Memberium Review(2023): Is It Best WordPress Membership Plugin?

Memberium Review: When Starting An Online Business Today, You Have Many Business Designs To Choose From.

And now there is absolutely nothing hotter than membership sites.

Membership sites are becoming more and more important.

After all, skill picking online is the best way to stay risk-free and expand your expertise these days.

Whether you’re a small business building a data source for clients or looking to market your expertise through programs, you can benefit from starting a membership site.

Now I’ve reviewed many online tools, from for creating reliable sales funnels to ConvertKit for email marketing.

Let’s see this memberium review what this tool can do for your company!

What is a Memberium?

Memberium is a WordPress membership plugin that includes Keep’s WordPress and Infusionsoft to give you a smooth membership site.

Memberium Review
Home Page

If you currently have a running WP site, you need to sign up for Memberium and allow it to work its magic.

Once collected, Memberium will turn your website into a vibrant and incredible membership site with Infusionsoft by Keep.

Memberium is not an independent platform.

It mimics an adapter cable television or plugin that the CRM integrates with the content management system.

It uses the Infusionsoft API and its distinctive campaign homebuilders to help you create an effective membership site.

The drag and drop membership setup also makes it very easy to earn points without spending money on a web developer or becoming a professional coder overnight.

Now that I give you a concept of what memberium is study its functions and indicate what you will be spending on when you sign up for memberium.

Is membership worth it?

I like memberium. However, I don’t see how valuable it is to brand new online business owners who want to focus on business.

While the plugin makes it a lot easier to add various tools to your stack, WordPress is still not the best platform to host your membership site.

Additionally, it would help if you dipped over a couple of hoops to establish every little thing effectively.

All in all, if you have offered to host your member site on WordPress, choose Memberium. But if you aren’t, there is a far better alternative.

Who should use Memberium?

Before we get into the features section, we have one problem: the target audience?

The member intends for anyone who wishes to operate a membership site with the full power of customer management software.

That means you have the option of adapting your content to different target markets and customizing it as much as possible through automation.

It works exceptionally well for small business owners who are just starting and struggling to evolve.

The truth is, membership reviews often welcome the ease of use.

For you, Memberium is the overview publication that you can use to search the dirty water of setting up a membership site and eventually discover people who undoubtedly participate in your programs.

Memberium is also ideal for developed websites and business owners.

If you have audio expertise in all of these functions, Memberium can use its automated processes to help you achieve outstanding performance.

Memberium Pricing and Plan

Memberium pricing is complex and ever-changing, with three different price plans for the Infusionsoft plugin.

Memberium Pricing Review
Pricing and Plan

Standard Package Member Pricing: $47/month

Memberium’s standard plan suggests that small business owners venture into the world of building a membership site.

At $47 a month, you’ll get the certificate to use on a domain name with unlimited amounts.

Other features of this plan are:

  • Easily connect to 1 Infusionsoft app
  • No restriction on the variety of members and customers
  • Constant support and training
  • One month money-back guarantee if you don’t like it
  • Free installation and templates

Memberium Pro Package: $87/month

The Pro package costs $87/per month and covers all of the features you put into the standard plan.

A certificate for unlimited domains (provided in an Infusionsoft app) creates from the requirements package.

You also have the option of creating umbrella accounts.

That gives you the flexibility to open a membership page for all of your domains listed below.

Advanced Membership Package: $177/month

Advanced offers you an integrated function for linking up to 3 Infusionsoft accounts, as well as the advantages of the Pro package.

This package is great for large companies that have multiple accounts and domains under one brand name.

ActiveCampaign member prices

If you want to receive a memberium price for ActiveCampaign, you pay much less.

The initial plan is $7/month, making it an excellent choice for testing this plugin.

Unfortunately, you have the option to have up to 50 participants. However, you will still get unlimited membership plans and a free rate.

You can take an unlimited number of participants on board by upgrading the $37/month plan. On the other hand, if you want to use memberium for all domains, the choice is yours with the $57/month plan.

The final plan gives you the option to link Memberium to 3 Energetic Campaign apps, which is the only real difference. But, again, this is for large companies.

Overview of Memberium Features

In the past, you would have had to pay a membership fee upfront or sign up for free trial programs before receiving your offers. But not anymore! Instead of waiting days and weeks for an email confirmation that might come in handy down the line, with our new virtual program option, customers can sign up online and receive their promotional emails as soon as they join. The advantage here is obvious: instead of having to wait 24 hours (or more) just so someone else could get those points first – you’ll be able to reap them right away!

Membership Process

You can easily involve customers via the integration of Infusionsoft Keep and WordPress.

Not to say that everything is automated; you don’t have to do tons of regular tasks.

Smooth WordPress and Keep integration

I was currently discussing this. However, integration is undoubtedly one of the most important characteristics of the member.

Thanks to the mix of these two systems, you can set up your membership site in no time.

You will certainly also have the opportunity to use some of Infusionsoft’s most innovative features in WordPress, such as:

  • Campaign Creator
  • Keywords
  • Member organizations
  • Action collections
  • Triggers

And much more!

Unlimited membership levels and customers

With the various registration packages, especially Pro and Advanced, you can certify an unlimited number of domains.

It gives you the freedom to create multiple paid or free membership plans as you wish.

With Memberium, you can explore different approaches to attract customers.

And since this is a somewhat limited integration, you can also use Keap’s customer accounts.

You’ll become the buddy of your leads in no time!

Various templates and functions for member sites

Memberium offers 24 different plugs & play templates for member sites.

So no, you don’t have to code anything from scratch.

Instead, please choose a suitable template, customize it to match your branding, upload your programs, and off you go!

