ActiveTrail Review(2023): Is It Best Email Marketing Automation Software?

In this ActiveTrail Review, we will reveal how ActiveTrail can help your business thrive in the digital world. If you have been searching for a good email marketing automation software, ActiveTrail may be just what you need!

ActiveTrail is available in 20 languages, including English, French, German and Spanish. With lots of innovative marketing options, ActiveTrail is a versatile player in marketing.

The active trail also offers real-time data/analysis tracking as well as A/B test and optimization functions. One of the critical features of ActiveTrail is its scheduled email delivery feature, which selects one of the ideal times for sending emails to customers immediately.

ActiveTrail’s ‘Contacts’ area has much of the high qualities of a CRM system. Through this area, you can:
  • Create and manage vibrant teams
  • Show background for contact import
  • Create brand new registration forms
  • View and edit teams
  • Import brand new contacts with
  • Create bespoke areas
  • Look for contacts with
  • Add brand new contacts
  • Add filter

With Active Trail’s API, marketers can do many things, such as send customers a thank you email immediately after acquisition. In addition, you can add an API to your website from the main control panel by clicking More >> Integrations >> API >> Documentation.

What is ActiveTrail?

ActiveTrail is a fully automated communication platform for email and SMS campaigns that uses various tools for reliable internet marketing. With the software suite, you can create professional registration forms, newsletters, and landing pages and send automatic emails and SMS messages as part of your marketing campaigns.

ActiveTrail Review
Home Page

In addition, ActiveTrail offers many other valuable features, ranging from comprehensive reporting tools to numerous native third-party application integrations.

ActiveTrail Pricing and Plan

Active trail pricing is affordable with no hidden fees. Additionally, there are numerous integrations to make your life easier with Active Trail, as it has over 30 templates ready-made for you in every aspect of running a business!

Active Trail Pricing Review
Pricing and Plan

If you want to assign over 100,000 emails a month, you can. However, it should get by with customer support. You will certainly have the opportunity to offer a price quote for services.

  • ActiveTrail prices free track
  • Basic $8 a month
  • ActiveTrail Pricing Plus plans $ 11 per month
  • Premium $298 per month
  • 500 SMS 41 USD per 500 SMS

ActiveTrail pricing approves all major credit cards, consisting of:

  • American Express
  • Master Card
  • Discover
  • maestro
  • JCB
  • Visa

You can also pay with Paypal. In the extension, you can cancel your plan at any time. Note, however, that there are no refunds. We’d undoubtedly recommend choosing the ActiveTrail plan for $139 per month, allowing electronic marketers to communicate up to 10,000 emails per month.

Overview of the ActiveTrail Features

ActiveTrail is a web-based marketing tool that allows marketers to automate their campaigns, create SMS marketing campaigns and manage subscriber lists. It also provides an immediate feedback system to know when your message has been delivered successfully or not.

The active trail is the world’s leading provider of digital online communications solutions for small businesses. They make email templates, blogs, surveys, and social media profiles. The company also has good reporting on how customers are using these channels to make decisions about advertising spend allocation in real-time!

List management

Top-level managers are often getting information from their subordinates. They need to make sure that they don’t miss anything, so it is essential for the manager in charge of this group (the one with contact info like phone number and email) to review responsibilities and tasks throughout each day with those who interact most frequently: top-level team members or direct reports on projects working under them at any given time during morning meetings before 8 am EST when everyone starts fresh after sleeping overnight since Friday evening/Saturday daytime hours typically stretch until roughly Noon unless events dictate otherwise such as holiday weekends happening every year).

If you need your boss’s input on a project that is being launched soon but have trouble getting through due to his schedule constraints, one way may be by reviewing some recent emails he had sent out during business hours when there were gaps between replies.


Importing your contact checklists is relatively easy. You will find the import under “Contacts.” There you have the option of making contact directly via Salesforce and directly from Salesforce.

Export the checklists you want from any list or team. A file will then be sent to your email address and made available for download as an Excel file.

Growing your List

For marketers looking to expand their checklists, d has developed more than 30 templates to collect customer information.

Each of the ActiveTrail templates is very customizable, and you can create forms to suit your feature compliance needs:

  • Download boxes
  • Registration boxes
  • Picture boxes
  • Shake boxes
  • Stop popups
  • Scroll forms
  • Fixed beams

After choosing a template, make innovative personalizations for forms such as language. For example, twenty languages range from English to German, Korean, and French.

Example of an Active Trail registration form You can use this and various other structures on your website or landing page for additional contact information.

List Segmentation/Targeting

Segmentation of checklists is possible if you wish to do so via email / SMS. Suppose you want to break down checklists based on various criteria such as group information, product selection, location, acquisition background, or age. In that case, you need to create a vibrant team and use filters accordingly. This is done via Contacts >> Dynamic Groups >> Filters.

ActiveTrail filter

Let’s say you want to split a team based on age. First, you need to create a filter for the specific age requirements you wish to arrange. After that, create a living squad and use the filter. Your area is immediately updated daily.

Predictive Delivery

ActiveTrail Offerings Predictive Delivery Capabilities take the uncertainty of knowing when to send an email and delivering your emails right away when customers are more likely to open emails. All of this is available with the use of anticipation analysis and historical data analysis.

