InterServer Review(2023): Is It Best For VPS Hosting?

InterServer is a leading provider of managed web hosting, cloud VPS hosting, dedicated server, and colocation. Founded by Michael Lavrik and John Quaglieri, It may be a New Jersey-based company that has been in the game since 1999.

It’s always been a fascinating question, especially for budget-conscious webmasters. It is one of those hosting companies that are highly talked about and appreciated in the community.

It is one of the most accessible providers to offer you reliable hosting at a meager price. It’s always an honest option for medium-traffic websites. There are a few extras about Interserve.

This InterServer review would help you judge whether It has really lived up to its name. InterServer aims to provide great value without compromising on the quality of service it provides, which has worked so far for them.

What is InterServer Hosting?

InterServer, founded in 1999 and based out of Secaucus, NJ, is striving to become the world’s best web host provider. The company focuses on marketing its hosting plans but has grown so much that they are now focusing solely on providing customers with all their needs for a website or blog.

 Interserver Review
Interserver Review

For over 25 years, It has been dedicated to providing the best hosting experience for clients ranging from small sole proprietorships to Fortune 500 companies. To this end, they have done everything in-house: building their servers and developing their nationwide fiber-optic network (yes, they even dig up dust!). In addition to that, all of their Linux bits are tweaked by hand too.

The staff at Web Hosting Solutions is committed to providing its customers with the best possible hosting experience. They offer a range of unique web hosting plans that are tailored for any customer’s needs and use high-quality equipment so you can always feel confident in your website performance.

InterServer Hosting Plans and Pricing

It offers 4 different hosting plans for you to choose from. InterServer shared hosting starts at just $9.99/month with no setup fees and provides unlimited bandwidth, disk space, databases, and email accounts.

InterServer Cloud Hosting comes in 3 flavors. InterServer Cloud 5 – It most affordable option using SSD cloud storage and InterServer Cloud 10, which includes InterServer’s own premium power backup UPS systems. InterServer Cloud VPS hosting provides you with an isolated virtual private server running in a shared data center.

It Dedicated Hosting is dedicated to providing you the best possible experience by including InterServer’s fully redundant state of art Datacenter, 100% Network Uptime SLA, and their top-notch support staff available 24/7/365. InterServer offers colocation services at every location they are available along with one-on-one consultation services for your business or project needs.

InterServer Shared Hosting Plans

The InterServer shared hosting plan is an inexpensive alternative. It starts at $2.50 per month and restores at $7 per month.

pricing and pln
pricing and plan

The service includes a host of valuable features, including one-click installations, 24-hour customer support, a free migration service, SitePad Site Builder, “unlimited” items (more on that later), and much more.

InterServer shared hosting features, server requirements, and various other information get the best sidebar table.

VPS hosting plans and details

It offers a range of VPS and cloud hosting plans to provide the flexibility and scalability that its customers are looking for.

Linux Cloud VPS starts at $6 per month, while Windows Cloud VPS starts at $10 per month. Both offer a range of options based on the needs of your CPU cores, memory, storage, and transfer caps.

Overview of Interserver Hosting Features

Before you get into much more information, let’s compare these options that InterServer uses:

Virtuozzo 7

You recently set up a new virtualization platform called Virtuozzo 7. It offers you an easy-to-use front end for this control panel. It claims that Windows-based VPS servers will boot and reboot faster than ever before, thanks to Virtuozzo’s custom Linux kernel and proprietary Virt OS technology combined with InterServer’s powerful hardware.

Performance Boost and Additional Options

It made its online manufacturers 60% more effective for VPS plans on Linux web servers.

It also enables you to perform innumerable Linux settings. Thanks to VNC (Online Network Computer System), you can make numerous connections to your Linux CLI (command line interface) or Windows desktop. They can also run solid-state drives (SSDs), which currently get you back $3 per item. In addition to the fantastic features, check out the Custom Hosting Plan Generator:

Windows and Linux VPS

The company uses a one-of-a-kind control panel called “Bread Basket.” The Breadbaskets’ user interface is built specifically for VPS hosting and offers different options to choose from. Users can also select multiple items at once, which will be grouped together in the final package. Cloud VPS services are available on both Linux and Windows servers with complete control given over your selected resources. We offer hundreds of 1 click placement applications that come preinstalled as well!

