ConvertKit Review(2023): A Excellent Subscriber Management Tool

ConvertKit is an excellent subscriber management tool that tests the waters of the paid version. ConvertKit has a lot to offer, and it’s worth checking out for anyone who sends email newsletters or other marketing emails.

The downside here: other mailer services like GetResponse and MailerLite offer more styles for emails than what’s available with this service which means less creativity when designing your campaigns and is usually cheaper too!

If you want to find an email marketing software with a reasonable price tag, we recommend looking at other options. ConvertKit is quite expensive and doesn’t offer many standard features, given its cost.

What is ConvertKit?

ConvertKit is a relatively new email marketing service provider founded in 2013 by Nathan Barry, who started ConvertKit Blog. ConvertKit is an email marketing tool that helps users like you configure and manage your lists of subscribers to send them emails about great content or products to boost traffic, sales revenue, or leads.

ConvertKit Review
Home Page

It provides several features such as A/B Testing, popup forms, automated workflows, etc. In addition, the platform allows you to track the analytics of every subscriber like open rate, click rate and unsubscribe rate. This post will explain everything I know about Convertkit, from pricing plans, customer support experience to sending my first campaign via ConvertKit.

ConvertKit has a robust email marketing program that makes it easy for developers to design effective and engaging emails. In addition, the platform design lets you send targeted material in an automated manner, freeing up your time to grow your business instead of spending hours on tedious work like sending out timed messages over days.

With automated tags and sectors organizing your subscribers based on their passions, territory, and other data factors, you can learn more about your customers as they send through your custom construction funnels.

ConvertKit Pricing and Plans

You can start for free and also can add 500 clients. The full strategy starts at $29/month for up to 1,000 customers. 1,000 to 3,000 customers are $49 per month, while 3,000 to 5,000 customers choose $79. Ten thousand subscribers get a fee of $119/month, while for 50,000 subscribers, you pay $379.

ConvertKit Pricing Review
Pricing and Plan

If you want to try ConvertKit before committing, the company offers a 30-day free trial for new accounts.

ConvertKit is a relatively inexpensive email marketing service at $29 per month (or less). However, it does offer some features that are not available in other services costing more than twice as much.

If you have a humble list and are happy to offer some products and services, it is relatively easy to use email marketing to cover the cost of your membership.

Enhance your email marketing ConvertKit Creator Pro

ConvertKit Creator Pro is only worthwhile if you have an extensive list of over 10,000 or need innovative analyzes. There are different ConvertKit pricing strategies depending on how many subscribers you have.

Choose from 30 touchdown page layouts, customize them to fit your needs, and then let go. Now you can unlock subscriber monitoring (tags, segments, and more!) And send program emails for up to 100 people by greeting a friend over at ConvertKit.

For every close friend you invite, 100 more customers are sure to be opened. The people you ask additionally immediately extend the same functionality. You can still send invitations to unlock more than 100 subscribers for free with each invitation you approve.

  • 0-2,000 subscribers: $29 / month
  • 1-3,000 subscribers: $49 / month
  • 3-5,000 subscribers: $79 / month
  • 10,000 subscribers: $119 / month

Overview of ConvertKit Features

The ConvertKit Creator Pro plan has the perfect balance for business owners who want to keep their costs low while growing as they make more sales.

We all know that growth is vital in any successful venture. With this type of pricing plan, you can start small but expand your features based on how well it’s doing – so if you’re selling a lot one month, then we’ll automatically bump up against some things without asking or making additional fees happen.

Email marketing

You’re a significant person. You have an audience you need to own and grow your business with, which is why it’s so critical for them to feel like they are part of the process, or else all this work will be pointless!

You’re in charge of communicating; make sure you know how best to do that by understanding what drives people – their motivations & fears- then craft messages accordingly. Owning relationships starts from learning more about those who follow us on social media than maybe even our mothers’ knowledge.

You can tag your sponsors based on any activity you define.

That brings personalization to a level that allows you to serve your subscribers far better and make even more profit as a company. You can further use tags to segment your email list by interest, etc.

Often, individuals state what they want, but they do something different. The best way that you can understand what your subscribers wish to is to interact with your material.

When you realize the area your customers are passionate about, you will know the ideal offer to send to them. That is the level of personalization that an organization undertakes. You can manipulate it through this platform.