Email Templates

Clicking the Email tab in the top benefit will motivate you to compose a “New Email.” ActiveTrail has a collection of 36 templates covering articles, offers, business advice, customer service, brand innovations, and much more. However, the templates provided by ActiveTrail are relatively basic. 

However, you need to be able to find one that is appropriate for your campaign. If you can’t find a suitable template, create your email campaign from a blank template that is much more customizable. You can also use ActiveTrail’s HTML editor to compose an email from scratch completely.

Email Editor

ActiveTrail has a five-step editing process that takes you from start to finish with the channel for composing and sending emails.

  • Art
  • configuration
  • design
  • contacts
  • Summary
To send an email, go to “Emails” in the top left and select:
  • Category management
  • Send profiles
  • Autoresponder
  • Send status
  • My templates
  • New email
  • Email list

For the functions of this review, we will no doubt compose an email that will use under ActiveTrail’s pre-developed templates. Marketing experts can also choose from:

  • A / B Split Email: This will create two variations of your email to help you determine which is best.
  • On Event Email: Create an email that will send instantly on customer tags like wedding anniversaries and birthday parties.
  • Triggered Email: Send triggered emails instantly when someone subscribes to or unsubscribes from your email checklists. After choosing a template, you’ll find that using ActiveTrail’s drag and drop editor is relatively easy.

That makes adding headings, media, text, separators, elements, logo designs for social media websites, CTAs (switches) made up of pay buddy switches and changing fonts straightforward.

If you edit components directly from the e-newsletter editor, you have the following options:
  • Upload photos: Upload photos from your computer systems via a LINK and capture or edit images from ActiveTrail.
  • Add Videos: Upload marketing video clips from YouTube and Vimeo.
  • Control block settings: adding and removing columns, additional padding, and changing the gradient shadow of your e-newsletter.
  • Align text & images: Align text and images to the right, left, or center.
  • Edit Image Alt Text: Add ALT Text to email newsletter photos.
  • Add Links: Add links to files, studies, emails, phone numbers, and more.

The Activetrail features Sending a Newsletter.

After making changes to your template, you will undoubtedly get a repeat page review of the images and links used in your email (to ensure they are not corrupted or considered spam).

Before taking this action, we recommend previewing your email newsletter to view mobile devices, desktops, and tablets. Then, you can more send a test email to see exactly how to search different email customers.

Note: Each template currently expands for mobile devices—the last email sends with ActiveTrail.

Once the confirmation is complete, you will need to go into the footer information of your email and select a list or section where you would like to receive the email.

Mobile Editor

Even though all ActiveTrail templates are mobile-responsive, they have an online compiler for those who want to create their layouts.

Mobile App Activetrail features

ActiveTrail’s mobile app is available for both iPhone and Android tools and is in the hands of marketers to track the progress of campaigns anytime, anywhere.

Marketers can also monitor efficiency criteria such as:

  • How many e-newsletters have sent
  • Removal Rates (Unsubscribe)
  • Complaint rates and much more
  • Number of send errors
  • Open rates

ActiveTrail’s review features Mobile App Interface.

Digital marketing experts can also provide quick statistics such as open and click. To automate accessibility, click Automations in the upper left corner of the ActiveTrail control panel. 

There, create brand new automation from a blank template and collect the automation that will be activated when you contact the following people:

  • Celebrate a unique day
  • Carry out on-site activities
  • Submit a brand new form
  • Join a brand new team
  • Sign out
Marketing professionals are also able to build operations based on many activities:
  • Starting and ending processes
  • Update contact information
  • Sending customized communications
  • Send an email
  • Add problems
  • Sending an SMS

Setting up a workflow is incredibly easy and can be completed using ActiveTrail’s drag and drop editor, which gives you control over the workflow’s action. For example, the whole process can quickly drag the computer mouse, resulting in an unforgettable canal journey for every section.

Workflows for eCommerce

No processes specifically designed for e-commerce. However, you can set up an eCommerce workflow using the APIs offered by ActiveTrail.

ActiveTrail offers two APIs that you can use to send and get contact information from one platform to another. That consists of systems like Salesforce and Shopify. So when you need to send or receive information like email, phone numbers, and birthdays, you can use ActiveTrail APIs to get it.

ActiveTrail also has a complete list of APIs made up of a wide variety of APIs available for use.

Once you’ve set up the e-commerce API you need, it will undoubtedly enable pre-built or bespoke automation if you code the API yourself. Custom API to track those with abandoned carts in certain circumstances, you can. You must undoubtedly have coding skills.

Note: Debugging is not supported if you include custom APIs.

Workflows for Subscribers

ActiveTrail has APIs that you can use to create operations for clients. For example, when someone signs out, set up automation to signal you. In addition, ActiveTrail’s APIs allow marketers to observe specs for the multitude of subscribers they had from one day to an extra day and perform the same activities for those who also signed up.

Tracking & Optimization Tools

Essentially, you can track conversions like page activity, check out, registration review, etc. There, marketing experts can call up goals, include links and define various other criteria.

