iDevAffiliate Review(2023): Best Affiliate SaaS Platform for Marketing on the Web

In this iDevAffiliate review, if you’re an iDevAffiliate user then you can be sure that this is a review of the best affiliate SaaS platform for marketing on the web. iDevAffiliate is a comprehensive and versatile marketing platform that has been designed to help digital marketers achieve maximum success by giving them access to everything they need in one place. iDevAffiliate’s software includes custom landing pages, lead capture forms, pop-ups, and more.

An article by an established blog is available on how iDevAffiliate helps affiliates with an online business through various channels such as SEO, social media campaigns, or emailing strategies. The author cites examples of what can be done using these features, like increased search engine traffic and conversion rates up to 30%.

Unfortunately, the genuine technicians of the scenario are usually even more complicated than that. It befits any person preparing an affiliate marketing program to check out a developed system, particularly for handling and preserving stats. iDevAffiliate is one such package. However, it is wrong for each campaign.

What is iDevAffiliate ?

iDevAffiliate is a cross-platform associate management software that makes it possible for customers to manage the compensation and payout structure conveniently, efficiently, and easily.

iDevAffiliate Review
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It covers payout frameworks, task reporting, marketing templates, payment, buying carts, and more. It makes it easier for users to set their payment and compensation structure and enables them to establish percentage-based, flat-rate, reoccurring, PPC, pay-per-click, or pay-per-action-based commissions.

Individuals additionally obtain the alternative to develop to 100 primary and 10-tier payout levels.

A monthly training membership includes video clip training for affiliates, enabling them to generate more income. In addition, the software is available as an owned certificate and a cloud-based solution, which uses greater versatility and more options to the users and organizations.

How iDevAffiliate Works?

Stepping back to our instance momentarily, a company attempting to market its items and services using affiliate marketing. It could be worth checking out two circumstances. In both cases, individuals and the product will undoubtedly coincide, suggesting utilizing affiliate marketing.

The just distinction between both events will certainly be that those in Scenario A use iDevAffiliate. But, at the same time, those in Scenario B decide to develop their very own solution.

A Tale of Two Scenarios: Scenario A

In Scenario A, the company decides to install iDevAffiliate before the beginning of their campaign. They wish to market just a few standard items and have detailed affiliate marketing requirements consisting of just a handful of classic payment portals—total install and testing time.

Possibly much less than ten person-hours, despite even worse case circumstances. After this, it must all be smooth cruising. And the company can reveal to associates that they have a professional-looking affiliate program that can produce profits. No muss, no difficulty. Affiliates get on board, and the marketing starts.

As the clicks, sales, and leads are found in. The associates can watch their statistics and see that they are making money. That influences them to other acts of promo and extra cash for the company.

Everyone is more than happy, and no significant troubles must chop up given that iDevAffiliate is extensively checked and includes all the tools and help required to obtain up and running ASAP. So now allow’s consider Scenario B.

A Tale of Two Scenarios: Scenario B

Going from suggestion to implementation confirms difficulty as the programmers remain to crank away from making the entire affiliate management collection job. Finally, after probably 50 to 100 person-hours, a harsh system is up and running.

However, the system is much from great looking and does not draw in many associates that tend to check out the entire procedures as unprofessional. Lacking affiliate support, the sales do not work out. And recovering the first expenditure of creating and releasing an affiliate management system shows challenges.

Worse, the homemade system does not function all the time, and some associates are whining. That might lead to an awful feasible situation. However, having associates not just leap ship badmouth the program and the company to their viewership and components.


While these theoretical scenarios might appear a little bit severe, ask any person who has been around the block a couple of times. They will possibly want to share that a person obtains what they spend for.

If one runs an inferior-looking site and affiliate program. They will certainly not get the sort of support that will certainly drive them to success. That is why iDevAffiliae is such an essential component of running affiliate marketing campaigns.

Buying is For At Least a While

One of the very best aspects of iDevAffiliate is that the entire purchase makes as soon as it is bought. Some earlier affiliate tracking systems host remedies that needed monthly charges.

And inevitably made the whole procedure of tracking affiliate data and stats much from appealing. There is, nonetheless, a substantial catch. IDevAffiliate provides one year of upgrades with each acquisition.

That may suggest that future upgrades are unpreventable in an atmosphere as vibrant as the Internet. We will undoubtedly need the purchase of an entire brand-new iDevAffiliate collection.

Free upgrades forever are unreasonable.

However, it appears just as ridiculous to randomly establish a day as something that offers the programmer’s interest rate.

Instead, it would undoubtedly have behaved for iDevAffiliate to offer regular variations with a minimum of 1 year of support/free upgrades.

