Opesta Review(2023): Is It Good Facebook Messenger Chatbot?

Opesta Review: There are several different ways to do marketing now and in old age, and among the primary ways is email marketing. This pattern has been going on for many years and won’t be out of stock anytime soon.

While email is an essential tool, it’s limited as multiple emails end up in spam folders or on Gmail’s daunting “promotion tab” – undetected and unread! The efficiency of email has decreased over the years, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave it.

You don’t need to stop using it. It would help if you made sure that the drop in email was complemented by a brand new messaging platform like Opesta.

In my Opesta review, we will find this brand innovation to boost marketing beyond traditional email via one of the most famous social media outlets, Facebook! Yeah, you heard right. The Facebook carrier is Opesta’s wonderful place. It is the very first Facebook carrier automation platform to use the carrier platform.

So let’s dive right into my Opesta review.

What is Opesta?

Opesta is a marketing automation solution that works well in the Facebook carrier. It has everything you would want in an automation platform as it creates leads with the help of the Facebook provider.

Opesta Review
Home Page

Your innovation enables the customer to use this personality to see what concerns his website for this market and what he mainly did when searching for the website.

It has a tracking innovation where they understand every communication, e.g., the number of messages opened, the pages they saw, how often they return, what free uses they requested, and what they purchased.

Why use Opesta?

Opesta is a chat platform for Facebook providers that you can use to build and interact with customers. It allows you to use the Facebook base with more than 1 billion customers. It takes advantage of brand new possibilities as the customer immediately has a much deeper and different individual connection.

A mix of Opesta and various other email marketing automation will undoubtedly increase engagement, which equates to additional buyers for your items and service. This platform goes much deeper to target customers and is a different person with them. It’s a practical and versatile tool.

Like any other email marketing tool, Opesta works much like the rest. It interacts with a subscriber in two ways; Automation and programs.

The automation creates a news feed. Then this is forwarded to feasible target markets and listed as leads. It has three simple actions, and they are triggers, content, and goals.

Broadcasts are the private messages that you send to your target markets at any time. There are only three actions to create a message type, a targeting, and a unique program.

Opesta Pricing and Plan

There are currently three plans available. They also offer a 14-day free trial.

Pricing and Plan

Basic plan

Opesta pricing gives you $49 back per month. It consists of 2 connected FB Pages, 5,000 Customers, Unlimited Programs, Unlimited Campaigns, Infinite Series, and a Subscriber Control Panel.

Essential plan

Opesta pricing gives you $99 back per month. It consists of 4 connected FB Pages, 15,000 Customers, Unlimited Programs, Unlimited Campaigns, Infinite Series, and a Subscriber Control Panel.

High volume plan

Opesta pricing gives you $99 back per month. It consists of Unlimited Connected FB Pages, 30,000 Customers, Full Programs, Unlimited Campaigns, Infinite Series, and a Subscriber Control Panel.

Overview of Opesta Features

Opesta review is a low price and top features review. One of the best features of Opesta is that it maintains detailed data with custom ranges. The custom areas can support a specific action for the collection and draw that action as needed. The use of this information is for understanding (as opposed to Instant, an Instagram marketing tool) or future messaging for your leads and customers.

Another feature is pixel-based tracking, this track conversion where you can select a pixel and tell the platform which pages it is and others. It can additionally define different activities when someone carries out a mutation, Include a subscriber to a series, or use tags.

Opesta has great campaigns and sequencing that you can use to create campaigns that you can send to your customers or leads.

You can also create series for your campaigns.

It contains series causes, series materials, and series goals. While the broadcast function is an optimized variant of a series builder, simply without ideals and causes, you can adapt your program to different circumstances.

The platform also uses subscriber management to find customers who are sure to receive Facebook messages from one of their triggers. As Facebook does this, information like email, location, and location will certainly go through it ultimately.

Opesta can also track and report the diversity of customers over time with a variable daily variety, cover total customers and send messages. You only have a few clicks if you want additional data on your programs and series.

Automations (campaigns)

After that, with a little bit of email marketing terminology, you can contrast Opesta automation with email campaigns. After that, you create a series of messages every few days to feed your audience and support them as leads.


Define a specific action that your audience must take to start an automation. For example, it can click a particular link, talk about an FB ad, go to a specific page on your website, and so on. You can add multiple triggers.


In the following, you determine which content should send to your target group after the trigger. That can be a series of messages that you spread over days, specific times of the day, and so on. They can also have buttons going much deeper into this row to instruct different points and sell.


Goals are some habits that you want to achieve that can end the streak successfully. If your goal is for them to receive a product and do so, the sequence will end.

This setup is beneficial for people who are in marketing. It’s also straightforward and engaging for people who don’t work in marketing. That’s why I like it.


Programs are single messages that you send to all or part of your audience whenever you want. Creating a shipment is a simple three-step process:

Message type

First, choose what type of program you want to broadcast: subscription program, membership event reminder program, promotional program, or follow-up program.


