Rackspace Hosting Review(2023): Is It a good hosting company?

Rackspace Hosting is a global web hosting provider specializing in managed cloud services. To build a virtual data center, they have provided customers with on-demand service and an easy deployment process, all at competitive rates.

RackSpace Hosting has long offered their clients two tiers for pricing plans–a pay-by-hour option or one where you can prepay annually for rack space-time. The company also offers servers from Dell, so there are other options available if desired; we’ll be considering these during our review!

What is RackSpace Hosting?

Rackspace Hosting is a San Antonio-based open-run web hosting company focused on managed hosting services and businesses. Rackspace Hosting was founded in 1998 by Pat Condon and Dirk Elmehof and has data facilities in Dallas, San Antonio, Vancouver. And Hong Kong Rackspace was recently marketed to Apollo Global Management. Some information may have changed due to the purchase.

Rackspace Hosting is an expensive hosting company with additional support and services tailored to the direction of the services. You are except your average customer with hosting starting in the three-way numbers per month. That is certainly a high price, but the advantages are many.

RackSpace Hosting review
RackSpace Hosting Review

The company does not guarantee downtime and has more OpenStack experience than any other company in the market. Rackspace Hosting is undoubtedly not the most effective choice when looking to host a single website. However, if you are looking for corporate, cloud service, and center solutions that run in one, you will do so at Rackspace Hosting. However, competitors Amazon.com Internet Services and Google Cloud offer more comprehensive solution profiles for much less money.

Rackspace Pricing and Plans

Rackspace Hosting will customize the perfect server package to meet your needs and budget. Services start at $499 per month for a single small server or up to $1,249 per month for enterprise-level hosting with complete security coverage that is unrivaled in today’s market.

pricing and plan
Pricing and Plan

Your account managers will undoubtedly review the services you have requested based on your business needs and suggest a reasonable hourly rate for your plan. This clever server management is beneficial for planning a range and taking their hosting and cloud services.

Overview of Rackspace Features

Rackspace Hosting has a high-end online reputation based on obsessed customer support and hands-on managed service. The company is more important than the “Nordstrom of the Cloud.” Your target market is a tool for extensive services that can manage their better prices and is especially good for companies with a lean IT department.

Those who are solely looking for hosting services and still have the same business need to check out WP Engine, a managed WordPress solution without the cloud services. Rackspace Hosting has changed its identification and service offerings over the past few years to assert itself and determine what kind of business they want to stay after Amazon Web Services, Pair Networks. Various Other Extremely Affordable Vendors Their high-end branding is a case in point of this rewording as many competitors have hit the market.

Rackspace Hosting Customer Service is Quick and Classy

One of the standard plans gives you access to email, live chat, and phone support. Emails typically answer with exceptionally complete feedback in less than 20 minutes, and live chat feedback is typically received in less than a minute. The rascals can be reached by phone around the clock and are extremely practical on the phone. Much of the support team will no doubt go overtime to provide you with additional excellent support.

In a framework study account, support will not visit you and make adjustments for you, but they can still do so under difficult circumstances. The better final plans make this possible, saving you a lot of time and despair. Rackspace prides itself on providing globe-course support, and overall they deliver.

Plentiful Features & Web Apps

Rackspace has many features and can accommodate almost any type of configuration for your site. When you talk to an account manager, they’ll find the parts you need and improve your structure. Rich media, mobile apps, e-business, SharePoint, and SaaS systems. Many are all available in Rackspace and run flawlessly. Your equipment is top-notch, allowing you to have as many suitable servers as you need.

100% Uptime

Rackspace Hosting runs dedicated servers daily and backs up your data so these items can quickly change and move when faced with the dangers of downtime. Many have implicated Amazon Web Services in overloading their servers. Rackspace seems to get this element right. They even have the numbers to confirm this. As of 2005, Rackspace has had an almost ideal uptime of 99.99%.

Downsides of Rackspace Hosting

Rackspace Hosting is not excellent, and they have experimented with numerous tariff plans and solutions to bring about change in the industry. However, since they are among the most expensive providers, checking carefully where they fall short and protecting your eyes for deal breakers is worth reviewing carefully.

