of Vidiq is that you can scale as you need and grow. You should always have at least the FREE Vidiq account (register for free below).

After that, the next plan is the PRO plan, which starts at $7.50/month. The PRO plan allows for a channel to be optimized, six competitors to track, a trend warning, email and chat support from the Vidiq team.

The Boost plan allows 20 competitors to track with SEO title and description recommendations, inline tag referencing, and access to the video keyword engine (40-200 videos per month).

Free Version of Vidiq

That is what you can expect from the FREE version of the Vidiq Prize.

You can use the Chrome and Firefox extensions with a FREE Vidiq account. I will receive data on the video scorecard and the live statistics bar. You can still find keyword recommendations based on trending google searches with the free version.

The free version gives you access to vital information that will help you get even more views for your YouTube videos while improving your video rankings among various competitors in your niche.

Additionally, if you question Tube Buddy, there is a free version with similar free features. I like the accessible version of Vidiq as it seems to give more access to critical information. When you’re ready to upgrade, you can choose from one of the PAID plans listed below.

PRO Plan (beginning at $7.50/month)

The Vidiq pricing plan starts at $7.50/month, which is ridiculously affordable for its features.

You can use it to keep track of more competitors (currently 6), update YouTube description projects, use the keyword research tool, do historical analysis, find leading tweets for videos and watch the most used videos (super helpful info)

When comparing views, you have two additional capacities that are not readily available in the Vidiq FREE pricing plan. First, you can compare ideas for each video and also for each playlist. Second, as with any other paid plan, you can cancel at any time.

Boost and Boost+ Plan

If you want the best of the Vidiq Price’s features to help you grow your YouTube channel faster than ever, you should consider these two paid strategies that are similar.

The Boost plan starts at $39/month and allows tracking of up to 20 attendees. It has all of the features and benefits of the PRO plan. It now has access to SEO titles and descriptions, inline tag recommendations, and video archiving.

You can also compare views for ANY channel, that channel standard, and even the standard of the competition. In addition, the Boost and Boost + plans show access to the bulk SEO optimizations with a dedicated SEO analysis and comprehensive channel tag analysis.

The main difference of the Boost + plan in the Boost + program is the monthly mentoring call, Analytics Deep Dive, custom pointers, and even tricks. It’s an excellent plan for those who want an extra tweaking approach to improving their YouTube views.

Overview of Vidiq Features 

Video Review is the Best Feature is a unique combination of tools and software designed to help you become a search engine optimization expert. That is a massive increase in your sales as you can sell any product from home with some of the top-performing SEO in the world.

The tool also integrates with Google AdWords and allows you to choose which ads appear on your website and how much they cost per month. So, for example, if you need to increase your traffic but want to do it for a low price, this is the perfect way to do it.

Your Video’s Organic Reach 

There are many great reasons why Vidiq is so popular, but one of the main ones has to do with their YouTube channel. They create high-quality content that people enjoy watching and repeatedly viewing, which helps them rank well in search engines like Google or Bing.

Content on YouTubers can seem monotonous because it’s usually just a person talking about things they love doing; however, VidIQ believes you should be more creative in making videos for your audience and yourself!

When this happens, other viewers need to know how to find the best keywords to optimize your titles, descriptions, tags, playlists and see what your competitors are doing to win.


Video’s new scorecard needs to reconstruct so that you can get even more information about your YouTube videos! In addition, it’s faster to load and comes with features that will undoubtedly provide all of the feedback you need on any video clip uploaded to YouTube.

Data that is usually stored deep in Analytics YouTube is instantly within your reach with the Vidiq scorecard. It helps you gather data quickly to give you an overview of the performance of your own or other video clips – in addition to that of your competitors.

Secret information points are color-coded to show you what works quickly and what to look out for.

Keyword Tools 

Vidiq verification is an essential feature of keyword tools. For example, did you know that YouTube is the second most significant online search engine globally? Also, did you notice that YouTube automatically topped your search with recommendations?

That’s the power of keywords, favorite phrases, trending topics, and even answers to anyone’s concerns! Our suite of YouTube search phrase tools will help you understand which users are looking for the content they want to see.

When you surf on YouTube, Vidiq presents a lot of great information about the keyword world for a given term. That includes typical views and average customers. After that, if you discover a lot like a small network, you might also want a specific niche.

Keyword rating is our image analysis of how warm (or otherwise) words or phrases are.

That is demand versus supply or search quantity versus competitors. In a perfect globe, you want lots of people to search for the type of video clips that you create with very little alternative material to yours.

Video Analytics 

It is ever required to have a single dashboard that shows you how your YouTube network is doing? There is a Vidiq dashboard and analysis for it.

You can quickly see how many comments, subscribers, and views you are jumping on your YouTube network with just one glance.

You can quickly segment where your YouTube views are coming from. They come from the search, suggested video clips, embeds, etc.). From my point of view, it’s more user-friendly than YouTube’s analytics tools.

Both Tube Friend and Vidiq metrics analysis and insight assessment tools are easy to use and understand. Whether you are a new YouTuber or a seasoned YouTuber, you will find this feature helpful and convenient.

Creating video clips on YouTube is easy. The hard part is getting different views of your YouTube video clips without investing in ads to optimize them for the YouTube algorithm.

If you’ve done this correctly, it can increase your YouTube visibility and generate interest in your video clips. The more attention and pictures you get on your video clips, the greater your chances of attracting your YouTube subscribers.

When you’re just starting, it’s essential to pay attention to metrics like your percentage of likes and dislikes. For example, which video clips get more focus and likes?

Which video clips get good comments, respond to those comments, and create brand new videos based on what people are echoing and looking at.

