Authority Hacker Review(2023): Is That Best Affiliate Marketing Course?

Authority Hacker Review: Authority Hacker dedicates to teaching people simple methods of creating high-quality affiliate marketing websites that lead to completion. Authority Hacker’s founder, Gael Breton. And Mark Webster put his flagship course together for learners. Authority Site System and a Troubled Time is called Authority Hacker Pro. Both take care of affiliate site business scaling, paying attention to search engine optimization strategies. Read our Authority Hacker review article for the price of what you enter.

What Is Authority Hacker?

Authority Hacker, a popular website that helps people get into an online business, was founded in 2014. The two men behind the Authority Hacker review are the SEO Industry Mark Webster and Gael Breton.

Authority Hacker review
Authority Hacker Review

Let’s say you were looking for easy ways to make money by creating an affiliate site. You would possibly come across one of their blog posts or their Authority Hacker Podcast.

Before the founders began reviewing Authority Hacker, they ran a customer-centric search engine optimization company and practiced gray-and-white-hat search engine optimization.

After getting punished by Google on the Penguin replacement course and the fatigue of building various businesses, they started making their first authority.

With the data and solid (and dangerous) experience from their previous ventures. They started Health Ambition, which received over 150,000 monthly visitors from Google alone.

They developed Health Ambition (and various government websites) through search engine optimization and created programs to help them scale. All of this eventually led to them starting their weblog on the building authorities’ websites.

That was her story in a nutshell. teaches people simple methods to have identical success with the content of their Authority site and their two programs. The Authority Site System (TASS) and Authority Hacker Pro (AH Pro – also known as AHP) – each takes care of affiliate marketing sites that need to grow to be commonly known in the web marketing world as “Authority Websites” to become known.

In this Authority Hacker review, we overlay each The Authority Site System and Authority Hacker Pro.

The Authority Site System vs. Authority Hacker Pro – What’s the Difference?

Authority Site System is Authority Hacker’s review course designed for beginners to make problems easy.

The course can take newbies from zero to {$1 to $5,000} per month – a career-changing income for most people.

Their second course is Authority Hacker Pro, aiming at intermediate to superior employees who can scale their authority websites beyond five grand per month.

It is a group of online programs devoted to superior search engine optimization techniques and various web marketing strategies to scale an online business.

Authority Hacker Pricing and Plan

The main dish for Authority Hacker’s pricing, The Authority Site System, is $997. However, with this link, our readers get 40% off the low cost.

Authority Hacker is testing out Pro for $1,997 and is helpful if you have succeeded with the Authority Site System. We’ll be sharing additional details on the price of Authority Hacker Review Pro as we proceed with this review.

Is there a discount or coupon code for the Authority Site System?

I imagine the price of the above programs can be surprising to any beginner entering the affiliate marketing course market.

After spending thousands of {dollars} on merchandise on multiple affiliate courses (#noshame) in my day, I haven’t gotten through an affiliate marketing course that I would advocate for prices below $500 to $1,000 lie.

As mentioned before, we’ve secured a 40% discount on The Authority Site System course!

Overview of Authority Hacker Features

Authority Hacker is an industry-leading online marketing education company. We train beginners and specialist marketers alike through our video training programs, blogs, and podcasts. Our team is convinced that honest, workable, and process-oriented marketing has the power to bring dreams to life.

A Criteria for Choosing Good Affiliate Marketing Courses

Not sure about this course yet? Knowing and knowing what good affiliate marketing training programs teach can be very acceptable.

That is – programs that teach simple methods for creating websites that make money as an online businessman through affiliate marketing. Websites that can generate a total time income.

You can ask (and comment), “Who cares … and why is it important?”

Feel free to skip this part if you’d like. However, skeptical learners should know that not every online business course is a rip-off: some train invaluable online marketing skills and top-notch marketing training.

Aside from the fog of guru web marketers flashing Lamborghinis money and claiming how easy it is to build an authority page and how easy it can be to generate an affiliate income, valuable programs help people escape the 9-5 rat race.

Below are the 101 Top Affiliate Marketing Questions to Look For When Buying a Legitimate Affiliate Course that teaches simple methods for creating affiliate marketing websites.