Admin Panel and Structure Needs Work

Its back is quite neat and fast according to many criteria. But something still needs to be cleaned up. If you are using cPanel, it will not tell us. So be prepared to use another system. Another disadvantage is that you have to sign in to multiple account levels and sign out of many of them. The organization is not intuitive and can create an understanding outline for those using even more standard hosting providers.

Additional Layers

If you intend to change your account terms or review prices, be sure to check with a dedicated account supervisor. You can’t just enter and change it yourself. If you are the kind of person who likes to go through anything, this is an asset. However, if you want a level of control and have a do-it-yourself attitude, this can attest to an additional challenge.

Ticket Support Takes Time

Sometimes you have no intention of hopping on the phone and talking to someone. When you plan to unload a ticket and fix your problem, you may have to wait around 30 minutes. That is much faster than numerous hosts but not as quick as Siteground. However, sometimes they offer to rate your phone discussion in the ticket, which is handy. They also provide instant feedback on “emergency” circumstances, but your meaning of emergency may differ from your own.

First Impression is Overwhelming

The Rackspace website is exceptionally puzzling to laypeople unfamiliar with cloud and VPS. Rackspace offers a large number of services. Their plans include an unlimited variety of funds, which means your first check-out on their website may seem like roaming a maze. To buy, you need first to sign up and harass yourself with promotional emails. Do support yourself, and don’t put your primary inbox as a contact email for more information. However, Rackspace does an excellent job of making onboarding as easy as possible. So if you can make it past this preliminary phase, you can count on easy sailing.

RackSpace Hosting Customer Support

The most basic plans give you access to email, live chat, phone support – general email responses in less than 20 minutes with exceptionally detailed responses and live chat responses usually in less than a minute. In addition, the rascals can be reached by phone around the clock and are very helpful on the phone.

Customer support
Customer Support

Most of the support staff will certainly do everything in their power to provide you with additional excellent support. Unfortunately, on a framework-level account, support will not log in or make changes for you. However, in difficult circumstances, they can still do it. The better end plans allow this, which can save you a lot of time and pain. Rackspace Hosting prides itself on providing top-notch support, and by and large, they deliver.

Rackspace Money-Back Guarantee

Rackspace Hosting is an interesting company that doesn’t have any money-back guarantee.

The one thing they do is care about is their customers, and even then, mostly just for the sake of customer service rather than anything else. They want to make sure every person who uses them has a fantastic experience with hosting, so there are no complaints or bad reviews online anywhere!

Rackspace Alternatives

Rackspace Managed Hosting might not be the only option for managed hosting providers. Check out some other alternatives. Other important variables to consider when examining Rackspace’s options are email and client service.

We have compiled a list of solutions selected by the reviewers as the most effective general options and competitors for Rackspace Managed Hosting, including Pantheon, WP Engine, Hostwinds, and Cloudways.

Rackspace Conclusion

The benefit is that Rackspace Hosting is dedicated to services, primarily services with significant and practically complex websites. If you run a Magento store and need facility hosting, take this into account. Rackspace outperforms many of its cloud competitors in customer support. And uptime. But is that enough to offset your cost rates?

For some, the answer is a passionate yes. But if you’re trying to find a cheaper option with much less practical management. Much more standard features and no fear of downtime. No doubt you would be OK with one more service.

Rackspace Hosting is not suitable for the less hosted hosting customer. You concentrate on services and a technological solution instead of just one additional supplier. As a corporate customer, there are still some functions that I didn’t have.

7.5 Total Score
Rackspace Hosting Review

Rackspace Hosting is a provider of taken care of cloud storage space services, and they've been in the organization for more than twenty years. They offer solutions to companies worldwide with their different host choices- everything from small starter accounts all the way up to enterprise-level businesses who need more complex hosting needs handling by Rackspace's team of experts. Their goal: eliminate your anxiety about using managed Cloud Solutions, which allows you to concentrate on running your own business!

  • Top-quality, also epic, client assistance.
  • Superb performance.
  • Superb convenience of configuration and also use.
  • 24/7 Experienced Assistance.
  • Unmatched Infrastructure.
  • Customized Holding Plans.
  • Relatively Expensive.
  • No Instant Setup.
  • Fewer data facilities than any one of its rivals.
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