AccuRanker Review(2023): Is It Really Good Rank Tracker Tool?

AccuRanker Review 2021: An Efficient SEO Campaign requires a software program that can track your keywords and websites and see if they rank well on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

There will undoubtedly be times when it will indeed be challenging to monitor every one of them, especially if you don’t have the right tools. You would certainly need a trustworthy software program that would undoubtedly be able to track them daily.

A device that can present some of the most current data so you can make the most effective choice for your SEO – an agency like AccuRanker.

AccuRanker is a widely used software program that can track your keywords and websites in a split second. Before we start our review, you can take a look around Accuranker. And you can take advantage of a 14-day free trial to see if it’s the right SEO tool for you.

What is AccuRanker?

AccuRanker is a standalone SERP tracking tool considered one of the most up-to-date and accurate keyword ranking data.

AccuRanker Review
Home Page

SEO specialists use AccuRanker price to track keywords, infiltrate the market and watch the competition with the fastest daily updates and instant updates of keyword positions.

They do this on ALL major search engines consisting of Google, Bing, YouTube, Yandex, and Baidu. This AccuRanker is an affordable and top-notch rating.

With AccuRanker, customers can also analyze SERP backgrounds to understand precisely how positions have evolved and which features are causing one of the most hits on their websites and competitors.

AccuRanker Pricing and Plan

The AccuRanker is an inexpensive and first-class test. You will receive a free two-week an AccuRanker trial that only requires email confirmation (no credit card details).

AccuRanker Pricing

If you sign up for AccuRanker pricing by year, you end up paying 10%, much less each month. So 1,000 keywords are $109/month or $99/month for an annual plan, 2,000 keywords are $189/month for a yearly plan and $209/month for each month, and so on.

Unlike Services Keywords Everywhere, you won’t be billed every time a keyword evaluate. Instead, you can track more than 1,000 keywords with just one 1,000 keyword registration. That is a crucial difference in a credit-based system like Keywords Everywhere. You can use up your 1,000 Keyword membership exceptionally quickly! It may only take one bulk check of 1,000 keywords, four checks of 250 different keywords, ten checks of 100 multiple keywords, and so on.

Overview of AccuRanker Features

AccuRanker is an affordable, critical feature review. With AccuRanker’s trusted data source, you can be confident that the results are current, valuable, and thorough. As most of us realize, tracking our SEO efficiency is vital to determining if our link-building campaign, content writing and publishing, and other SEO tasks are working.

AccuRanker is a fantastic SEO tool and one that can significantly improve your campaign. Its simplicity makes it very easy to choose, and navigation and organization will save you a lot of time. An exceptional and dynamic SEO campaign requires trustworthy tools, and AccuRanker must be a part of that campaign.

Set up keyword ranking with AccuRanker

Getting started with AccuRanker is straightforward and takes less than an hour. First, include your domain, target keywords, and competitors if your plan allows it.

Add your domain

After signing up for AccuRanker, you’ll undoubtedly need to view these to include your domain. They are also triggered to indicate precisely how you want to present the domain name, your search location, and, if applicable, your Google Business name.

Add keywords

The following action in the collection contains your keywords. You can contact the Google Search Console to speed up the upload, use a CSV, or upload it by hand. You can also add tags to keywords, which are very important for segmenting evaluations in the tool.

With AccuRanker, you can track efficiency on Google and Bing, as well as mobile and desktop computers. A key point to realize upfront is that AccuRanker prices for Google and Bing contain the exact keyword track. Or desktop computer and mobile phone as two keywords. In other words. Tracking the same keyword on search engines and gadgets will undoubtedly count as four keywords in your membership direction.

Add competitors

Unless you sign up for the baseline plan, you can add competitors to AccuRanker to closely monitor how they are doing about your business.

The competitor data, which will undoubtedly be available in various other reports, consists of:

  • Competitor’s Keyword Rank
  • Share of votes
  • Ranking edition
  • Keyword winners and losers

The main AccuRanker dashboard

The central control panel in AccuRanker has numerous tabs with important details for keyword research. Below, we’ll go through each account and highlight the insights provided by AccuRanker.

Tab Options

The Review tab generally controls the panel to contain numerous reports, which we list below. The system can filter each data set according to 20 measurements, consisting of specific keywords, tags, locations, rankings, and search engines.

  • Share of voice: The vote percentage shows the percentage of clicks you get for your keywords compared to your competitors.
  • Top Competitors: The Top Competitors Record shows that one of the most common competitors is in the top 10 of your keywords.
  • Ranking Edition: The Position Edition record divides your keywords into six teams based on their ranking position, as you can see over time. For example, you can find out if you can get even more keywords right in the top 3 areas.
  • Winner and Loser: The Winner and Loser Report lets you see the number of your keywords that have moved up in rank, down in class, or stayed the same.
  • Average Rank: This dataset shows the intermediate level for all of your keywords on a given day.
  • Notifications: AccuRanker creates high-motion alerts on important celebrity keywords, such as a keyword that move from position 2 to 1.