The system includes its own custom email service but it’s not always reliable so you should use other webmail providers like Gmail or Outlook instead if possible

Built for Speed: InterServer’s Infrastructure

The first factor that worried me about worrying It is its network. The company uses 3 Tier 1 IP structure service providers: Zayo, most connected on the east coast of the United States;

NTT Communications and a global provider with excellent protection for Asia; and Cogent Picking European Knots It also shows excellent tools for broadcasting and modifying premium content from Cisco, Extreme Networks, and Riverstone and a creative approach to broadcasting BGPv4.

InterServer’s Array of Linux Distributions

InterServer’s dedicated hosting plans are instead Husky and consist of Intel Atom and Xeon CPUs. It offers a variety of Linux distributions, including Debian and CentOS-based InterCloud and InterCloud VM plans. It also provides multiple virtualization options for cloud servers.

Windows Servers With ASP.NET MVC

With over 100 installations to choose from, InterServer’s MVC framework is a great fit for your next project.

With more than just Windows hosting on offer, there are two plans available: the standard inter-cloud plan and an additional offered by the company called VM (virtual machine) Hosting which provides you with easy access to one of their virtual machines running Windows Server 2021 or other supported operating systems like Linux and Free BSD!

How ASP.NET MVC Helps Development

ASP.NET MVC is a powerful framework for test-driven applications, requiring significant development teams or simply just wanting more control over your application’s design and behavior management.

You can request ASP.NET to manage details when dealing with test-driven apps that require large amounts of work from developers – but you’ll get full control over the UI if that’s what you need!

Free SSL Certificates

For some hosts, SSL certificates are just a freebie. But for those who don’t offer them on their plans – or only do so in high-end packages that aren’t really affordable to most people – you’ll have to fork over more than your monthly hosting bill if you want one of these little babies with the “s.”

Some providers give out free SSL certs like candy, but others charge extra cash (usually around $100).

Unlimited Storage and Bandwidth

With some other hosting service companies, “unlimited bandwidth” does not mean unlimited.

Is it unlimited? While these numerous other web host service companies mention that their plans have no usage restrictions, they will lower you or recommend a challenging upgrade if you use all of the shared server’s resources. On the other hand, Unlimited suggests unlimited with shared InterServer plans. How can you offer this promise?

They limit all of their web servers behind the scenes to select 50% of the device capabilities. They’ve never maxed it out before, as the ability to slips past the middle of the mark spices up the server with a lot more resources.

Cloudflare CDN (For Free)

If your website has visitors worldwide, prefer a content delivery network (CDN). It enables Internet web browsers from anywhere to connect to a server near them.

It also protects your site from security threats. Its shared hosting is enhanced by the free Content Delivery Network (CDN) from Cloudflare. Cloudflare CDN uses caching and delivery optimization to make your website load faster. You call to sign up for a Cloudflare account and trigger its benefits.

Site Pad Site Builder

I tried using the standard hosting plan and got a domain name for it.

I decided to use their free site builder – Site Pad – to build my website. It is a Drupal hosting friend, but they also offer WordPress installations.

A Confusing Dashboard

The InterServer dashboard is one level above the cPanel dashboard. The domain dashboard was also on different pages.

It was confusing that I didn’t realize that I hadn’t invested in my domain name. I assumed I had currently got it with my hosting plan.

What Can You Do With The Dashboard?

From the Site Pad site builder dashboard, you can:

  • Add pages to your site.
  • Change themes
  • Upload media
  • Write blog posts

Site Builder Themes

Site Pad is the perfect platform for anyone looking to create their own website quickly and easily. With 300 themes, you’ll be able to find exactly what your site needs in minutes! I was able to build my SitePad within a mere 15 minutes or so – it’s very easy to navigate too.

Site Builder Content

Adding content is as easy as clicking anywhere to get started and dragging widgets where you want.

Adding new features or changing existing ones just takes a few clicks of the mouse!

Site Builder Finished Site

That is how my page looked after 15 minutes. Pretty fancy! You will need additional time to customize replication and training program images along with your offerings or products.

Site Pad Is a Good Site Builder

Site Pad doesn’t get a lot of splashy protection but is pretty adept at what it does.

There are 300 themes to choose from, most of which don’t look shiny. Adding news, pages, and a blog site is a breeze, much like what you would expect from a professional site builder.

Is InterServer Good for E-Commerce?

It offers e-commerce functionality with its 1-click add-ons and Softaculous.

They also offer you free SSL accreditation. However, you will be requesting call support to get this activated. The e-commerce functionality does not offer in the Site Pad Site Builder, so you will need to run it from scratch.