Niche Selection, Keyword Research & Site Planning

You must choose a course with one or more trustworthy instructors regarding the importance of selecting the area of ​​interest. That is undoubtedly a struggle for some people. However, a system can help immensely if the proper keyword research techniques are defined.

Once you have chosen the theme of your area of ​​interest agency’s website, a course should include training modules on planning content pages.

For example, suppose you plan to write product reviews and list posts (or different types of content) for affiliate earnings in your area of ​​interest. In this case, there is no need to start writing topics based primarily on your content concepts or your content keyword list.

You have to come to this sport with the searcher’s intent, while the search engines (like Google) are getting placed on your website at a similar time when you understand your limits.

One glorious course shows how to do this with keyword tools. That is how content marketing and site planning should start correctly.

Website Structure

Affiliate marketing business programs should provide you with a comprehensive plan, instance, and information on simple methods for building a WordPress website from scratch.

The course creators don’t have to be professional web builders. However, you have to go for tools worth getting similar site themes, page-building tools, and various plugins essential to creating an over-converting affiliate site.

Other matters include a dialogue session to organize your high-quality content through class pages or mom or dad pages.

Content Creation Based on Market Research

Gone are the days when you could write poorly written content and make sure to get links to specific person pages and get them placed on Google. These “content marketing” days are a historical past.

Whether you write the content yourself or outsource content creation, a great course will teach you simple methods for writing engaging, quality content.

As you proceed with your content marketing efforts. You will find that preparing a link-building campaign (see # 5) becomes a lot easier.

Having content templates available for multiple weblog posts in a course is a bonus as it makes it easier to publish content.

On-Page SEO

On-page search engine optimization is what. You must submit an article (also known as a page or weblog) as soon as it publishes on your website.

However, this does not include the following ranking components: title tag, header tags, URL slug, keyword density, and various internal linking strategies.

That, in short, is what to think about the first half of Search Engine Optimization 101 and is a joint ranking problem.

Off-Page SEO

The following basic modules/classes in an excellent course commonly refer to off-page search engine optimization classes. That will help your website build a reputable presence (in the eyes of Google). They rank for hard keywords.

Offpage search engine optimization is the method of buying external links from various websites. In other words, hyperlinks to different web properties that refer back to your property page or one or more selected pages on your website.

In the year 2021, links to your website will still be a considerable ranking problem!

Including this on an affiliate course is always a great sign (especially when multiple strategies are put in place).

With this in mind, it is best to know that there are “natural ways” or “white hat” strategies for getting backlinks to your websites.

Such video training would come with visitor posting and shotgun skyscrapers as strategies for buying links.

Some programs train the gray hat technique of buying links to your website. That can make the needle transfer faster for you. However, they are riskier than white hats.

As long as the coaches inform you of the potential danger, the ball is in your field of play.

And there are black hat methods in the world of link building. However, they won’t work correctly and shouldn’t have an affiliate link profile in 2021. Stay away from black hat gimmicks!

The Cost of Tools You May Need

Remember that you are starting a business and not a pastime.

Business homeowners have bills, just like an online marketing business. That consists of creating a helpful website. That generates sales from search engine traffic. A course that doesn’t require an expense allowance is certainly a get-rich-quick program.

With affiliate search engine optimization programs, you will be involved in a keyword research tool most of the time. And at least one off-page device.

Everything else is often “nice-to-have” additional invoices in my expertise. To ensure that other statements include, send an email to course support.

Authority Hacker Features: Extras to Consider

However, there are a few additional issues that you should think about beforehand. Then you usually don’t start “make or break” when buying an affiliate course.

The Authority Hacker Features: Social Media Marketing

A course that teaches you simple methods to drive traffic beyond Google search traffic, such as B. Social Media Marketing is excellent. However, it can be a double-edged sword.

Social media traffic sources like Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube are excellent sources for website visitors. However, creating content on these channels can even take some time.

I often advocate a spotlight from 1 to 2 traffic sources the most. Whenever you start to don’t get overwhelmed, this plan will usually work right for the learner. You can always add social media later.