Here is a look at the top competitors and ranking list requirements:

Keywords tab

The Keywords tab provides plenty of details about all of your keywords for a deployed daily array. It is the record where you invest most of your dig time directly in your organic search efficiency information.

Here are three reviews that would undoubtedly provide essential insights for your SEO campaigns:

  • They identify all of the keywords associated with a provided landing page and carefully examine the trend of their attitudes over time.
  • Filter for any high-search keywords that rank you outside the top 10 and decide to use those keywords in your SEO initiatives.
  • Filter on a key search term to identify all related keywords and see precisely how they work.

Competitors tab

The Competitors tab in AccuRanker provides valuable information on exactly how to deal with your top online competitors. The reports on the Competitors tab are:

  • Voice portion: The voice portion is a quote from the percentage of clicks. AccuRanker will indeed outline what you will get for specific keyword searches. Your rate of votes compared to the competitors you are participating in in the system. Subscriptions over 1,000 keywords provide access to sophisticated voice functions, displaying your voice based on the landing page.
  • Winner and Loser: With the Winner and Loser Report, you can see which keywords your competitor has moved up, down, or stayed the same over some time.
  • Distribution of Rankings: This dataset summarizes the keywords you are tracking based on search position. For example, you will undoubtedly see that your competitor’s keyword count remains in settings 1-3, 4-10, and 11-20.

The Competitor Seats tab programs list the keywords you’ve become part of AccuRanker and exactly how your competitors are using those keywords. You can filter the uncovered keywords based on keywords and rankings.

Landing Pages tab

The AccuRanker landing page listing enables you to show your organic search efficiency for your top landing pages. You can view the search amount, voice percentage, variety of organic visitors, average time on the page, average load time, exit price, goals, and income for each landing page. It is important to note that you will undoubtedly need to integrate AccuRank, Google Search Console, and Google Analytics to see all of these data drivers.

Tag Cloud tab

The Tag Cloud tab is where you can see most of the exact details about the tags you’ve provided for your keywords and landing pages. Essentially, it’s an aggregated view of efficiency by keyword groups. In this dataset, you can view data factors such as search volume, average time on the page, and exit price based on your tags.

Notes tab

AccuRanker provides a Notes tab that you can use to record notes on essential adjustments to your website or AccuRanker setups. These notes are undoubtedly valuable when you are conducting future assessments. Sample notes can be when you’ve added a team of keywords to AccuRanker or introduced a brand new product or area of ​​your website.

AccuRanker reports

AccuRanker allows you to create personalized reports that regularly send to you and your team. The tool includes four standard record templates to get you started.

The AccuRanker dataset generator allows you to create your custom reports from the first field. The straightforward drag and drop user interface has 8 data obstacles that you can contribute to any dataset. Examples are the average keyword rank, the number of ranks, and the positions of the competitors.

When creating a brand new dataset, you can define the type of dataset file (PDF, CSV, Excel, Google Sheets). Language, delivery schedule, email list, and email text. Here is an instance of AccuRanker’s standard report


AccuRanker has built integrations with commonly used search tools and data resources to add value.

  • Google Analytics: The integration into Google Analytics will provide even more comprehensive data such as the time on site, approximate visitors per keyword, and landing pages per day.
  • Google Search Console: By connecting to the Google Search Console, you can import keywords instantly and calculate various complicated metrics like keyword possibility.
  • With Google Data Studio: By connecting Google Data Studio, you can undoubtedly send data on the most important functions of AccuRanker Review to Data Studio for sophisticated evaluations and visualizations.
  • Google Sheets: You can integrate Google Sheets to export reports directly to Sheets.
  • Databox: Databox is a data visualization tool. With this integration, you can export AccuRanker data directly into the Databox for visualization.

The SEO Tracker

Before you can use AccuRanker and track your keywords, you need to go to the homepage. That consists of all the essential things that you need to understand about the software program. Besides its essential characteristics, and these consist of:

  • Google Analytics: You can attach your Google Analytics account to your AccuRanker account to efficiently track your keywords and import several of your keywords.
  • Automatic Monitoring: With AccuRanker, you can track each of your keywords every day and instantly update their position for you.
  • Auto Report: When your clients want a testimonial of exactly how their SEO positions are performing. With AccuRanker, you can undoubtedly send a detailed testimonial quickly. In addition to the graphics and charts needed to improve the information. You have to see.
  • Data Export: If you want to do a lot more analysis of your data, you can export your data in various file layouts, which would undoubtedly give you that comprehensive look.
  • Agency-Specific Monitoring: Our team takes care of various clients daily, suggesting we are tracking many keywords. With this feature, we can track and monitor.
  • Competitor Monitoring: Wondering exactly how your keywords stack up against various other keywords and websites? AccuRanker allows you to compare your keywords with those of your competitors, which helps improve your SEO efficiency.
  • Voice Sharing: This feature lets you view the top 20 keywords and monitor your keywords as well as your competitor’s keywords.

Now that we’ve covered all of the features take a look at the AccuRanker review.

You can see exactly how it works.

When you log in, you can see exactly how your keywords are behaving in a split second. You also get live data so you can see exactly how your keywords and websites are performing. At first glance, it might look straightforward. However, it gives you important data that would undoubtedly help you review your SEO campaign.

