TubeBuddy Review(2023): Is This YouTube Tool Worth Your Money?

If you currently haven’t added video clips and YouTube marketing to your advertising collection, it’s high time to change this. Fortunately, you’re staying in the best area because the TubeBuddy app can help you do just that. Don’t just take our word for it. Use this honest TubeBuddy review to verify that it fits your business needs.

In the expansion, I’ll discuss whether the latest free version plan deserves this and when to use the paid program in this TubeBuddy review.

I will confess that I didn’t really “understand” the requirements for channel management tools at first. How hard can it be? But, boy, was I wrong? TubeBuddy has it all together with ideal analysis during the course, bulk processing, and SEO optimization for kick video clips!

Best of all, you can access all of these helpful tools through the routine YouTube control panel. So everything you need to understand your video clip marketing campaigns is easily in one area.

What is TubeBuddy?

TubeBuddy is a Chrome extension that connects directly to your YouTube dashboard. Once you install it on your browser (which is easy!) And sign in. TubeBuddy updates the features of any video!

Tube Buddy Review
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It’s certified by YouTube, so it’ll be 100% safe and simple for anyone to use too. With 65+ different features available, there are plenty of ways you can make videos, even more engaging with this toolkit- all from one place!

How Does TubeBuddy Work? 

Well, TubeBuddy is successfully an extension that you install in your web browser (internet browser extension).

It looks like a food selection in your YouTube Account (YouTube channel), so you can access the tools with a simple click (also acts as a Chrome extension).

TubeBuddy Pricing and Plan 

When faced with a restricted spending plan, you’ll be pleased to remove the significant drawbacks of the method with a free option. However, while you don’t have to invest a dime, this software application still has many clever features to help you get that round of rolling.

TubeBuddy Free Plan 

The main disadvantage of the free plan is that you don’t have the alternative of posting YouTube video clips to Facebook as Facebook video clips. In addition, you cannot wholesale your video clips. You will also see that the “Tag Explorer” is relatively minimal (as opposed to the paid packages). As a result, you may lose the SEO juice you need to get your video clips rated!

TubeBuddy also offers four paid packages. These provide a long list of features that are definitely worth the investment (if you’re serious about generating YouTube traffic).

There are three paid plans to choose from. The cheapest package is the Pro plan, which starts at $9 per month. You essentially get features focused on productivity tools and optimizing video clips.

Tube Buddy pricing
Pricing and Plan

The following action is the Star Plan. That way, you’re sure to get $39 back per month and have access to all the little bits and pieces in the Pro Plan, as well as many other time-saving tools, especially the bulk video clip processing feature.

Last but not least. There’s the Legend package that qualifies you for all of TubeBuddy’s features.

Overview of TubeBuddy Features 

TubeBuddy is not just your run-of-the-mill, everyday YouTube browser; it’s like a superhero for browsing! You can use the extension to save videos from any video you find online and even get notifications on new content.

Here are some of TubeBuddy’s more preferred features:

Video Tag Explorer [TubeBuddy Keyword Explorer]

That allows you to find and use the most effective tags for your video clips to get the best direct exposure. That is critical to maximizing your video clips to rank higher in YouTube search results. Furthermore, that enormously shortens the time that you would indeed or otherwise have to invest in looking for suitable tags. With Tube Buddy, all you have to do is enter the primary keywords you want to rank for, and they’ll take care of the rest!

Video Tag Lists

With TubeBuddy Video Tag Lists, you can make a list.

In this case, we’ve included some of our favorite tags to use later that will help narrow down the type of video content you’re looking for!

The Tag Sorter

Use this Keyword Tool to learn which tags (keywords) have one of the highest weights so you can place them at the top of your video clip’s tag list.

That, in turn, helps optimize your video clip search engine optimization (YouTube SEO) initiatives.