Vidiq Chrome and Firefox Browser Extensions 

This only applies to Chrome Extension and also to Firefox browsers. You can now download the Vidiq Chrome / Firefox extension and install it under your wings.

It is a handy feature that EVERYONE can use the Vidiq features when looking for video clips and channels on YouTube.

The extensions are FREE. However, to take advantage of the premium features in the wings, you’ll need to subscribe to at least one of the paid plans (ideally the Boost plan).

SEO Optimization 

Vidiq’s Boost Plan is great for those who want to make quick SEO changes across multiple videos but don’t have the time or skills necessary.

This feature allows you to bulk edit and tweak your content, which can be especially helpful when editing many videos at once!

Channel Audit Tool 

Always wanted your own YouTube mentor, prepared and available 24/7? We thought you might. So we built one! Vidiq’s YouTube Channel Monitoring Tool is a helpful video advertising and marketing tool that you can access.

It will quickly show you how your content is working, what is not working, and what issues require your attention.

Trend Alerts 

Would you like to know how a keyword is performing on YouTube or how many views per hour a competitor is jumping to a trending topic? Then, season Follow your passion through the power of keywords, whether it’s Fortnite 8 or Glitter Slime DIY.

Set up email information to keep track of hot topics every day, bi-day, week, or monthly. You can also generate a checklist of your competitors to see

What are video clips trending on your channels – great, huh? And again, of course, Vidiq Trend Alerts show what is currently trending across YouTube. You’re welcome.

Install Vidiq’s Chrome extension, and you can set up a signal to email you within seconds! Then, visit your Creator Studio, click Trending Alerts, and search for keywords, categories, and competitors.

You intend to track in addition to the threshold for some views per hour (important for fads going viral) and desired email frequency.

Most Viewed 

YouTube’s trending page is a great resource, but it shows what’s trending on the system. Not always, no, which is why Vidiq’s “Most Viewed” tool is vital for every content developer and publisher.

When looking for trending content, you should:
  • Sort by views per hour (to see if the video is still growing), sights, and holdings
  • Refine the past 48 hours, seven days, 30 days, or six months with video.

And that’s precisely what makes Vidiqs’ Most View Vidiqs’ Most View tool easy. Look for it in the column or on the top tab of your primary YouTube pages. Our results are based on the videos that are currently seeing the highest sights per hour. That is trend content data in real-time!

One of the most frequently viewed search filters can help you find just the video clip content you are interested in.

And did we already mention that you can also sort by location and size of the YouTube channel?

Productivity Tools 

Did you understand that Vidiq’s top productivity tool features allow you to duplicate cards and end screens in bulk and edit end screens in bulk? That will most likely save a lot of time for any creator.

With our comment productivity tool, we developed comment templates to make replying to comments much faster.

Vidiq also lets you bulk download all of your metadata. That is handy for keeping all of your meta information safe. You can also export this information to a table and sort it according to different columns and rows.

Vidiq Customer Support 

The first thing you’ll notice about the Vidiq reviews, Inc’s customer support service, is that they have a knack for getting their customers to help. The slogan on their website is “Social Media Consultants who support you in creating your brand.”

Customer Support
Customer Support

They take their customer relationships seriously, extending to their support teams made up of seasoned social media marketers.

Vidiq’s social media team explores everything from YouTube comments to Twitter, and Facebook fans to Instagram likes and Google+ posts to find out what influencers are talking about.

In short, if it can be related to SEO, the video’s social media team will do everything possible to ensure that your website shows up in search engine results for that particular term or keywords.

Vidiq Money-Back Guarantee 

VidIQ, the best premium video-streaming service available in today’s market, offers one of the most trusted and reliable 30-day money-back guarantees.

If you are not content with your chosen package within that period, all you have to do is ask for a refund!

Vidiq Alternatives

The benefits of Vidiq are more than just the features. They also offer a great customer service team that will help you with anything from installation and setup to troubleshooting any issues you may have as soon as possible – no matter what time it is or the day of the week!

Vidiq offers not only amazing social media software, but they also pride themselves on their exceptional 24-hour customer support. With all this talk about endless alternatives for other social media platforms out there, when was your last interaction with them?

Blog2Social, Viral Content Bee, Facebook Apps Tabs, and Recur Post are popular alternatives and competitors to Vidiq.


VidIQ’s platform has been helpful for many people looking to market their YouTube videos. It offers keyword research tools, competitor research, channel auditing, and management tasks to help users get the most out of marketing on Youtube. So if you’re ready to take your YouTube video game up a notch, VidIQ can be an excellent resource!

There are two reasons why Vidiq is a great product. First, if you want to achieve results, then this is the supplement for you! The other reason that I enjoy using it so often? It’s made with quality ingredients: all-natural and safe.

8 Total Score
VIdIQ Review

vidIQ is a YouTube audience development and management suite that helps brands and agencies expand their views and subscribers. vidIQ is an end-to-end solution that assists YouTube marketers at every step of their workflow, consisting of uploading their videos at the most acceptable time of day. The connecting brand with their top influencers. YouTube SEO, monitoring visitor and engagement analytics throughout Twitter and Facebook, mass description editing, comment moderation, and Facebook follower page syndication.

6.8User's score
  • Has accessibility to FREE Chrome and Firefox Extension
  • Assists Discover Trending and Viral Videos
  • YouTube Certified Platform
  • 30-day free trial
  • Excellent customer support
  • Have a Competitive Advantage Over Your Competitors
  • Grow Your Organic Reach
  • Manage Your YouTube Channel with Ease
  • Develop Brand Awareness and Improve Recall
  • It cannot be evident at the beginning.
  • Limited features on the mobile app
  • No training on Youtube video development or other tutorials
  • Can be expensive
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