Easy-Install Payment Systems

If you’re not a pro, use easy installation. You don’t dream of developing payment systems by hand. It can be expensive and stressful.

PCI Compliance

PCI consistency stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

If you’re most likely to accept credit cards, give me a call to make sure your website is PCI compliant from the start. This feature removes many frustrations of setting up your shop by making your computer system more efficient with several mouse clicks.

Note that PCI consistency is not an element of InterServer’s shared hosting plans. You’re calling to get characters from the add-on you are using (e.g., OpenCart) or the WordPress eCommerce plugin you have chosen.


Everyone realizes that people on the internet are quick-tempered. But while a slow-moving blog site might drop you, multiple visitors, a slow-moving online store with helpful customers can cost you numerous dollars. For this variable, you prefer your eCommerce website to be as fast and trustworthy as possible.


Customer and customer data can take up a large number of locations. So you don’t want to have any storage problems in your store. Be ready with Interserver’s reliable SSD storage!

Uptime Guarantee

You can credit up to 50% of your hosting plan’s monthly expenses if they don’t meet their guarantee.

Interserver does not offer any possibility to monitor the operating time. You are, therefore, dependent on your ability to analyze operating times and downtimes.

You can use a service like Uptime Robot’s free service to monitor easy access to your website. It offers you the possibility to monitor your availability. That considers that some web hosting service providers use their tools (which their customers are unfamiliar with) to determine availability.

As soon as you discover an interruption in availability, call to fill out a customer support ticket that will record the error.

Affiliate Program and Reseller Hosting

InterServer uses two techniques to make money over time: affiliate programs and reseller hosting.

Affiliate Program

Instead, its affiliate program is fun.

Earn $100 for every single paying customer you refer to through your affiliate link. They also create a free landing page for your referrals.

If your site is doing projects, you can also haggle for a higher payment.

Reseller Program

If you like to dive deep into the grunt side of web hosting, InterServer’s reseller hosting plan is an excellent option.

Unlike the affiliate program, you call to identify your geeky points well and run your hosting service directly.

InterServer Marketing Materials

InterServer offers you easy access to marketing articles and your InterServer-specific assistant if you want to get used to one of their programs.


As we all know, security and stability are two of the most important factors when choosing a web hosting service. It has been in business since 1999; this is an added bonus to their services because they have seen it all before!

Question: What does “interesting” mean? Learn how others define “Interesting”.

Available Datacenters

It operates three data centers: two centers depend on Secaucus, New Jersey, and one in Los Angeles, California. You can choose any type of these centers to host your websites.

Backup Policy

It uses OpenStack to create redundancy on its systems so that every shared hosting plan is free for one week or more. You keep three games of each backup for 60 days.


Restores are free and do from your control panel.

You can also perform a manual backup or restore from cPanel (Linux webserver) or Plesk (Windows webserver).


For WordPress hosting, you can consist of extra alternatives with a free plugin like BackWPUp.

VPS and Dedicated Servers

With VPS and dedicated web servers, you have to worry about your alternatives. However, there are excellent support articles out there that can help. Please take a look at our overview of the place of self-help.

Power and Uptime Guarantees

It offers customers an availability guarantee of 99.9% and an uninterruptible power supply of 100% of the minute. Your SMALL HOUSE COMMUNITY defines downtime as “unable to send or receive data from a server.”

Behind the Scenes

It makes it easy to manage that part of your website that the public cannot see.

Hosting Dashboard

By logging directly into the InterServer dashboard, you can see all of your plans and web servers in one place – including shared, cloud, VPS, and dedicated web servers.

Domains List

In the domain dashboard, you can see all domains that you have bought from InterServer.

Unfortunately, that affects everything it reveals; There is no indication of what web hosting plan is associated with the environment, even if InterServer is hosting it.

cPanel Control Panel

InterServer offers numerous control panels depending on the hosting used.

  • cPanel for shared and Linux hosting
  • Plesk for Windows hosting
  • Bread Basket unique panel for VPS hosting.

For cloud hosting, if you choose a Linux server, purchase cPanel along with VPS and dedicated server plans.

You can also launch Site Pad, InterServer’s website builder, or launch Softaculous installations with one click from this window.

Cloudflare CDN Integration

You can log into your Cloudflare account directly from your hosting panel. (In my circumstances, it was cPanel)

You call to create an account with Cloudflare and then log in using the web host panel.

Softaculous 1-Click Installs

They can consist of Softaculous applications directly from the cPanel dashboard that includes e-commerce applications such as OpenCart.

