Capsule CRM Review(2023): A Comprehensive and Affordable Solution

Capsule CRM is a comprehensive and affordable solution. Capsule offers an intuitive interface, tight integrations with third-party services, and powerful automation features to help you grow your business. If you’re looking for good software that will help you manage your contacts, Capsule might be the right option for you!

The pill is an excellent tool for keeping track of your contacts and companies you work with, communications with them, opportunities, and the tasks and tasks to be done. 

With Capsule, you can manage all relationships, not just customers: manage contacts, leads, customers, suppliers, and much more.

What is Capsule CRM?

Capsule CRM supports integration with several leading small business services for customer support, email marketing, document management, and accounting. 

Capsule CRM Review
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The solution is available per subscription per customer per month.

On-demand software is one of the top options for small and medium-sized businesses. It’s easy to use, reliable, and offers a solid solution with Capsule CRM at an affordable price point suitable for any company size, whether they are big or small!

In such a situation, online services like Capsule CRM meet the exact needs of local businesses. A small business owner can get a CRM application at a much lower price and get the most out of that CRM software. Capsule CRM also offers excellent support for new people.

Capsule CRM has excellent integration capabilities with Microsoft Dynamics GP, Sales Pressure, and other systems. This CRM solution has an integrated integration into these critical systems.

It also supports integration with social networks and data import functions for importing customer contacts from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Capsule CRM Pricing and Plans

The Capsule CRM offers a free version for about two people. Unfortunately, it limits you to just 10 megabytes of space and 250 contacts, so it’s pretty limited. However, you can at least test the article before accessing a paid variant.

Capsule CRM Pricing Review
Pricing and Plan

That is an excellent option for small sales groups or sole proprietorships that don’t have to spend a bunch of money and need basic CRM.

The professional version costs $12 per month per customer. You can get them for free for 30 days. If you keep this up, you’ll get two gigabytes of storage per customer and 50,000 contacts. So this is a significant increase in capacity.

Overview of Capsule CRM Features

The Capsule CRM is an online CRM for maintaining contacts, tasks, and sales opportunities. Add jobs, track communication logs, and close your pipeline faster with Capsule.

Contact Management

We provide you with an overview of everything you can learn about the people, companies, and organizations you connect with.

Don’t hang up email or manage multiple spreadsheets. With Capsule CRM, you have a residence for all your contacts and their essential information. You can even see the entire history of your relationship with one-touch – consisting of email, calls, dates, notes, and much more.

Bring your contacts with you.

We look after you by importing your existing contacts. We support the following:

  • Expectation
  • CSV
  • vCard
  • Google contacts
  • Spreadsheet

Tasks & Calendar

Create tasks for consultations, meetings, phone calls, entry deadlines, and more. See, it does something, and you share jobs.


Get on top of your Rules of Procedure with Job Management:

Make sense of your rules of procedure with features to help you prioritize your tasks, plan your time, and meet target dates. Then, when you associate jobs with contacts, projects, or opportunities, you always know what a job is associated with.

  • Receive task suggestions emails at the start of each day
  • Add your custom task categories.
  • Create duplicate jobs.


Switch to the schedule to see how your to-do list improves for the week or month. The calendar view also offers a quick way to change due days: Drag and drop a task onto another date on the schedule.

Sight tasks in your calendar

You can sign up for your tasks and see them on your schedule. We currently support:

  • Apple calendar
  • Microsoft Calendar (2017+)
  • iCalendar

Sales Pipeline

Get a summary of all opportunities made up of possible values, where they go in the pipeline, and what to do afterward.


Use the facilities to track potential sales with a customer and set the value and milestones to track and collect reports on your deals.

Capsule CRM allows you to predict the value of your sales lead based on the opportunity and the overall value of the opportunity.


See critical stats about your sales lead, future sales forecasts, and reviews in one clear and simple dashboard.

  • View last year’s conversion efficiency
  • See where opportunities are in your pipe.
  • See which tags are most often related to a chance.
  • Show the value of the options in your pipeline.

Sales Analytics

Our sales analysis tool allows you to see where time is spent and compare it to different sales signs. You can even track unique sales tasks to get a complete picture of each person’s efficiency and identify new features that convert far better than others.

Security & Permissions

Your data security and security are central to our society, our practices, and everything we build.


Access to records is not only based on a group subscription but also on three different functions that can also assign to your people. 

That ensures that users can only access the documents they want and increase security and organization level.


Capsule CRM has easy-to-use security features that give you precise control over how people visit. We also make it very easy to recover accidentally deleted records.

  • Two-factor authentication (2FA).
  • Single sign-on with your G Suite domain name.
  • Recover recovered records within 30 days.


Catch the relevant information with customizable custom fields and customize the wish that fits your brand.


One size rarely fits all – that’s why we developed custom areas: Every service is different, with a unique process and data that need to track. Manage a document with all of this data using custom fields. Capsule supports a variety of custom area types, including messages, days, numbers, and more.

Capsule CRM Mobile App

Take Capsule CRM with you. With our free mobile CRM application, you will certainly never overlook the loophole.

With Capsule for Mobile, you can:

  • View jobs on the go
  • Caller ID on iPhone
  • Log calls automatically
  • Start calls, messages, or emails.
  • View and search for opportunities
  • Show all details about a contact.

