Paxful Review(2023): Is It Safe To Use Or Purchase?

Paxful is an international peer-to-peer bitcoin marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of the cryptocurrency. Paxful provides a safe environment for both the buyer and seller to trade in their currencies, even if they are unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies. Paxful review will give you more information about Paxful’s safety, security, customer support, buying process, its reputation, among other Paxful reviews.

In this message, I will review the company and its services. Furthermore, I will undoubtedly contrast the service in addition to NeighborhoodBitcoins, its prominent competitor.

It gives customers the ability to purchase bitcoins using virtually any payment approach possible. In addition, the individual experience is incredibly intuitive.

Whatever seems relatively calm, there are still a few points to watch out for, such as how to stay away from rip-offs and get a decent exchange rate (see information on both below).

What Is Paxful?

Paxful is a decentralized Bitcoin exchange where customers and providers connect peer-to-peer (P2P) with one another. As with LocalBitcoins, Paxful allows customers to buy Bitcoin directly from other sellers using various payment options.

Paxful Review
Paxful Review

Paxful does not require customers to submit personal identification documents (no KYC below), which means the business can have near privacy. That gives their customers a great deal of flexibility. However, it also shows that Paxful people are putting their money straight into an uncontrolled exchange.

Paxful rates can also be relatively high. Paxful has currently been up and running for several years. While they still benefit individuals worldwide, better competition in this space eliminates the reasons one might be using Paxful.

We’re going to try to exchange fair analysis in this Paxful review but would usually recommend other options for Bitcoin acquisition. Nowadays, a Bitcoin ATM can also offer more security and usually a much better price. For spending, many more unique options like eToro can save the user money with extra protection.

Paxful Pricing and Plan

When you buy bitcoins from Paxful, you don’t have to pay any costs for the website itself. However, different providers may charge fees or expenses depending on your payment approach, as I mentioned earlier.

When sellers on Paxful pay the company 1% for hosting and dealing with their auctions, they get a premium service.

If you sell items online, you have a choice to either list them yourself or use a professional service. Do not charge extra because your items will list on sites like eBay and Amazon Marketplace.

Additionally, there are usually Bitcoin network fees that the sender pays to move money over the network. However, these fees are still not very likely for Bitcoin miners.

Buying Limits

It has four verification degrees, every one with various limits:

  • 1 Level – Email and phone verification Limits are $1,000.
  • 2 Level – Level 1 needs + IDverification Limit is $10,000.
  • 3 Level – Level 2 needs +address verification Limit is $50,000.
  • 4 Level – Level 3 needs + boosted due to persistence—no limitation for this degree.

Users from the United States are needed to full degrees 1, 2, and 3 to trade on Paxful whatsoever, while customers from the EU and Canada need to finish at the very least degrees 1 and 2, along with three desires take out any funds.

Overview of Paxful Features

It provides its industry service in 2 forms:

  1. On their website via an easy to use the form
  2. Via a “virtual kiosk link” that any person or website proprietor can use.

The virtual booth is primarily Paxful’s affiliate program, allowing individuals to learn about Paxful while earning 2% income on every amount purchased.

Paxful is a payment processing website that allows vendors to use Paxful on their websites. They can accept all the payments that Paxful has.

Paxful Review: Bitcoins

  1. Choose the number of Bitcoins you wish to purchase
  2. Choose the money you desire the currency exchange rate to be in
  3. Select a payment approach (there are lots)
  4. Choose a vendor and click “Trade.”
  5. Follow guidelines for payment and click “Mark as paid.”
  6. Wait for the vendor to launch the Bitcoins.

Our group messaging allows you to send custom team emails with tracking, analyzing, and reporting your business email identification, not generic marketing aliases. That guarantees that your total reach will show up as an actual one-on-one discussion rather than a mass email explosion, resulting in much better opens and clicks. It is worth discussing that some professions end while others can take much longer depending on the payment approach and whether the provider is online or not.

For example, PayPal and gift cards are available immediately. However, the bank, Western Union, and Moneygram down payments may take some time as you will have to leave your residence to their branch to receive the down payment money.

Paxful Review: Escrow

Their Bitcoin escrow service ensures that buyers receive their funds as soon as sellers approve the offer, removing any risk of fraud or mismanagement.

Paxful Escrow

Seller can’t quit their job because customer needs time to pay for the bitcoin. If the customer doesn’t pay in that time, they will lose the money and go back to the seller.

If both the customer and the seller have confirmed that the purchase is valid and all the conditions meet, the money will undoubtedly go into the customer’s budget, and the deal will surely end.

It will undoubtedly be an argument between both celebrations at any factor, and the procedure will certainly relocate along to dispute.

After that, mediators will certainly check out all the information, consider all the available data, and ultimately choose the bitcoins that will undoubtedly make granite.

Having claimed that, in many cases, purchases experience efficiently many thanks to Paxful’s extreme small amounts that secure down on prospective fraudsters.

Currencies and Payment Methods

You can mark the contacts on the go to identify the source of your contacts later.

Most users will likely first import a CSV copy of their existing database. Unfortunately, that made it necessary to include very laborious manipulation of your database so that the field names exactly matched Nimble’s required layout. FortunatelyPaxful only takes care of the acquisition and marketing of Bitcoin.

Since the money is sent directly to the vendors, the website does not contain customers’ fiat money.