That’s a pretty convenient feature.

Not to say it brings down prices; You don’t have to pay a web developer to set up your member site.

Some of the various other points that you can complete on your membership page consist of:

  • Use multiple domains to market different programs or build websites
  • Sales of the team and team subscriptions
  • Creation and marketing of free online programs as guiding magnets for your sales channel
  • Automation of your membership page and your sales channel
  • Adding Infusionsoft order forms with one-click upsells and processing orders
  • Create various types of video clips, sound and text content
  • Involvement and training of your employees
  • Generate Leads With Associate Marketing

It’s practically the complete package!

Automate your membership pages

One of the best things about Memberium is that you can completely automate your membership website regardless of whether you have a solid foundation for it to work.

You can manage and control the content of your WordPress site using the features of Infusionsoft.

Create a nearly complete sales channel with just one tool.

Ordinarily, you would have to have a problem with many integration tools like Zapier to build your member marketing device.

Fortunately, Memberium transforms that amount of infiltration into a task that you can immediately check off your list.

Memberium shortcodes for WordPress

You can use tons of Infusionsoft and Memberium shortcodes to integrate their functions right into your WordPress site.

But what does that mean?

You can link the data you hopped on Infusionsoft with information you hopped on WordPress, all perfectly wrapped up under one banner.

Some of the shortcodes you can use are:

  • 1-click up-selling
  • Run activity collections
  • List outcalls or assigned numbers
  • Create custom forms

No, you don’t have to switch tabs and waste your productivity multitasking.

Powerful custom onboarding

When you sign up for a package and start building your membership page, you’ll get complete instructions on how to use Memberium, as well as how to make a solid area.

It’s full of video clip tutorials and feature summaries.

There is comprehensive and comprehensive documentation on all the little things on Memberium. For example, you will see what to authorize yourself for and perform the best methods efficiently.

I find proper onboarding to be one of the most critical issues for tools like Memberium.

Because of this,’s database, the all-in-one marketing platform my team and I created, is full of tutorials.

When it comes to supporting, you won’t be talking to crawlers even if real people are happy to help.

Aside from providing first aid in setting up your member’s area, the help center will surely answer all of your queries seven days a week.

Advanced analysis

Forget about tracking your traffic with Excel spreadsheets.

Memberium conveniently integrates Google Analytics so that you can see your efficiency in different systems at a glance.

Member integrations

All your content and campaigns can conveniently share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and various other network sites, thanks to the integration of Memberium’s social networks.

You can also share content via Buffer and various other planning apps.

The member also offers a variety of prominent integrations:

  • WP courseware
  • LearnDash
  • BadgeOS
  • Facebook Next Connect
  • Gravity forms
  • Yoast Analytics
  • Ninja forms
  • WooCommerce
  • Sensei
  • And much more!

Memberium for ActiveCampaign

If you need an effective email marketing tool, ActiveCampaign is, without a doubt, one of the best.

Memberium for ActiveCampaign
Memberium for ActiveCampaign

Fortunately, Memberium also works with ActiveCampaign since it ends with Infusionsoft.

Once you’ve purchased a WP website, you can integrate it with the email marketing tool to support your leads on the go.

Here, Memberium for ActiveCampaign is similar to the Infusionsoft variant:

  • Set up an ActiveCampaign / WordPress member page
  • Use shortcodes for better management
  • Unlimited deals and clients
  • Advanced integrations

Memberium Customer Support

Memberium is a top-notch customer support service. They are always available to answer any questions or concerns you might have about your subscription, and they will do so quickly!

Customer Support
Customer Support

Memberium offers unlimited chat & phone contact with them to be more efficient for their clients; this guarantees that no matter what the issue may be, it can get resolved easily without worry. If there’s anything we could change at memberiums website, it would probably just be some of these onerous forms instead of having direct access through email, which I think would make things much easier all around.

Memberium Money-Back Guarantee

Your satisfaction is guaranteed, or they will give you your refund! All orders come with a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you have not had a good experience or are not satisfied with Memberium, please let us know within your first 30 days. Get a full refund instantly with no questions asked.

Memberium Alternatives

Memberium is not the only option for online community management software. Explore more graduation options and options.

When examining the choices for the member, there is reliability and ease of use with several other important considerations to consider.

To find the right service for yourself can seem like an overwhelming task when there are so many available options out there but don’t worry! We have compiled a list of some great choices according to reviews from other members. These consist of Influitive, Socio, Higher Logic Online Communities, and Vanilla online communities where each one offers different advantages depending on what you need them for.


To wrap up this Memberium review, I must emphasize that if you depend on Infusionsoft to run your business and you need a membership plugin, then it’s worth taking the time to explore what Memberium has in store for all of us.

If you want to make your Infusionsoft membership site work for you, Memberium will be the place to focus. With so many plugins on offer, it’s hard not to get lost in browsing all of the options. Still, if we take a moment and narrow it down by what they say about themselves, “Memberium is most likely one of the best Membership plugin available,” then our decision has already been made!

If you’ve used Infusionsoft, you most likely know precisely how difficult it can be to integrate WordPress. Reviewing the member will make it a lot easier for you. I hope this review of the Memberium plugin can help you make the right decision.

7.5 Total Score
Memberium Review

Memberium is an exceptional WordPress plugin that enables you to build effective subscription sites and internet courses that work very closely with your services CRM platform. Presently we have variations offered for Infusionsoft and ActiveCampaign.

  • The basic framework is free.
  • Incorporates with iDevAffiliate and also ShareASale.
  • It utilizes shortcodes, so it can easily include with any WordPress style
  • The free version restricts performance.
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