Authority Hacker Features: Email Marketing

That is an excellent way for employees to scale their partner websites. Novice workers often only care about making money promoting goods online when a visitor is viewing their content.

Advanced workers create content that captures visitors. Email addresses and creates an email list that may pay off as those new leads wear off. What is commonly known as the “email funnel.”

The most exemplary programs. I dived into this topic to build an email list of lead magnets and one of the best and newest email techniques out there.

Authority Hacker Features: Community

Before you start and buy a course, you should check if there is an energetic neighborhood behind it.

The neighborhood signs are often on sales pages and are part of a Facebook group or a post on a course discussion forum.

Other indicators of a resilient neighborhood are a huge podcast. Or YouTube following or the course leader as a well-known consultant in her industry.

Obstacle Beginners Face When Creating An Authority Site

You may be considering. It’s too late for me. That might work for some people. But not me, or there are too many competitors now. I’m too late. “through affiliate websites. I’ve been there.

I am thinking of being on the trip. (However, I’m working on my job) A few years ago, and with precisely these ideas. Would you like to know the reality of these ideas?

Truth: The Most Profitable Affiliate Marketers. Anyone who has built good affiliate websites has had nothing less than. One of those ideas as soon as they were the first to start.

I think Mark and Gael Breton also came to this conclusion.

Every year, many people are getting results and making money online from affiliate sites.

Obstacle number 1 is what people want to hit to get started. This company assumes that building a good authority is possible.

Without awareness, it will be challenging to continue working on your website. However, you will not see any results in the third month. However, it is the path that former employees used to take. Then (sites like mine or others you’ve seen didn’t come in a single day).

It is possible to make money through affiliate marketing commissions primarily based on websites that you can build.

With the right amount of time and effort, almost anyone can benefit from an affiliate website.

The second obstacle is finding the proper affiliate marketing training from profitable employees who have described their success.

You have already made the correct entry into “research mode” in the Authority Hacker course.

Start your affiliate marketing journey with The Authority Hacker Review affiliate marketing course. I strongly advocate getting it as soon as possible.

Click right here to get an with the Updated TASS course!

You have nothing to lose but time to think about it. The Time That May Is Greater To Build Authority Websites! In the worst case, you will receive a refund with the money-back guarantee!

Authority Site System Course Teaches

Authority Hacker’s introductory course, The Authority Site System, provides members with a blueprint for reaching a Stage 1 Authority website (also known as a V1 site). It teaches the method of building an affiliate site that generates residual income.

Although they don’t make monetary claims that look like you’re making $x, xxx per month, this course aims to help learners launch a brand new website that fluctuates between $1,000 and $5,000 per month (that is a first-tier site). And benefit every month.

The following are The Authority Site System course modules:

  1. The Authority Site 101 business model
  2. Niche Research & Content Planning
  3. Site Setup
  4. Content Production & Outsourcing
  5. Intensive link building

The course structure should carry out as. I discovered that Module 2 is probably the most important and thorough in the entire course.

The Authority Site System Noteworthy Features

After graduating from many programs when I first started in affiliate marketing, Authority Hacker’s Top Features programs have distinctive features compared to their competitors (we’re going to obscure them towards the top of this text ).

Long-Term Business

Whether you need to build a website that pays for the payments or needs to make government websites that represent how you want to live or flip your website for a 30-45 times multiple.

Authority Hacker reviews college students who have taken Authority Site System training, starting with a firm foundation and making money using the manners outlined above.

Gael and Mark don’t play with short-term strategies and are solely concerned with teaching college students who will be long-term.

120+ Video Lessons

Each vintage Authority Hacker offers additional video tutorials for the Authority Site System / TASS course. The overview films vary from fast to medium and are appropriate for the purpose.

The original training films are longer. However, they consume in bite-sized articles. For example, let’s say you plan to do this entire course in a single ball. Good luck. There are lots of relevant video training courses out there!

Training for Beginners, Intermediates.

Authority Hacker has two affiliate marketing programs: the Authority Site System and Authority Hacker Pro.

As a complete online marketing company, the professionals behind Authority Hacker have structured these two programs specifically for businesses and customers.

