Livedrive Review(2023): Is It Really Safely Backup My Files?

Livedrive is an award-winning cloud storage and online backup solution for businesses, consumers, and resellers. The company was founded by Andrew Michael in 2008 and has grown to become one of the world’s leading cloud storage companies. 

The company provides cloud storage services to over 500,000 paying customers worldwide and has received several awards from technology manufacturers, including the PC Active Best Online Backup purchase award and the Web User Gold Award.

Livedrive offers unlimited online backup and cloud storage. The service adds a spare drive to your home or office computers so you can securely store your data online and access your files from anywhere. Via our functional web portal, you can access your files on the go and edit Office documents and photos or play music and films directly via the browser. 

Livedrive also offers a free iPhone, Android and iOS app that allows you to access your files anytime, anywhere.

What is LiveDrive?

Livedrive is a simple backup alternative that offers unlimited storage space and solid apps on desktop computers and mobile systems. Using an online backup service is a great way to make sure you don’t accidentally access your important files, Ho. 

LiveDrive Review
Home Page

However, it’s expensive and has the slowest upload rates of any of the services we reviewed.

 Also, not all files in your region will be backed up before uploading, or no alternative will be provided to ensure your backup with secrets of private encryption.

LiveDrive Pricing and Plans

Livedrive offers three customer registration plans, although the segmentation of the functionality for the online backup space is a bit erratic. The cheapest Backup, called Backup, brings you back $84 every year. 

LiveDrive Pricing Review
Pricing and Plan

It gives you a total storage area and can be used on a COMPUTER or MAC. The next most expensive plan, Briefcase, brings you back $156 every year. However, it does not consist of backup functions.

The most expensive single enrollment alternative, Pro Suite, brings you back $240 every year. You can use it on up to 5 computers or Macs, along with an unlimited selection of tablets or smartphones. 

This plan consists of unlimited backup storage and 5TB briefcase storage. Livedrive offers free 14-day trials for each of its programs. However, it would be helpful if you entered credit card information to make use of it. There is no free plan like the one offered by competitors consisting of iDrive, OpenDrive, or Zoolz BigMind.

Compared to various other backup services, Livedrive is expensive. For example, iDrive costs $69.50 per year for 2TB of storage in an unlimited selection of tools. Backblaze offers unlimited storage for just $60 a year for one device. 

Also, many services don’t charge an additional fee for folder synchronization. For example, Acronis True Image and SpiderOak ONE offer this feature for free.

Livedrive also offers the Business Express plans for $50 per month and the Business Standard plans for $160 per month that specifically support 3 and 10 customers. 

These plans provide enterprise collaboration and backup tools with the capacity to include even more customers for a fee.

Overview of LiveDrive Features

Livedrive takes care of the basics of a backup penalty, and we like the unlimited storage and reliable apps. However, Livedrive sets you back a lot, doesn’t offer a continuous backup alternative, doesn’t pack the base account’s file sync capabilities, and is clogged with our upload speed checks. 

In addition, security and privacy options are not as permanent as various other services. It doesn’t offer any private essential encryption or two-factor verification options.

Also, not all backup files in your region will be backed up before uploading. For much better online backup options, check out our top picks in the classification: IDrive for its value and speed and Acronis True Image for its excellent user interface and an outstanding suite of features.

If you prefer to maintain your backups out of the cloud, have a look at our summaries of the very best outside hard drives and the very best neighborhood backup software application.

LiveDrive Privacy and Security

Livedrive states that files are transferred to its servers using TLS 1.2 encryption. However, no routine backup files in your region are backed up before uploading, which most other services do. We prefer the included security advantage of end-to-end encryption instead of simple uploads.

Livedrive also takes into account that “individual customer data is split across multiple independent systems, with no single system sufficient to retrieve a single file through unauthorized methods.” All of Livedrive’s data facilities are in the UK and are monitoring the invasion.

Users have the alternative of allowing their briefcase to be encrypted (the online file drive feature, which we’ll discuss in more detail later). Our Livedrive contact made it clear that this alternative secures the neighborhood duplicate of all briefcase files using AES-128security. 

If you use this in combination with the optional password requirement (to introduce the software application), this protects against people who are protecting your laptop from accessing your files.

Livedrive’s privacy policy states that data you provide (e.g., contact information) may be collected and processed.

 Data that you disclose (for example, when you upload the company to social media websites) and data that you create from your use of the app or website and various other resources. Livedrive uses this information to run and improve its services, to interact with you, and to comply with legal requirements, to name a few key factors. To transfer to Livedrive based in the UK.

Desktop Interface

Livedrive’s desktop computer app is portable and straightforward, comparable to Backblaze’s. It’s not as flashy as the Acronis True Image or SpiderOak ONE user interface. However, we had no qualms about browsing the app or changing the selection. 

Livedrive organizes information and settings across five tabs in a top grocery selection: Dashboard, Settings, Restore, Support and Web.

The Settings area is divided into three components: Backup Selection, Security Settings, and Advanced. By default, the standard folders such as desktop, documents, and pictures are displayed in the backup selection display.

 However, you can include various other specific folders using the built-in file internet browser. Once you’ve chosen, you can select precisely how typical (as constant as every hour) or at what time the program will check your chosen folders for changes.

We favor the more-sophisticated techniques of various other services. 

Carbonite, as an example, carries out a continual backup alternative. Acronis True image provides the same capacity and allows you to establish up different backup establishes with specific upload routines.

Security Settings

Security settings are a bit sporadic; You can secure your briefcase (as indicated) or set up the program to require your account password each time it is shared. Livedrive arranges various other setups in the Advanced Setups component.