Teams Plan

The software is designed to help companies better understand their organization and track the efficiency of teams.
It was developed by a team that had experience building and managing groups in different sized sectors with varying data requirements – all while tracking factors like time spent on tasks or projects completed per employee hour worked, what’s more than just simple pie charts anymore!

  • 100,000 contacts
  • 20 GB of storage space per customer
  • Extended sales reporting
  • User obligations and restrictions
  • Custom activity types
  • Assign documents


By assigning Capsule CRM users directly to teams, you get a clearer view of what different groups are responsible for and what they a

  • Create teams that reflect your business structure.
  • Use groups to restrict access to sensitive records.


In addition to the standard customer roles, Teams provide even more granular control over what individuals can view.

If a customer is on a team and has documents, they can only access contacts, instances, and opportunities assigned to that team.

Sometimes you also want to limit the accessibility better. We have also informed you of this with our “Restricted user” function. That means that a user can only view the records that have been assigned to be.


By default, Capsule has three kinds of functions: note, conference, and phone call. However, Teams allows you to create custom task types related to your service.

All user-defined task types that have been stored for your data records displayed are your reports. That gives you a more detailed overview of the completed order.


Get an idea of sales performance in different groups with group reports. Then, compare the activities between the teams to examine what, through another group, can contribute to the success of a group.

Group reporting enhances all reports we provide as part of our detailed sales analytics tools.

Custom reports with Google Data Studio

Connect Google Data Studio with Capsule and combine Capsule Opportunity data with other sources to create interactive control panels and valuable reports to help you make better service choices. 

This link will allow you to generate reports consisting of tags and custom areas created in your Capsule account.

Capsule CRM Customer Support

Like many CRMs, Capsule has a library of descriptions so you can troubleshoot problems yourself. In addition, articles like “Importing Contacts and” G Suite Integration “can help you with some basic tasks.

Customer Support
Customer Support

There’s a form you can submit to Capsule, and it also recommends that you email or tweet @capsulecrm. Even so, there doesn’t seem to be a convenient phone number. The website says it expects a response from the customer care group Monday through Friday.

Before you dive into Capsule CRM Analysis, you need to understand what it is. CRM implies customer response management, and Capsule is advanced cloud-based software that allows you to manage and track your entire business, leads, and customer relationships.

In 2021, Capsule CRM will support maintaining customer relationships and optimizing sales opportunities with its numerous functions and features. In short, it’s a robust and easy-to-use CRM system that will meet your basic CRM needs.

Capsule CRM Money-Back Guarantee

Capsule CRM comes with a money-back guarantee so that you will never charge again once your subscription canceled. Unfortunately, this means there are no refunds for the initial term or any portion of it, and payments must make within 30 days after receipt of each bill.

If you’ve been neglecting to use your service during this time, we’ll let it lapse and bill you for another 12 months. You can avoid being charged if cancelation via settings on an annual basis.

Suppose there has been no activity from a customer since their last billing cycle. In that case, they will be given the option of canceling before its renewal date arrives at year’s end, preventing themselves from becoming subject once again as well as avoiding any additional fees incurred due to inactivity over those periods where services were unused. By forgivable periodicity till cancellation occurs.”


Capsule CRM Competitors

Individuals want CRM software that helps them manage documents and content, integrate social networks and social collaboration features. The challenge is figuring out if the software you choose is right for you.

We have put together a CRM software list in which the customers chose the OK sum instead of Capsule CRM. Then, using customer data, you can see how Capsule CRM holds up against the competition.

Examine reviews from existing and past users, and find the most suitable solution for your business. HubSpot Sales Hub, Zoho CRM, Pipedrive, and Nimble are the best-known alternatives and competitors to Capsule CRM.


Capsule CRM Review is powerful yet straightforward cloud-based CRM (Customer Partnership Management) software for all types of small and medium-sized businesses.

The Capsule CRM allows you to manage your contacts, key leads, and the other companies you do business with through the sales process. This short article will find points to look for when choosing a great CRM software solution for your business.

The only point that establishes capsules alongside most of the other CRM tools available in the market is the “Welcome Only” method of managing leads. 

If you’re using a free version of capsules, all you can do is send direct messages, respond to emails, and post your voicemail messages – no more automation of the follow-up process.

With a hosted CRM solution, you can automatically set up sales reps to contact leads about their method for an event, vacation, or sale. In addition, by automating the follow-up process, you can reduce the number of lead calls and consultations that result from excellent calls.

8.5 Total Score
Capsule CRM Review

Capsule CRM is a small-business alternative to more expensive and difficult-to-use systems like Salesforce. It's packed with the vital features business owners need, but not all of their complexity - Capsule makes it easy for sales teams of any size to stay on top of leads, contacts, opportunities, etc.

6.8User's score
  • Visual presentation of the data.
  • ease of gain access to.
  • Fantastic worth for money and month-to-month billing.
  • Easy to increase for more individuals as and when required.
  • Fantastic aid displays and OUTSTANDING & friendly support.
  • data capture.
  • project tracking.
  • email link capacity.
  • mobile access.
  • Easy to set up and adapt to our own requirement.
  • Support team are really quick to react.
  • Outstanding note-taking and sharing functions.
  • Particular features are missing out on.
  • There's no way of maintaining a document of a meeting in the schedule.
  • App to get in touch with Outlook.
  • Can't 'drag and drop' papers from the system to emails.
  • Could use much more analytics options.
  • You need to dig deep to find some of the functionality.
  • Feature set may be restricted for bigger businesses.
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