Thus if somebody were to buy today and a brand-new variation launch in 4 months. It would undoubtedly behave to obtain a free upgrade and support until completing the brand-new variation’s lifespan.

Upgrade and support concerns apart, iDevAffiliate makes a lot of points quite possibly.

Let’s take the theoretical instance of a startup that plans to offer a handful of items. First, however, required to locate reliable methods to pay their associates to ensure reliable promo.

As with anything, there is a threat of the first investment in supply confirming to be responsible if the affiliate campaign goes sour. So payment options such as pay per click, pay per lead, and pay per sale are very important.

After all, some associates could be extra concerned about driving traffic than they have to do by offering a product or service they have never attempted.

iDevAffiliate has every one of these bases covered and in even more methods than one! This is where iDevAffiliate radiates, specifically when it involves the lower one: pay per sale.

While pay per click and pay per lead rates can all be established, multiple pays per sale options. For example, suppose the same company was to wish to establish up various rates. In that case, iDevAffiliate has that covered as well, as up to 100 payment degrees produce, as can numerous payment designs.

iDevAffiliate Pricing and Plan

iDevDirect provides a cloud package (billed monthly) and three downloadable pricing options (one-time payment) of their iDevAffiliate software application system.

iDevAffiliate Pricing

Cloud: $39 (monthly payment)

Suitable for customers using a cloud-based shopping cart system such as Shopify, Weebly, Squarespace, Bigcommerce, and so forth.

  • Includes all plug-ins
  • Cloud-based hosting
  • Unlimited affiliates
  • Total compensations
  • Unlimited traffic

Requirement: $199 (one-time cost)

  • No plug-ins consisted
  • Need to be mounted on your website
  • Available for immediate download
  • Unlimited affiliates, compensations, and traffic

Platinum: $299 (one-time charge)

50% discount on packed plug-ins, which include the following.

  • SEO links
  • Language packs
  • Personalized filename
  • Private signup

Black: $399 (one-time cost)

Includes all features and plug-ins, plus.

Overview of iDevAffiliate Features

Sometimes, people don’t have the time or energy to manage their affiliate programs. iDevAffiliate version 2.0 is a web-based application that handles all of your needs in real-time and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection!

iDevAffiliate Features

iDevAffiliate Review: SEO Linking

Search Engine Optimization has become a more difficult field to crack as Google continues to make changes and updates. So build your SEO with proven methods that will increase link power, like backlinking compatibility!

Localization Tools

The majority of people in the world are not living with a full belly. This is because so many go without sufficient nourishment to thrive, and they settle for just surviving instead.

You can aid this unfortunate reality by contributing to our mission to provide meals for disadvantaged children around the globe! All you have to do is make sure your default currency on TradeGecko matches up with one from among those we accept (USD).

If no match works or VAT taxes apply only in certain countries where we operate, please contact us to arrange an alternative plan accordingly.

General Lead Tracking

iDevAffiliate’s affiliate referral system simplifies the process of referring and monitoring leads. Users can assign their prospects through a simple click, allowing them to refer more people without switching between channels like social media or email marketing campaigns.

They also have access to data on how many referrals they’ve made for each lead source so that they know what channel is most effective at acquiring affiliates!

Tier Recruiting

You’re looking for a way to make some extra income, and you’ve heard of iDevAffiliate. The best part is that it’s not just one tier, but up to ten! In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to recruit other associates who will help grow your downline by referring people like yourself to their own circle.

It sounds too good to be true? That’s because we don’t want our competition stealing all our customers before they get an offer from us first!

Bypass Commissions

This ensures that everything will stay in its rightful place when it comes to the time for a child-parent relationship.

For instance: if you assign your mother as an aunt, she would never be related to her grandchildren, and this can cause problems later on down the line! This is where iDevAffiliate Appoint parent/child connections come into play; they help keep things organized.

Efficiency Rewards

iDevAffiliate offers a revolutionary alternative to traditional affiliate marketing. Rather than being compensated based on clicks or impressions, ride affiliates are paid out at the end of every month for their level of efficiency in achieving company goals as measured by conversion rates and other factors specified during onboarding.

iDev Affiliate is an innovative way to promote online businesses and earn money while doing so – but not like you might think! Instead of getting rewarded for just clicking ads left and right, iTDeven affiliates get cash payments after they’ve met certain objectives within three months with no quotas needed whatsoever!

Fraud Prevention Tools

iDevAffiliate Limit and obstruct associate and visitor tasks.

Tired of having to ask someone else for a drink refill?

iDevAffiliates new service helps you control your own destiny with these services from our company, such as: Restricting drinks by requiring an on-screen keycard scan or swipe at the station before obtaining another beverage; Preventing people other than employees from using their hands for any task (such as wiping down tables).