The Authority Site System is the flagship of Authority Hacker and aimed at learners who want to reach a website that makes $1 to $5,000 a month.

Authority Hacker Pro is an advanced training course. It aims to get student websites up to the $ 5,000-10,000-a-month mark.

The ultimate “level” of Authority Hacker training is Authority Hacker Pro Platinum. That is for web marketers who need to get their authority pages to $10,000 to $100,000 a month.

Continually Updated

New website speed lessons from course creator Gael

The world of online marketing is about to adapt, and luckily Gael & Mark have been persistent in updating their programs.

All updates are available as soon as you purchase the course (some programs ever require you to pay for updates annually).

REAL Affiliate Site Case Studies

One of the most distinctive features of TASS is the present affiliate case research site, Gael & Mark.

Each course replaces its website that only members of the time can see.

As part of the first model of the course, the Instance website was occasionally in a selected area of ​​interest. Authority Hacker created a brand new website to replace the course content (an insightful perspective for newbies to affiliate marketing).

Not many affiliate programs want to build an affiliate marketing website to build a course with authority websites, let alone replace a system.

The course developers don’t just teach simple methods of building money-making websites; You are in the partner trenches where websites create and, in some instances, websites flipper.

You no doubt recently bought one of their sites for a mid-six digit flip. Can you learn more about this flip case research here?

An Active Facebook Group Community

Depending on which course you receive (TASS or AHP), you will have access to the corresponding Facebook group.

Every private Facebook group is full of energy. Nevertheless, in my opinion, the Pro course is a bit more active than the lowest course group.

Mark and Gael replace and reply in both Facebook group communities.

A Step-By-Step Training Course and Useful Templates

Authority Hacker provides step-by-step information on creating an authority site, along with premium training to narrow down your area of interest concept and valuable course materials, just like the content templates.

The content templates you can access in TASS are great for writing great content yourself or outsourcing to paid freelance writers.

Authority Hacker Pro offers a lot more copy and paste templates in multiple disciplines of online marketing.

Q&A Webinars (Platinum Members Only)

Aside from the occasional Facebook group post/feedback and their course teaching, it isn’t easy to get a direct response from Gael & Mark as they are busy updating their course, creating content for their model, and so on.

For those who want their questions answered by Gael and Mark, Authority Hacker Pro’s only-selling AH Pro Platinum is available. That said, you will get to a mastermind group with Authority Hacker.

I am not attending these question-and-answer webinars, but ultimately I can see the value of having access to and selecting the minds of these two consultants. As a Platinum member, you also get access to all previous Q&A periods.

Bonus Course Offering Since the Authority Site System is an expensive course for anyone just starting, I have decided to add a few bonuses if you wish to purchase both programs using the links/buttons on this page.

Here are the bonuses I offer that not include in the course:

  • Two platforms I use and recommend for content outsourcing.
  • Surfer On-Page Outsourcing Template Guide
  • A key Amazon metric that will give you a competitive edge in niche research and content planning

These are complementary strategies to the AH programs that made me successful. If you want this along with your The Authority Site System purchase, use the button to purchase the Authority Hacker Course.

Authority Hacker Pro Review

The Authority Hacker Blueprints

After using the Authority Site System on this weblog and some Amazon government websites, I decided to invest money in Authority Hacker Pro.

Although I didn’t assume I’d prepared for it sooner, I bought it anyway as it only starts as soon as possible each year, and I’ve always wished it would.

It seems that the purchase of Authority Hacker Pro was timing well as variations of what is being taught aim to improve my business.

You see, with the course “The Authority Site System.” As a newcomer (also an advanced) partner, you will usually work on the micro-business processes that take up part of your valuable growing time.

Things were similar to importing content from a Google Doc into the WordPress / Page Builder editor, tweaking and inserting images into content, linking link reach, and more.

And even though I didn’t think about doing these actions, I knew it wasn’t the right time to go deep inside.

Spend my time (and yours) healthier planning a brand new affiliate website, studying simple methods of investing money in different business fashions, and expanding your model with an omnichannel marketing strategy. You get the picture.