Live Chat and Site Migrations

Live chat support through the InterServer website was quick to respond when I analyzed it.

In any case, InterServer will move your website to their web server for free. We rated the support product on the website as outstanding. The search is well-indexed and fast. Instructions and tutorials were clear and mentioned screenshots.

Self-Help Articles

In detail, I estimated that each support report is dated and gave me a hint about how up-to-date the information is. For the most part, the items I have received have update over the past six months. Your blog site is helpful too.

Note that support posts in the website records along with the support staff in English.

Is InterServer Right for You?

InterServer is one of the top 10 VPS providers that you can use in the world. InterServer has been around for more than 25 years, and they have managed to serve thousands of clients all over the globe. InterServer is a New Jersey-based company.

InterServer focuses on affordable web hosting services such as VPS (Virtual Private Server) packages, Dedicated Hosting Plans, Cloud Hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting Packages, and Colocation services.

InterServer is always ready to offer its clients blazing fast page loads and super stable servers across multiple locations. The worldwide web is always available at any time of the day without having to worry about your website going down or suffering from downtime issues.

Here are some variables to consider when considering InterServer to be compliant with a web host provider.

Are You Tech Savvy?

InterServer is best for companies that are a bit tech-savvy and dream of getting a great price on their annual budget plan plans.

Bonafide’s unlimited data transfer and storage sweetens what some InterServer plans offer.

Great for Nonprofits

InterServer’s web hosting is also great for nonprofits and students, both of whom can purchase free services.

Steep Learning Curve

InterServer may not be great for people unfamiliar with modern web innovation, considering they can cope with a high discovery form.

I’m nowhere near a beginner, but I had a problem finding the website spaces I needed and realizing what activities need to complete.

InterServer Customer Support

InterServer Customer Support is InterServer is available 24/7/365. InterServer guarantees the work of InterServer’s staff, and internal training programs ensure that InterServer’s employees are up-to-date with InterServers’ products and services. Interserve has also invested in Interserver for a third-party monitoring solution to provide an additional layer of quality control on all InterServer services. One of the great functions of Interserver as a web host is the 24-hour support for its customers.

Customer support
Customer Support

Even better, the level of support you get has nothing to do with the plan you choose. Regardless of the method, everyone gets the same easy access to phone, ticket, or chat support.

InterServer Money-Back Guarantee

InterServer guarantees that you will be up and running within three days. They offer monthly agreements with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Colocation plans are the only ones where you can purchase systems management services as well as experience comprehensive network security, telephone support 24/7, redundant power supplies in case of emergencies or natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy, and more!

InterServer Alternatives

InterServer is the best hosting company in our opinion, but there are many other options if you need something different. We evaluated five of them: A2-Hosting, Hostinger, InMotion-Hosting, and TMD Hostings to see which one was superior all around. Let’s explore!

All five hosting companies offered various hosting services (Shared, VPS, Managed WP, ​​Commit) and performed well on our server reviews. A2 Hostinger, and TMD Hosting are relatively inexpensive as customers can host multiple websites with them for less than $5 / month (very first invoice). InMotion Hosting is a bit more expensive, but it has advanced features and good customer support.


InterServer is a good choice for VPS hosting. InterServer provides an easy-to-use web interface, and InterServer offers excellent value to InterServers’ clients. InterServers is affordable and offers many valuable features without any restrictions.

Although InterServer also has a solid reputation in the hosting industry, InterServer promises that InterServers can be trusted to provide professional service at all times.

The security of InterServer is what makes it a top choice for web administrators. This company has been successful in providing their customers with more than just uptime, speed, and support; they also provide them with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your data will be secure forever.

Especially practical because everything at InterServer revolves around modern technology.

It’s not the most straightforward user interface available. However, the framework and the people behind it help a lot.

InterServer is the most likely company to help you move on from shared hosting. I look forward to reading a detailed review below, which will tell me all about how their VPS service fares with its competitors.

8.5 Total Score
InterServer Review

InterServer provides excellent efficiency while providing unlimited resources and a range of superb features to boost and safeguard your website. There's still space for renovation in support, but provided the bargain prices, I would certainly state InterServer is an easy option.

  • "Price-Lock Guarantee" suggests no price strolls in the past (and no fantastic print)
  • Convenient 24/7 support using phone, email, live chat
  • WordPress expertise suggests migraine-free hosting.
  • Weekly alternatives (instead of daily)
  • Free hosting for students is for one year only.
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