TubeBuddy Video Embedding Options

Suppose you have used a YouTube channel to market your brand name before (YouTube Channel Management). In that case, you will currently find that the embedding options for video clips and playlists are minimal. However, TubeBuddy gives you tons of options:

  • The ability to customize the look of your ingrained video clips
  • You can force subtitles.
  • You can turn off the playback controls.
  • Make sure your video clips have a gap right away.
  • Enable the JavaScript API

TubeBuddy Publish to Facebook Options

As the name of this feature appropriately suggests, you can instantly post video clips from YouTube to your Facebook profile or company page.

That is extremely helpful. Otherwise, if you were to share a YouTube video clip, you would have to paste the YouTube link. Or you would have to go back to Facebook and upload your video clip again. Either method is not very good, while TubeBuddy allows you to upload your upload as a native Facebook video clip instead of a YouTube video clip. It also suggests that you can access the benefits of Facebook video clips like autoplay.

TubeBuddy A/B Testing

This function allows you to divide numerous functions. That is one of the most efficient ways to determine which video clip titles, tags, and thumbnails produce the most effective results.

TubeBuddy Excellent Quick-Edit Toolbar

Without a tool like TubeBuddy, it’s not accessible to bulk-upgrade video clips for more than among your video clips in a playlist at the same time. Usually, you have to keep re-entering and exiting private video clips to adjust them while trying to account for the particular minute you ended. TubeBuddy’s quick edit toolbar allows you to click the thumbnails of the video clips you want to change and make the necessary changes (bulk processing tools).

Canned Responses

Time is money, so it’s not an excellent use of your sources to post the same promotions on the YouTube comments you get! Instead, you can use TubeBuddy’s tinned action feature to post the faster solutions to frequently asked questions. You can also add a level of customization by using shortcodes that address the commenter by their first name.

TubeBuddy Suggest Best Time to Publish

TubeBuddy’s formula provides the best time to post your video clips to have the most effective interaction with your audience based on understanding the YouTube formula. You calculate this right to the exact days and hours!

TubeBuddy Card Templates and End Screen Templates

If you have a working knowledge of marketing YouTube video clips, chances are you’re currently learning about maps. In summary. These are CTAs (contacted us about activity) that you have installed on YouTube video clips. These usually indicate the direction of the completion of the clip.

Most of the time, as a YouTube developer, you create the same map collection for all of your uploads – such a drainpipe for your time! TubeBuddy allows you to keep a card template as you make and use it so you can prepare for future video clips.

Just like the eye of a potential visitor, these jobs are used just like other card templates that use for end-of-day ads – how you can tell the name apart right now!

GIF Generator Tool

TubeBuddy’s GIF Maker lets you create your own animated videos to share with friends. All you have to do is download the app, then use it as a regular video editor so that all of those special moments and hilarious jokes can share on Facebook or Instagram in seconds!

This nifty little tool allows users not only to make their own short animations from clips they’ve taken using other apps but also to pause any live broadcast at just the right moment for maximum hilarity – as well as being able to edit out part of what was said if necessary too!

TubeBuddy Emoji Picker Tool

Emojis are a straightforward way to get the group’s attention on your video clip titles. If you grab a potential visitor’s attention, you’re half the way to get them to click on your real video clip. With TubeBuddy’s emoji selector, select the emoji icon located in the title area and choose the emoji that you want to use the best.

As your YouTube channel expands, you will get even more and add annotations. Occasionally you will be tested with all of them! Use TubeBuddy’s comment filter to find the comments you want to see. The drop-down food choices will undoubtedly bring a lot of words to your interest:

  • Comments with detailed concerns
  • Feedback with a favorable ambiance some time ago
  • Statements that show negativity
  • The ones you haven’t (yet!) Responded to
  • Comments with inadequate responses.
  • Comments with profanity

Just among other things, approaches to expand your YouTube channel!

Again, this is an additional time-saver and is vital for anyone looking to drive engagement with their audience or create a connection with their hold on.

You can reply to comments left on your YouTube video clips from the warning bar in your control panel some time ago. Unfortunately, YouTube affected this functionality. At TubeBuddy, however, an alternative answer will display under each of your comments.