Authority Hacker Pro is about breaking free of these tedious tasks, taking your skills to the next level, and in the end, scaling the potential of your website (s).

Who Is the Authority Hacker Pro Course?

Take a look at the Affiliate Marketing Authority course. Check out our recently recorded review video of Authority Hacker Pro.

However, the Authority Hacker Pro course shouldn’t intend for learners but rather for employees who have reached a Level 1 authority page. AHP is when authority locations from level 1 to level 2 and 3.

That is true in case you study this Authority Hacker Pro review. In contrast, Authority Hacker is starting this course, and you haven’t bought The Authority Site System, but it might be a solid concept for you to get Pro.

The motive is that the Authority Site System include in Authority Hacker Pro. You will get all of the blueprints you need to scale your authority page while saving money within the course.

What You Get In the Authority Hacker Pro Course

I believed the Authority Site System was excellent when I first bought it, and I didn’t think Gael and Mark could go far beyond themselves. However, they did.

Here’s what you get when you buy Authority Hacker Pro.

Editorial System Blueprint

The editorial system blueprint taught by Gael Breton has taught you simple methods to assemble a reliable team of employees who will help you produce high-quality content on your website (s) like clockwork.

Although it will take some time to set up the editorial system and go through the design for 11 modules, your team may be doing content creation for you based mostly on task automation once it is in place.

The editorial system base on the helpful project management software program from Authority Hacker (a free model is available), which significantly improves speaking to your team and publishing content.

That is a groundbreaking blueprint that may prevent you from being a “solo preneur” and the celebrity team members of an actual entrepreneur to permanently post content items.

Members of this content creation system embrace:
  • SEOs to create a content keyword list per silo/hub
  • Content writers
  • Editors
  • Content uploader
  • Link builders and extras

Every marketing teammate knows easy ways to schedule content writing and co-publish summaries, query posts, money pages, data content, and different types of weblog content.

The Link Building, a Quality Content Team, is a next-level technique to getting multiple worthwhile websites.

Building Your Content Team Blueprint

Building your content team is usually tricky. How professionals, like the guys behind authority hackers, can make big money online every month.

In this 14-lesson blueprint, Mark Webster shows you step-by-step how to hire a content writer (or authors), editors, and content uploaders.

It’s all defined from the rental location, simple viewing screen candidates, interviewing, deciding, onboarding and management – everything explains!

The Keyword Research Blueprint

Course creator Gael Breton teaches this superior blueprint for keyword research. With four modules (19 video classes), I believed this could be an extra on the identical keyword research and areas of interest research he initially taught in TASS. However, I used to be inappropriate.

He hasn’t called it here and teaches simple methods to document your website’s current and target keywords right in a template database (Google Sheet offered), a competitor analysis, and seven superior keyword research strategies.

The Guest Posting Blueprint

That is a complicated visitor input blueprint taught by Mark Webster with five modules that teach you about easy ways to get in touch with visitor input.

The Guest Posting Blueprint is a primary but superior white hat link-building method that helps rank higher and build websites with good authority.

Topics listed include email prospecting, sending email through a reach automation software program, editorial services, and tracking. Guest posts are a great way to rank within pages and improve the domain authority of your authority websites.

HARO, which stands for Help A Reporter Out, is a great way to get links from websites with undue authority (like the NY Times, Huffington Post, Reuters, etc.). However, Mark says, “The devil is in the details.”

If you have used search engine optimization content in recent years, you may hear that HARO is an excellent alternative to link building. Still, no one explains the simple methods to get these links step by step (or simple ways to outsource this course to your team).

The HARO Blueprint training gives you access to A-Z information about simple methods to acquire these excessive DR links from reporters through initial contact.

The fantastic thing about this tactic is that it adds value to your property page by linking root domains (a page that always stays regardless of white hat link building).

The Shotgun Skyscraper Blueprint

The Shotgun Skyscraper Blueprint is a training course for Authority Hackers launched in 2019, including in Authority Hacker Pro.

After years of building and proving the link-building strategy for the Shotgun Skyscraper blueprint, the content and course materials you get for that blueprint alone are worth gold.