When Kimberly Ann Jimenez moved from Ontraport to ConvertKit, she was delighted, among other things, with the robust partitioning and automation of ConvertKit.

Landing Pages

It’s easy to create a beautiful, engaging landing page with ConvertKit. You can use the pre-installed layout for free or customize your template in five minutes flat!

The landing page and the functions for creating ConvertKit are excellent and, like all other functions, offer an attractively designed user interface.

ConvertKit offers not only layouts and the usual layout editing options (shadows, fonts, gradients, text dimensions, etc.) but also a whole host of sophisticated features.

These include:
  • Choose what action to take when a customer fills in the type
  • Instantly send reward emails to new subscribers.
  • Transform what show to returning website visitors
  • Change the received news search page as well as social media.

The built-in types and landing page records show the visitors, customers, and subsequent conversion price to know if you need to make any changes.

Email Designer

Are you looking for a way to make your emails more creative? With ConvertKit, creating them has never been easier. You can easily set up and send professional-looking emails every time with this software that’s easy to use!

Let’s get the insufficient information out of the way. First, ConvertKit’s email editor is incredibly unsatisfactory. When you consider what they’ve gone into to develop impressive features for the various other aspects of building and managing email marketing campaigns, it’s strange that the company hasn’t put even more initiative right into the email editor Has.

There is a minimal range of email and newsletter templates to choose from, and the choices for editing and enhancement are fundamental.

You can change design features such as gradient and content color, font, button shadow, and theme. However, you’ll need to replicate and paste a code snippet if you want to personalize the subject line.

There are no preview, spam checking, or spell-checking options. ConvertKit’s email editor is far inferior when you compare it to Mailchimp or SendPulse.

Email sign up forms

ConvertKit is the best way to convert your email list subscribers to your website. Not only does it help grow a large audience by collecting new emails, but they’ll never be spammed and will always receive helpful information from you!

Instead of using lists to edit subscribers (ConvertKit used for contacts), ConvertKit uses email tags. You can specify the titles (subscribers imported on November 1st) and add as many tags as you want to a subscriber.

When you include subscribers, you can choose which autoresponders, forms, and tags you also want to have. ConvertKit also allows you to migrate subscribers from another email marketing provider.

ConvertKit is one of the leading platforms for people who are looking to grow their email list. The site’s analytics section offers detailed information about subscribers, such as how many emails they have opened and when.

It tracks critical subscriber metrics like:
  • New subscribers
  • Total subscribers
  • Usual open rate
  • Typical click rate

Suppose you run an internet shop. When this happens, you can get detailed reports on purchase metrics, including all of your subscribers’ products and the networks they used to get to the point of purchase.


You have to create a platform for your subscribers. They need something they can rely on, and you should give them that with ConvertKit! You’ll be able to build an ever-growing list of loyal customers who are waiting anxiously every time there is new content from their favorite influencer.

Series get to the point, like automation with ConvertKit jobs. By itself, it’s just a series of related emails that are sent one at a time – as you might think from the name. However, when used in conjunction with ConvertKit Automations, they can be triggered based on multiple actions. And most importantly, they can be caused in combination with other series.

These templates include:
  • Host a webinar
  • Share an article
  • Reach out to customers who haven’t won yet.
  • E-newsletters are optimized to be sent based on when customers are more likely to open them.

Creator Pro

The advanced creator needs a powerful tool to create excellent content. Lit is that engine, and it has some pretty cool features for the creative mind. For example, it hosts photo-sharing contests that are always popular with creatives because they want to showcase their work and get feedback from other artists!

Editing and improving ConvertKit is as easy as it should be. They focus on plain text emails, which (in my personal opinion) should do conventionally. I wouldn’t say I like emails that take advantage of the bulky design and change the gradient color of emails.

Any email you send must match an email you send to a friend, rather than just thousands of people hoping your message will get to their inbox.


ConvertKit features an array of platforms for your product and customer management. That includes ThriveCart, a shopping cart solution that allows you to quickly sell products online while also allowing customers direct access through social media channels to purchase at any time with just one click. These are but two examples among the many great options available in Convertkit!

It is also one of the top Teachable online program systems. Teachable allows you to create practical courses on the web and market them to your target audience, starting with your email subscribers.