Brand Alerts Tool

Regularly check for videos, works, and playlists related to your brand name. That is impressive for a much better conception of the kind of track record you build yourself on the YouTube space.

Thumbnail Generator Tool

As fun as creating distinctive thumbnails is, it can take a considerable amount of time into your time. TubeBuddy lets you save templates that you can use to create professional-looking thumbnails quickly. That way, you can also maintain your brand name regularly, which is crucial in getting the audience to remember you!

Upload Checklist Tool

Do you have a list of detailed points that you do every time you upload a video clip? In this case, you never have to worry about not remembering a single action. TubeBuddy provides a list for you to set your pointers. Then, you can mark each item on your list when you finish the tasks from the bottom!

Demonetization Audit Tool

This feature checks your video clip content on YouTube to see if anything found in your titles, tags, and summaries could cause a loss of profits.

You can export your YouTube comments to a CSV file for review and analysis at a later time.

Health Report Tool:  

That way, you get a much better understanding of what works and what doesn’t base on the target demographic. In addition, it shows the retention rates and traffic. This information is essential to maximize your video clips better.

Real-Time Sub Counts

TubeBuddy is a new app that helps you measure whether or not your videos are popular. It does this by showing if people are watching and subscribing to them, which can be great for monetizing the channel.

Tube Buddy measures how many subscribers you have on YouTube through their analytics system called Tube Analytics to see who’s been viewing what content of yours they like best! The more views and subscriptions there are in the first place, then it’ll show when someone unsubscribes because it means something isn’t quite up-to-par with expectation.

Social Media Monitor

If you want to understand your video clips much better (and where those conversations are taking place), this is the feature that you can use in several clicks. You can see which of your social networks people are talking about regarding your uploads.

Video Topic Planner Tool

Sometimes viewers leave notes asking them about video clip content that they would like to cover in the future. If you want the concepts, you can click on the TubeBuddy icon listed under the remark. From there, you need to select “Add as Suggested Comment.” You can access these at a later point in time on the “Suggested comments” tab.

Auto Translator

This feature is great for any brand name with a global audience. You can ensure that the audience can review your video clip titles and summaries in their indigenous languages. The auto-translator will surely also convert the video clip tags to the required languages directly.

Best-Practice Audit

That will help ensure that your video clip is set up correctly. The Best Practice Search Engine Audit also exposes you to broken links in your summary and prompts you to include keywords in your titles, tags, and outlines.

Opportunity Finder Promotion Tool

Here TubeBuddy offers you a workable guide on how to increase your reach and increase your brand name. If used correctly, you will significantly reduce the time it takes to search for advertising opportunities.

TubeBuddy Search Explorer

That is impressive to aid in finding long keywords (Keyword Explorer). That is an absolute must for rating your video clips and increasing the reach. In addition, the search travel tool gives you a much better concept of the type of handle to anticipate and the level of competition that will border the keyword phrase. With all of this information, you will remain in a much better position to choose high-converting keywords.

Playlist Actions

TubeBuddy allows you to purchase your playlist based on the time of day, a wide variety of customers who received an indexed order, and visitor engagement. Alternatively, you can completely randomize your playlists!

TubeBuddy Competitor Scorecard

Here’s a look at what your competitors are getting on YouTube. You can see what they are doing successfully and, most importantly, what they are doing … not so well. That is the easiest way to know how you stack up against your competitors.

TubeBuddy’s “Scorecard” contrasts your channel with others to get a much better sense of differentiating insights, engagement, customers, and video clip uploads. You can also download this as a dataset to use in Excel. That is useful for monitoring differences over time.

Competitor Video Upload Alerts

You’ll be careful every time a competitor uploads a brand new video clip, either with an email, text, or with the help of a TubeBuddy alert (for a brand new video clip).

Description Promotion

You can use this feature to promote your video clips in all of the summaries of your various other video clips by including a link to receive those video clip uploads.