This strategy could jump a brand new website from a low domain rank to a decent one in less than six months. And is one of the many white hat methods—Mark Webster and Gael Breton train.

Some college students have even built their link agencies primarily based on the results that Shotgun Skyscraper produces.

Site Speed Blueprint (NEW)

That is one of the newest blueprints to hit the market, and it’s a subject that is a bit nerdy, however.

Along the way, I like that Gael offers three options to destroy WordPress websites: free, reputable, and expensive option.

Growth Tips and Tricks (NEW)

This blueprint is where Mark and Gael add additional courses to help improve your web marketing business (they are excellent at this).

These classes vary from Affiliate Marketing Tricks to Keyword Research, On-Page Search Engine Optimization, Content, Email Marketing, Link Building, WordPress, Social Media Marketing, Display Ads (added), Various Ideas, and Search looking for an alternative affiliate program for your niche apart from Amazon) and various marketing practices.

These people go way beyond what I’ve seen on various programs in the web marketing industry. Other students and I admire the difficulties.

The Other Blueprints

However, additional web marketing training blueprints that we couldn’t find in this Authority Hacker article.

The following are the remaining online programs and training modules in Authority Hacker Pro (their names are a little more self-explanatory):

  • Evergreen funnel blueprint
  • Creation of a draft for info products
  • Sell ​​Your Site Blueprint (A Huge Money Maker)
  • Blueprint for lead magnet creation
  • Freebies blueprint
  • Blueprint for content promotion
  • Affiliate Marketing Blueprint
  • Email Marketing Blueprint (friendly for affiliate email marketing campaigns)

That was one of the first plans Gael Breton and Mark Webster made for this course.

The Sell Your Site Blueprint is taught by the guys at Empire Flippers. And I loved seeing the course creation blueprint because it’s another source of income any partner can add to their portfolio (so as not to suggest it adds to your flipping value).

The Lead Magnet shows you simple methods to filter email subscribers out of your target audience, provides email templates, explains email marketing 101, and easy ways to create follow-ups.

As you can see, they cover up practically every little thing. It pays to convert your authority level 1 website imparted in the introductory course directly into a profitable online business.

Authority Hacker Pro Price

However, additional web marketing training blueprints that we couldn’t find in this Authority Hacker article.

The following are the remaining online programs and training modules in Authority Hacker Pro (their names are a little more self-explanatory):

  • Evergreen funnel blueprint
  • Creation of a draft for info products
  • Sell ​​Your Site Blueprint (A Huge Money Maker).
  • Blueprint for lead magnet creation
  • Freebies blueprint.
  • Blueprint for content promotion
  • Affiliate Marketing Blueprint
  • Email Marketing Blueprint (friendly for affiliate email marketing campaigns)
  • That was one of the first plans Gael Breton and Mark Webster made for this course.

The Sell Your Site Blueprint is taught by the guys at Empire Flippers. And I loved seeing the course creation blueprint because it’s another source of income any partner can add to their portfolio (so as not to suggest it adds to your flipping value).

The Lead Magnet shows you simple methods to filter email subscribers out of your target audience, provides email templates, explains email marketing 101, and easy ways to create follow-ups.

As you can see, they cover up practically every little thing. It pays to convert your authority level 1 website imparted in the introductory course directly into a profitable online business.

Is AH Pro Worth the Cost?

If you are starting, I recommend sticking to the Authority Site System course until your first Authority Site picks up $1,000 / month.

Even though Authority Hacker Pro only launches as soon as possible each year, be aware that building websites for government agencies where Search Engine Optimization is the first source of traffic will take some time.

The Authority Site System is more important than providing results in case you get into the job. Here you can take a look at The Authority’s site system.

However, if you understood that you are ALL IN and the Authority Hacker Pro course is for sale while studying this review article, then you would possibly get AH Pro as well as it contains the Authority Site System.

And in case you already had an authority site that makes over $1,000 a month with Authority Hacker Pro when it’s for sale!

Authority Hacker Customer Support

Active Facebook groups for both courses; Chat and email support are also available in the classes.

Some of these fake reviewers claimed that Authority Hackers’ assistance was “slow” to take over and sell Wealthy Affiliate.