The last important safety feature is Livedrive’s Integrity Checker, which checks each of your files online against the ones that shrunk your hard drive to ensure everything is the same. The time it takes to review each of these files depends on the overall dimensions of your backup. Note, however, that running this check will temporarily close the rest of the application.

The Restore tab below will allow you to get the latest variations of your files (as well as previous variations) either from your online backup or from your briefcase. The Backup Selection area arranges products based on the original computer system on which you published them.

 With a single switch, you can quickly restore everything in your briefcase.

In contrast, IDrive offers the same retention of file variations (previous 30-lifetime variations). However, SOS Online Backup will undoubtedly retain all variations of a file for a lifetime. OpenDrive also supports the last 99 variations of a file for life.

Web and Sharing

The Livedrive web user interface has a clean and consistent design. You browse the console using a collection of grocery picker links: Devices, Latest Files, Photo Gallery, Briefcase, Account, Device Download, and Support, and Latest Files, as you’d expect; You can go straight into specific tools or folder frameworks for details about products. The search function works well. However, you cannot filter files in the internet browser. If you right-click on a file, you can download it directly or view its buildings.

The Livedrive image gallery offers functions just like any other web gallery. However, it is a better way to check out folders than a standard selection of file foods. Photos are entered backward in sequential order.

 However, there is no chance of arranging them anymore. Folders or some geolocation data quality would significantly improve this location. Zoolz Big Mind offers advanced image capabilities that consist of a relatively accurate object recognition engine.

Livedrive does not consist of a choice to make it possible for two-factor verification in the account setups, which ought to be essential for any web service that stores private data. 

You can watch your plan info and upgrade individual information, along with altering the web address at which buddies and family members can download your openly shared files.

Speaking of Sharing Files

You can share files stored in your briefcase with Livedrive. You can either make files available through a public link or share them directly with other people via email. In this case, Livedrive will send the recipient one-time access to the link and a username and password so that they can successfully access the effort. We don’t like Livedrive asking recipients to sign in with an account.

The download link will take you to the correct installer for your device and platform. At the same time, the Support tab shows an odd mix of service information, knowledge base links, the Livedrive blog, and your account’s global file exclusion options.

Livedrive’s Speed

We checked the efficiency of Livedrive by determining how much time it would take to upload three different 1GB folders with combined file types. Then we balanced the resulting times. For the test, we connected our Windows 10 test manufacturer to the PCMag test network (600 Mbit / s upload) via Ethernet to ensure that the connection speed is not the limiting variable.

Livedrive affected the terrible efficiency of all the services we reviewed, publishing the embedded files in an average time of 27:11 (mm: ss). That’s a lot slower than the fast IDrive (1:25) and the mediocre entertainers like SOS Online Backup (6:42) and Backblaze (7:47). 

An online backup service with quick upload rates makes primary and subsequent backups easier. However, if you intend to run the software application in history, these test results may be less meaningful.

Mobile Backup

We had no trouble mounting and finalizing Livedrive on a Google Pixel with Android 9. As with desktop computers and web applications, the mobile app is clean in design and works well. On the left, the hidden food choices options allow you to view your backups, access briefcase, set up mobile backups, and share files.

Livedrive can instantly upload all of your phone’s photos and video clips to your online storage behind the scenes. That is for shutter-happy mobile digital photographers and even those who want repetitive duplicates of their files. With other services like IDrive and Acronis True Image, you can back up much more types of data consisting of calls and schedules.

The Upload Files alternative lets you browse via your neighborhood device folders and upload images, video clips, and sound to your briefcase. The Music & Playlist area arranges every one of your uploaded media files right into a cloud gamer of types, though note that you require to include them to a playlist from your briefcase for songs files to reveal up. 

This procedure feels intricate to us. More notably, it’s not as smooth as streaming songs services like Spotify, and even playing in your area saved sound files.

Livedrive Customer Support

The Livedrive support website contains several frequently asked questions (FAQs) and how-tos. These cover many of the most common problems you may encounter while using the Livedrive software. In more complex cases, however, you have to adjust to the company.

Customer Support
Customer Support

Customers can contact the Livedrive team during business hours for assistance. However, this is often the UK time, so it may be difficult for US-based customers to get in touch with a Livedrive representative.

Livedrive Money Back Guarantee

Livedrive now offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of our branding resellers’ cloud plans! Try our co-branded or white-tag reseller alternatives today. If you are not satisfied within a month, we will refund the branding costs in full.

Livedrive Alternatives

Livedrive isn’t the only choice for online backup software. Check out other competing options as well as alternatives. Various other important factors to consider when looking for alternatives to Livedrive are ease of use and integrity.

 We have compiled a checklist of solutions selected by the reviewers as the most effective alternatives and competitors to Livedrive, including Backblaze, Code42, Acronis Cyber Back-up, and MSP360.

Livedrive Conclusion

Livedrive provides unlimited online storage for a single computer system and numerous smartphones, as you surely would. However, you cannot use private encryption secrets for the service, and it does not have a constant backup capability.

8.5 Total Score
LiveDrive Review

Livedrive is a useful backup tool that also offers some storage room. The service is pricey, and we have had many reports of payment and support issues. While we like everything right in our complete review, we hesitate to suggest it.

  • Unlimited storage
  • Functional desktop and mobile apps
  • Strong versioning capabilities
  • An option of backup approaches
  • Excellent selection of options
  • Pricey
  • No two-factor authorization
  • No backup by file kind
  • Slow performance
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