PartnerStack Review(2023): Is It Really Boost Your Affiliate Sales?

You May Be Something Like Me A busy person who usually juggles, get everything done, and enjoys life at the same time. Often a mantra for realizing this is to do things that work for others.

Here, I only share things that work on behalf of Meet-All. Today is the day you should be studying this not-so-new affiliate marketplace called PartnerStack.

I already talked about top affiliate marketplaces and blogging money on PartnerStack in my mega-post. Today I am sharing this particular post on PartnerStack as there is now a significant number of affiliate programs to build within the SAAS and web app niche.

What is PartnerStack?

PartnerStack is just one of the leading affiliate industries, notably recommended for SaaS articles. It used to be called GrowSumo.

PartnerStack Review
Home Page

It is similar to systems like ShareASale, Impact, Clickbank. Otherwise, only electronic software programs manage.

It is a specialized platform for SaaS applications only. It was a great passion for startups and large SaaS companies.

In PartnerStack, you can search different elements like Evernote, Quickbooks, Unbounce, Thinkific, etc., to advertise as a partner. Recently, Drip (a well-known email marketing software program) also moved from Impact to PartnerStack.

PartnerStack Pricing and Plan

PartnerStack (formerly GrowSumo) is a standalone SaaS product designed to support online referral programs that major companies (such as Asana, Wander, and Intuit) use to expand their brand names. As well as a marketplace for associated marketers to sell various great products, companies can advertise within a control panel.

PartnerStack Pricing
Pricing and Plan

Companion Stack believes that today’s top-performing referral companions live within a company’s customer base. Because of this, the accompanying software program enables owners and marketers to recruit, train, engage and reward their customers for promoting their brand—all of this as part of an influencer program that doesn’t require management.

PartnerStack allows you to create a fully personalized, no management-required marketing influencer program to help you and your influencers.

Once you have welcomed your customers to your program, PartnerStack onboarding will help them start promoting your brand name. You can create preprogrammed campaigns with bespoke rewards based on the influencer’s activity.

Partnerstack integrates quickly with SaaS companies like Evernote and e-commerce providers with a standout, great Shopify app.

PartnerStack is a rapidly growing affiliate software program industry.

In this article, I will most likely give you the rating of PartnerStack. I am going to offer you the rating for both affiliate marketers and product owners.

Overview of PartnerStack Features

For example, let’s say you’re a SaaS product owner, and afterward, you want your product to see by top affiliate marketers. PartnerStack could be an excellent platform for you.

PartnerStack Features

Many top software programs like Evernote, Quickbooks, Freshworks, Monday, Asana, In fusionSoft (Keep), etc., have created their partner program under PartnerStack.

If you are interested in discovering the elements that will become part of PartnerStack without completing them, you can browse through their partner branch.

Instead, it is a comprehensive resource to help you create and manage your affiliate program.

Affiliate systems like PartnerStack allow you to focus on promoting your affiliate product instead of getting it.

PartnerStack fits perfectly into your existing innovation stack and also has your partner program immediately certified internationally.

When you contrast PartnerStack with its competitors like Impact, Avangate, ShareASale, and ClickBank, it’s incredibly inexpensive and straightforward to keep. They took care of the pricing as opposed to the profit-sharing version.

As an affiliate supervisor, you also get options to manage the links, companions, properties, messages, causes, scams, billing, and re-emails for your associates.

They have an excellent central control panel for affiliate management that is very easy to use.

In addition, you can set barriers to motivate your employees to generate much more sales.

When it comes to tracking and reporting, similar to various other affiliate systems, you can use UTM criteria and, if necessary, use your internal tracking criteria.

In addition, there is a simple user interface and reporting systems for the efficiency of partners.

PartnerStack also includes numerous other software programs such as payment portals, CRMs, automation software programs, landing page software programs, and e-commerce software programs. You can check out all of their integrations on this page.

For example, due to the Stripe integration, a change in customer plans or refunds will undoubtedly quickly be reflected as an increase/decrease in compensation on the affiliate’s account.

It also includes numerous services like Recurly, Chargify, Chargebee to enhance your affiliate marketing video game.

Among the plans above, unless you want assistance with companion types, escort teams, companion plans, CRM integrations, and phone support, the SMB plan may be enough for you.