That’s not true at all, as I answered my questions within 24 hours and sometimes only 4 hours. The Authority Hacker team takes customer service seriously and monitors the support metrics properly.

Support usually responds to inquiries within a few hours during business hours. You contact them using the “Contact Us” button that you see at the bottom right of every lesson within the course.

Many people seem to struggle with niche selection, so I liked the survey they added as part of the course.

I tested it with the second option and received an email with assistance. There is also a private Facebook group where you can get feedback or answers to other questions.

Authority Hacker Competitors

Authority Hacker Review is a test with low prices and top features. Although Authority Hacker’s The Affiliate Site System course is among the top affiliate marketing programs out there as of 2021, I had to include this part to get you noticed and rate their competitors.

I’ve gone through each of the programs below, and each brings a specialty to the desk (there’s something for everyone here. You’ll see what I’m implying as you learn about the competing programs below).

The Affiliate Lab vs. Authority Hacker

Matt Diggity’s Affiliate Lab course is a solid alternative to TASS.

Matt is one of the leading consultants in the world of search engine optimization. They not only created this affiliate course but also, Authority Builders (a whitehat link building service), Lead Spring (affiliate marketing company), Search Initiative (client-agency), and hosts the annual search engine optimization conference in Chiang Mai.

Like The Authority Site System, Matt teaches simple methods of creating Authority Sites and Smaller Affiliate Sites with Areas of Interest with two main varieties.

Difference #1: Website Phases Mapp Out For You

In the Affiliate Lab (TAL), the journey of your website design in phases. Phase 1, 2, and 3.

Phase 1 is the sandbox phase. That is the time interval that Google doesn’t believe your website and gets the rank. It doesn’t matter what you do.

Affiliate Lab has a particular module that explains all the stages and how to get out of the Google sandbox in a couple of months versus more than five months.

Difference #2: Off-Page Gold

That brings me to the second significant difference between these two programs: gray hat search engine optimization.

Matt’s course mainly teaches white hat methods and mixes the search engine optimization techniques, which are similar to the use of PBNs, in optional gray ways. (If you want to learn simple methods of using PBNs and visitor posting and various whitehat link building techniques, this can be a good course).

After visiting both The Affiliate Lab and TASS and realizing college students who have taken each program, I would recommend each program.

It is the price that realizes the fact of search engine optimization (some indefinite time in the future, you will come across a competitor who may outperform you for a keyword-based on gray hat link building techniques).

I want to highlight Matt’s course as his off-page search engine optimization social class. The anchor text analysis for the respective person pages of the competitor with the table template provided by him is worth gold. I have used these classes in every client and affiliate search engine optimization.

I am happy to recommend every TASS and TAL. You probably have the money for it (or ultimately TAL) as they each helped me equally.

Both programs have produced six-figure affiliate marketers, have reputable case studies, and keep up to date.

You can learn more about Diggity’s course in our Affiliate Lab Review.

Income School Project 24 vs. Authority Hacker

Have you heard of the popular Income School search engine optimization YouTube channel? If you’ve been browsing the internet for search engine optimization issues, you’ve likely seen one of Ricky Kesler and Jim Harmer’s films.

Like authority hackers, these people have a loyal military of supporters and have created their affiliate marketing course called Project 24. Income School is a direct competitor in my view. However, your website strategy may be very different.

Of the alternative TASS programs in this part, Project 24 is the purest Whitehat course you are about to discover.

The focus of the course is on content creation and monetization of blogs with affiliate links and serving ads with little emphasis on link-building strategies.

So, which is the higher course?

First, I have to say I gave Income School a good chance and bought their course after warming up for them on YouTube. I see their college students succeed (I was a little hesitant about their content at first). However, it was strange to me that they ignored the search set or created white hat links.

However, suppose you rate TASS students to Project 24 students, mainly based on my undergraduate degree and my 4+ years of experience in online marketing. In that case, I can say that TASS students will get a faster return on investment and profit.

That’s just my two cents for the Income School education program. Both are high-quality programs that teach market research, content creation, and simple methods of getting excellent traffic potential through user-friendly content.