Sub-Affiliate Tracking

iDevAffiliate is a company looking to bring you the opportunity of your dreams. With their affiliate program, any user has found an interested marketer on LinkedIn or Twitter and uploaded them into this platform’s database. Then that person can be easily reached by other marketers via email campaigns and targeted marketing ads for whatever they are selling to get these potential customers hooked up with what they need.

Custom-made Keyword Tracking

With iDevAffiliate’s custom-made keyword tracking, you can keep track of your most profitable keywords.

Please find the best key phrases to bring in more customers and optimize them by setting up a Google Analytics account with their service!

Sliding Scale Commissions

Some people might think that the best way to change their life is by working for someone else. For others, it’s a journey of self-discovery and job satisfaction in which they find success on their own terms as an entrepreneur or freelancer.

I knew I wanted more from my career than being just another face in the crowd – but what? When I joined iDevAffiliate with DIP (Dedicated Independent Programmer), everything changed! They were willing to work alongside me no matter how skilled at coding you are: this company offers sliding scale commissions to get paid based on your achievements, not some arbitrary hour minimum wage salary like most other companies do these days.

Built-In Affiliate Payment

iDevAffiliate is the first and only app builder that offers built-in affiliate payment.

iDevAffiliates’ advanced features allow you to build an entire website with no coding skills, including a fully functioning eCommerce store in minutes! And best of all – it’s free for life, so there are never any hidden costs or monthly fees involved.

Associate Dashboard

The iDevAffiliate Associate Dashboard is the place where you can manage your campaigns and track their progress.

From here, you’ll be able to see how much money has been made on a per-campaign basis as well as skim through information about each campaign’s affiliates with graphs that show an overview of recent commissions paid out for clicks vs. cost per click (CPC), or which affiliate was responsible for making those payments happen. Of course, you’re also welcome to take advantage of our tools like commission reports, spy links, and more!


iDevAffiliate Geo-Targeting features the integration of Google Maps API with PHP and MySQL. This allows for a user to target a specific location down to the ZIP code.

The iDevAffiliate geotargeting system is simple yet powerful enough to be customized in any country or region on earth without additional programming required outside its original configuration.
This software platform supports multiple languages, including English, Spanish, and Chinese, while also being compatible with current versions of Firefox or Chrome browser extensions like CRM Sync Pro, which integrates Salesforce contacts into your website automatically when surfing from their URL landing pages so you will never again have an outbound lead data silo problem!

Typical Shopping Carts

iDevAffiliate is a software company that has been in existence for over 15 years and specializes in developing e-commerce solutions. The iDevAffiliate Typical Shopping Carts are customized carts with products from popular brands such as Nike, Gucci, or Louis Vuitton, to name just a few of the choices available.

These customizable shopping carts make it easy for customers to find exactly what they want without having to spend hours combing through websites, searching online stores looking at product listings page by page until you happen upon something even remotely similar! Customers can also change colors on their cart, which makes browsing fun since clients no longer have one monotonous color scheme but rather an infinite option palette when creating their perfect webpage experience according to taste!

Registration/ Membership Systems

Registering for iDevAffiliates is easy, and it’s free! You can sign up by signing in with Facebook, giving us your email address if you don’t have a Facebook account, or using the registration link at the top of any page.

Once signed up, you’ll be able to join groups that share interests like software development and mobile app design, as well as download our tools, including an iOS simulator that will let anyone build apps without spending money on all those expensive Apple devices. Getting started couldn’t be easier: just choose what type of user (developer? designer?), and we’ll help get set up right away, so you’re ready to start building applications straight out here!

Landing Pages

iDevAffiliate is the best way to monetize your affiliates program. You can pay people for leads they generate, and you don’t have to do a thing but set it up: iDevAffiliates does all of that other stuff like hosting forms and making sure everyone gets their share!

iDev Affiliate gives you an easy way to make money from affiliate marketing by paying out commissions on completed lead generation forms when one of your customers converts with those leads. It integrates seamlessly into ClickFunnels or Instapage, so there’s never any confusion about who was supposed to get what.

Direct Payment Providers

iDevAffiliate Incorporate is a fast and convenient way to start an online store with your preferred processing method.

Some of our customers prefer Stripe, PayPal, or Braintree for their payment processing. In contrast, others use as the best option when it comes time to pay invoices due to companies they’re working with within mass production manufacturing facilities that require easy setup processes like iDevAffiliates’.

WordPress Plugins

iDevAffiliate integrates all the popular WP plugins such as WooCommerce, Membermouse, Wishlist to help you take your site’s productivity and efficiency to a whole new level.

The durable marketing tools

iDevAffiliate features many practical marketing tools that permit organizations to quickly and successfully market their products and services. There is a range of marketing materials you can upload right into your affiliate dashboard, consisting of videos, banners, links, and so on.