Their support system is excellent, too, with prompt responses and receptive support. The Canada-based team is also well trained.

Companies grow faster with PartnerStack.

With PartnerStack, you can hire the right collaborators and empower your partners to sell even more of your product.

For this reason, both SaaS companies and their partners rate PartnerStack through any other PRM (Companion Partnership Management) platform.

That’s why the fastest-growing SaaS companies choose PartnerStack to scale their programs directly to key revenue channels.

How PartnerStack supports your collaboration

PartnerStack automates the most challenging parts of running a companion program and is designed to retain partners over the long term so you can generate predictable, repetitive revenue.

Range of multiple networks

No matter whether you want to get even more bargains, generate more leads, or generate traffic for your next campaign—partnerStack design for any partnership – all of them at the same time.

Optimize the efficiency of your companion

Programs that prioritize engagement generate even more income. With PartnerStack, you can create individual experiences for each partner network and turn brand new partners into top performers.

Automate your accompanying payouts

One of the most common factors why companies are moving their program to PartnerStack: Tired of wasting time making sure partners are making money every month. PartnerStack pays partners for you.

Get access to the best partners.

Countless agencies, resellers, and marketers are already using PartnerStack to repeat profits independently and for services like your own. PartnerStack connects you with every one of them so that you can discover excellent companions for expanding your program.

Built by a team that receives collaborations

Looking back at 2015, PartnerStack has helped companies integrate and grow numerous programs, integrate more than 450,000 partners, and launch our partner program for partners, agencies and resellers.

When you create your program with PartnerStack, you get the support of a team to help you achieve your goals.

PartnerStack for affiliate marketers

As an online affiliate marketer, you are constantly looking for high-quality articles to advertise.

If you are promoting electronic software programs, especially in the B2B room, you will undoubtedly enjoy PartnerStack.

You can advertise software in different classifications like sales, marketing, accounting, development, productivity, social networks, etc.

Once you have received and visited your affiliate account developed under PartnerStack, you will see the control panel below.

PartnerStack Customer Support

PartnerStack Best-in-Class Customer Support: Pointed at me, Team PS constantly adds value during our cadence calls and helping create a platform that exceeded all expectations.

Customer Support
Customer Support

Among the plans above, the SMB plan may be enough for you unless you want assistance with escort types, escort groups, partner plans, CRM integrations, and phone support.

Your support group is excellent, too, with prompt responses and receptive support. The Canada-based team is also very knowledgeable.

I’ve had a wonderful experience so far. All of the features work well. At first, I had a slight problem with the marketing templates, but customer support helped me figure that out quickly. Customer support has been excellent whenever I have any queries or issues. Overall, the platform is straightforward to use, and a little work can bring you a vast payback!

PartnerStack Money-Back Guarantee

After the 30 days have passed and no refund has been made, your affiliates will incentivize.

When PartnerStack receives the total award amount, it immediately distributes to the appropriate partners. For this reason, no return or refund of the total award amount is possible. Any delay in paying the entire premium amount by the seller will undoubtedly postpone this full amount to the eligible partners.

PartnerStack Alternatives

Discover the best options for PartnerStack for people who need brand new software program features or want to try different ways. Partner management software is a widely used technology, and many people are looking for practical options.

Other important things to think about when looking for alternatives to It are email and customer service. We’ve compiled a list of services rated as the best options and competitors for PartnerStack by the reviewers, including Impact, Allbound PRM, Everflow, and Impartner PRM.


Overall, I would say with certainty that PartnerStack is an excellent platform for both product owners. And in addition to a partner who successfully promotes SaaS items. I didn’t see any downside to PartnerStack.

In addition to the reality, you can consider adding more and more product owners to your platform. It can be vital from an affiliate online marketer’s point of view. They need to make good use of the network result to grow their business.

8 Total Score
PartnerStack Review

PartnerStack is the complete stack remedy for B2B SaaS collaborations. Fully support your channel monitoring requirements from a single system. Take the admin work out of your program, focus on companion success, and scale by automating companion onboarding, acknowledgment, engagement, payouts, and conformity.

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Lovely and modern UI
  • Terrific customer care
  • Smooth backend combination
  • Trusted by top-notch associates
  • Terrific direct exposure
  • Not yet mobile pleasant
  • You are doing not have further alerts settings.
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