You can learn more about the Income School course in our Project 24 test.

Search Engine Optimization Affiliate Domination vs. Authority Hacker

Search Engine Optimization Affiliate Domination is an affiliate course, unlike the others on this list.

In this course, you will learn in an easy way how to use gray and black hat methods to create affiliate websites that will be able to start making money in no time. But don’t get confused. Even gray/black hat search engine optimization takes work.

I only advocate confident learners who recognize that the course’s strategies are short-term rather than long-term.

That said, it’s a relaxed way to make money online with websites, and the trainer is kind at teaching the dark side of search engine optimization.

For example, let’s say you want to build a long-term property from the start. In this case, I would like to recommend the introductory model course The Authority Site System and the no search engine optimization affiliate domination.

Authority Hacker Money-Back Guarantee

At AuthorityHacke, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Contact us within 30 days of your first acquisition, and you will receive a full refund for your acquisition amount if you are not satisfied with your purchase. We allow refunds for almost any reason, and we want you to be happy with your purchase.

Authority Hacker Alternatives

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is an affiliate marketing course that learners typically take. You’re first looking for ways to make money online (this was the introductory course I took in affiliate marketing when I had my job on the job. They earned me).

The course itself teaches affiliate marketing, offers website hosting and their own “SEO tools.” For this reason, Wealthy Affiliate charges a monthly payment to become a member.

Too brutally trustworthy, this affiliate marketing course hasn’t been up to date in years (I watched the video courses the opposite day, and they were adequate when I took the system, but now you’ll be stating the age of times and strategies ).

After all, I don’t particularly admire that so many WA members advertise lying about professional programs and informational articles.

Some of these pretend reviewers claimed that Authority Hackers’ support was “slow” in promoting and promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

That is not true in any way, as I answered my questions within 24 hours and usually less than 4 hours. The Authority Hacker team takes their customer service very seriously and monitors their support metrics very accurately.

Fake reviews and comparisons like these have been rife for years and don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

I included this comparability in this part because it is a popular beginner course. If I can save time on one of my readers and campaign for a better time, collectively is the price tag as The Authority Site System. There is no competition when you rate them against each other.


Authority Hacker Review is a test with low prices and top features. Choosing an excellent affiliate marketing course from a sea of gurus that won’t consider you is usually tricky.

My goal with this review was:

  • Give a trustworthy rating to authority hacking programs.
  • Provide insight into the requirements for creating an authority site.
  • Offer additional value by offering additional bonuses.
  • And so that you understand that the authority hacking programs are professional.
Like any business, you’ll get from it what you place in.

These guys did an excellent job putting together information on creating worthwhile passive earning websites, but they and I will make you understand that the method is tedious. It can take psychological persistence the first time you create an online asset.

It doesn’t matter if you are a new model or have been to various web marketing programs that have promised you the world and get rich quickly. However, I have not pointed this out to you. I can stand up for the authority hacker programs.

I just want to have received and applied the teachings sooner because, despite the invaluable video classes in The Authority Site System, Authority Pages take time to start.

If you haven’t seen the Authority Hacker webinar, it’s one of the many higher-ups to give you constructive ideas and the business mannequin. Think clearly about seeing it.

You can check it out right here (40% discount on the low cost ultimately included). Gael and Mark are transparent and let you understand that they have a course distance (The Authority Site System) in the target.

In summary, yesterday was one of the best days to start building a good government website. However, once you understand how to create these affiliate sites, you will also be able to “hack authority” and get results.

8.5 Total Score
Authority Hacker Review

Authority Hacker is checking out exactly how to create revenue by developing an associate website. In that case, you might experience blog site blog posts or their Authority Hacker Podcast (extremely suggested by SEOs to register for the podcast right here). Before the designers began Authority Hacker, they ran a client-facing SEO business and exercised white and grey hat SEO.

  • Beginner-friendly.
  • Proven outcomes.
  • An extensive keyword study procedure.
  • 30-day money-back guarantees.
  • Step-by-step systems.
  • No fluff.
  • Weblink building tool referral is a monthly membership.
  • A lasting method to link authority websites recommends it'll take a little longer to see revenue.
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