And this is where the appeal of AccuRanker lies in its simplicity.

The discussion is very detailed and clear to see with the simplicity of a loved one. It is typical to assume. That this type of data is often in a crowded style in some tools. Still, AccuRanker does a fantastic job of keeping your data in one place.

On the team side, you can walk around and differentiate your keywords and domains as you wish. Some SEO tools don’t have this feature and offer the nature of our job. It can be a nuisance. You also need the alternative of bringing in brand new teams. That suggests you would surely have the option to split and split each domain with the simplicity of a loved one.

On the domain page, you can see all of the websites that you care about. They arrange alphabetically so that you can quickly find the right customer. By clicking on a domain, you can independently view each customer regardless of any data they want.

The first tab under the domain is Verification, a short variation on all of the data.

It consists of charts and graphs that you can use to consider your efficiency immediately. It includes your keyword efficiency and your Google Analytics.

Next up is the Keywords page, which explains exactly how each keyword behaves. This tab records each of your keywords and exactly how they rank in Google. There are filter options that you can use to track specific keywords when you want to see the effectiveness of a particular keyword.

The 3rd tab is the competitor’s side. So you can see exactly how they stack up compared to various other domains. It is an indispensable feature that would surely help you discover it. Suppose your keywords are defeated or defeat others. That way, you can have a look at what your competitors are doing. It gives you an idea of ​​the essential things you need to do to achieve a rank.

The last two tabs are the Social and Note tabs. The Social tab shows exactly how you are behaving on social media sites for sorting and sharing. Social media plays an important role in search engine optimization. Understanding the number of people seeing your content through their websites is vital. The Notes tab is an area. That is where you can leave your input and various other details that you want to remove.

Now, most likely, allow us to use the “Keywords” section in the sidebar.

It is similar to the keyword page in the domain. The fair distinction remains in appearance. And you would certainly have the option of going back to the Review tab when you click a box.

AccuRanker’s key functions can send you ongoing reports in the Reports tab if you would like to showcase them. The messages are sent in PDF, Excel, and CSV layouts. Your customer should ask about which ones are available in practice.

The last important feature I want to show you is the tiger icon in the sidebar. The tiger is essentially AccuRanker’s main feature for determining any variation in your SEO efficiency. There are four states of mind, each telling exactly how Google is doing during the day. It is best to keep this right in mind as it will affect your keyword efficiency.

Accuranker Customer Support

Customer Support
Customer Support

Accuranker is just one of those products and companies you can’t fret about because it’s a factor. Customer support is not easy to handle. We get uncertain responses from them that don’t seem like they recognize the tool.

AccuRanker Money-Back Guarantee

There is a 14-day money-back guarantee from the first acquisition if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

AccuRanker Alternatives

AccuRanker Review isn’t the only alternative for SEO software. Explore various other graduation options and options. Another important element to consider when choosing AccuRanker is integration.

We have compiled a list of options. These reviewers select as AccuRanker’s most effective overall decisions and competitors. It consists of SE Ranking, Semrush, Serpstat, and Act-On.


The AccuRanker is an inexpensive and first-class test. Given the importance of keyword ranking, a tool like AccuRanker is vital. SEO collections like Ahrefs and SEMrush currently offer rank tracking, but not all rank trackers are created equal.

Ahrefs does not offer on-demand rank monitoring. How often and how many keywords Ahrefs can update to upgrade depends on your membership plan. But even the most effective alternative, Ahrefs, is updated every three days.

SEMrush offers on-demand updates, but there are caps on the variety of keywords you can track if you are a sizeable adequate SEO company, pay-per-click media company, or social network marketing company. After that, you could run against the limits of SEMrush.

After the day, it will depend on the size and needs of your business whether you will receive SEMrush, Ahrefs, and AccuRanker review awards. AccuRanker review prices are a fantastic way to grow your business through effective keyword tracking.

9 Total Score
AccuRanker Review

AccuRanker is a standalone SERP tracking tool touted as delivering the foremost up-to-date and accurate keyword ranking data.SEO professionals use AccuRanker to track keywords, measure penetration and keep an eye fixed on the competition with the fastest daily updates and instant refresh of keyword rankings.

  • Organizes all of your data neatly in one place
  • Easy to navigate and use
  • Clean design that's easy to navigate
  • Easy to use, even for beginners
  • It shows you where you rank for every keyword and helps you to know if you have made it to Google's featured snippet.'
  • It lets you tag your most vital keywords
  • Professional white-label reports
  • Automated reports
  • Lots of integrations
  • Refresh at any time to urge accurate data
  • Fair pricing
  • Suitable for both brands and agencies
  • The specialized tool explicitly created for rank tracking
  • 14- day free trial
  • Trusted by over 20,000 agencies and makes
  • Refreshing the info can be relatively slow.
  • It only tracks rankings, so you'd still need to use other SEO tools
  • The smallest package, which allows you to track 500 keywords, has limited features and no access to API, although this can probably not be a problem for smaller businesses
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