TubeBuddy Help You to Pick a Winner

For example, let’s say you’re running contests to try to connect with you and expand on it. In this case, you can use this tool to randomly select a winner from all the commentators, made up of people who have commented on social systems in addition to YouTube.

Channel Access

You can securely give other people access to your YouTube account. It is noteworthy if a small team supports you or a social networking supervisor and wants to show a customer the evolution you have made and expand their existence on YouTube.

Channel Backup

Enjoy the satisfaction that this backup feature offers. It saves all of your video clip metadata far away from YouTube. So, to do the worst, you need to be able to restore your channel.

Channel Valuation

Social can help you understand how much to bill for sponsorship jobs based on an accurate assessment of the value of your channel.

How hard can it be that I didn’t really “get” the tools to manage request channels first? But, boy, was I wrong? TubeBuddy has it all along with ideal in-course analysis, bulk processing, and SEO optimization for kick-butt video clips!

How Do I Get Started with TubeBuddy? 

There is an extension for Google Chrome and Firefox. Hence, it would help if you chose your recommended web browser first. Then follow the steps below to get and keep the internet browser extension:

  • Visit TubeBuddy’s website and create an account
  • Click the switch that claims; ‘Install for free on Chrome’ (or Firefox)
  • You will then redirect to the extended memory of the web browser.
  • You need to click on “Add to Chrome” (or whatever the match for Firefox is) from the bottom.
  • It would be helpful if you could see the TubeBuddy icon in the top right of your display.
  • Go to YouTube.
  • If you do not currently have your YouTube channel linked to your TubeBuddy account, TubeBuddy will undoubtedly guide you through the process.
  • Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to see the selection of TubeBuddy’s drop-down foods on your YouTube control panel.

That’s it! That’s all you have to do.

TubeBuddy Customer Support

TubeBuddy is a great way to watch movies and TV series online with ease. The TubeBuddy team works hard every day to all enjoy our favorite web shows without any hassle. So many people ask us questions, but we always try to answer them in the best possible way!

Customer Support
Customer Support

You can contact us at if you have any questions, requests, or complaints about the uses of your Personal Data. We’ll investigate and resolve them within 30 days as required by law – reach out to our customer service department!

TubeBuddy Money Back Guarantee

TubeBuddy’s 30 Day Money Back Guarantee allows you to experience their platform risk-free.

If, for any reason, within the first thirty days of using Tube Buddy, you are not satisfied with your purchase, then please get in touch with, and they will refund all licenses purchased!

TubeBuddy Alternatives

Have you tried to find alternatives or competitors to TubeBuddy? Other important aspects to consider when looking for options for TubeBuddy are analytics and features.

TubBuddy’s best alternative is VidIQ. TubBuddy is an app that helps you find the most relevant YouTube videos and makes it easier for you to share them. All of the options mentioned above are also great apps that let you do different things with video.

Also, TuBeast, Tubics, and Rapidtags all offer various cool features that make them worth checking out as well!


There’s a good reason TubeBuddy is just one of the most popular YouTube tools out there. It has all the tools you need to grow your audience and manage your YouTube existence. Best of all, it’s straightforward to use (especially the Chrome extension), so you can be up and running in no time!

If you still have questions, check out TubeBuddy’s free plan. Although you have access to a limited variety of functions, you get an indication of the overall capabilities of the software application without having to invest in a bean!

8.5 Total Score
TubeBuddy Review

TubeBuddy is a browser extension formally supported on Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. The product includes a suite of YouTube tools to optimize and grow your channel. It additionally offers a mobile app if you want to manage your channel on the move.

  • It helps you understand YouTube SEO
  • Enables you to "draft" views from various other channels
  • Offers a 100% free version
  • A free 30-day trial of the paid version
  • Free for the fundamental features
  • Excellent customer support and forum
  • YouTube Certified
  • Easy to use
  • Paid plan to access the most effective tools
  • Just one license per channel
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