One of the numerous critical actions of the procedure is creating funnels that lead to a conversion. For example, you can specify check-out actions that lead to an acquisition.

Therefore, activate an automatic email as soon as this activity is complete. That and much more is possible in the “Goals” area. Set up conversion goals and funnels with ActiveTrail

A/B Testing

ActiveTrail offers three types of A/B tests: regular email A/B tests, automation splits, and API split testing. Active surveys are easy to use to create these novel features with their intuitive interface that anyone can use regardless of their skill level.

Email A/B Testing

ActiveTrail’s A/B testing email component is one of its most valuable features, providing electronic marketers with insight into optimizations based on bespoke tests.

You set up an A/B test by selecting “A/B Split Email” when creating the email newsletter. Set the criteria you want and compose two different emails to be sent to two other sectors of email.

You can test both variants of your email for:
  • Successful broadcasts
  • Click with price
  • Spam problems
  • Total number of emails sent
  • to unsubscribe
  • Open price
  • Bounces

Automation Splits

Automation Splits will send both variants of the email you are composing to a minimized number of recipients that you have chosen (e.g., 50:50). After that, you can tweak the results and send the ideal complete email list of recipients.

API Split Testing

ActiveTrail’s A / B testing API is one of the main features of ActiveTrail. It can create brand new types of exams and examine results using third-party software applications.

Shopify Yes With the Shopify integration, you will receive automatic email alerts when customers fail to complete their acquisitions, send promo codes, offer relevant items based on previous purchases, and much more.

Google Analytics Yes If you integrate Google Analytics into your ActiveTrail account, you will receive important information. Salesforce Yes Automatically sync email checklists between Salesforce and ActiveTrail.

WordPress Yes Digital marketers can use this convenient integration to encourage website visitors to sign up for their mailing list directly from any WP website.

ActiveTrail Customer Support

ActiveTrail has a dedicated customer support team that can offer help when you need it. That is extremely useful for smaller businesses.

Customer Support
Customer Support

For assistance, please do so Tuesday through Thursday 6:00 am to 2:00 pm (EST), and Friday 3:00 am to 8:00 pm (EST) and reach 929-214-1037.

However, marketers can turn to live chat support, during which a helpful member of the support team will answer any questions you have. Send/receive files and screenshots through ActiveTrail’s live chat system for better assistance.

Regarding other contact methods, fill out a contact form and let someone like you contact you as soon as an agent is available. ActiveTrail also has a blog with insightful content on using the software and marketing tips/trends.

If you can’t find whatever you necessitate there, visit the ActiveTrail Learning Center. Find information on email marketing, landing pages, SMS, marketing automation, integrations, and surveys. Also, find guides, videos, related blog posts, and frequently asked questions here.

ActiveTrail Money-Back Guarantee

ActiveTrail is the #1 site for hiking, biking, and trail maps with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The active trail gives you one of the best deals on membership plans that come complete with free trial periods and their proprietary map service to make any outdoor adventure more enjoyable. In addition, they give each new member two weeks without cost so that they can explore all Active Trails has to offer before committing long term or dropping out altogether!

ActiveTrail Alternatives

ActiveTrail is inexpensive and has the best features. Are you looking for alternatives to ActiveTrail Reviews? Many people want marketing automation software to help with social listening, online behavior monitoring, and event/webinar marketing.

It isn’t easy to find out if the software you have chosen is right for you. However, we have compiled a list of Marketing Automation software customers have found ideal compared to ActiveTrail.

With reviewer data, you can see how ActiveTrail prices competitors puddle up against the competition, review testimonials from previous and existing users, and determine which is best for your business. HubSpot Marketing Hub, ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, and Oracle Eloqua are some of the best-known alternatives and competitors to ActiveTrail reviews.


ActiveTrail Review has everything marketers need to create an effective email campaign with a solid email marketing and automation platform. ActiveTrail has numerous innovative settings. A / B testing is just one of them. In addition, you can test different components, including open price, click-through rate, and unlimited emails.

You will find that ActiveTrail has fewer templates than several other comparable services. ActiveTrail’s conservative stance is to create from scratch or HTML template, which is most customizable if you know to code.

This function can open many possibilities for marketing specialists with a coding understanding or access to a development team. It also collects various marketing tools that come in handy when hosting events, creating landing pages, and finding new/creative ways to retain customers.

8.5 Total Score
ActiveTrail Review

ActiveTrail is a turnkey automated communications system for e-mail and SMS campaigns, offering a wide selection of tools for efficient internet marketing. The software program collection enables you to create expert sign-up types, newsletters, and touchdown web pages while allowing you to send out automated e-mails and text as part of your marketing projects. Furthermore, ActiveTrail hosts various other helpful features, ranging from powerful reporting tools to various indigenous third-party application assimilations.

  • The email marketing platform is budget-friendly and accessible.
  • There are a lot of features for testing and optimization.
  • ActiveTrail deals with a lot of pertinent integrations.
  • ActiveTrail does not consist of accessibility to eCommerce operations without the use of an API.
  • There is no support for linking APIs outdoors or for pests that could take place as a result.
  • There is no 24/7 support.
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