Select who you want to send it to below. Send the program to anyone or just subscribers who meet specific problems. You can tag people based on all kinds of actions (just like you can with email marketing).

Schedule a broadcast

Last but not least, you can choose whether you want to broadcast your program now or schedule it for later.

As with email marketing, Opesta will undoubtedly track your audience habits on your website and in Messenger. You can then use this information to create a marketing message that tailors to the behavior of individual subscribers.

For example, suppose you create a sequence and offer a free lead magnet in the first message. You can send a duplicate of the lead magnet in Messenger if a subscriber doesn’t sign up. When they’re signed up, you can automatically message them about challenging classes.

Automation of Facebook Messenger Marketing

If they decide to take the training course straight away, you can send them a welcome message. If they don’t, you can send a message asking if they have any questions.

Opera Messenger Marketing makes it very easy to get the ideal subscriber the right message at the right time.

Ability to save data with personalized fields

As a social media titan, Facebook has a lot of data about its people, and you have the freedom to innovate and take advantage of all possible opportunities. Occasionally, Facebook does not have all of the information about a particular person.

In such cases, you can use Opesta’s unique chatbot customization feature. This feature allows you to save the customer’s reaction in a custom field. After that, use this custom field to record your robot’s response if it immediately deems necessary.

Pixel-based tracking

Pixel-based tracking requires for marketers who want accessibility information beyond click and open rates. It would help if you implemented pixel-based monitoring once you know which strategies worked and which didn’t and how a conversion goal will be met.

Opera is one of only a handful of platforms that come with built-in support. Not only can you define custom policies to define what is upconversion and what is not. However, you can even specify different activities by setting custom tags and series.

Access to all functions

Unlike many other applications that limit their customers to reduced plans to access most of the functionality they need, usage restrictions apply without compromising the core functionality.

Regardless of which plan you’re on, you’re sure to have 100% access to all of the Opera platform’s features. The only constraint that you will undoubtedly have to manage is the variety of customers and the type of Facebook pages you can deal with.

Opesta a thumbs-up:

  • It’s straightforward yet has a thorough understanding of the contour
  • It has excellent support
  • Opesta’s not flawed
  • It has an associated program
  • It can share series
  • Opesta has an excellent user interface for reporting
  • It supports the Carrier Automation series
  • It has advanced triggers
  • Opesta offers live chat support
  • All of their plans include completely
  • Opesta a thumb down

It doesn’t have an aesthetic workflow like various other email automation systems.

There is no alternative to reversing changes.

Message threading isn’t all that intuitive.

Opesta Customer Support

Opesta account managers only provide a contact form.

In most of the Facebook Messenger bots you see, there is nothing more critical than pietistic tools for automating customer care. They’re just like those automated phone trees where you have to press no over and over to reach an actual customer service representative.

If you use Opesta; You will feel desperate and only hit the absolute numbers until you get an actual customer service representative. Otherwise, discover the relief by exiting the page.

Opesta Alternatives

Opesta quickly increases open rates, click rates, and conversions by offering EVERYTHING you need to generate, market, and sell leads on Facebook Messenger.

There are some excellent Opesta alternatives, like Manychat, Wufoo.

Opesta Money-Back Guarantee

You will undoubtedly enforce the 30-day return policy as long as it is not used and kept in the original packaging. You can return the item within 30 days of receipt.

Please note that the customer is most certainly responsible for the return shipping fee.

After 30 days, under no circumstances will you receive a refund.


Opesta is a reliable resource for online marketing as it uses Facebook as the primary source for leads and customers. It’s up to date as it uses social media to grow business. If you are currently using an online marketing platform after that, using Opesta is no doubt an excellent move if you want additional information.

Let’s admit it. Email marketing isn’t one hundred percent. It would help if you had an additional means to get even more people. You can have your articles and services recognized; Opesta can offer what Opesta does so that it not only identifies your company via the Facebook carrier. It also has a simple platform where automation works much like any other marketing platform.

The automation is pretty good on top of the short series and the program. Subscriber management is also the bomb when it comes to customizing its customers based on its tracking information. This platform will surely help your online business achieve its goals.

If you think we missed anything on our Opesta review afterward, please leave a comment below!

8 Total Score
Opesta Review

Opesta is a Facebook messenger conversation system created by Ethan Sigmon. It's comparable to other Facebook messenger chat programs like ManyChat or Chatel. This kind of chatbots enables you to take advantage of the Facebook system to construct customers and communicate with your target market.

  • Supports Messenger automation series
  • Permits numerous media types
  • Advanced causes for series division
  • Supports tag, a key phrase, and also pixel-based goal tracking
  • Threaded messages to produce different pathways
  • Custom-made areas to save distinct information
  • Programs for one-off messages
  • Live preview for programs and series
  • Comprehensive client management
  • Good reporting interface
  • Has an associate program
  • Full-featured rates plans whatsoever levels
  • Live conversation support
  • No aesthetic operations for message series
  • No reverse choice in the message contractor
  • No support on weekends
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