These marketing products are conveniently accessible from the associate control panel, which enables your affiliates to start advertising your items by themselves on websites.

The detailed reporting tools

Reporting is essential to any business, despite the sort of software program solution you’re making use of and no matter its feature. Reporting enables you to get a far better understanding of the development or the efficiency of your campaigns and your initiatives.

iDevAffiliate supplies extensive reporting, which offers you accurate metrics of the development you’re making with your associate program, in addition to the efficiency of your affiliates.

The customizable HTML

iDevAffiliate permits you to personalize the appearance of your admin and affiliate dashboards via customizable HTML. You can maintain a professional-looking system by including your logo and tailoring your dashboard according to your brand personality.

You may also edit the HTML and email templates, language, and various other components of your affiliate program.

The Powerful Security Encryption

When it comes to software remedies and business applications, security is vital. You require to be able to secure your system from all kinds of threats properly. iDevAffiliate features durable security encryption that is built-in within the system.

The robust security encryption will undoubtedly help secure payment processes for customers and payment attributing for your affiliates.


One of the several strengths concerning iDevAffiliate is that it includes a remarkable and well-laid-out admin center that features all types of reports and charts.

Activity charts, maps, and extra can all be published and analyzed straight from the web user interface. Or the data export right into a CSV file for use in practically any sort of spreadsheet or data source system on earth.

iDevAffiliate Customer Support

The iDevAffiliate website offers a wide variety of support options for its customers. Customers can contact them via the FAQ, Knowledge Base, or Online Support sections on the site, as well as phone and video tutorials to help with any questions they may have about starting an affiliate marketing campaign in general or building it around one of the iDevAffiliates’ products.

Customer Support
Customer Support

iDevAffiliate provides several different types of customer service provided by USA-based agents who will be able to answer your question quickly without having you wait long periods between responses like many other companies might do when providing tech support email exchanges only. Their knowledge base also contains helpful articles which give more detailed explanations for beginners looking to get started.

iDevAffiliate Money-Back Guarantee

You don’t need to worry about getting ripped off by deceptive marketers because we offer a money-back guarantee. You can use the service for up to 30 days and if you’re not satisfied with our performance in that time period, then send us an email within those 31 days of purchase, and your account will be automatically refunded – no questions asked!

iDevAffiliate offers a money-back guarantee, so customers are sure they won’t get scammed or lose their hard-earned cash on something shady. They want new members to come back again soon instead of wasting away at another site with nothing good going for it as ours does!

iDevAffiliate Alternatives

You shouldn’t expect to find a one-size-fits-all Affiliate Marketing Software. A widely used software application like iDevAffiliate will have great features, but it may not work for your business needs.

To find optimal iDevAffiliate alternatives, invest a long time comparing the benefits of various other tools offered by competitors that we listed below. What is more, you can reach them versus each other to locate the very best bargain.

Our team of specialists has evaluated iDevAffiliate with an overall rating of 8.2/ 10 after a series of inspecting tests. Furthermore, actual clients of iDevAffiliate have an average contentment rating with the product at 100%, revealing their mindset in this solution’s direction.

If you devote several of your time to comparing other iDevAffiliate options, you will indeed discover various other services with comparable or possibly greater ratings.


With iDevAffiliate, you’ll have access to all the tools and resources needed for digital marketing success. So if you’re looking for a comprehensive affiliate SaaS platform that will give your business everything it needs to be successful online, then this is definitely worth checking out!

8 Total Score
iDevAffiliate Review

iDevAffiliate is the leading affiliate monitoring software program in its class, and that includes associate tracking application to your website is among one of the most effective ways you can: Increase sales—boost traffic. Strengthen SEO. Our affiliate software sets up within mins as well as conveniently integrates into your existing site!

  • iDevAffiliate is dependable. We have utilized some other associate software programs in the past that did not appear to be trusted.
  • It does fantastic work with the basics at a reasonable rate factor.
  • Its function list is adorable and has a few bells and whistles essential to effectively marketing your items through affiliates.
  • easy to use, simple to personalize
  • Things like making it so the associates could track what they were doing and the admin were done in one location.
  • Great deals of features. Many features that you can't find out where the particular part is located.
  • It depends on which version you use (self-hosted or held) and which buying cart or eCommerce platform you are using,
  • Customer care might utilize some renovation.
  • Cumbersome to set up. It wouldn't service my hosting provider and pay monthly for a fantastic and receptive holding business.
  • Allegedly the explainer videos tell you every little thing you need to recognize, yet they do not really.
  • Interface, ease of use, assistance team, absence of billings, lack of use. Overall it does not work secure - we can't trust it.
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