Sellers on Paxful approve over 300 payment methods, with one of the most popular credit cards being Credit Cards, Pay Chum, Amazon Present Cards, Cable Transfers, and Western Union.

Note that different payment techniques will undoubtedly result in multiple exchange rates. For example, non-refundable payment techniques (transfers from financial institutions, money) usually have reduced exchange rates. In contrast, payment techniques that allow chargebacks (i.e., credit cards, Pay Chum) is sure to set you back even more., Agile has made the import process faster, and it is now possible to quickly map areas from your CSV file to the Nimble format.

You can also choose how Nimble should overwrite and merge records during the import process. You can ask Nimble to check email addresses and website addresses for unique matches to ensure no documents are linked or incorrectly duplicated.

In addition to the standard CSV imports, you can also import some social data and link social accounts to your Nimble account. (We’ll cover all of this later in this review.)

All in all, the import process in Nimble is easy to use and robust, and the options for importing and syncing data with other apps are extensive.

Paxful Review: Easy to Use

From reading online reviews concerning Paxful, it’s apparent that some individuals blunder the platform’s stability for the vendor’s stability. Meaning, if a vendor scammed them or was not reliable, they think the platform isn’t legit.

That’s why I wished to mention some sources that might help you resolve any problems when purchasing Bitcoins via Paxful:

  • It’s far better to use Paxful’s suggested vendors as they have a far better online reputation and, as a result, usually are not fraudsters.
  • Never conduct interactions beyond this platform and see whatever is recorded within the system, so mediators will undoubtedly have the ability to help you in case of a disagreement.
  • Ensure that the individual you are patronizing is online, as unaddressed orders can terminate in a brief duration of time, and if the vendor isn’t online, that might be frustrating.
  • Release the payment from escrow just when you have complete control over the amount you obtain, i.e., it’s validated and in your account. Do not launch the Bitcoin from escrow for “Pending” or any various other comparable standings.
  • No issue what website, what system, what individual, what nation, what ANYTHING, If you can not pay to shed money, DO NOT SEND IT.

Paxful Security

Paxful is a peer-to-peer marketplace that allows anyone from anywhere in the world to buy and sell bitcoins. To ensure your security, we have put together some tips on how you can stay safe when using it.

It encourages our users not to share personal information with people they don’t know – only use the platform to buy and sell bitcoins.

Avoid trading with new people or have a low trust rating because they may be trying to scam you. We also recommend that you not use other services while using this platform, such as LocalBitcoins, eBay, etc., which can all lead to identity theft if your account gets hacked.

If you want to be super safe, we suggest that you only use bitcoins and Paxful to buy or sell them. Then, if someone attempts a scam with any other payment method such as PayPal, Western Union, etc., it will not affect your ability to trade on Paxful.

Paxful Customer Support

The article below describes how the customer support service at Paxful is fraudulent. They don’t respond to emails, they ignore Facebook posts, and they pretend not to know things that you’ve told them multiple times.

Paxful Review

People will also redirect your messages back to their admin page, which cannot contact the people in charge. Of course, this assumes you’re smart enough to know that you should go there yourself in the first place.

It has a reasonably extensive FAQ, although I located it to be somewhat out-of-date. Some pages were missing out on when I clicked their link, and there was also a high Bitcoin mining cost caution that had not to upgrade because of March 2017.

There’s an extremely simple to use chat box for all appropriate support demands on the various other hands. Support reps either solution promptly or reply later on using email.

Paxful Money-Back Guarantee

Sadly, you can’t cancel or reverse your cryptocurrency transactions. That is because cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible, and we don’t have control over them.

Paxful Alternatives

Compare Paxful alternatives for your business or organization using the curated list below. Compare features, ratings, user ratings, pricing, and more from its competitors and options to help you make an informed decision for your business.

Some top competitors are Localbitcoins, Coinbase, Bitfinex, Binance.


Paxful is a straightforward way to buy Bitcoin online. The company has been in operation for over four years. It has helped to empower people by providing them with financial freedom around the globe while at the same time making it easier than ever before to purchase cryptocurrency.

I think that this app would be perfect for anyone who wants an alternative form of currency without going through banks or credit card companies. But you should always do your research when investing any amount of money! To learn more about how it works, visit their website today.

8 Total Score
Paxful review

Paxful is an online industry that allows customers and vendors to fulfill online and trade bitcoins. Unlike most bitcoin exchanges that suit buyers and sellers in an automated procedure, Paxful enables customers to connect straight. Its vendors provide a wide variety of repayment alternatives, and the integration into Escrow makes the process safe and secure. Similar to LocalBitcoins, Paxful enables a vast array of payment approaches.

  • Supplies customers with several repayment choices for their comfort
  • The purchaser does not charge for utilizing the system
  • The exchange supports the use of fiat currencies
  • The system uses Escrow to hold customer funds and only releases them as soon as the Bitcoins are transferred.
  • The Paxful system permits users to stay anonymous when purchasing or marketing Bitcoins.
  • The platform enables purchasers to interact with vendors and also assess their trust before authorizing the purchase.
  • The price supplied on Paxful is more than what buyers enter various other exchanges.
  • The purchaser can wind up paying a high deal cost since the seller establishes it.
  • Though the platform has put a great deal of weight in controlling fraudulence, cybercriminals can still locate their method around to defraud buyers.
  • Users are only permitted to trade Bitcoins.
  • The exchange does not supply investors with leverage, like other exchanges such as Sea serpent.
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