All of your favorite landing page software (like ClickFunnels and Thrive Architect), lead capture (like OptinMonster and ThriveLeads), member websites, surveys and tests, Facebook advertising, tracking and analysis, email verification, and scheduling are also supported by ConvertKit supported.

Zapier gives you real-time access to thousands of other integrations to sweeten the offer if you find that your preferred website platform directly integrates.

The standard actions for incorporating third-party tools into ConvertKit are comparable. The only difference is that you’re using Zapier to include some devices that aren’t directly supported.

ConvertKit Customer Support

ConvertKit offers a wide variety of support options for customers. They offer full live chat and email support from 8 am to 8 pm EST Monday through Friday and local service in the evenings and weekends.

Customer Support
Customer Support

The first thing I noticed about Convert Kit was their good customer care. Not only did they have a 24/7 phone line with operators available seven days per week, but they also had an active online chat that you could use at any time! The next great feature is that when it comes down to billing questions or order issues, there are people who work on those hours (Monday – Friday), so if your question arises during business hours, somebody would be able to help. Answer them right away!

That is the perfect alternative for people who want to switch between operating systems or programs quickly.

For those who want to send emails but don’t know the first thing about codes, ConvertKit has a vibrant internet area where you can get peer-to-peer support and valuable data. There are also videos displayed on every main feature page that give you an inside look at possible with this tool.

ConvertKit Money-Back Guarantee

If you have an issue with ConvertKit, the company offers a 30-day refund policy that allows you to get your money back within this period. However, if it’s been less than 30 days since purchase and one month from when the request, they’ll be more lenient about refunds for monthly plans but not annual ones meaning there needs to be at least 31 or 60 days left on those respective contracts before their requests can receive any reimbursement.

ConvertKit is a great way to get started within the first 30 days of your purchase. So whether you’re looking for monthly or yearly plans, ConvertKit has something that suits just about everyone.

Your team will terminate your account and send you this refund immediately. But don’t worry because it may take 3-5 days for the money to show up on your credit or debit card account.

ConvertKit Alternatives

You know what they say: no news is good news. But you don’t want your emails getting sent straight into spam folders when it comes to email marketing! So we’ve compiled a list of the best general-purpose software that customers voted for and compared them with Convertkit to help you make an informed decision about which one will work best for you.

With customer data, you can see how Convertkit stands out from the competition, review reviews from current and past customers, and find the most suitable for your business. For example, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Sendinblue, and MailerLite are the most popular alternatives and competitors to Convertkit.


You may not be aware, but the marketing world is evolving. In this digital age where countless emails are sent out every day to prospective customers, how they engage with them has a significant impact on their success rates.

A new company called ConvertKit has come up because it allows people to schedule their email campaigns. Before, they had to worry about it and do other things constantly. But now, they don’t have to. So for those who are holding off from trying new tools just yet, now might be a good time!

In general, I think it’s easy to see why numerous marketers and designers like ConvertKit.

It designs so that every little thing is straightforward. That is how it should be primarily for individuals. Who doesn’t want to spend their time on technical matters and focus on more important things like generating content or running their business?

There are several locations where ConvertKit works reasonably well. The support is fast, friendly, and helpful. We can’t grumble here. We also like the versatility in serving subscribers with its tagging system.

That is hands down something that blog owners (and digital marketers) can maximize while targeting interactions with their audience.

8.5 Total Score
ConverKit Review

ConvertKit is a software designed to help blog owners and individuals market online items. Convertkit isn't for people who want target multiple markets, but it's perfect for those with some technical knowledge because of the code fragments needed in its email editor.

6.8User's score
  • Glossy, user-friendly user interface
  • Functions great with adding content upgrades to your site
  • Really nice visual automation editor
  • Tag-based (versus list based like MailChimp)They do not bill you for replicate subscribers
  • Can include conditional content using tags in emails
  • A substantial number of integrations
  • Very wonderful reporting Automatic double opt-in for lead magnets
  • 365 days a year, 24 hrs a day support using live chat and email
  • It is constantly being updated with new features
  • Lifetime free plan
  • Can't create extremely innovative marketing automation
  • Restricted personalization of forms and landing pages
  • Hard to use email templates
  • Split testing is limited to subject lines only
  • Doesn't work well for live events or webinars
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